When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 15

Episode 15.
Written by Amah

James droves out that afternoon to buy fruits for Michelle and other things for the weekend.

Michelle was alone when she heard a knock and went to answer the door.

As she opened the door she was surprised to see a young lady who pushed her aside and walk pass her into the house with a suspicious smile.

The lady was not properly dressed, her face was covered with makeup and a long eye lash.
She was on a high heel and cat walks round the wh0le sitting room as if she owns the house, chewing her gum loudly

“Excuse me….did you miss your way… this is not a club or brothel. you must be in a wrong house…who exactly are you…?

” Ohhh… forgive my manners, let me introduce myself ma’m …my name is Mirabel…you are Michelle I’m i right…and the man that lives here is James…

Michelle was feeling disgusted with the lady’s attitude, as she talks while still chewing her loud gum
Michelle moved closer to her and said.

“The only Man that lives here is James and he is my husband. You are in the right place then…so Mirabel what do you want… why are you here?

“Your husband indeed. you are so naive to call such a man your husband…if my name doesn’t ring a bell to you then that’s too bad… which means your so called husband have not mentioned me to you… your churchy lifestyle won’t allow him to do so. James is a good k-sser… and so rom-ntic in bed..mmmmh… me and you… we are both sharing one man and is unfortunate that you don’t know that I’m your partner…i shares the same man with you…

Michelle was getting irritated with every passing second and it immediately occurs to her that she must be Mimi
” the girl James was having affair with…
But that has been a long time and James has never had an affair ever since then…so why is she here”

Michelle thought within herself but she decided to play along.
She faced Mirabel and said

” my good partner, is good to have you here finally… you have really being keeping James busy and I truly appreciate your unsolicited kindness…oh, I think I know you now…you are the lady that invented “eat my body raw” me and my husband laughed over that many times, worst invention ever. Sorry, let me ask you dear… are you a cannibal, do you eat humans… hahahaha.. oh, pardon me our great inventor… please aside the being a cannibal which other thing did you invent…ooh..hold on…i know the answer to that. You invented a colourful paint, which you used to paint my husband’s face, I wanted to say “our man” since we are both sharing the same man… you paint his face and shirt everytime you both meet up.. what a useless invention. well, I saw the message you sent to my husband… James. “your k-ss is still fresh in my mind and I can’t wait for you to eat my body raw…blablabla”…. common rom-ntic text message you can’t even compose….yea. but not withstanding you are really good with your inventions… clap for yourself miss, I like you… you are good at what you do…so tell me what next should we expect because you appear to be loosing your mind this days if not you won’t be so shameless to come to my house dressed like you are suffering from wardrobe malfunction… I’m not sure you have mirror in your house…smart and intelligent women do not stepped out of their houses dressed like this and covered with paint… except you just newly ran mad. Are you having brain disorder, no… tell me I may be of help. oh oh you are speechless… ooh sorry Mimi, cat got your tongue now, you can’t talk again…my dear, I used to be worldly too…a little crazy but not like yours until Christ found me and I have to step down from my high horse so that I can be renewed and he really did a great job by changing me into a better person… you came into the wrong house and you are mingling with my personal property…. if you mess around with my husband you are messing with me…

Mirabel was weak and didn’t know what to say, this is not how she planned to ruin things for James and his wife.
 she wanted watch Michelle cry instead she gets bashed with Michelle’s every word and attitude.

 Michelle was acting as if she was not bothered.

Mirabel walked to a chair and sat down with her leg crossed.
She looked up at Michelle and saw she was a tough woman
she began to planned on what to do.

She knows her next word will weaken Michelle so she smiled and said.

“You are indeed trying too hærd to get me but I got gist for you Mrs preacher…the night you called your husband to come and take you to the hospital because you fell ill…well, I was with him in the middle of a hot rom-nce. he couldn’t let go of me… even when your calls kept coming he ignored because I was far more important than anything or anyone. our dear James gave me a good satisfaction before leaving that night…if you noticed there was enough paints on his shirt because we had it back to back… James is a good k-sser, so rom-ntic I must confess…

Michelle was quiet, as she took a seat and sat opposite her, trying to feel undisturbed.
She tries not to allow Mirabel’s word to get to her.

Mirabel saw that her word was taking effect on Michelle and smile to herself because it was her own turn to troll Michelle and make her weep.

“… the day you visited his office and walk straight to his car because you thought he was with a woman… well, Mrs Bible quoting I was with your so called husband, you noticed his discomfort, and a stain on his l-ips and shirt…yes, I left a mark of enjoyment on him just for you to see it… I’m smart like that, but your churchy and zealous life style blinded your eyes so I decided to make my phone to ring right in,side his car just for you to know I was within but yet your pastor has stuffed your ears and mind with Bible verses…. you still did not hear. And while you were in,side he came out to apologies to me and promise to compensate me…so I decided to leave… James plays you like a card and I’m glad to be his accomplice…me and him make a good team…he never fails to tell me how much he loves me and can’t do without me because his churchy wife is damn boring and acts as if she was married to a Bible…he is a happy husband not because of you but because I feed him enough love and watch him cry for more… aren’t you ashamed of yourself, you have failed as a wife Mrs churchy, I’m helping your marriage and you should be grateful to me….

Michelle was quiet all through, staring at Mirabel with keen interest, and when Mirabel was already rejoicing that she has finally gotten Michelle and she will soon be crying Michelle smile before saying.

“You are too nice Mimi, I have been waiting for this moment to come and is finally here…wow, thank you for helping me keep my husband while I’m busy with Bible quoting and parading my churchy lifestyle. my husband is so wise to have you cover up my weakness. were I can’t fit in you just do what you know how to do best… now to the main gist, do you know prayer is the key…incase you don’t know let me tell you that this my churchy lifestyle has deprived me a great moment, I could have created enough time to sleep all day with my husband but I don’t have such time to waste…I was busy praying and sending the holy ghost fire to go and expose anyone that will want to destroy my home or bewitch my husband…and my prayers were never in vain… just look at you coming with your two left legs to come and confess your sins indirectly… without even knowing that all you have being doing is a total confession in accordance to my prayers. after this confession you will then run mad but don’t be scared I will plead to our merciful God on your behalf not to allow the spirit of madness to visit you… after all you helped me to love my husband better while I was busy with my spiritual work. what a great partner you have being… thank you. Do you have another thing to confess… I’m all ears….well if you are done I suggest you take your leave and stay away from my husband before that madness I’m trying to pray against will visit you…

Mirabel sat uncomfortably on her seat, she uncrossed her legs not knowing what to do or say again.
Michelle is really a tough nut to crack.

 she has exhausted all her plans to get Michelle to break down but instead she developed more tough skin

Mirabel became more angry as she stares at Michelle who looks unbothered.
Her anger grew as Michelle asked her to leave her house.

“, I’m not going anywhere, I’m waiting for James, he owes me and I won’t leave here until I get compensated…I won’t…

Michelle smiled again before saying.

“I thought you have already gotten your payment because with my little understanding when two adults agrees to make out with each other it becomes a mutual thing, the enjoyment is not just only for the man the lady also enjoys it. James didn’t force you for the rom-nce, you wanted it too so you have gotten your payment my good partner… except he decided to pay you extra for being a free giver…if so you will have to shamelessly wait for him to return…ooh, wai….I think he is back…

Michelle looked out from the window and saw James parking his car in the garage.

She returned back to her seat to wait for James.

Michelle can’t wait to  see the look on his face when he steps in and see his partner in crime.

To be continued

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