When Love Is Not Enough


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She sat right opposite, her heart was heavy, she blinked back the tears clouding her eyes.
“…what do think could be the problem, I don’t know him to be like this…why the sudden change…
Michelle sniffed and bent her head, she was quiet for sometime before she straightened again.
” I don’t Just know… pastor I don’t know what happened to him. I couldn’t take it anymore that was why I ran to you because I trust your judgement and you will understand… James changed overnight…is almost two months now can you believe within this two months I can only count twice he touched me… James comes back late from work every day and has formed that as a habit..he hærdly eats at home anymore and even weekend that he supposed to be home he still goes out…he wasn’t like this before pastor… sometimes he will be smelling of one cheap perfume… I’m tired of asking him what the problem is and getting “I am fine” as an answer when i know he wasn’t fine…I know James pastor, he loves making out with me, he can’t miss those weekend for anything ever since we got married but now he doesn’t even have interest at all…is like we are two strangers living together…I feel it more because I don’t work…he asked me not to work so I stay home or come to church fellowsh¡p…I don’t like staying home yet I obeyed him…I don’t just know what the problem is…he is probably having an affair…if he is not getting it from me he maybe getting the intimacy from another lady… just that thoughts alone is killing me slowly…he is always with his phone, chatting and smiling and I don’t know who he is chatting with, I don’t intrude into his privacy, despite we are married I respect him and keep to my space, James clung to his phone any time he is home ignoring me as if I’m invisible… pastor he is probably seeing another woman…
The pastor breathed deeply as he sat quietly listening to Michelle, he can hear the pain from her voice as she speaks
He tried not to interrupt her and allowed her to voice out all her troubles.
When Michelle was done talking the man of God spoke.
“Your husband loves you Michelle, James is a strong and vibrant young man and he never hides his feelings when it comes to you… something is probably wrong somewhere for him to be acting this way but do not think James is cheating on you… because he stays out late, mostly found with his phone and doesn’t make out in bed as he should doesn’t means he is having affair… don’t draw your conclusion on this…he did not do it when you are still dating he won’t start now…he can’t start being with another woman now that you two are married… God will not allow your home to be open for the enemy to crip in… everything will be fine… wait let me call him, I don’t know if he will be chance to come down here this weekend… let me find out first… don’t cry again God is in control…
The pastor called James who was in the office by then.
James picked up the phone immediately as he saw the caller.
“Hello pastor… good afternoon..
“God bless you my son… I believe today’s work is moving on fine…I called because I really need to see you… your wife is here with me and she told me alot of things which I can’t start discussing over the phone with you…I wish to see you and your wife this weekend… will you be free?
James agreed to see the pastor after Sunday service.
When he got home, Michelle did not say anything to him, she has already set his food on the dining and was watching television.
He sometimes doesn’t eat the food but Michelle wasn’t discouraged as she continued to put out his food
James refreshed and still did not eat., He went to bed straight
Michelle was so pained but she tried not to show her pain as she packed up the food to the kitchen.
She put off the television and went in,side and James was in bed with his phone.
She was so angry that she went and slapped the phone off from his hands.
The phone flew to one corner of the room, James quickly went to pick up his phone.
“Why did you do that… what is your problem Michelle?
“James, I supposed to be asking you what is your own problem… what did I do to you that are treating me like a stranger…
“You are asking me what you did… Michelle, you started the fire and you are still the one running to report to pastor…do you also tell him what you did or you just sugar coat it to favour yourself…
“James, are you having an affair…
James paused from talking and stare at his wife.
Everywhere fell silent for a second before he said
“What are talking about…why will you think I’m having affair… wait… hope you did not tell Pastor that I’m having an affair like you once wanted to tell him that I raped you… Michelle. you know what, I’m sleeping in another room so that you will have peace…
“James, why are you not coming close to me again… you hærdly touch me… just answer me…are you seeing another woman… because if you aren’t getting it from me then you must be getting it from another…
James began to laugh, he later gave Michelle a funny look and said
“You are not serious, when do you start caring if I touch you or not…I thought you hate to be disturbed now I left you alone and you are still complaining… what exactly do you want… you are so confused and I’m not sure I will ever understand you…I am not seeing another woman… you are pushing me to do things I don’t like but I’m not having affair… finds it difficult to cheat on you… I’m only avoiding your troubles by staying late… Michelle, you are Just unbelievable…
