Who Am I?


© KingWax Oluwadamilare

The second day after Harry’s visit, the victim’s wife came and said she had dropped charges all against me. I couldn’t believe myself. Within minutes, Dave ensured the paperwork was done. I was free. Dave didn’t waste time, he grabbed my hand and let me to his car. As he ins**ted the key to t-rn on the engine, another car pulled behind us- it was a Bentley. Harry came out of the Bentley it with a smile. Harry, 45 years and one of the richest man in town.

‘Bleep it!’ Dave gnashed his teeth. ‘Mother… f***er! I thought I asked him to come by ten.’

‘It’s past ten, Dave.’ I said.

‘Shut the Bleep up!’ Dave snorted angrily.

‘I will take it from here Dave.’ Harry said as he leaned over the window.

‘Sure.’ Dave smiled. ‘I was bringing her over to your place anyways.’ He lied. I know he was already thinking of sleeping with me.

Harry held me by the arm and pulled me, gently, towards his car.

‘Why are you doing this?’ I asked Harry in whisper, scared. ‘Please.’ I pleaded.

‘Relax honey, you are safe now.’ Harry smiled as he guided me gently to the back seat. I must admit he still looked charming in my thoughts. ‘I secured your release, Kate, and it is only fair that I ensure that you look beautiful.’

‘Kate?’ I asked as I tried to get out of the car. ‘My name is not Kate! Let me out!’ I shouted.

Harry only smiled an adjusted his suit. He let me get out and ran to Dave.

‘You better tell her Dave. I will be right in my car. She’s got five minutes.’ Henry opened the door and slipped through.

‘What is going on, Dave?’ I asked, scared. ‘You promised to…’

‘Listen, I know what I promised. But you see, Harry over there ensured you are release and all charges dropped. He paid off the woman with a large sum to stop pressing charges and admit that it was a mistake. We never filed the evidence. Harry promised to get you a new identity, so that you can have a new life.’

I was happy and surprised. ‘Why didn’t you tell me this?’

‘Well, I thought we could have some nice time before he came.’ Dave said, like a guilty schoolboy. ‘I didn’t know he would be this early.

I sighed and hated him. All he ever wanted was s€×. He would have denied me a life time opportunity to erase my crime record. As a Mexican, I had no chance of survival. I don’t need criminal records as voluminous as a dictionary before I was casted away. Like Pablo would say, nor being white is a deadly crime on its own!

‘But, what would Harry want from me? I cannot pay him back- I have no money.’ I asked as I made to go to the Bentley.

‘Are you kidding me? What do you think is gonna be the first thing every guy who sees you wants from you?’


‘Yeah! Just Bleep him and get off it!’ He shouted angrily. ‘And don’t forget, after you are done with him, you still have a deal with me!’


‘I am sure you know how this will end, right?’ Henry asked as we got to the landing of the stairs, in front of my hotel room.

I took a swipe at the door with the card and it clicked opened.

‘How is this going to end?’ I asked calmly.

‘I don’t know your name, and I don’t want to know because I am gonna have to kill you after all these ended.’

I stood still, my palm on the door. I would have kicked him, but he was not so near. Any attempt would have gotten me shot.

‘You don’t have to do that, Harry.’

‘My name is not Harry, you bi*tch!’ He shouted angrily.

I opened the door to my hotel room with my head as Henry’s slap across my face ensured that. He pushed me hærd and I fell flat on my face. My wig went another way.

‘What?’ He said as he stared at my bald head. ‘You have cancer or something?’ He asked as he points the gun in my face.

I stood up gently with a smile and tried to put on the wig but he insisted that I mustn’t.

‘What is this?’ He asked, uneasy. ‘What other fake features do have on you? Plastic b-obs, silicon butts, fake camel toe, butt pads?’

‘Would you like to see?’ I asked as I slipped the strap of my b-ra, off my shoulder, one after the other- revealing the greatness of my b-obs.

He nearly ran mad- I could sense it between his legs.

