When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – Episode 24


Episode 24.


 Michelle do not want to get her hopes up or get disappointed with what she thought it might be so she waved it off. She wanted another baby but she doesn’t want her hopes to be dashed.

Most weekend the team will hang out. James, Michelle, Katie, Tim and Doctor Ken join them if he is not at work. He sometimes comes with his lovely wife.

They will all talk and laugh but nobody mentioned the fake accident, they avoided it from getting to Michelle’s ear.

Katie called Michelle one day and told her that her suppose fiance has not still called her or even return her calls or messages, Katie was so worried and planned to travel that weekend to go and see him.
Michelle asked her not to go anywhere, she should not waste another transport fare of going to see somebody who do not really care about her.

Katie did not listen and decided to travel, she returned on the third day and refused to tell anybody what happened. Michelle asked her if her fiance was sick she told Michelle that she does not want to talk about it.

Michelle later went for a pregnancy test and found out that she was three months pregnant, the news brought so much joy to her, she couldn’t wait for James to return back from work. She rushed down to his office to tell him of the good news.
James couldn’t stop thanking God, he was so happy that this one did not take long like the first. They celebrated after work, he took his wife out and gave her a big treat.
They rejoiced over the news and prayed over their unborn child together.
James also thought Michelle how to drive until Michelle was able to drive on her own, he doesn’t want he to be stressed out in going for constant checkup and other places.
he was determined to make life easy for her

James visited his pastor and told him of the marvelous things that God was doing in his family.
He also told the pastor he did not know understand how apologizing to Tim and Katie could bring back his wife but he did it anyway just as he was instructed by the man of God.
Timothy who saw his pain and sadness brought the idea of finding a way to bring Michelle closer to him, he told Katie and they planned on how it will go before presenting it to him and he bought into the idea and took it to Doctor Ken who perfected it.
James was happy as he relate it all to the pastor who asked him to wait for the day Michelle is so excited and tell her the truth of the wh0le fake accident.

“There should be no secret again between you and your wife….secrets destroys homes and relationsh¡ps…be open like your palm and hide nothing from her, God is helping you mend the crack. avoid anything that will bring harm to your wife. You are the man of your house and you need to always be in charge…guard your home jealously and keep the devil away in constant prayer and with the word of God…tell your wife about all the secret and keep nothing away before she hears it from another mouth outside….

James frown on the idea of telling Michelle because it may spoil the peace and joy that they were already enjoying but his pastor said it was better he tells her now than for her to hear it outside, maybe mistakenly from her friend.

James agreed to do that and thanked the pastor before leaving.
During Michele’s birthday, James surprised his wife with a car. It was a surprise birthday party.

James blinded folded her and lead her outside where the car was parked.
The team were presently there and they all shouted happy birthday to her immediately the blind fold was off.
Michelle couldn’t hold back her joy as she jumped on her husband’s body scre-ming excitedly.
Everyone was happy for her.
She was very happy that night and James felt it was a good opportunity to tell her that his accident was never real but a planned work to bring her back to him.

As they lay in bed that night James cleared his truth and began to speak

“my love I have something I want to tell you…please…I beg you in the name of God…don’t be mad at me…please don’t hate me. I just needed to do what I did because I had no other choice…

Michelle looked at him with a frown, she turn and placed her hand on her stomach.
She said to James

“Wait…do you killed somebody, what happened, you are scaring me… what is that you want to tell me that is making you to shake up and down like a child…wait…you had another affair, oh oh James…you cheated on me again…?

“No…never, I did not kill anybody and I did not cheat on you, my love I can never mingle with another woman ever again, not after what happened…I learnt my lesson in a painful way. There is another thing I want to tell you…is far from whatever you are thinking…I don’t want any secret between us…I want to be transparent enough for you to see….please don’t be too angry with me…but I can never cheat on you again not even in my dream…

“haaa…my mind is relaxed…I thought you mingled with another woman. Since is none of what I’m thinking let’s leave it…please, I’m still in the mood of celebration… don’t spoil this my birthday mood with whatever that might have happened in the past. Please darling…no more sad confession…not today or tomorrow…I’m too happy this period and I don’t want to be sad…

James agreed and did not say anything again, he decided not to tell her about the fake accident.

Michelle drives to anywhere she wants to go, even to work. She told Timothy to look for a replacement because she want to resign as her husband has suggested and she plans to stay home till her pregnancy is due.
Timothy agreed and later employed another staff to replace Michelle.

Katie kept more to herself.

The day Michelle drove down to the office to finally pick up her things after Timothy informed her of the new replacement she was surprise when Timothy asked her

“Mich, Have you heard from your friend recently…is being a while I saw or heard from her, i tried calling her but she is not picking up.

“Tim are you hitting on my friend? Katie is going through some stuffs and want to be left alone for now…I will check her up either today or tomorrow but Tim, seriously are you eyeing Katie…?

“No…not really Mich. The last time we spoke which has being over a month, Katie told me she has a man in her life, she was even planning to visit him then so that they can talk about their wedding preparation, she said a lot of things and appear to be excited. I don‘t know if is to scare me away or she was saying the truth….it doesn’t really matter… I wanted to ask of her if a day has being fixed for the wedding… is over two months I saw her last. Ever since your birthday I have not seen her again…?

