When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – episode 9

When Love Is Not Enough – episode 9
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Michelle decided to keep update on how her every day at work goes, she bought a big journal which will hold her every thought and activities in that way she wouldn’t need to worry over James or whatever he might be doing with his “Mimi”
Whoever that was she do not care all that matters is that James has really hurt her deeply and she will avoid him like a serpent.

Michelle after eating dinner that evening she returned to the room, she was glad that James has his own house key which he uses everytime, she will not need to go and start opening the door on his return
She will avoid him and focus on what makes her happy.

Michelle sat on her study table in the room, the journal was open right in front of her.
She gasped and stare out at nothing not knowing how to start with the write up.
She picked up her biro and played with it for sometime.
She began.

“I don’t really know how to begin this, but I will start any how I feel right, all I ask is that the holy spirit my great comforter will guide me through, so that I may I find solace with this. *Today was my first day at work, I was taking round and introduced to other staffs, everyone was cool…Tim showed me what exactly I will be doing, is not so difficult but I still have to take my time to get use to the wh0le systems…I.. will continue tomorrow and I will find fulfilment in what I do, I’m happy that I do not need to just sit in the house, watch television, study the Bible, cook, clean and wash and wait for James to return… when he started keeping late I was deeply worried…but all of that is changing because I get to go out everyday and put my hands into good use…the salary is not much but is something I will be proud of, my own money which I worked for. I do not need to depend on James for everything, I will have my money to boast with…I haven’t been feeling too well even after safe medication, after the close of work tomorrow I will go for a check up just to be sure is not typhoid or malaria…I don’t want to talk about James in this journal but I can’t seem to escape it…I will write less of him and more of me into this journal…

Michelle felt like sleeping and decided to put her head down small and that was how she slept off.

James looked out of the office window it was almost dark.
He breathed down, the only thing that occupied his thought today was Michelle his wife, he wondered if Michelle knows about Mirabel.
“How did she get to know, have she being going through my phone”..
James was halt back from his thoughts when his phone started ringing
He moved back to his table and checked the caller and it was Mirabel.
He has being rejecting her calls and refused to reply to her messages.
He frowned his face and reject the call again, a text message came and James read it.

 ” James… you haven’t being taking my calls or messages, what did i do wrong that you can’t tell me to my face or over the phone, be man enough and speak to me… stop acting all childish because your attitude shows that you are not who you claim to be…

James dropped the phone and gather up his things to leave.

He quickly left the office and drove down to the mall.
He bought few things that he felt Michelle will love.

After picking the things he left.
When he got home the wh0le house was quiet as he unlocked the house and went in.
The television was off, there was no food on the dining.

He missed Michelle’s cooking, she knows how to spice up food moderately.
He has wanted to spite her by rejecting her food but now he wish for his old Michelle, the one that prepares different delicacies for him, set it on the table awaiting his return.
His anger has being because she was devoting too much time to spiritual life than to him.
He felt jealous and sad and wish she can be more than what she subjected herself to.

James who was still holding the gifts he bought for Michelle as he quietly went in,side.
He expected to see her studying but she was sleeping on a reading table.

He moved closed to her quietly and tuged a strand of hair which was dangling on her face, he quietly put it behind her ear.
He bent and k-ssed her forehead.
James saw that she was writing in a journal before she slept off.

Her lay her head on the journal. He tried to read what she was writing but couldn’t, her body covers up the write up.
He stood watching her, not knowing how to wake her up.

His phone started ringing, he has forgotten to change it to vibration when he got home and as he quickly try to silent the call Michelle woke up.

Mimi was calling him again. James swore under his breath before switching off the phone.
Michelle stretched her body, gathered up her writing pad before carefully putting it away.
She did not say anything to James who was thinking of how to start a conversation.

“My love…I…I bought you something…

Michelle did not say anything as she dressed up the bed.
James presented what he got for her.
Michelle looked at it as he put it on her face to see

“Please take it, is for you…I missed my wife, I missed her delicious food…I miss everything about her…I want the woman I fell in love with… the woman I vow to spend the rest of my life with… please my love…

Michelle gave a long sigh and said.

“I can’t remember when last you called me your love, you shout my name like a trader to his customer…are you sure you aren’t mistaking me for somebody… do i look like”Mimi” to you… James Just leave me alone…

James sat beside her on the bed and try to take her hands but Michelle slapped him off.

“Mimi is nothing to me… she was an old friend of mine, I ran into her one day at the mall..and we had few hang outs in an open place.. there is nothing between us… absolutely nothing…

“Really… nothing happened between two of you James, this is exactly what pastor said… when you punch a h0le on the wall you invite all kinds of things to dine with you… how many times did you eat her body raw since you have become a cannibal, human eater. And how many times did you k-ss her with this same mouth you use to k-ss me and tells me how you miss me… James how many times…I came down from my high horse because of you…since s€× means alot to you…I have try to find a way to please you but you still complain that I wasn’t doing enough. I stayed home because you asked me not to work, I want to gist with you if only you will draw close, sit with me and let’s study the word of God together… we can talk about other things Later but our first gist should be centred on God… who suppose to be the head of our home…I take my time to make food, exploring different delicacies Just to please you and what did I get in return? Rejection… you reject my cooking… James you lied to my face that you were not having an affair… you lied to me… how dare you do that and still claims to love me…I don’t understand the logic or how you think you can treat me like trash, put me where you want me to be and go outside to do your hang out, k-ssing and eating a raw body with Mimi… James you just pushed hærd to the wall and the sweet Michelle you know is no more… this present me is a hærd nut that you can’t crack..

“I’m sorry Michelle… I’m deeply sorry for everything, Just forgive me and let it all go…

“Forgive you, that is nothing… you are already forgiven…but I’m wearing a tough skin now and you won’t be able to get back your old Michelle… Mimi said you should forget me because I’m married to my Bible which means you have being telling her rubbish things about me… Two of you were gossiping with my name… James you sold off your own wife to a total stranger, and got laid because I was not giving you enough…oh my God. you stooped so low and become open to the enemy… James you punched a h0le on the wall… you have invited all kinds of things into our home… don’t complain when they take over the house…

“I did not sleep with Mirabel, I did not lay with her believe me, I was tempted to but I did not..I only ki..ki..s…uhmmm. I’m sorry but do not throw all the blames on me…It wasn’t all about the s€× for me…i just needed a friend in my wife… Michelle, you were getting out of hand…I can’t talk or do anything in the house again because you were almost turning it into a church. I come back from work and you are sitting in the living room watching television and listening to one preacher or another shouting Amen upon Amen at the top of your voice…I wanted my wife to sit with me and ask me how my day went…I was almost going crazy before I decided to start keeping late nights because I know ones I return back home I’m going to bed straight…I don’t have anything with Mimi again… she won’t call or text me again… neither will I…I will make sure of that I promise. I have already ended anything going between us. the h0le you think I punched on the wall I will cement it back…

Michelle was looking at her husband as he speaks.
James bent over and k-ssed her before going to refresh for the night.

To be continued

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