Who Am I?


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I saw the new vehicle cruising in from afar- I fastened my seatbelt and pressed hærd on the gas pedals. Immediately the driver saw me approaching, thinking it was his collegue, he slowed down and parked at the side of the untarred road. I never planned to stop. I increased my speed and planned a head-on collision. By the time the driver realised what was happening, I was already close to him. He tried to reverse the car, but he was too late. I rammed into his. I saw him swerved back and forth as his car swerved.

I reversed and planned another attack. This time, sideway- through the driver’s side. The guy driving the car hasn’t overcame the shock of the first collision. As I drove nearer, I saw him hung his head. He shook off the shock and looked up slowly. By this time, I was already close to his car. He scrambled for his gun. I pressed on the accelerator h-rder- my vehicle jolted like a lightening. He aimed, but I was already there- I hit it again and this time, the car summersaulted. I stopped my vehicle and ran towards it. He was already dead. Through the window, I retrieved his guns.

The journey to the main base was simple- I followed the vehicular tracks on the dusty road. It leads me right to the gate. I had no plans, but I planned to pursue my intentions. With the driver that was down, on his way to retrieve Fredrick and the other two, stranded with Fredrick, I wouldn’t be dealing with more than five more street soldiers. I drove towards the gate as normal as I could imagined. Few meters from the gate, the guard at the gate s₱0tted me, he quickly opened the gates. It was the routine, so, I moved on. I was sure that by the time he realised it was me, he would raise an alarm. So, as soon as I neared the gate, I veered towards his position. It was too late for him, he tried to run, but I rammed him to the wire fence. He gro-ned and struggled. I kept my foot hærd on the accelerator and pressed him h-rder against the fence. He bellowed in agony and scre-med. He struggled against the power of the four wheeled truck that raises dusts into the air behind it. Then, he gave up.

The security was poor enough- I likey! No one s₱0tted a thing. I came down, went to check on the guard, who now lay on the bonnet, still. As I put my hand on his neck to feel his pulse, he grabbed my hand and tried to pull me over. Luckily, I was with my gun, he got pistol-wh¡pped and went numb. I knew he wasn’t dead, so, I hit him a couple of times. I felt his pulse, he was dead.

I took his gun and went through the back. The first place I went was the banquet hall. It was expectedly empty- I hid a gun at the back of the curtains. As I opened the door to leave, I got a blow to the nose. I staggered backwards and got stopped when I rammed against the table. I shook my head to clear my head, but as soon as I did that, I got another to the head. I knew it was time to act. I fell on the floor and rolled beneath the table. I got up from the other side to face my assailant.

‘You’re just a lady.’ He said. ‘How could you have done all the things I heard you did. You certainly had help. I am sure of that.’ He said as he rolled his sleeve and circled me, ready for a fight.

‘You are about to find out.’ I said through the taste of blood in my mouth.

‘Oh, I would love to.’ He kowtowed. ‘After you, lady.’

‘What?’ I asked.

But before I would complete the statement, he came flying with a punch. I ducked and swiftly rolled to the other side. I clenched my fist.

‘Don’t be sneaky.’ I said. ‘Be fair.’ I smiled.

‘Oh, I am being fair.’

He charged at me again and I tracked back. Nothing in my head was ready for him. Like a pro, he threw punches at me. A hook both left and right that I managed to evade, but not the uppercut that followed. My brain scre-med as I was lifted up with his uppercut. I slammed on the floor.

‘Too bad.’ He said. ‘You seem like a kid to me.’ He teased and bounced in my front. ‘Get up, bittch.’ He said.

I struggled to my feet and held my punch ready.

‘Bring it on, ****.’ I said.

He came again. This time, I was ready. I evade all his punches and threw mine- with his right hand, he caught it right in the air and hooked me a punch twice in the stomach before finishing it up with a back slap! I rolled in a complete cycle only to face him again. My ear ached from punch across my ear. I held my head as I landed on the floor. There was no more need to try- he would definitely kill me.

‘Get up, bittch.’ He teased.

