When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – episode 12



After James turned down Timothy’s hand shake he started asking for his wife.
Timothy was not offended as he tries to introduce himself first.

“You are James…Michelle’s husband, we met few times in the office when you came to pick her…I’m Timothy…Michelle works with me…

“Yea…I know who you are, where is my wife… where is she right now, hope you did not over stress her at work…I just hope you did not gave her a heavy work load without considering her condition, she is pregnant did you know that and you shouldn’t be stressing her out…how bad is her condition…

“ooh, I never knew she was pregnant, congratulation though but Michelle is never stressed at work, she works according to her ability and we take it slow with her, guiding her whenever she makes mistakes and never fails to correct her, both me and the other staffs, I can assure you that is not work stress is probably the pregnancy, if Michelle want to stop work because of her condition then is all good, I wouldn’t want any harm to come to her or the unborn child. And Concerning her Condition I wouldn’t know because I’m not a doctor…but she was admitted the moment we got here, maybe you should ask the doctors to know how critical her condition is…she was really in serious pain and when you didn’t show up…I decided to bring her down here…

Timothy was still talking when James walked out on him immediately he saw a doctor coming.
Timothy picked up his car key and quietly left.

Michelle was in the hospital for just that night and the following day she felt all fine.
The doctor said if Michelle has not being attended to on time she would have loosed the baby, she arrived when her condition was getting critical and almost affected the unborn child. She came just at the very right time.
Michelle was confirmed alright with her unborn child and was given some drugs and the food she should stay away from.
She was warned not to do anything hærd and she should lie down most time on a particular side of the body and avoid facing up when she is on the bed.
She was also asked to eat lots of fruits and she should come for check-up regularly.

James took his wife home.
James never thanked Timothy for taking Michelle to the hospital and Timothy never cares all that matters to him was that Michelle was alright.
After one week Michelle went to the office and thanked Timothy who asked her to stay home for some time because of her condition, he promise to get a contract staff for a period of time who will take her place until she put to birth.

Michelle said she want to work for another three months before finally leaving, because she will still get bored at home if she decides to stay in the house, she needed something to keep herself busy and Timothy agrees for her to stay.

James still get calls and messages from Mirabel who refused to leave him alone. his phone was mostly off whenever he was home.
James was in the office that afternoon busy with his office work when Mirabel arrived to his office.

James took her outside to properly talk to her so that he doesn’t create any scene in,side.
He left his phone in his office as he stepped outside with Mirabel

While they were outside Mirabel was asking him why he has failed to text her back or return her calls, James was tired of her as she watch her talk continuously while they stood close to his car.

Mirabel was putting on a tight short gown that exposes her full th-gh and cle-vage, some part of her br-ast was showing out from her dressing.

 James looked her through and wonder why she did not want to leave him alone.
She was beautiful and has fine curves and well endowed. Guys will be drooling over her but she refused them and wants him.
He can’t deny the fact that he likes her but he wants to focus on his wife and do not want to ever hurt Michelle again or touch any other woman aside her but Mirabel will not allow him to think straight with her dressing and appearance.

They entered the car and sat to talk as Mirabel k-ssed him the moment they got into the car, her l¡pstick stained his l-ips and shirt.
James asked her not to k-ss him again

He asked her what exactly she wants, he will give her anything money can buy so that she can leave him alone…

“My wife almost died the night I went to drop you and you refused to get down from the car even after I told you that my wife needs me to take her to the hospital, she almost died all because of you Mirabel…I do not want you to be coming close to me or to my office, can’t you just get the fact that I’m a married man…

“yes, I got it James, I know you were married before I came to you…and I’m not asking you to leave your wife all I asked is just a little attention from you…I really desire to spend quality time with you…and look at the way you are drooling all over me which means you also wants me as much as I wants you…your eyes is travelling up and down my body….why not just say it out and stop holding back your feeling…i wish I’m the one carrying your child but then I’m not jealous is your wife, I just want my own time with you…

Michelle try to reach James severally, his phone rang severally but he did not answer it.

 She just finished from one of her hospital check-ups and decided to check her husband in the office
 she decided to call first to know if he was in the office before going.

And when James did not answer his calls, Michelle decided to go and wait for him maybe he was busy with office work.
She may wait at the reception or in,side the car so that after work they can both go home together

Michelle took a cab to James’s office, after paying the cab man she walked into the gate.
 Michelle signed up with the security at the gate and started moving towards James office.

Michelle saw her husband’s car parked among many other cars at the car park within the office environment, She smile which means her husband was around.

As she wanted to walk past she noticed some movement in the car and decided to move closer to know who was in her husband’s car.

… To be continued

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