Who Am I?


By KingWax Oluwadamilare

I was locked up in a small room without windows. No need to plan, I was helpless. The place was without furniture, which may be wielded as a weapon. I took the time to reminisce about everything and I regretted not taking the chance to flee. My mind was on David, my son, and my mom. If Harry could find me, then, he could find my family. I resolved to begging Harry- just maybe, he would listen.

Two days later, without food or water, they came for me. The guys were heavily armed, but I was weak- I couldn’t have swung a punch that could smash a rotten tomato, talk less of fighting. I was taken to Harry- Jacob. He sat at the far end of a banquet table, long and well decorated with foods. Bacon, fruits, roasted turkey- all sorts of it. I was seated at the farther end of the table, closer to the main door.

‘Welcome, Kate.’

I nodded. Too frail to talk.

‘Some wine?’ He asked.

I nodded and he ordered one of the guys to pour me a wine. I gulped down in a rush. My stomach twitched.

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‘Easy tiger. Easy.’ Harry said.

Maybe he was trying to keep me alive, like before.

‘Please…’ I found my voice and wanted to speak.

‘Hold it!’ He stopped me. ‘You are going to die anyway. Whatever you say is irrelevant. So, you should listen to be.’ He gestured at one of his guys to come forward. He whispered to him and he left. Some minutes later, he came back with a little boy, who upon seeing Harry, rushed to embrace him.

‘Daddy!’ He shouted.

‘How are you, son? Do you miss me?’

‘Yes, daddy.’ He said. ‘Who is that?’ He asked as he saw me.

‘She’s nobody.’

‘Her name is nobody?’

‘No, her name is Rosa. I am interviewing her. She may be your nanny if she passed. Do you like her?’

‘No.’ He said. ‘She is dirty. She has no hair.’

I ran my hands through my bald hair. I already forgot that I had no wig on.

‘Is she sick?’ He asked again.

Harry looked at me and smiled. ‘Yes. And hungry too.’

‘Then, give her some food.’

‘We will, son. But I am afraid, it might not be of use to her.’


‘You asked too many question. You are smart kid. You can go now. I will see you later, okay?’

He gestured and they took him away.

‘Smart kid, ugh? That’s my son.’

I nodded. Not interested.

‘I adopted him, though.’ He paused. ‘Do you want to know where he came from?’

‘I don’t care.’ I responded.

‘You should. Because, that is David, your son!’

My mind had some ripples. I couldn’t make a sense of what he said. David?

‘Yes, I am. But your mother is dead. We tried to make her give up your location while I was looking for you. Fredrick tortured her to death!’

‘My mother is dead?’ I tried to stand but I was knocked down by the guy behind me. I started to cry. I was helpless- I could feel it. All my strength eluded me. I allowed myself to cry.

‘Well, it wasn’t intentional. Fredrick didn’t know she was sick. She died…’

‘F*** you!’ I cried. ‘I will kill you.’ I said softly.

‘You wish.’

‘Please, take all your money, give me my son and let me go. Please.’ I pleaded, still curled on the floor, crying.

‘You mean, Terry? No, I will like to keep him. I like him. Look at him, he liked me too.’

‘Give me my son!’ I scre-med.

‘No, he’s mine now. Stand her up.’ He ordered.

‘Before they kill you, Kate, there is one more person, I will like you to meet.’ He turned to his bodyguard, ‘Get me my son.’

‘Yes Boss.’ He said and made to leave, but stopped like he forgot something. ‘Boss, which one of them? The big son or the small one.’

‘The big one. My real son.’

‘Yes Boss.’ He said and left.

‘Wait for it, Kate. The last surprise before you get killed.’

‘Give me my son.’ I cried as I was held in both arms my two guys.

‘Go to Terry,’ he turned to one of his boys, ‘if she tries anything stupid, kill him.’

‘What?’ the guard.

‘No, No. Don’t worry, I won’t.’

‘Well, I don’t want to take chances. Your life for your son’s. It’s simple. Don’t fight it and that it. Now, you, go.’

The guy left. I hanged my head and started to cry. I resolved to die. No need to fight anymore.

‘Please, send him to the college.’ I cried. ‘I always wanted him to be a doctor.’ I whispered.

‘Don’t worry about that. He already attends the best school, in France. But, he’s not gonna be a doctor- he will be a lawyer. It’s high time I need a criminal lawyer that is my blood.’ He chuckled. ‘What do you think?’

‘That’s cool, boss.’ One of them replied.

‘Hello Dad. You wanted to see me.’ A voice said.