James left the room to sleep in another.
On Sunday after church they waited to see the pastor.
” Mr James, I know you to be a good man who loves his wife dearly just as he should… I’m not happy with the complains I’m getting from your wife, mostly over neglecting her, her needs and feeling…I wanted to see you and know what exactly is the problem… what’s really going on…
“Thank you pastor for wanting to hear from me, I respect you so much and I know you and big Mummy have being married for so many years, over two decades. you understand each. When I got married I thought I understand my wife but along the line I found out that I don’t even know who she is..I know the Bible said there’s time for everything but in the case of Michelle she just do things anytime she likes, I’m not taking about the s€× aspect, I don’t even want to go into discussing it because she does not do well in that area. I want to sit, gist and laugh with my wife but Michelle will not give me audience… she is always busy with either prayer, attending one church programme or Bible which I wasn’t against but try and create time for me… she refused then I decided to leave her alone and Live my life now she is complaining… pastor I don’t know what she wants again…
Michelle was quiet she decided not to interrupt or say anything.
After James was done, the pastor spoke.
“Mr James, from your voice I can see you aren’t happy, not just because of your wife but something is eating at you… you two are young couple. whatever took that fire and spark away from your eyes God will restore it back…do not give room to the devil to penetrate into your home…I don’t want to quote scriptures upon scriptures for you but I want to remind both of you that God instituted marriage. the scripture said husband love your wife as Christ loves the church. Wives submit to your husbands, for a husband is the head his wife’s as Christ is the head of the church. As the church submit to Christ so wives should submit to your husband in everything. As much as God should be the centre of your home you two should also create time for yourself… Michelle my daughter, please listen to me, I understand you love and want to please God, I see your passion of services to him but you have to be guided in wisdom so that your home will not suffer… your husband is the head of the home and you should be his helpmate, supporting him, gisting with him, loving and respecting him… spice up your home and bring back that lost spark. James… love your wife, let only your wife br-ast satisfy you and not of a strange woman. love her weakness and help her in every area, when you give attention to another woman who is not your wife you are disrespecting your wife and also punching a h0le on the wall for the enemy to crip in. two of you have become one the moment you exchange your vows on the alter. What you will not like her to do to you do not do to her… consider her feelings first before taking any action. Same thing applies to yo too Michelle… marriage is not a smooth ride, there will be poth0les but don’t break down instead clinch to each other and keep moving…
After the meeting with the pastor they went home.
And stayed together that night, everything was all smooth and loving for them that evening
That night as James slept after having a good time with his wife his phone was vibrating.
Michelle was awake doing her night study and noticed James phone vibrating.
She didn’t want to wake her husband up for the call so she ignored it.
There was a message tone then the phone started vibrating again.
She decided to go and silent the phone.
When she picked up the phone and saw the caller’s name as “Mimi” Michelle became curious and checked the message which was on the phone screen. And it reads
“Hey sweetie…I didn’t hear from you today, thought you will come out after church or send a message…I missed you honey pie… Friday’s k-ss is so fresh on my mind and I can’t wait to get more of that… maybe you will come over to my place after work tomorrow so we can be together…my body is all yours do not be afraid to eat me raw… stop worrying about your wife when we are together… she has misused her time… she is married to her Bible…me I want you every second… reply me if you are still awake…k-ssese
The phone was shaking in Michel’s hand as she read the message from whoever Mimi was.
Her husband’s lover.
She was afraid to check anything further in the phone.
She quietly dropped the phone and walked out of the room.
Michelle was shocked and couldn’t believe that James was truly having an affair.
The wh0le late night and rejecting her cooking was all because of Mimi.
Why he has being misbehaving and refused to touch her was all because of Mimi.
Michelle was heart broken as she sat on the floor in their living room and wept.
The following morning James did not know what happens as he awake to dress up for work but didn’t see Michelle in the room.
He went to the other room and she wasn’t there, he saw her sleeping on the floor in the living room.
He went to wake her up to go in,side the room and lie down on the bed
Michelle ignored him.
James left her to prepare for work not knowing what happened as he slept last night.

To be continued

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