“You can go and check up on her Tim…stop by at her place and say hello to her…I guess she wouldn’t mind at all.

“are you sure that’s a good idea Mich, I don’t want her man to meet me up there and accuse her of cheating…you know we men can be crazy sometimes…and I also do not want her to get the wrong idea about me…i care so much because is in my nature to see people happy, I have not gotten my own soul mate yet doesn’t mean that it won’t happen…I have dated few ladies after you but it never worked out like I wanted it to…one break up with me because she suspected I was cheating on her…without finding out the truth…my explanation was not enough to keep her, she disappear like thin air and I have never heard from her ever since…but I’m fine Mich. Don’t feel pity for me. I want to take my time and settle well…you and James made me to understand that marriage is not a bed of roses…love is not even enough in marriage Mich, it requires sacrifices, understanding, and God. Displeasing yourself sometimes to please your partner…forever is too long to be with the wrong person so in that note I’m taking my time…

Michelle urged Tim to go and check up on Katie and he agreed to do that.

Michelle got home and James was making one of her favorite food, after they were done laughing and eating, James m-ssaged her swollen leg, he placed his hand on her protruding tummy and prayed for their unborn child and for his wife.

He placed a k-ss on Michelle’s belly and also k-ssed Michelle before they slept.
It became a ritual, everyday thing for them and there was always something to smile about.

Mirabel was later released on bail, she was warned never to smell close to the couple, both James and Michelle. She signed the agreement and walked away to start her life after being locked up for long.

The next weekend Tim drove down to see Katie and while he was there talking with her Michelle also drove down to her friend’s place, she parked her car outside and walked in unaware.

She saw Tim’s car and knew that he will be in,side with Kate Mark.
Michelle was about to knock on the door when she heard Katie angrily mention her name.
Michelle pause by the door and listened

“…I wanted to but Michelle told me not to go that first time I wanted to go visit him… I wouldn’t have listened to her. when I traveled down there it was already too late, he doesn’t want to see me again…I begged him and he said I should give him time to think about it…he did not even let me into the house, I have to spend the night in a hotel before coming back… Tim, i don’t know what to do…

“Katie, Mich was only helping you…she doesn’t want you to get hurt…even if you have traveled then he probably will not still want to see you…

“See Tim… I’m not angry with Michelle…I’m angry with myself. Michelle is happy…she is living her best live, if we have not teamed up and bring about the plan of the fake accident Michelle will still be hating and living in sadness…it was a dangerous plan but we all agreed to do it anyway. funny enough James was a good actor and he pulled up a perfect act…sometimes I look back to those days and laugh. James loves his wife and was ready to do anything to have her back and we helped him to achieve his dream. But so many men will go back to their shit and will not even apologies when they are wrong and that is the case of my so called fiance, he is always waiting for me to say sorry even when he is wrong. I’m just looking for who to blame right now for everything happening to me… I’m a fool to have believed when he said he loves me and we will settle down soon…I loved him and I look forward to his calls every day…I’m hoping he will call anytime soon and ask me to travel down to see him…I will take the next available bus and travel down to be with him…

“Katie, you need to calm down…. Do you know that i didn’t want to help James after he punched my eyes, I was happy in a way that Michelle left him but I needed to leave sentiment aside when he came to apologies and the moment he did that my heart got melt away. he was not happy and I know Michelle was hurting even more, I couldn’t just watch that so I stayed up one night thinking of what to do and booooommm… the idea came…I brought it to you and we worked on it before presenting it to James…I’m happy and fulfilled that it worked out…now another child is on the way for them and all their pain will be forgotten. That is life, everyone deserve another chance in life but not somebody like your fiance, you need to keep a distance away from him…you are in a toxic relationsh¡p I must tell you. I don’t think this your man deserve you and he may also change to be a better man later and is all your choice if you can wait till then or not. Listen up Katie, a man that cannot apologies when he is wrong is not man enough… Michelle suggested that I pay you a visit since is being a while I saw you last. If you don’t mind, I can take you out sometime to loosen up your troubled heart…

“Don’t even go there Tim…when I’m still mourning and hoping my man will call me…

“Mourning for who, why are you mourning when he is not dead…? Katie, who exactly you mourning for, tell me maybe we can both mourn him together…hahahaha…

Tim started laughing, Katie asked him to stop making jokes because she was not in the mood.

Michelle on hearing that James accident was all a lie, a real life scam just to deceive her and make her return to him stormed out.
 Her emotions was bruised, she walked out of the gate and straight into her car.

 Michelle zoomed off to go and confront her husband who lied to her and fake a wh0le accident with Tim, Katie and even a professional doctor agreed to such lies.

“They must be laughing at me behind…deceiving me as I make fool of myself… James had the mind to fake a wh0le accident on himself and never bother to even mention it to me even after he promise that he will never keep anything away from me. He said no more secret while he was hiding a mighty secret behind him….i fell for it all…I fell face down for their lies, I’m the biggest fool not to have known it was a planned work. even, Katie that I called my friend joined hand to deceive me…chai…oh my God…hmmm….James will hear from me…let me get home first….

To be continued

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