When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 21

Episode 21.

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James drove down to Timothy’s house.
He gently tapped repeatedly on the door before the door swung open.

Timothy was knotting his tie when he opened the door and saw James.
He didn’t bother greeting.

“Yes, James…how do you get here… what do you want…if you are here for Michelle I’m not sure she want to see you, is high time you just take a break and stop being a pest in her life, stop following her up and down, give her some breathing space…

James stood by the door trying so hærd to remain calm.

“I need to speak to you Tim, I’m not really here for Michelle, please let me in…I can see you are getting ready for work, I won’t take much of your time… I’m here for peace, not to fight or batter words with you… please

Timothy frown not knowing what to expect, he gave way for him to enter.

James thanked him and went in,side.
Timothy offered him a seat and he sat quietly.

James began to apologize to Timothy

“I just wanted to say this to your face that I’m sorry, I overreacted, you are more cultured and disciplined than I..I know I messed up big time and can’t justify my wrongs and is a pity I have to get you involved in my trouble… please accept my apologies, is okay if Michelle wants to be with you…I don’t deserve her anyway and I will have to carry this burden of regrets for the rest of my life…

Timothy breathed in and nodded.
James later asked.

“Please, can I see my wif…i mean to see Michelle.. just briefly..uhm. but if is not okay by you then I will just take my leave…

“No, hold on, let me check up on her.

James thanked him, he clutched his hands together and watch Timothy walk to a door and knocked on it.

“Mich… Mich…knock.. knock..

Michelle walked up to the door with a sleepy eye and opened up, she greeted Tim.

“Good morning Tim, sorry I over slept… I’m having serious headache, started early this morning… do you have aspirin in this house…my head is pounding. You are already dressed up for work… the black eye is almost cleared… good for you. Let me get my things ready when I get to Katie I will have my bath… I’m sorry, i won’t be able to make it to work today…I need to rest my aching head down…

“You look pale Mich, no problem if you can’t make it to work… take your time and rest…I don’t have any drug here but I can get some for you… And another thing is that James is here…

Michelle looked at him in shock as Timothy pointed towards the parlor with a pleading look. Michelle accused Timothy of inviting James over to his place, Timothy told her he never did and urged Michelle to come out and see him

She came out and stood at a distance, folded her hand akimbo style. She was in Timothy’s long robe which covered her to the toe.

James stood as she appeared, her eyes was puffy, she was in a big robe that almost swallowed her up.
Michelle has really gone down he thought within himself.
He felt a bit jealous to see her in Timothy’s robe but quickly wave it off.
Timothy excused himself and left, leaving James and Michelle to talk.
James was speechless and didn’t know what to say again
Michelle spoke out.

“What are you doing here James…is stalking me your new job now, please go and get a life or another mistress so that you can get busy and stop following me like ant to sugar … I’m not your business anymore, I’m not your wife, I’m out of your life for good, divorcing you will bring me joy and fulfillment… stop monitoring me like CCTV…

“I’m not stalking you Michelle, I just came to apologies to Timothy for what I did to him and I didn’t even know I will meet you here…

James lied and continued to look at her.
Michelle laughed sarcastically and said

“James When do you start caring about people’s feelings, you hurt people intentionally because is engraved in your bloodstream… stop this pretense… a sight of you disgust me… you will eventually have no choice than to sign the divorce papers and I wish after paying for all the damages that you caused me you will also bring back my unborn child that you murdered… but that’s not possible… I just have to accept the fact my baby is gone…

“I will give you a divorce if that will make you happy, all I want is for you to be happy Michelle, your hatred for me is far more than I can bear…if being with Timothy or any other man makes you happy then is fine…

Michelle sparked as she took few steps towards James.

” Who said I want to be with Timothy or any other man, I’m far better being alone than trusting any man for now…I will decide what makes me happy don’t decide for me… Live your life and Leave me to live mine…I will get a lawyer and start processing the divorce papers… thanks for stopping by…now you can be going back to wherever you came from.

James breathed deeply before nodding.
He turned and walked away.
Timothy came out and said to Michelle.

“That was too harsh Mich… you are still hurting so badly…is very much obvious from your words…I heard your harsh tone from in,side and know you are broken in,side… will you ever let it go..

Michelle sparked towards Timothy.

“Passing a night here, working under you at the office and wearing this oversize stupid robe do not give you any right to tell me how to voice out my anger. If you try to dictate for me next time i will resign and kick your dry ass good-bye… Tim, Kindly stay in your lane and leave me the hell alone… don’t turn overnight counselor with my trouble…we had a thing in the past but that was in the past it still do not give you any right to tell me how to talk or how harsh I have become… you men are all the same… rubbish.

Timothy was shock, he opened his eyes wide looking at Michelle as she poured insult on him.
And when he tries to explain what exactly he meant Michelle walked away from him still insulting him as she walks back to the room.

Timothy stood puzzled, he suddenly dashed towards the door and rushed out.
When he got outside James was in his car seated, his head was relaxed back as he shot his eyes muttering something to himself.

