Who Am I?


By KingWax Oluwatosin

‘Hey beautiful,’ a voice shrieked above me.

I looked up, it was a male- tall and not very handsome. He held a bottle of water in his hands as he tried to smile.

‘Hi.’ I replied and looked away, with the hope that he will leave me alone.

I didn’t want any trouble, not anymore- especially from males. My beautiful body has always gotten me into a mess and nothing more. Big h¡ps, skin as a silk, nice dentures, a very intimidating camel toe wedged between my thighs and big b-obs with large and pointed Tips. I turned slowly, tried to cover my features by lying face down- but I was wrong, I only succeeded in arousing his s€×ual interest as I faced him with my great and wide butt.

‘Can I sit beside you?’ He asked. But that was only it, because he already sat in the sands by my side.

I quickly turned around and sat up. For the first time, I saw the smile on his face very clearly- it was beautifully evil. Just like Harry’s, just like Jose’s, just like…no, not Dave. Dave rarely smiles.

‘My name is Henry.’ He said as he stretched out his hands to me.

‘Harry’? I asked.

‘Harry? No, no, Henry. Not Harry. I mean Henry as in…’

‘I get it.’ I said and drew my eyes on his shorts that has bulged with great excitement. I fixed my gaze on him. I shook my head.

‘I’m sorry about that.’ He managed to let out a short laugh. ‘It’s just that…’ he smiled and covered his bulge, ‘you are such an angel with exceptional beauty.’

I nodded, unimpressed. ‘I get that a lot,’ I replied and stood up, ‘but trust me, it never ended up good.’

‘Why is that?’ He asked as he tried to keep up with me as I walked to the bar.

I didn’t bother to reply; I just wished he would leave me be.

I walked to the bar and ordered a martini. He sat beside me and was all over me. Asking me different incoherent questions. I tried hærd to shake him off but he was like a glue. Then suddenly, he did something that got my attention. A bulky guy came over to me as lapped me in the ass.

‘Hey, Dam.’ He said in a very deep voice.

He was huge, heavy beard. He wore a dirty jean with, a capped sleeved shirt. He didn’t button up and black shirt he wore underneath sent a great personality message- F**K OFF! From the keys dangling in a chain, wore with his jean, I knew he was a truck driver. They have always proven to be aggressive. Even the female ones.

‘I’m fine.’ I replied. ‘And I am not a Dam.’ I replied and looked at Henry, who nodded, slowly.

‘Oh, the Dam has a voice now, right?’ He said.

He leaned to my face as he supported himself with the table. His breathe stinks.

‘Don’t call her a Dam!’ Henry stoop up for me.

‘You don’t have to do that.’ I told him. ‘I can handle the big guy.’ I said with a smile and looked in the big guy’s eyes.

‘You can handle me?’ The guy said and slapped me again in the butt.

‘Hey, what the f**k is your problem?’ Henry stood up again.

I tried to hold him as he made to walk over to the big guy, but he shrugged off my hand like a macho man. I left them to slug it out behind my back, while I focused on my drink. I even heard Henry say he was my boyfriend.

‘Your boyfriend is really sweet ma’am.’ The barman smiled as he refilled my cup.

‘In his dream.’ I smiled back.

‘Go to a tavern, man.’ Henry continued. ‘This is bar in a beach and not your regular tavern in a wretched motel on the highway. Give the lady some …’

Henry came crashing on the table- he bled from his mouth as the punch from the big guy sent him packing. Before I could recover from the sudden shock, the big guy dragged him again and straighten him with another punch. He flew by some inches and rearranged the tables as he slammed against them.

‘You should keep your mouth shut next time. Especially, if you are a f***ing p***y.’ Big guy said and landed Henry another punch that sent him whirling. He tried to get hold of the wind to stabilize himself. I almost choke on my drink.

‘You sure he’s not your boyfriend? That guy’s gonna kill him.’ The barman said again.

I stood up, paid for my drinks and walked without any care in the world. Almost half of the customers had turned to photographers. I know YouTube and cheap blogs would have a field day.

‘Hey, hey.’ A lady called out at me. ‘You are gonna leave your boyfriend here?’

‘He’s not my boyfriend.’ I said, sharply.

‘Damn. He’s gonna kill him.’ The lady said as he stood arm in arm, watching Henry’s ass got handed over to him.

Henry wasn’t finding it funny. He couldn’t even land a punch. I dipped my hand in my bag and walked over to the fighting scene. People cheered and big guy left Henry and focused on me as I approached him. I knew he would be wondering what I was up to.

He opened his arms and walked up to meet me, ‘What the hell do you want to do?’ He asked. ‘You better go back before you get hurt, lady.’

As we closed up on each other, I fixed my eyes on his eyes and he took the bait- he fixed his eyes on me too. He never knew what was coming until I sent a kick in his crotch. He grabbed his balls and gro-ned in surprise. With the hand in the bag that already had the pepper spray, I sprayed his dilated eyes. He crashed back immediately and I grabbed the stool at the bar and crashed it by the side of his head. He slammed on the floor, still, with his hands clamped by his thighs. He was motionless, but breathing.

I turned to Henry, who was by all means surprised, ‘You wanna leave this place or not?’

The people cheered as I led him away.

…To be continued

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