When Love Lead

When love lead episode 1 – 2

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When Love Lead
Episode 1
Stepping out of my BMW x8, three of my bodyguard quickly went ahead of us, to clear the crowd for me and my coach to walk freely.
“!!! William..we love you” some group of girls scre-m in the crowds.. I look round the crowd as i saw lot of people raising their banner up with my name printed on it.
“New York is going crazy for you William” my coach complimented as we walk into KBF stadium.

We got to the backstage and without wasting much time, I put on my ki*ck boxing short and my gloves, I will be stepping into the arena in the next fifteen minutes.
I was throwing some few pun*ches in the air when my coach walk up to me.
“You will be stepping in that ring in some minutes now William, I’m sure you’re ready” my coach confirmed staring at me.
“Of course am damn ready, who is the bas*tard am dealing with” I Soli,cited.
“Feng, you’re dealing with feng..is a Chinese guy and he is really good in karate but am sure you can handle him” my coach explained and I nod my head in agreement.

Few minutes later.
“Is time William, is time to do what you do best” my coach boasted.
We walk out of the backstage..the crowd couldn’t stop cheering as the announcer introduced me.
“Look at all this crowds” my coach said as i bounced to the ring…I stare at the Chinese guy with t¡ghten fis*ts ✊✊.
“I’m gonna hi*t you so h-rd” I whispered to myself.

Amelia POV
“You’re so use*less and worth*less..you have nothing to offer, the only thing appointed to your worthless self is to clean the wh0le mansion and yet you still can’t do it..I gave you twenty minutes to clean the mansion and look is an hour now and you haven’t even finished with the setting room” Ava fla,red up at me.

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“Am done with the wh0le ten rooms, this is the last” I said with my head facing the ground.

“You’re just use*less…well that’s on you, I can’t stress my beautiful voice all because you’re worth*less” Ava said and she was about leaving when she raised my head up.

“Since you’re so use*less, there is no food for you today” she said and i heard a big bang in my head.

“Bu..bu..but mum have not eat….” Ava cut into my s£ntence with a s*lap.

“Am not your d*ead mother, don’t e*ver call me mum or less you want to join her in her use*less grave 🪦”.

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Her harsh words made me c*ry instantly

“Lun*atic” Ava cursed as she walk upstairs.
(Few hours later)
I was done cleaning, and with t*ears on my eyes i walk to my room and lie down on my b£d slowly with my stomach gro-ning and just as I was about going to wonder land.

The door of my room bu*rst open and i heard a familiar voice
“Amelia” Esther called
“What, can’t i have peace” I said as i slowly sit on my b£d.

“you’re gonna do my laundry, make sure they’re clean, neat and ironed” Esther said staring at me ang*rily.

“Your brain must be up side down, am not gonna do such”

“Am not asking you to do it, am com*manding you and you better do it or le…” I cut in before Esther could complete her s£ntence.

“Or less what” I said an*grily and i regretted it.

Esther smile evily as she dash to me and started hi*tting me with her fi*st, and when she was done she walk to the door and turn to me.

“You better do it or less you’re a gon*ner” Esther said as she walk out and shut the door vio*lently.

When love lead
Episode 2
I t¡ghten my f*ist staring at my late husband lawyer ang*rily.
” Wait come again, I don’t understand the bull*shit you just spit out” I said hi*tting the table between us and the old lawyer got terrified.

“I..I said that, your late husband share his legacy to his two daughters which is Esther and Amelia he didn’t share to you..the company you’re running now belong to Esther and some few others ” lawyer Mick said.

“Sh*it how can he do that..am his wife for Christ sake, tell me mick tell me what am i gonna do now, i need more of his wealth i need all of his legacy on my name” I said ang*rily.

“Are you nuts, you can’t have amelia and esther properties that’s selfish ” lawyer Mick said and that got me more annoyed 😠.

“Listen mick, amelia or esther doesn’t know anything about this and they must not know.. you’re gonna get them to sign the doc-ments in transferring their properties to me”

“Of course am not gonna do that, is high time they start running what there father gave them..stop being selfish”

“You called this selfish, oh no no I can be more than se*lfish..I can become a sa,vage when it comes to money..and you are gonna do as i say or less you’re gonna regret it”

“Are you threa*tening me” the already terrified Mick said.

“This is more than a th*reat” I said smiling evily.
Amelia POV 20:14pm
Seated close to the dressing mirror 🪞 staring at my pale face..l draw my face closer to the dressing mirror staring at the injury in my l-ip all thanks to esther.

I stare at my long brown hair, that i can’t even take good care of..I still look like a mess even after taking my bath.

“Maybe Ava was right..maybe am really worth*less” I said as h-ot tears were flowing from my eyes.

I have no friend to talk to am all alone..am twenty four and i have no special someone, on like esther.. her boyfriend adores her..am lucky i manage to finish college before things like this happened.

I really need someone to talk to but nobody can come close to me neither loving a girl like me, cause nobody want a piece of shi*t in there life..nobody want a worth*less person hanging around them.

“I guess i will forever be a loner” I said as i walk to my b£d.
I lie down on my b£d slowly facing the ceiling as i held my stomach.
I manage to eat some food today without anyone knowledge, so am not that hungry.
Next day
I was cleaning the living room when i saw Ava coming downstairs…she stare at me with disgust before walking out of the house.
“At least she’s gone” I whispered to myself.
Still doing the stupid chores when esther walk up to me.
” Am hosting a party today” Esther said and i stare at her confused 😕.

“I don’t care” I said mopping the floor.

“Oh you should, because your use,less room is gonna be useful today” Esther said and i stare at her immediately.

“What does my room have to do with your party” I replied.

“Am not explaining anything to you..just stay in the basement until the party is over” Esther said as she turn to leave.

“You must be out of your m*ind right now”

“What!!!..you said the what now??” Esther asked as she takes few step closer to me.

“I said am not staying in the basement..you can’t p*ush me out of my own room”

“You have no choice amelia” Esther y,elled angrily.

“Am not staying in the basement and that’s final” I replied back and Esther f*lared up immediately.

“You have no final say in this house” Esther said ang,rily as she held my head and use it to hi,t the h-rd wall that was close to use…and that was it, I couldn’t see clearly anymore, everywhere was blurred..Esther was still y,elling but her voice was so distant..I sat on the floor slowly and all of a sudden everywhere turn dark.
Esther POV
I was staring at amelia who sit lifeless on the floor her back was resting on the wall and that was it, I saw blood… I saw blood on the wall and i quickly bent down to amelia.
“Amelia!!!..Amelia!!..” I said feeling so scared..I shake her but she wasn’t responding.

You caused this amelia, always getting me annoyed.
“What am i going to do now”
I rush outside and called one of my mum bodyguard..both of us went inside i show her amelia and he bent down.

“She’s is still breathing, she just lost consciousness but you still need to take her to the hospital for check up her head is still bleeding”

“you must be crazy am not taking her to any hospital my party is just few hours for now” I said any,rily.

“Then what do you suggest i should do ??” My mum bodyguard asked.

“I don’t know, just take her far away from here out of this environment or even out of this city”

“Then what are you going to tell your mum ??” He asked

“I will just tell her she ran away”
To be continued

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