When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 16

Episode 16.

Michelle remained calm in her sit as James opened the door and stepped in.

Immediately he came in,side, he looked from his wife to Mirabel.
Shock was written boldly on his face as he held onto the door knob not wanting to let go.
His hand shakes, he opened his mouth in shock.

Michelle smile when she saw his discomfort and said.

” Darling…our dear partner, Mimi paid us a surprised visit, Mimi said that she has being servicing you for a very long time… and she is here to collect her service charge…

James moved uncomfortably as he angrily looked at Mirabel who was seated right in his living room, very quiet as if she was beaten in a fight.

James gave Michelle a pleading look as he remained speechless.

Michelle smile but within her she was boiling as she looked at her husband.

Different thought began to cross her mind. She looks from James to Mirabel.

Michelle began to have a mind battle

“So my husband have being meeting Mirabel all this while even after i caught him and he apologized and promised never to cheat on me again..
James still went ahead to continue with her…and Mirabel have the gut to come into my home to insult me and paint all the dirty things she has being doing with him to my face….oh my God… this is just too much…. James how dare you hurt me this way… having affair with an unreasonable lady, who appears like she sells her body for a living…aah… James…hmmmm

Michelle thought within herself but kept smiling

All she wanted to do was to tear James and his mistress into pieces or leave the house to think things through.
She wanted to be out of the living room, because the more she Watch her husband guilty stricken face she gets more hurt.
She wanted to walk away from the two shameless people.
tears clouded her eyes.

She looked away and blink back the tears the last thing she will do is to show her weakness in front of Mimi.

Mirabel want to see her break down, cry and probably pack her things and leave for her to take over but she won’t show how hurt she felt instead she will keep smiling just to confuse her enemies.

Michelle boiled angrily but she refused to show it
She kept smiling as if she wasn’t bothered.
She later said

“Darling… kindly settle our service provider. the lady with the magic body and colourful paint… she was kind enough to love you better than I and still feel the need to come to the house and confess to me… and officially introduce herself as my co partner… darling, our beautiful Mimi here said she has one part of you and I have the other part… Me and Mimi share the same man… isn’t that interesting. maybe later we will discuss the exact part I belong to so there won’t be misunderstanding. Mimi you are welcome once again, our man is home. Darling I’m so grateful to her for all her kind services. Why is two of you not saying anything? Well, since nobody want to talk I guess three is a crowd, both of you need some privacy to sort things out… let me go and prepare a delicious dinner and a room for my partner… she looks like she has exhausted her prowess, she walked into here with so much energy I was even wondering if she came to bring down the wh0le building but when she started talking, I just sigh because is a minor problem. Seeing how tired she looks I need to go and get the room ready. I hope she will wake up strong enough tomorrow. please Mimi while I’m gone try not to paint our man up. In this my condition I’m allergic to such paints… please excuse me..

Michelle stood up to leave but James rushed to her.

“Please don’t leave…l’m… I’m deeply sorry my love. Mirabel has no right to come under our roof and introduce her stupid self to you… she is leaving our house right away. Forgive me my love, please don’t listen or take whatever she said to heart…I will explain better to you later. please my love don’t go anywhere.. I’m pleading…I’m on my knees…

James knelt down on one knee while holding onto a smiling Michelle.

Mirabel boils with envy as she watch Michelle.
Mirabel watched them in annoyance and began to think within herself.

“Michelle is indeed a crazy dramatic woman. …she has succeeded in rendering me speechless and those ugly looking smile on her face is suspicious…I hate her… so much. I never knew she was this crazy, I thought as a churchy and praying type just as James has described her to me, I thought Michelle will be timid, and hides like a rat when she is attacked. I thought she will be very calm and easily broken…i thought she won’t be difficult to handle but she have proven to be so hærden. if James has not try to play with my intelligence I won’t be in his house, facing his stupid and crazy wife… let him settle me so that I can be on my way…the more I sit here, watch and listen the more I gets angry and want to attack her… Michelle.. makes me feels useless and ashamed. I’m supposed to be the tough one…I don’t easily break down for anyone or anything. I go for what I want but in this present situation I made a mistake to even come here in the first place…I made a big mistake by coming down..
And since I’m already here I will be compensated before I step out otherwise I will get violent with James if he tries to push me out. Michelle has a way of throwing hot shades…I need to leave here soon enough…

Michelle asked James to get up she even helped him up.