Timothy knocked on the glass bringing James to reality.
He said something to James.
They talked for few minutes before he went back in,side.

Michelle was dressed in her cloths when Timothy came in,side, she started walking towards the door.
Timothy picked up his bag and his car keys and left.

Along the way he tries to apologies to Michelle for saying things that provoked her.
He offered to stop at a pharmacy and get her some aspirins for headache but Michelle declined.
She asked him to drop her off at Katie’s place and Timothy did exactly what she asked and zoomed off to work.
Michelle spend the weekend at Katie’s place and resumed work the following week.
She avoided Timothy and worked in silent.

And she kept it that way for sometime. Michelle continue to stick to her work and go home ones the close of day.
Anytime Timothy offered to drop her off at Katie’s place she rejects.
Timothy decided to leave her alone just as she wanted.

One day while at work Timothy rushed to inform Michelle that James was involved in an accident.
He sound so serious, Michelle who didn’t know how to react to the news looked away.
Just then Katie called her informing her again about James.

“James looks like he won’t make it, it was a big crash Michelle… you need to rush down and see him at the hospital before he dies..oh my God… this is not happening, Michelle do you know if he dies his death will be on you because you haven’t fully forgiven him… God have mercy…

Katie cried at the other end, after the call Michelle began to panic immediately she hears Katie mention”die”

She picked up her phone and dropped it back.
She tries concentration back to work but couldn’t.
Timothy worked pass her office and saw her pacing up and down her office.
He came and said.

“Mich you are still here, holy heavens…I thought you have left to the hospital already… Aah, if James dies just know that you killed that man. Don’t you understand that he is in a critical condition, the hospital tries to call you but your number isn’t going, they tried with James number but I guess you blocked him, they couldn’t reach you… they have to call the office and passed the message to me…I have done my part by telling you… he just asked to see you before he gives up… that was his last wish. Why not leave sentiment asides and think of a man’s dying wish… I’m sure God will not forgive you for being so hærden even to the point of death…

Michelle angrily spark out at Timothy.

“Don’t tell me what God wants because you are not God… and why is everyone calling me, I wasn’t there when he had the crash… I’m not even in his life any more…oh God, James just like causing trouble for me and for himself, why can’t he drives with care, he is always careless with everything even with his own life, hmmmm…oh Jesus, I don’t like this at all, he just have a way of making me feel bad and unease… Tim I’m going to the hospital…I don’t even know why I’m going there because he… let me go first…

Michelle picked up her bag and started walking away
Timothy offered to drop her off at the hospital she quickly agree.

Timothy quickly sent some text messages from his phone, a call later came into Timothy’s phone and he went like this

“yes, eeeerrrhhh… please doctor don’t let him die she is almost there… yes, she’s right here with me, please put him in a life support… do something, we are close…

Timothy dropped the call Michelle quickly asked him who was that.
Timothy said sadly that James was slipping off and the doctor said he may not live for more than seven hours…it was a fatal accident that affected his heart badly…

Michelle swallowed hærd and asked Timothy to speed up a little faster.

She held her two sweating palms together as Timothy asked her to pray that nothing will happen to James.
Michelle tries to but couldn’t, Timothy made a shot prayer but Michelle was too occupied in her thought to reply to the prayer.

When they got to there Michelle stepped down, she looked at the hospital, it use to be their family hospital, same place she lost her pregnancy.
She stood beside Timothy’s car as the memory came rushing back.
She was finding it hærd to go in until she saw Katie rushed up to her.

“Michelle, thank God you are here… please, I know is hærd for you, kindly do whatever doctor Ken ask you to do…I don’t know if James will make it… immediately i got the call I rushed down and i almost fainted when I saw him, oh mine… Michelle, James May still dye, I’m afraid because his heart was smashed according to the doctor attending to him, he is presently unconscious…

Katie put her hand on her head, jumping up and down sadly as if she was already mourning.
Michelle watched the wh0le drama and silently wished that nothing happens to James, her own heart was racing so fast
Timothy urged Michelle forward to go in,side the hospital.

James was in a hospital bed, doctor Ken was attending to him before walking to the window.
James face and body was covered with fake injury.

Doctor Ken looked out at the window and saw Michelle coming.

He rushed back to James and said.

“She’s here… Michelle is here. Just do exactly what I told you earlier, alright… don’t move, act still I will do the talking… anything to make your marriage come back to life…I will do it. We all will do it and don’t be scared she will fall for this… getting her to the hospital was the problem but now she is here… leave the rest for me and the team…

Doctor ken smiled patting James gently.

 James was breathing with fear not knowing if the wh0le suggested plan will work out but he was ready to do anything to have Michelle back.
Doctor Ken passed information to him before placing an oxygen to his nose… James pretend to be unconscious.

 Michelle was already shaking in fear at the stillness of James body in the hospital bed immediately she walked in.
She held her mouth in shock as she watched James lie still without moving.

Doctor Ken was attending to him and shaking his head sadly at James’s

Michelle wipe a tear rolling down her eyes as she took few feet close to James body.

To be continued…..

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