‘Yes, son. Look who’s here?’

I recognized the voice immediately I heard it. I couldn’t forget it. I raised my head, slowly.

‘Cindy?’ Fredrick was puzzled.

‘Please.’ I sobbed.

‘What the…’

‘Yeah, what the f***. Right?’ Harry chuckled. ‘You went soft for her, right. Well, it’s understandable. Such beauty. Well, son, I tracked her down myself and would kill her. You had only one instruction, kill her and bring my money.’

‘That was two instructions, Boss.’ One of the guys joked.

‘You wanna die?’ Harry said, to the joker.

‘I’m sorry, boss. I don’t wanna die. I was only…’

‘Than, keep your mouth shut!’


‘Shut up, Fredrick!’ Harry shouted him down.

‘But I got you your money!’

‘And let her go, right? The boys told me you instructed them not to touch her, against my f***in will. And then, you bribed them, out of my f***in money, to come lie to my face that they killed her.’

‘Dad,’ Fredrick whispered. ‘We’ve done enough damage, let her go. Please.’

‘Oh, she pussie-whipped you too.’ Harry started to laugh. ‘Just when I thought you are a tough nail. She’s just a cat! You can have as manyas you want, you Well!’

‘Dad, I took care of your business, there in Mexico for decades, while you enjoy a laundered money, here, in the States. Don’t call me a Well!’

‘Okay.’ Harry smiled. He swaggered jokingly around the room. ‘Maybe, I exaggerated a little. But she,’ She pointed to me, ‘made you soft!’

‘She didn’t that. She didn’t. I just…’ he sighed.

‘What? Speak up, son. Maybe, I… maybe I can spare her. Who knows?’

‘After her mother died and you adopted her son. She literally wouldn’t have met anything back in Mexico. I felt she had suffered enough, even though she never knew that. All the while she was struggling to get back to Mexico, she never knew she had lost everything, except the money she fighting to take along. I just thought…’

‘Yeah, you’re right.’ Harry started to sob.

I was surprised. Fredrick took at glance and me and saw the surprise on my face.


‘You’re right, son. She has suffered enough.’ He sobbed on.

‘It’s okay Dad. Are… are you gonna let her go?’

‘Yeah, you f***in idiot!’ Harry started to laugh.

Fredrick was gutted. I could see it.

‘F*** you, Dad!’ He said angrily and stormed out.

‘F*** you too, son. F***in idiot.’ He said and moved to where I was held. ‘Are you gonna let her go.’ He mimicked Fredrick, squeakily.

‘F***in slowpoke. It’s good that I already have another son, I can just kill this idiot, who called himself my heir!’

‘What, Boss? Fredrick?’ One of the guys asked, surprised.

‘If you touch my son, any of them, I would kill you!’

‘Okay, Boss.’ The guy sighed. ‘But you ordered Banks to kill Terry if her mother tried to…’

‘Yeah, they can kill that one. Eventually, blood is thicker than water.’ Harry said.

All these while, he was in my front. My head couldn’t fathom all that was happening. It all looks like a bad dream. Both the son and the father had used me and destroyed my life. I cursed the day I met Harry. Everything turned bad from day one.

‘Now, what should I do with you?’ Harry interrupted my thought.

‘Please, listen to your son. Just let me go.’ I tried to plead.

‘Yeah, both of you think through a dead brain. You already know this place, you would definitely look for revenge.’

‘I won’t. Just give me my son and let us go.’

‘Yeah, I believe you.’

‘Me too, Boss.’ The guy said again.

Harry was silent. He looked through the guy. ‘You were the guy that just joked about my instructions, when I was with my son, over there, right?’

‘Yes, Boss. And I said, I was sorry.’

‘Apparently, you were not. You also interrupted me when I talked about killing my son, right?’

‘I am sorry, Boss.’

‘And now, here, again. Who hired you?’

‘Your son, Sir. Fredrick.’

‘Ah, that slowpoke. God give me the strength to shoot him myself.’ HE turned to the guy again. ‘What’s your name?’

‘Holden, Boss.’

‘Well, Holden…’ Harry brought out his gun and pointed it to him.

Holden tracked backwards.

‘You are fired.’ Harry said and shot him.

I was unmoved. The idiot got a gun, I would have shot him first, if it were me.

‘Now, lock her inside the freezer. Make sure you put the bag of money right beside her. I want her to look at the money that she would never get to spend, while she froze to death!’

‘Please. Please!’ I struggled, but had no strength.

Harry moved over to me and hit me hard on the head with his pistol. I blanked out.

…To be continued

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