When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 19

When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 19


Timothy shut down his laptop and packed up his things.
He picked up his car key and stepped out of his office.
He was sure everyone has closed for the day because is being over an hour that the office closed.
He work late sometimes and today is no difference.

He looked into Michelle’s office and she was not there.
since two weeks ago that she resumed back to work she has being acting extra quiet and hærdly talks to anyone.
Always by herself and focusing so much on the office work.
He had tried to talk to her, to cheer her up and even offered to take her for lunch.
Michelle bluntly refused and told him to only speak to her on the office matter anything outside that she is not interested.
She pleaded to be left alone.

Timothy left her alone ever since and stick to the job at which she has being doing so well unlike before.

He started moving to the exit door.
Timothy heard a noise and looked back but didn’t see anyone
Somebody was probably around, he wanted to know where the noise was coming from. He dropped his laptop bag on the reception chair and followed the voice to the ladies restroom.
Somebody was whimpering, a very quiet cry.
He called out asking who was there, no response came and the person suddenly stopped whimpering.

“Who’s there..?

He knocked on the door and called out again then Michelle voice came as a shock to him.

“Is me Tim… I’m fine, please don’t worry about me… you can go I will lock up the office and give security the keys…

“Michelle, you are crying…i can’t leave you in here alone…I thought you have left the office… please come out…

“I’m fine Tim… I just need to be alone…I will leave when I’m ready to… please don’t wait up…

Timothy did not leave. He walked away from the restroom and sat out to wait for her.

Michelle washed her face and hands, she dried up her face with a small towel, checked herself in the mirror before picking up her hand bag.
She was glad that Tim left her alone.
She checked the mirror again before walking out of restroom.

She was shock to see Tim waiting at the reception for her.

“I asked you not wait for me…I just needed a quiet time Tim, I wanted to be left alone…

Tim stood up and approached her.

“I was just being concerned Mich… I’m sorry, I could drop you off if you don’t mind…

Michelle nodded and left with Tim.

Tim was quiet as he kept driving, it was already dark and traffic was building up.

They were caught up in the evening traffic but did not say a word to each other.
Michelle was looking out of the window caught in the web of her own troubled world.

Tim looked at Michelle, he breathed deeply not knowing what to say, she asked to be left alone, he was struggling not to disturb her but to respect her wish.

He looked at her again, he stretched out his hand to touch her but quickly withdraw his hands as another car behind him honk so repeatedly.

The traffic was clearing up, he speed up.

He asked Michelle the best direction to get to her place.
Michelle described it to him.
Tim drove on until he got to Michelle’s house.
He parked, Michelle removed the seat belt and picked up her bag but she did not get down immediately.

“i feel so sad anytime I get back home…I don’t want to be coming back to this house and getting reminded of what I’m trying to forget… everything in this house reminds me of my pain and lost…I hate…

Timothy took her hands and gently drew her into his arms before saying.

“Trust me everything will be alright Mich… your pain will all pass away.. maybe you can leave the house and stay with a friend for the main time… until your full sanity is restored…i have extra room at my place but i can’t ask you to come over to my place… I know you will reject the offer if I present it to you and like you know we had something together back then…I know is being a very long time but the feeling may resurface again if we become flat mate, I seriously do not want to take advantage of your vulnerability… I will find it hærd to accommodate you… that was why I suggested your female friend’s place…

“I can’t even try it Tim, coming to stay over at your place is not an option is never to even be considered…my friend Katie will be back tomorrow…I spoke with her yesterday and she said so. Maybe I will just move in with Katie for the main time…

Tim comforted her by gently stroking his hands up and down Michelle’s back as she remained in his arms.
He later said

“Mich do you remember the carnival I once took you to… you were so happy that day, it was your birthday…we later went for swimming and you were scared to get into the pool…

Michelle smile as she remembered and said.

” I was scared of the water but you pushed me into the water and I was scre-ming like a baby…we had enough to eat, drink, danced to different music before returning to your place…hmmm…it was that night it happened…I lost my V-rginity to you…

Timothy nodded and breathed deeply before saying.

“You were the only girl I met a V-rgin and have never met another…I wanted things to work out but you ended things suddenly because of your new found faith, I pleaded for you to stay and I can still remember what you said to me “Tim, if I stay we will keep fornicating and swimming in sin all in the name of fun, God hate sin and I need time to know him better and allow him to use me for the purpose of his kingdom…I can’t continue with you… I’m sorry” Mich, those were your very words to me and it never stops ringing to my ears…I allowed you to be after seeing how serious you were with your new faith…I wanted us to get married but you said you can’t marry an unbeliever… I actually thought you will end up with a pastor, then you will become pastor Mrs or an evangelist fire for fire…

Timothy laugh making Mich to smile.

“Mich… I know God never made a mistake when he lead you to James, if God wanted us to be husband and wife I’m sure we would have end up together… I silently pray things works out between you your husband… you are a nice person and should be your husband’s pride… everything will be alright, God will fix it for you because you sold out yourself for him and his works…he Will mend your brokenness… I will always look out for your good… alright?

