When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 22

Episode 22.


“Doctor Ken…ho…How bad is he… Michelle asked as she stood watching James.
“What can be done…any hope at all…

“I can’t assure you of hope right now madam…
Doctor Ken said with a sad face, he checked James and continued
“the accident was terrible…his heart is in terrible shape right now…the heart is one of the most sensitive org-ns in the body and ones is affected the wh0le body is also affected…me and my team are working tirelessly to make him survive this…and if you really want him alive your help will be required because there is little we can do right now…everything will eventually fall on you madam…

Michelle turned to the doctor with a frown

“I’m not a doctor, I don’t know anything in the medical field so what I’m I suppose to do…how does it falls back to me…

“Madam…do you want your husband dead…I was told it all because you that he is in this condition. you two have been having marital crisis after the loss of the baby, I’m sorry to remind you of that but we have to straight things out here. i don’t understand why you can’t see that no man is perfect and everyone deserve a second and even third chance, as many chances as possible…he failed and hurt you and you decided to push him to his death, yes…it was all because of you James is lying here going through all this. He was involved in an accident…not even with his car. James was already going crazy because of you and decided to take an evening walk and this crazy drunk driver from nowhere ran into him, he swept him off the road in a speed of lightening and did not even bother to stop to check if the your husband was alive or dead…the drunk driver zoomed off and left him lifeless…and before help could get to him it was almost too late because his heart was already affected…I’m just weak right now, James was a nice guy…he doesn’t deserve to die just because of his mistake…no, he doesn’t. He deserve to live. So I asked you again do you want your husband to die…?

Michelle wanted to correct the doctor that James wasn’t her husband but she decided to keep mute and shakes her head.

“Good, since you don’t want your husband dead then you have to do everything that you are asked to do…if he goes through today and tomorrow then there is hope of him surviving this. We are doing our very best but you will have to stay behind tonight and watch over him, he has become your responsibility until he is back to his normal health…you will have to alert me if he moves any part of his body, please try not to sleep off while watching over him tonight…God help us and make him survive this because if James dies I hope you will be ready to answer to God, this fight is no more between you and James is between you and God.…

Michelle saw that she couldn’t argue her way out, how can she have a sleepless night over James and watch him all through the night.
At same time she did not want anything to happen to James, she will carry the guilt for the rest of her life.
Doctor Ken and everyone else blames her of James carelessness, walking on the road without looking and he got hit by a car is now her fault. Michelle sigh sadly.
She was left alone in the room alone with James, she stood there not knowing what to do
“Life is so unfair…is just unfair.
Michelle allowed another tear drop without wiping it off.
Katie suddenly came in,side with Timothy.

“Michelle, what did doctor say…is there hope…will James survive it…oh my God he looks terrible in that bed…what did doctor say please talk to us…

Michelle tries to speak but the word got stuck in her truth, she tried again and boast out crying.
Katie hugged her while pretending to be crying with her.
Timothy stood watching them as Katie winked at him and he smile.

James opened his eyes a little and watch Katie hugging Michelle while they cry together, he almost laughed but held himself.
Timothy smile towards him, James gave Timothy a thumb up and closed back his eyes as Michelle straightened from Katie.

“Katie, the doctor said I will have to stay here and watch him, I’m just afraid…I know I hate him for what he did to me but I never prayed for his death…never I did not want him dead, I don’t know why everyone is blaming me for what happened…I did not wish death for James…I said most of what I said out of anger but I do not want him to die…I don’t even know how to pray anymore…is been a long time I prayed…I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do…James just like bringing sadness to me…now I’m the center of all this…I’m just tired of everything…I was asked to stay here and watch and I don’t even have any of my things here…

Katie comforted her before saying

“Just tell me what you will be needing and I will get it down here for you…we are together in this, all of us. We will be burning candles praying none stop that James will survive this…okay, don’t cry please…just believe in miracle and God will do it. Michelle you thought me how to have faith in different crisis of life and to trust God no matter what, I use to envy your passion for God, why do you let it die…where is that fire, that faith that you portrayed back then, now is time for you to pick up yourself and tell the devil to get behind you…when you speak life to a thing…it will come to past because the tongue is powerful…you thought me that Michelle. So began to speak life over James health, and we will join you in doing so, the prayer of believers makes way for miracle to take place…just believe and it will all be alright.

Michelle felt relaxed after Katie rekindled her with her words. She told Katie the things that she will be needing.

Katie left with Timothy and after two hours they returned with the things that Michelle asked for, and even some food and many other things for her.
Michelle thanked them before they left.

She stayed awake watching James and reading her bible, she tried not to fall asleep just as Doctor Ken has instructed her. She washed her face severally and walked around the room, she tries to sing and say few prayers.

Michelle stood at a distance watching James and noticed his eyes shakes, it was as if he opened them and closed it immediately, the night was already far spent. She walked up to James and stood closely watching him but no part of his body moved, she tries to touch him but withdraw her hands back
Michelle yawn lazily as she return to a small bed at the far end of where James lay quietly.
She sat down there and tries to pray again but sleep wouldn’t let her say anything reasonable.
She decided to read her bible, the bible was still open on her laps when she slept off.

She was tapped awake the following morning by Doctor Ken.
She quickly sat up immediately she saw the doctor.

