When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not ENOUGH – Episode 25

Episode 25.


Michelle went on ranting, she displayed and moved in a dramatic way, James was just seated watching her. he later said

“My love I tried… I try to explain it all to you during your birthday…remember that night I told you I have something to say….that was the night I wanted to confess it all to you because I don’t want to keep anything away from you ever again but you refused to listen, you said I should not say anything that will make you sad because it was a happy moment for us….i listened and ended up not saying anything again…I’m sorry, I couldn’t just watch you slip away from me, I was dying in,side and needed to act fast… what everyone did was to bring us back together…I know my sin is heavy but please forgive me and let’s keep living happily…God is already blessing us through that one act, if not for that fake accident we may not be together by now and how do I ever live with myself knowing I caused you so much hurt…I just have to do anything to win you back…and I don’t really have any regret with the fake act… I’m happy to have you back again…the only regret I feel now is that you heard it from an outsider and not from me. You feel betrayed again…I’m sorry….i am really sorry…

“You lied to me…you deceived me James and made a big fool out of me…why are you always like this eeehhhh…

James moved uncomfortably in his chair, he tries to remain calm despite his heart was pounding, he knew that this day will come but he never knew it was going to be so soon, his pastor has said he should tell his wife the truth and keep no secret and he tried doing that but Michelle said let the past remain in the past, she refused to hear him out, saying it will spoil her day and he swallowed it up and now she has heard It from outside. His wife is heavily pregnant and sometimes temperamental when she feels bad over something, their last problem occurred when she was also pregnant and another problem is here again, he will not let the devil have his way this time, despite how uneasy he feels about this he silently prays God takes control.
James kept quiet and did not say anything as Michelle went on talking

“you are not saying anything James…you pulled up such act, conspired with my friends and played me like a football and all the while I was thinking I’m nursing you back to health, all the while I prayed repeatedly that you will not die…all the while I felt guilty and blame myself for what happened…oh my God James. you played me real bad…you got me big time…whaaaat…Jesus Christ…I will never have imagined that you can pull up such act…infact you supposed to be in the movie industry…you are a good actor I must confess…hahahahaha….i feel so stupid right now, so all of you teamed up against me, wow…Timi, Katie even Doctor Ken of all people…he was even harsh to me at some point, there was a period he acted as if you are dead…I almost died right there…chaiiiiii……that was too much trick…

Michelle started laughing hysterically, she sat on a chair and kept laughing then from the chair to the floor and did not stop laughing.
James sat surprisingly watching her, he did not understand the serious laugh. His wife was already lying down on the floor, spread her hands wide and kept laughing.

A confused James stood up from his seat and rushed to his laughing wife, he tried to get her up from the floor but Michelle was not ready as she crawl up one side and continued laughing.
James breathed deeply and sat beside her, confused on what to do.
Michelle later turned to him

“I’m sorry but this is so funny, all of you can kill…especially you…who thought you such act, you were perfect with all your roles and you were also right…maybe if I have not being tricked that way I would have still be holding onto grudge…

James opened his mouth and shut it again before saying

“Does that mean you are not angry with me…?

Michelle gently sat up from where she lay. she sat beside James on the floor and started speaking quietly.
 she was not shouting this time.

“Who said I’m not angry, I am angry with you for making me feel guilty, thinking I caused the wh0le accident to happen to you and babysitting you like a child with sleepless night, checking on you while you sleep soundly… I even have to feed you when I thought you can’t make good use of your hands…aaah…James, I give it to you that you are good. that was so crazy…and just thinking of it all makes me want to laugh even more… you are supposed to be making good money as an actor, do you know that you are actually wasting your talent…. how do you lie so still on that hospital bed without moving, how do you act so weak that you needed to be assisted to do certain things…how did you do it…I can’t even imagine. I tickled you while in the hospital and you started coughing…

James started laughing and interrupted her

“I almost blow off the cover of the wh0le plan, I couldn’t hold the laughter and I have to change it to coughing…why did you even have to tickle me that way…that was too much for a sick and dying man like me…

Michelle started laughed before saying

“I needed you to move, I was even afraid you are going to dye…and when you started coughing I alerted doctor Ken, who came rushing down…wow, that was a fantastic act…but do you have to do all that just to have me back…you went too far…

James crossed his hand on Michelle’s back, drawing her closer and she placed her neck on his shoulder.

“I just needed to do anything because I love you Michelle…I can’t live without you, you mean everything to me…I thought I have lost you… I thought I will die with the guilt of knowing that you are sad because of me… I’m sorry I went that far in getting you back…I didn’t know what else to do again…

Michelle was quiet, as she placed her head on her husband’s shoulder, she breathed deeply, raised her face and pecked his cheek before saying.

“I love you too James…don’t ever pull such expensive joke on me again…you almost killed me by making me think you are going to die, what will I do if you are no more. All of you really got me, I will never have thought it was a fake show. Hmmm…I’m happy that we will be having another baby soon, God is indeed gracious…he is always good.

“God is good all the time. Thank you for not making fuss out of it…I thought there will be another battle to face again. I’m happy…but you seriously punished me, being in bed with you back then was a serious punishment…I really wanted you but heyyyy…I was so afraid to get close…and the day I attempted you almost chop off my ears, you said to me “James respect yourself o…taking care of you do not warrant you k-ssing me…if you are looking for who to k-ss why not go to….” You mumbled something that I couldn’t place and I just crawled up to suppress my emotions. my love… you were too harsh even to a dying man that needed a cuddle just to heal faster…

Michelle started laughing again as she fell on James body, James joined in the laughter.

