When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough – Last Episode


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Timothy urged her to pick up the call and hear what he has to say, Katie answered the call and put it on speaker, she kept quiet as her ex began to speak
“Hello my baby…Katie, are you there…
“Yes, hello…what do you want…why are you disturbing my line…
“Katie…I’m sorry for all the silent…I know you are angry with me but I’m sorry the way I treated you…i miss you baby please come back to me…travel down to see me and I will explain it all to you. please you can travel this weekend…we will have enough time for ourselves…I have really missed you, I know you love me and can’t live without me and I cannot live without you too and that is why I’m calling, is being a long time I saw you and I have miss you so much. Is over a year now you have not heard from me…we will get to talk better when you come and please while coming buy me those my favorite stuffs you usually buy for me…I will be expecting you this weekend…I love you baby…
Tim cleared his throat loudly, he parked his car beside the road and listened to Katie’s ex-boyfriend speak over the phone with her.
Katie started laughing, her ex asked her why she was laughing and she replied him
“I’m getting married next weekend….my husband is even here with me…will you like to say hello to him. Yes…my wedding is next weekend, I will be getting married to a sweet handsome and hærdworking man, not a lying, lazy, sc-mbag and heartless cheat like you…please go to hell because you are dead to me…thank you for pushing me away, thank you for never taking any of my calls or returning them back, thank you for never for once bother to know if I live in a h0le because you refused to travel down rather I tour the road every time to visit you. if all this did not happen I wouldn’t have met my better half, my perfect match…the man that treats me so special… please hold on let me k-ss me loudly into your ear drum…
Katie turned to Tim and said
“Honey k-ss me so loud so that it will block the ear of this heartless old fool that doesn’t know that we are not in the same league any more….
Tim smile and k-ssed his wife to be as she has requested.
She spoke into the phone
“Can you hear that or is your ear drum blocked already…maybe is not loud enough to block those stupid ears of yours…
Katie’s ex spoke.
“Katie, I can’t believe that you will do this to me…I thought you love me…and just a little misunderstanding you did not even fight to have me back or wait for me to call. you quickly moved on and already getting married…so you were actually cheating on me back then….is just a year plus of not hearing from me and you are already getting married which means you have being cheating on me even when you claim to love me and travels all the way down to see me. Hmmm you women are terrible, none of you can be trusted, tell your husband that I used you to my satisfaction…he is only going to be eating a left over from me… you wanted to die over me because I don’t have your time…and I’m very sure that your husband is an unlucky ugly and jobless moron…two of you are just a confused unfortunate couple…i was even managing you because you are not even up to standard of my babes…
Katie wanted to wash him down with her own insult but Timothy asked her not to do that.
Katie did not listen as she began to insult her ex.
Timothy angrily collected the phone from her, he ended the call and block Katie’s ex from her phone before throwing the phone back to her
She was angry and as Timothy started the car and zoomed off she did not say anything.
Her day was spoil, when Timothy asked her why she was angry, Katie refused to answer him
Timothy decided to take her to his place since she was in a bad mood, but Katie did not say anything to him as they got there, Tim became angry and said
“what is it Katie…why are you angry…I have being asking you what is the problem and you don’t want to talk to me…is it because of your ex, are you still in love with him… no, tell me because I don’t understand the reason why you should be angry right now…I asked you to end the call, having a word battle with him was irreverent, is too childish…I told you to end it but you did not listen, I did the needful by blocking him and you are vexing. Why, if you are still in love with him…just tell me…
Katie was surprise to see Timothy angry, her own anger evaporated
“you were there when he was insulting me… you did not insult him back, you asked me to pick the call and I obeyed and you listen to him insult me, Tim instead of you to take the phone and blast the hell out of him you dragged the phone out of my hand, ended the call and block him… you are such a weak man and I don’t like men who cannot stand up to their fellow men…they run away from a fight. you cannot even defend your own wife….you are a terrible person,…that is why your ex left you because you are very weak for a man…
Timothy became even angrier as Katie insulted him, calling him a weak man
“Because I did not exchange insult for insult made me a weak man…he insulted me too Katie not just you…or you didn’t get the part that I was dragged. I was not offended because of that but what is the point insulting him when you can use the block button on him…does that warrant you calling me a weak man…if an outsider calls me a bad name I will not flinch or worry but my own wife to be…you are even dragging my ex to this argument all because I refused to battle up with your ex…I don’t believe this, I don’t expect all this from you…I feel so disappointed. We were happy earlier…our weeding is in two weeks time and you are allowing your ex to bring misunderstanding between us…Katie, you just surprised me…
“Timothy, you are the one that surprised me…you shock me not even surprise…maybe this wh0le marriage thing was not supposed to happen…just look at the way you are shouting at me. if I know you can’t defend me in front of a bully then what is the point of getting married to you…
Timothy sparked up on hearing that
“really, so that is your own definition of a good man, if you have never loved me why do you lead me along all this while, you watch me go deeper and deeper into this relationsh¡p…you should have told me that you never loved me but still inlove with your ex. if you feel getting married to me is all a mistake then leave…the door is open…you can just go and leave me alone. I will cancel the wh0le wedding thing, take time and nurse my pain…despite alot have being spent and invitation sent out it will be better than having a wife who will compare me with other men putting an ability tag on my head. I love you Katie, I do and hearing you say all this makes me want to go crazy…what is your problem…why are you lashing out at me, do I look like your ex…I don’t just understand all this…he is probably somewhere enjoying his life and we are here killing ourselves…
Katie picked up her bag and gently started moving towards the exit door.
“Katie what are you doing…where are you going to? Kat…Katie…wait…Katie…
She was already at the door when Timothy got to her and stood by the door preventing her from passing.
“hmmmm…Katie…what has come over you…what has gotten into you this evening… I’m sorry…I’m sorry for all I said, you really got me angry…please don’t leave, let’s sort this out…Jesus! I can’t believe this is happening, just because of one phone call and you want to walk out on me….
Katie folded her hands and stood in front of Timothy, she breathed deeply and bent her head
“Maybe I ovEr×¢ted, I was just angry for nothing…I’m also sorry for all that I said Tim…i…shouldn’t have called you a weak man or drag your ex into this…please forgive me…I was wrong Tim, and I love you…my ex is a history and he shouldn’t even be a topic at all… I was angry that he was making a fool out of me while I was busy touring to and fro and telling everybody I have a fiance…he was never ready but lead me along. Tim you are a nice man and i apologies for getting you angry…
She went into Tim’s arm who held her to himself, his heart was beating so fast, he k-ssed Katie she responded and they clung to each other.
Mirabel wore her high heeled shoe, she checked her makeup and hair in the mirror, she felt alright with herself before leaving the house.
She heard that Cole, her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her was getting married today.
She wanted to go and see for herself and to know who he was getting married to.
Mirabel was at the wedding venue in no time as she stood with her sun glasses and watch from a distance.
Timothy got married to Katie, James and Michelle were present. Michelle was already two months pregnant again, James was carrying his daughter on his lap.
Doctor Ken and his wife were present.
Many family and friends graced the occasion as the pastor joined them together in a holy matrimony.
THE END. (Pls encourage our writers by making comment on our posts, Thanks. Another story continues, When Love Is Not Enough season 2 This time it’s about KATIE, follow us below)


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