Michelle who was so dramatic as he gently draw James into a hug and whispered something to his ears.

“Get your wh-re out of here before heavenly thunder strikes her down”

After whispering it to James ear she straightened, still with a smile as she stylishly adjust James’s shirt.

James nooded obediently, he turned to Mirabel.

“Get your wretched self out of my house… I’m glad you have met my wife, she is not your match and far too beautiful than you will ever be… leave my house because I will push you without care…

Mirabel stood up angrily and faced James.

“Since you know your wife is beautiful why did you still come to me, eeh… remember we used to talked about how dull and senseless your wife is…we gossip your wife and laugh at her… do you remember how you use to cry for more whenever you are in my arms…I got the magic but your wife don’t… she is a crazy churchy woman…

James looked back at his wife with a pitiful face and said…

“My love please don’t listen to her… she is a disgusting lying pig… she is a devil that want to destroy our home… please don’t listen to anything she says…

Michelle breathed deeply before saying.

“Darling, i’m listening to her, I really can’t escape it since we are under same roof but do not worry I don’t believe anything she is saying… because she did not include you as a gossip partner in her previous introduction… anything she says now is useless… she mentioned she got the magic which literally means she can formulate anything with her magic tongue…but even if she talks from now till tomorrow is all useless because all I’m thinking of right now is how to eat your body raw tonight… I don’t know how Mirabel does it with you but I will put my churchy lifestyle aside and give it to you back to back…i will do anything for your sake… Mirabel is teaching me how to love you better… and I can’t thank her enough. kindly settle her quick so she can be going.. darling we got work to do tonight…it will be all night long… more fiercely than Mirabel has ever given you… compensate her fast let her leave…

James breathed in, he sincerely do not understand his wife again.
Michelle was calm and smiling all through the drama.
 Her appearance alone scares him.
She was handling the present situation with ease and that is not the Michelle he knows, who will never hide if she is angry with him.
Michelle will make sure she voice out her anger or frustration not smiling and acting all cool.

Michelle tries to walk away again but James pleaded for her to stay.

James swallowed hærd as he told Mirabel to leave but Mirabel said James needs to pay her for all her time he wasted.

James went in,side brought out money and threw it at her.

She picked the money and stare at smiling Michelle fiercely as James started pushing her towards the door.

Mirabel was boiling so angrily as she thought of what to say or do that will hurt James and Michelle.

As she was almost at the door she quickly bent down, pulled out one leg of her heeled shoe and used it to stone Michelle who was standing in the centre of the sitting room.

Mirabel angrily stoned Michelle the high heel.
Michelle who did not expect the stoning tries to dodge but it was too late as the shoe landed hærd on her stomach.
The penciled heel pinned into her stomach.

Michelle fell with a heavy thud to the ground holding her stomach. the pain from the heel strike through her.
blood was already coming out from the wound.

James rushed to his wife, he was shaking in fear and anger on seeing Michelle was in pain.
he tries to lift her up.
Michelle was bleeding as James lifted her.

Mirabel rushed out after seeing the damage she caused. She became scared as she speed out of the house leaving her weapon shoe behind.

She removed her other shoe and ran with bare foot as if she was being chased.

She saw a cab and quickly stoped it. Immediately she entered she asked the cab man to speed up.

All that consumed  James thought was his wife as he gently lay her in the back seat of his car before speeding off to the hospital.

To be continued

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