“Please stop making me to laugh so much…I have laugh too much already and I know our unborn child will be wondering why mum and Dad is laughing like this…

James k-ssed her before saying.

“Our children will get to laugh with this our love story…..we both have a lot to tell them and watch them laugh too. My love you are glowing…pregnancy looks good on you, can you carry a dozen because I’m fully ready to fire down, giving you the number of children you can bear. Oohhh….that was a joke anyway…I think two or three kids is enough for us and if God decided to bless us with just one I’m forever grateful. I wouldn’t want to stress my lovely wife with pregnancy trouble…or are you capable for the dozen…

Michelle laugh as she tries to get up from the floor, James assisted her up before drawing her into a hug.
Michelle’s protruding stomach pushed James backward, she gave James a tongue out. James felted cheated. he shakes his head sadly in fake preteens
Michelle tickles him and he started laughing and have to run away from the sitting room.

Tim parked his car in front of Katie’s house, they stayed out late and did not bother checking time, he turn off the car light and reduce the air condition, he can see that Katie was cold, a soft classic music was playing in the car as he turned to Katie.

“I hope you enjoyed the evening…I love listening to you talk and I enjoyed your presence…maybe we can do this again…I don’t mind and I hope you don’t…

Katie looked at him and quickly looked away

“Tim…you have not told me if you have a girlfriend or not, i don’t want any woman coming at me and accusing me of going out with her man. you know many things about me but I only know you are Michelle’s ex-boyfriend, and I don’t even supposed to be going out with you because you ones dated my best friend but since is all in the past and Michelle is already married…I don’t think she will pick offense if she sees me and you together. My point is that…I don’t know much about you…

“ask me anything and I will tell you…i don’t have a woman in my life, is being over two years I was in a serious relationsh¡p but the lady left after accusing me of cheating on her which I never did, it was just a mare assumption, she checks my phone, smell my shirt anytime she visits she was not only temperamental she was too jealous. My full name is Timothy Coleman but my ex said Timothy is too churchy for her, she was not the church type and hates the name Timothy for no good reason, she chose to call me Cole. I call her Mira, she like being in charge and very authoritative, I’m not trying to speak bad about her but she sometimes choke me with her attitude. Mira left the relationsh¡p…I didn’t and I have not heard from her ever since. I don’t have any woman in my life after Mira left and have not being in any serious relationsh¡p, If I wanted to rush into another relationsh¡p I’m sure I will be presently into one…but after Mira I decided to take my time. I’m tired of going from one relationsh¡p to the other. Katie you can come over to my place next weekend if you want to get prove for yourself…

Katie did not say anything, she thought of her ex fiancé who still haven’t called her ever since. Katie thanked Tim for the evening hangout, she was free as they stayed in the car and talk for a while before she came down and entered her house.
When she went in,side, Timothy drove off.
Their relationsh¡p kicked up gradually.

One day James invited the team for a weekend hang out and they came except for Doctor Ken who was on duty at the hospital.
While they were eating and drinking, talking happily James changed the topic and began to talk about the fake accident

“Guys…we can make a movie out of that fake accident thing we pulled on my wife…

Tim looked at Katie who looked back at him, Michelle was looking at them and trying to hold her laughter from bursting out with the strange look on their faces.

 Timothy and Katie were giving James sign, reminding him that Michelle was present, they kept up with the sign even kicking his leg under the table but James kept talking
Tim swallowed hærd and held his palm together, Katie move uncomfortably on her seat and looked at Michelle who could not hold back her laughter anymore and end up laughing out.
James joined in while a confuse Tim and Katie looked on not knowing what was going on.
Michelle surprised them by saying she was aware of the planned work, she told them how she got to know and they all began to laugh.
Tim and Katie loosened up as they talked freely about the wh0le saga.
It was a good moment and Michelle thanked them for working together in restoring her home to order, she told them how grateful she was to have such true sincere friends.
Katie and Timothy talked about their relationsh¡p openly and Michelle and James were happy for them and told them to hasten up and settle down together.

After few weeks Michelle’s labour started and she was rushed to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby girl.
James was the happiest father alive as Doctor Ken gave him the news. James jumped up and down the wh0le corridor and kept thanking God.
Tim and Katie came and around and rejoiced with them.
Michelle who thanked Doctor Ken again for pulling up a good act of the fake accident, he laughed and was happy that the wh0le plan worked out for them.

After several months went by, Tim asked Katie to marry him, Katie who has fallen for Tim, she was already in love with him and her suppose fiance became a history to her. She was happy as she and Tim started planning for their wedding.

Michelle attended her bridal shower with her daughter who was almost a year old.

Michelle helped Katie in planning for her wedding with Tim.

A week before their wedding, Katie was with Tim as they went for pre wedding photo shoot, her phone began to ring.
She checked the caller and the number looks familiar.

 it was her ex-boyfriend who she has deleted from her contact list.
She ignored the call and after the photo shoot, Tim was driving her home and Katie’s ex fiance kept calling.

To be continued…

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