When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – episode 8

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After James left for work, Michelle called Katie her friend who told her she was at work.
Katie asked her to come down to her office because she was less busy at the moment.
Michelle dressed up and left to see Katie in her place of work.
“You look sad what is it babe…how is James?
“I need a job Katie…I just want to be leaving the house…if I keep staying at home I will become vulnerable and depressed …I just need a job…I don’t really care much about the pay…just to leave the house and come back in the evening…
“what happened, I thought James asked you not to work…why do you want to start working now…maybe you should ask him to get you a shop…open a small mart and start selling something in that way you will be able to kill boredom…James will not be happy if you start working…
“James is having an affair Katie…he is seeing another woman who he saved as Mimi…I found out yesterday night…
Katie was quiet for some time, she was surprise and asked Michelle if she was sure of what she was saying
“I’m very sure, I’m not trying to assume things…James has being seeing another woman and it did not just start…it has been going on for some time and I am just finding out yesterday…
“That Is so sad…I never knew James to be such a man, he was strict and blunt why will he do such…do you deny him s€×…what exactly is the problem…
“I don’t deny him any form of intimacy Katie, we had our issues sometimes, I don’t like it when he is angry and I will still find a way to make amend, the only time I say no to him is mostly within the week, is either I’m praying or trying to connect myself spiritually and I do not need any form of distraction…but we do it most weekend until he change and even if I offer he will reject it…and I just knew that James maybe getting it from somewhere else if he is not getting it from me…how can he centre so much of his being on s€× and intimacy…he doesn’t even create time for God and since he is not so prayerful I try to cover him up in that area but yet he do not appreciate instead he started keeping another woman…and even lied to my face that he wasn’t. I suspected such and asked him but he denied it Katie…he lied to me and God decided to expose him. we met with our pastor on Sunday and he told us that we should not punch a h0le on the wall because it may attract all kinds of things…so that night when we came back, we cuddle up and had a good time together and while he slept off and I decided to do some study that was when his mistress started calling and later sent a message…she said James should come and eat her body raw and he should forget me because I’m married to my bible…Katie can you imagine such…can you believe that my trusted husband is cheating on me…oh my God…this…this is really heart breaking and I’m just trying to be strong right now…
“I’m so sorry Michelle…do you confront him…do you ask him about it…
“No, I didn’t…I left the room and slept far away from him, I try to control myself because if I have said anything about that I may end up bringing out my other side, and I do not want that…I am born again and I have become a new creation old things are passed away but James is trying to bring back my old self…he will not like me if I show him what I look like when somebody takes advantage of me…but I won’t do that, the best is to avoid him and remain in my lane…I am not even feeling too well since last week, but I still manage to make his dinner for him and do you know the thank you I get…James goes straight to bed and clung unto his phone as if I don’t even exist…
Katie spend time talking with Michelle and later told her about one opening, she asked Michelle to send in her credential on time before somebody else takes the available post.
Before Michelle left Katie asked her to take it easy and talk to James about what she discovered.
Michelle went home, she prepared her credentials and took it to the address.
She was asked to wait for the operational manager who was out of the office.
Later they came to inform her that she should come back tomorrow because the manager couldn’t make it back to the office on time.
She Michelle took transport home but James was not back that evening as she got home.
Not quite long after Michelle return James drove in, He came back early unlike other days.
Michelle ignored him as he checked the dining for his food but there was nothing there.
James thought within him that Michelle is probably angry because he has not being eating her food.
He entered the kitchen and made dinner for two of them but Michelle did not eat instead she made another thing to eat.
James was watching her as she carried her food to the sitting room to eat instead of the dining where he was sitting.
He later went to bed and couldn’t sleep on time as he wondered what was wrong with Michelle
James was surprised to wake up and did not see his wife in the room, Michelle slept in a separate room.
He breathed deeply, it was too early to start quarrelling, he left for work.
Michelle also prepared and left for her interview.
On getting there she was ushered into the operational manager’s office for an interview.
Michelle was shock to see who was sitting behind the table as the manager.
Timothy stood surprised to see Michelle.
None of them said anything at first as they were both dumbfounded at each other
Michelle looked at Timothy, he was a fine looking young man. He wore a well ironed suit with a multicolour plaited tie. He looks so smashing in his outfit.
Timothy always has a good dress sense, and he has dimples when he smiles, he was indeed handsome.
Michelle swallowed hærd as she stare right into the face of her ex-boyfriend, the man that took her V-rginity and she later broke up with him after her new found faith.
She met James another fine man who appears to be God fearing, James appeared to be everything she wanted even when she told him that she wanted no s€×, no form of intimacy during their relationsh¡p back then James gladly agreed to it.