‘Go ahead.’ He said, waving his gun in my direction. ‘UnCloth.’

‘If you say so.’ I replied and stood up.

Slowly, wiggling my big wa-ist, I slipped down my p-nts. I had a smooth shave. Maybe you also need to see it…maybe later.

‘You don’t need the gun,’ I said, ‘I would have given you what you wanted. You are a handsome man, Harry.’ I called him that again, as always, deliberately.

‘It’s Henry!’ He shouted and I apologized with a smile.

I knew what I was doing. Psychopaths are one ego centric as*h0les, and they would prefer to act under the name they chose for themselves. They are proud. I was sure he wasn’t gonna shoot me; he would only get more annoyed and more determined to ensure I suffer. But what they don’t realise is that, when you’re angry, you can never think straight- and your thoughts would be easy to read.

‘You are scaring me, Henry. I would like a drink.’ I said as I stood in his front, gladly disarming his senses with my unclothedness.

He was salivating as he fixed his eyes on everything. I turned around and the backside nailed him to his cross.

‘Alright, alright, I will get you a drink, but don’t try anything stupid, okay?’ He fidgeted.

‘Like what?’

‘Like trying to take my gun, dumbass!’

‘I won’t.’ I said as I cat-walked gently to the bed, Unclad. I sat down and smiled at him, ‘But you cannot bring your gun to my bed, Henry.’

I knew I was killing him. It was all written over him; he can’t wait to get laid.

‘Okay.’ He dropped his gun on the sofa and stripped himself down to his p-nts.

His bulge was unbelievably big. I would have wished for it, but now, he’s spoilt his own fun. As he started to move towards the bed, I stopped him and requested he get me a drink from the shelf and the inhaler in my bag.

‘I would need those if you truly want an explosive evening.’ I said with a smile. ‘I have asthma.’

‘The sicker, the better.’ He beamed.

He turned my bag upside down; spilling all its contents on the floor. He was satisfied that I had no weapon in it. He threw my inhaler to me and he went for the bottle of wine. I sat still on the bed, took my time with the inhaler as I squeezed a lot of it into my mouth.

He came back with the drink; as I expected, for two. He was smart. He asked that I drink mine first, to be sure it wasn’t poisoned. I smiled and gulped down my wine. I stretched out my cup for a refill and I gulped it down again.

He smiled. ‘Nothing personal honey, I just had to make sure.’ He said and drank down his cup.

I requested for more and we became excited. He was relaxed, satisfied that I would be no trouble.

‘Tell me about yourself; are you just asthmatic or you have another illness? I see you’re using the inhaler more frequently than a normal asthmatic patient would have done. Are you nervous?’ He asked.

‘Yes, I am. But not scared.’ I said in whisper as I used more of the inhaler.

‘I didn’t even ask for you name.’ He said as he tried to k-ss me.

I avoided his l-ips and turned a cheek. ‘My name? Call me Jane. Will you call me Jane, Harry?’

A slap cut across my face blinded me.

‘Do not call me Harry again, okay?’

I nodded while I held the affected cheek and I smiled. ‘I am sorry.’ I said. ‘Another wine?’

‘Okay.’ He said and walked to the shelf to get another wine; his gun in his hand. ‘But, don’t you think I’m gonna get drunk. After this, I am getting down with you!’

‘Of course, Henry’.

I looked at the wall clock, just one minute more to action time. I counted the sixty seconds remaining, from my mind. ’57 seconds more, I counted down.’

‘Why call me Harry, anyway?’ Henry asked he walked to the bed.

‘Harry was my ex-husband.’ I replied.

‘Oh, I see. So, what happened that you gotta leave Harry? He must be a total jerk, I guess.’

40 seconds….

‘He didn’t leave me; I killed him because he was a total jerk, like you said.’ I stood up from the bed, ‘He is just like you.’

‘You what?’ He asked and retraced his steps backward- away from me.

I could see the fear in his eyes. He pointed the gun straight at me.