There was a slow clap in the room. I managed to look up, it was Harry; he already sat at the far end of the table, enjoying the show.

‘Good one, Jack.’

‘Thanks boss.’ Jack responded.

‘But. I feel this is rather a one man show. You would certainly kill her. I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t, because you must. But, how about you use just one arm to fight her?’

‘Sure. She’s not worth…’

He gro-ned to finish his statement. I had punched him in the ear. Before he could recover, I swirled and kicked him in the stomach. As he doubled up, holding his stomach with his two hands, I brought an uppercut upwards to straighten him- right on his face. He fell flat.

‘That’s bad. Harry said. ‘I was thinking the show would last longer.’

‘You are dead, Harry.’

‘Not yet.’ Jack said and caught me right on the heel.

I swerved around to hit him with the second feet but he caught it too and pulled me down. No sooner had I touched the floor that he dragged me towards himself. He was already kneeling. I was ready for him, he was not. As soon as I was close enough, I sat up while still dragged and punched him in the nose. He let go of my feet and it was easy to kick him with both feet. He staggered up and backwards, towards the window. I didn’t allow him to settle, I turned around and gave him a forceful hind kick. He slammed against the glass. I swirled and kicked him again. This time, I was successful; he crashed through the window, outside her went.

‘Oh, no Harry,’ I teased, ‘your boyfriend is gone!’

‘Very shameful.’ Harry said.

‘Harry, you are dead.’ I said and I made to move towards Harry.

‘Bring him in.’ He ordered.

Immediately, one of the guards brought in David, with a gun to his head. He was sobbing loudly. I stooped immediately.

‘David!’ I scre-med. ‘Please, let him go!’

‘Well, too late. You should have stayed dead, Kate.’

‘Please.’ I sobbed.

‘If she tries to move, shoot him.’ Harry ordered his guard.

‘Now, Kate, take this gun and shoot yourself.’ He slid a gun across the table. ‘I believe that would end all these and Terry, would be just fine.’

I starred at the gun.

‘You got just five minutes to decide, Kate.’ Harry said and sat down.

I took the gun, looked at it for a while, crying profusely, thinking of what to do. I couldn’t aim that perfectly, I would have shot at the guy holding David. I had no choice, I put the gun to my head. David was so terrified, crying.

‘Good girl.’ Harry said.

I sobbed on. By now, my mucus had mixed with my saliva and I was eating it all.

‘Please, take care of him.’

‘Oh, please, don’t make me cry.’ Harry teased. ‘Be quick about this. Hey,’ he turned to the guard, ‘cover his face, I don’t want him to see this.’

Immediately I felt they were distracted, I aimed at the guy and fired. Harry started to laugh and I stopped and starred at the gun in my hands in surprise. It was empty. I stood like a fool.

‘See, I told you, didn’t I? I told you she would do that.’ Harry laughed as he talked to the guy.

I watched him collect the gun from the guard and aimed at me. This time, I was already weak. My mind was blank and I knew I had definitely blew it. Harry fired, it caught me on the right chest. I fell. I starred at the ceiling, thinking about how it would all end. For the first time, I could see the design and shape of the ceiling. I thought about how I should have listened to Fredrick, at least, I would have come back for David.

Harry blocked my view of the ceiling as he appeared- his gun, pointed right at me. He beamed with smile- a victorious one. He aimed at me and fired another slug to my chest. I didn’t fight it- it was definitely the end. Maybe, it was time to rest. I said to myself as another bullet caught me in the th-gh. I gro-ned. Harry started to laugh and talk, but I couldn’t hear a thing he was saying. The guy, who was holding David also came forward and to meet him. They laughed and talked. But I couldn’t hear them. Only a low static noise went into my ears, my visions became blurred and darkened, slowly- I was definitely dying.

Harry squatted beside me and talked, but I couldn’t hear. His mouth was moving but I could only hear low static noise. He held the gun to my head and smiled broadly. I saw his hand c*cked the gun, his fingers on the trigger, began to move, to pull the final round. I closed my eyes slowly, ready for it.

…To be continued

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