It seems like a movie to her that James could actually cheat on her.
Timothy was hurt when she ended their relationsh¡p but he had no choice than to move on
Michelle managed to say something, breaking the silent between them.
“Hey Tim…i…I never knew you are the manager here… is good to see you I will just take my leave…
As Michelle tries to leave Timothy rushed to the door and closed it.
“c’mon Mich…we have not seen for years and meeting up here coincidentally and you want to leave…just like that…please stay…do not treat me like an enemy…whatever happens in the past should be left where it belong…I am so happy to see you…you added some weight…I learnt you are married is quiet obvious with your wedding ring though…how have you being…how is your husband…?
“I’m fine and my husband is doing great too…
Michelle later sat down and talk with Tim who appears to be so happy to see his ex-girlfriend
“You want a job…the pay here is not much and the only available seat is for an assistance, the work load is too much for me and I needed an assistance, someone that will work under me. So I don’t know if you will take up the only offer available and the pay is not so mouth-watering…
but it will increase with time. but with somebody like you…hahahaha…you may want a bigger pay and the company can’t afford that for now…
“Can I think about it first and give you a call tomorrow…I will call you tomorrow morning, as early as possible to let you know if I’m taking the offer or not. I don’t have your contact again…kindly give me your number so that I will be able to inform you on my decision
Michelle collected his card while Tim collected Michelle’s number before she left.
She took transport to Katie’s office, who was just about to close and told her who the operational manager in the company was.
She is contemplating of taking the job but due to the fact that she once had something serious with Timothy, she is having double mind about it.
Katie told her if she doesn’t feel like taking the offer then she shouldn’t but if she want to give it a try then is still good, after all she is married and Timothy will have to respect that.
Michelle decided to go home after spending some time with Katie.
James was calling her but she did not pick his call.
On getting home James was pacing up and down the living room as Michelle came in.
James was surprised to see her all dressed and wondered where she was coming back from.
“where have you being…where are you coming from…I have being calling you all day and even send messages but you did not pick my calls…what is the problem…what did I do this time…where are you coming from Michelle…
Michelle ignored him and started going in,side but James stopped her and kept talking but Michelle did not say a word.
Her silent was killing him that he wish he can shake her and make her say something but she quietly walked into the room and James followed her talking and asking her where she went to.
Michelle refreshed for the night and went to another room to sleep but James followed her.
“Michelle, why are you doing this…what did I do to you…you have started with this your madness…why are you not talking to me…yesterday I came back and you did not even make food down for me or say a word to me even when I talk you refused to reply, today again the same thing and you are just coming back now…if you went to church why don’t you say so…why are you keeping quiet….
James touched her she pushed him away and spoke out angrily
“if you ever lay that your filthy hands on me again you will not like what I will do to you…leave me alone James…I beg you, just leave me alone and if you care to know where I am coming from then I’m happy to inform you that I just got a job, yes don’t be surprise, you are not the only one that knows how to wake up in the morning and leave for work…well that now applies to both of us…I am working now…
“You can’t just be serious Michelle…I told you that you are not to work…what do you need a job for…I provide you with everything you need….what exactly do you need a job for…I just hope you are joking…
Michelle went to the kitchen and fix up something to eat before she returned to her room and closed the door behind.
The following morning, James did not leave for work early, he called the office that he will be coming to work late, he wanted to know if truly his wife was working.
Michelle woke up and set her cloth for work, even though she has wanted to reject the job offer because of her ex but she will consider it to spite James.
James sat in the living room, close to the exit door watching Michelle as she prepares, he planned to lock the door if Michelle tries to leave.
She went into the bathroom to have her bath
While in the bath her phone began to ring, James went to where the phone was and checked the caller and it was saved as “Tim” his heart flew into his mouth as he wondered if it was the same Timothy, Michelle’s ex-boyfriend that was calling her.
He didn’t want to pick the call but he was so desperate to know who exactly the caller was.
As he was about to pick it Michelle came out and quickly collected her phone from him.
“Respect my space James and stop intruding…
“Michelle, you are my wife and there is no secret between us, I don’t hide anything from you and you shouldn’t be telling me to respect your space because we share the same space…I don’t have secret or anything to hide from you…
Michelle ignored him and went into the room
James got confused and entered the room where Michelle was dressing.
“Michelle, who is the caller…answer me…who is Tim and why is he calling you this early morning…I asked you a question…?
Michelle turned to him and said..
“Oh sorry darling…the caller’s name was wrongly saved…I was supposed to save his name as “Mimi”…
And with that Michelle left the room, James stood puzzled as different thoughts crossed his mind immediately Michelle mentioned “Mimi”
His heart began to beat and by the time he came out of the room Michelle was gone.

To be continued

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