‘I killed Harry because he beats me every time. He rapes me and forces me to have s€× with his friends too.’ I started moving closer to him.

25 seconds…

‘Stay there, Jane or I will shoot you. I swear!’

‘No you won’t. And my name is not Jane. Not even Kate, because Harry gave me that. It wasn’t even Cherry as I told Jose. I could give you ten names that I had been called just to escape my past. But I would love to call Harry.’

‘Stay away from me, you freak!’ Henry shouted as he started to shake.

5 seconds.

I used the inhaler once again. Henry quickly sensed that he has been drugged; he tried to aim at me with the shaking hands. I realized he had forgot to pull the hammer, so I counted down, and stood still.

‘Two seconds more, Harry.’ I said aloud.

He pulled the trigger and…CLICK CLICK..

1 second…

Henry slumped on his knees; his arms beside him.

‘Game over, Henry. Oh… poor Henry, you forgot to pull; the hammer.’ I moved over to him, still Unclad, allowing him to feed on my beauty that he would never have.

I held his head and brushed his face against my pub-c hair.

‘You like it?’

‘What… What… did you…?’

‘You’re paralysed, Henry. You won’t be able to move your hands or your feet. Ironically, you can still talk for the next one hour. And if you are wondering why I am not affected.’ I wiggled the inhaler in his face. ‘This is not an inhaler, Harry. It is a neutralizer against the poison. Here,’ I dropped it at his knees, ‘take some.’ I started laughing as I moved to the wardrobe to pack my luggage. I know I must leave the city and move elsewhere as I have always done.

‘You don’t want the inhaler, Henry? Go on, take.’ I mocked him. Knowing he was paralysed and won’t be able to move a limb. ‘You wanna know why I killed Harry?’ I asked as I begin to pack my clothes in the suitcase.

‘Please.’ He said with his teary eyes. ‘I have a wife and I kid.’

‘I also have a soul and a body, Henry.’ I replied sharply. ‘The ladies you claims to have killed also have people they loved and who loved them. But, don’t worry, you won’t disappear like Harry did. They never found his body. You know why?’

I brought out a small, transparent plastic jar, with a light red liquid content. Well sealed. I shook it in his face. ‘This is what remained of Harry. I decided to keep some for myself after I dissolved his dead body in hydrofluoric acid. Though, it has some gloves in it too. But it’s much of Harry than the gloves.’ I smiled at Henry who was now urinating on himself. I chuckled.

‘Please! Jesus…you’re a psycho.’

‘Shut the Bleep up, Henry and be a man. Stand up for what you believe in. You believed in humiliating helpless ladies like me. You believed in s€×ually harassing them, right? Then you should face the consequences when they finally show up.’

‘I have money; take everything.’

‘Oh, money? I am sure you don’t have enough. Sorry, I didn’t tell you, Henry- Harry left me enough for a life time. I move around with nothing but twenty million dollars packed in that suitcase.’ I pointed to the big suitcase leaning against the wall.

I opened it for him to see. ‘I just want to be in peace, but you just will not let me rest!’ I shouted.

‘Please, Jane.’

‘My name is Lucy. Its not my real name, but at least, that’s what I want to be called from now on. You must be Harry, but this time, you will not disappear; the cops will find your body- dead body.’

I dragged my luggage to the door. Then I removed the rubber gloves from my pocket and put it on. I walked over to him and took his gun from the floor. Then I put it in his hands and wrapped his fingers around the butt. Slowly, I raised it to his head without hesitation.

‘Please, please, forgive me.’ He cried uncontrollably with both tears, mucus and saliva dangling on his chin. ‘I have a wife and…’

BAAAAAMMMMM!!!! Blood and brains splattered through the other side of his head as I used his finger to squeeze the trigger.

‘Don’t worry, Harry; your family will find your dead body.’ I said.

I removed the gloves and carefully put them in the hydrofluoric jar. I smiled as it dissolved. It wasn’t a new practice. I grabbed a new wig and donned it.

‘Lucy.’ I said to myself- the reflection on the mirror.


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