Michelle did not say anything and suddenly there was a hærd knock on the car glass.
Michelle straightened and turned to see James.
Timothy whine down his glass and greeted James. Who did not respond as he looked at Michelle angrily.

Michelle picked up her hand bag and turned to looked at Timothy who smile and urged her forward.

“Thank you Tim for the ride”
She quietly said then peeked his cheeks.
Surprising Timothy who did not do or say anything after Michelle placed a k-ss on his cheek spiting James the more.

Michelle stepped down and walked into the gate.
James who was boiling angrily said to Timothy.

“Do you know she is a married woman… Michelle is my wife Timothy and you have no right to touch her inappropriately…she was your ex and works with you in the office… that do not give you any right to lay your stinking finger on her… you are encouraging her to come back to you… you are mad and you are not man enough to get your own woman… God will surely punish you for telling Michelle to leave me and come back to you… you are a fool…

Timothy tried to say something but James kept talking angrily at him.
Timothy turned on his ignition and started his car before saying

“I did not touch Mich… stop this madness James… I’m not your enemy…go and fix your home and stop channelling your anger at me…

James was not listening as he kept hauling insult at Timothy, he threw a hærd punch at Timothy, right on his eyes.

he kicked Timothy’s car as he boils angrily.
Timothy quickly whined up his glass. He tries to reverse his car while closing one of his eye that was punched, He was in pain

Timothy drove away leaving James who did not stop hauling insults at him.

James was breathing so hærd.
He went in,side to face his wife but Michelle was already in,side her room and locked her room door leaving James to rant and pound on the door repeatedly.

Michelle ignored him and remained in,side as she freshened up and went to bed.

The following morning, she dressed up for work, picked up her few things in a spare bag before unlocking her room door.

James came out of the room, he was not dressed for work and looked like he did not sleep through out the night.
He came out, looked at Michelle before going back in,side.
Michelle walked up to the exit door and try to open the door but it was locked and the keys are gone.

“James… James… come and unlock this door…i will be late for work, come and unlock this door…

James came out from the room, he went to sit in the parlour without saying anything.
Michelle went to where he sat and asked him to go and unlock the door.
James curved his mouth into a smile before saying

“I should open the door so that you will go back into the arm of your ex… that will not happen Michelle, we are both staying in this house today and even tomorrow… I’m your husband and I still have a say… you shamelessly threw yourself to Timothy’s arm, I just knew it…I knew he was already taking advantage of the moment and smooching you…

Michelle angrily slapped him hærd across the face before saying.

“I’m not like you James, Timothy is never like you either, he is well discipline unlike you that moves with everything in skirt… you are the shameless one, and for your information you are not my husband because I’m filing for divorce… marry as many as you want after I’m gone, Live as you want because I will never give a damn about what you do with your life… this marriage thing was a mistake in the first place… you appeared to be a church boy, a Christian and I fell for your lies and pretence, I was doing better serving God and following his principles then you showed up with your lies and deceits… how I’m I even sure that you were faithful during our courtsh¡p…I hærdly come down to visit just so we don’t fall into sin… you were probably cheating and pretending to be faithful… you and your agent of darkness killed my baby and I have a deep scar on my stomach because of you… I’m leaving so you will have space to invite your mistress over…I hate you…I hate you so much James for everything you caused me…I don’t even need a man in my life to stand firm… Once you are out of my life I will refocused on what I’m called to do in this world and maybe by then I will get to let it all go but please avoid me for now… stay away from me… you cheat, murderer… you murdered our baby… you and your mistress… and I almost died. you want to kill me so that you can bring in your wh-res right… God has put both of you to shame…I survived and I’m not going to die in your hands… I’m victorious… I’m a winner…shame on you and your Mimi…

James was quiet while Michelle kept on ranting angrily.
He later said

“You can’t divorce me Michelle, this marriage is for better for worst…we are stuck here together…I never touched another woman while we were dating, and I got involved with Mirabel by mistake…I did many unforgivable things that I can’t explain but I did not really have s€× with her, I can’t justify sin, sin is sin no matter how small or big. Michelle it was all a mistake, do you want me to die with this guilt… I’m sorry I got involved with her but you are doing the same with Timothy… you even k-ssed him right in my presence… Michelle I don’t know what else to do..I…I just don’t know but I’m not giving you a divorce… God forbids it…we took a vow…

Michelle sparked up.

“Oh now you remember that we took a vow…a vow you broke, a vow you refused to keep to… now you are acting as the victim right…I do not care whatever you and Mimi did. all I want is out and far from you… James you are a liar and a pretender…I can’t be in a marriage with somebody like you… there is nothing to hold us together… not love because I’m not sure I will ever love a man like you again. I started hating you from the moment life was taking out of me. not a child because you killed the one we almost had… not even the church because you refused to harken to the teaching of the church but claims to be a Christian…open the door and let me leave quietly, this word battle with you is useless, I will come for my things later…

James stood up and removed the key from his cloth pocket he walked to the door and opened it.

Michelle walked out, James closed the door and went back in,side, he picked up his car key and phone before leaving the house.

To be continued…

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