“Madam, I asked you to look after your husband and alert me ones he moves any part of his body and you are sleeping, it seem you want your husband dead…

“No Doctor, I’m sorry…but he did not shake throughout the night, I was watching him all through…I only fell asleep early this morning…he was breathing fine but never moves…there was a time I thought he blinked his eyes but it must have being in my imagination…

The doctor checked James and his face suddenly turned sad, Michelle watch quietly as she stood beside him asking him what was the problem
Her heart was racing so fast, the doctor asked her with shock written all over him

“Did you touch his oxygen, oh my God…madam what have you done…

Michelle cried out in terror and was almost breaking down in tears

“I did not touch anything, I did not even touch him…oh Jesus, please Lord…I need your help…Doctor what is it…please do not tell me that he is…oh my God…heyyyy…Jesus…I will just die here…right now…

Michelle started wailing loudly, tears poured down from her face as she walks round the room, stamping her feet on the ground, she went to the wall and started hitting the wall while still crying.
Doctor James turned to her and said

“why are you crying…I did not say he was dead…is it was his oxygen which I have just fixed…why are you scre-ming as if he is dead…James is still alive but you have to watch him next time…you are not hear to sleep, somebody’s life is at stake here, I can’t come and watch your husband for you madam…you have to look out for him, if he moves then there is hope for his survival.

Michelle breathed down and cleaned her eyes, she faced the doctor angrily

“you are too harsh on me…I didn’t ask James to get involve in an accident…you make me feel I’m a bad woman…but I’m not, James dealt with me in an unexpected way…and you stand there to blame me as if I caused it all…you almost made me to have heart attack because I thought he was dead due to your reaction. James has never stop cursing me pain… I wonder what I ever did to him…now I have to leave my work, my sleep and comfort to come here and watch him as if I’m a monitoring camera… I have to suffer again in silence…I hate hi…

Doctor Ken quickly hushed her

“ssshhhhh….don’t ever say you hate a dying man…is very bad, he may hear you and take his last breath, if you want him to live keep speaking lovely things to him. Try doing that if you really want to get out of his hand soon…be nice to him, stop complicating things for yourself and for us. I’m sorry if I’m too harsh, we are all blaming you because you had the time to change things but you didn’t and I totally understand all the pain he caused you, but he is deeply sorry…James has learnt his lesson, he regret it all. if you read your bible very well you will know how many times we are asked to forgive those who wrong us…because no man is righteous before God not even you or me….if you are without sin then kill him with your own hands. Remember Christ illustration with the pr-stitute and the men who wanted to stone her to death, Jesus said to them “who among you is without sin should cast the first stone… and they all disappeared because no man is without sin…

Michelle remained speechless, she bent her head as the doctor continued

“…Go home and freshen up, find something good to eat then return back in the evening, I will look out while you are gone or assign a nurse to do that but make sure you return because if he dies you will be held responsible.

Michelle nodded sadly, picked up her bag, she turned and looked at James before walking out of the door.

She returned back to the hospital in the evening.
Doctor Ken and James were discussing happily when the nurse that he asked to look out for Michelle rushed in,side to inform them that Michelle was coming.
James quickly lie down on the bed, Doctor James placed the oxygen and different tubes on him.

Michelle later took over that night again, this time she was going to pray for James with all her mind and during the night she went on praying and break down as she knelt beside James holding his warm hand.

While Michelle was on her knee praying she was holding one of James hand lightly. James brushed his finger on her palm.
Michelle opened her eyes in shock, she touched James repeatedly and even have to tickle him just to be sure he was conscious.

When she tickled James ribs James who wanted to laugh started coughing to cover up the laughter.

Michelle quickly called Doctor Ken that James was coughing.
Doctor Ken rushed in and checked, he smile at Michelle and congratulated her that James was stabilized.
Michelle smile and started thanking God, the doctor asked her to keep watching him and never stop praying because there is a good improvement, the doctor also asked Michelle to help James if he wants to eat or use the bathroom.
It was a big task but Michelle accepted.

The fifth day Doctor Ken said James will have to continue his treatment at home.
Timothy drove down with Kate. Him and Doctor Ken guide James to the car and gently placed him in the back seat.

Michelle thanked the doctor who asked her to do everything that James want just for the first two weeks until he is fully recovered otherwise he may slip into coma.

The doctor talked with Michelle for a very long time before she eventually joined Katie and Timothy and also James who looks and act so weak.
Timothy drove them home, him and Michelle helped James in,side the house.

Michelle assume the duty of babysitting James for two weeks until he is fully back to his feet.
Michelle walked round the house, she checked the kitchen and there was nothing much in the house. she told Tim and Katie to help her look after James while she rush to the mall and get some food items for the house.

They made sure that Michelle was gone before they boast out laughing, they couldn’t hold back their laughter and everyone was so happy the way things are moving and they prayed that Michelle will not find out their secret plans now until everything is well settled.

They talked and laugh some more and when they heard Michelle coming back everyone return to their role.
Michele quickly entered the kitchen and started preparing one of James favorite delicacy. She thanked Katie and Timothy for looking out for her while she was gone.
They bid her good night and left.

Michelle after cooking, she tries to feed James who acted as if he can’t do much on his own and hærdly say anything.

Any drop of food from his mouth she will clean it up and continued to feeding him until he raise his hand signalling her to stop.

It was a hærd task taking care of James. She was no longer angry with James she only felt pity for him.

She prays in  her spare time and read bible verses to James.
 She couldn’t escape her new role, taking care of James becomes her everyday duty.

To be continued….

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