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A week later, I was able to get up from the bed and recover from the beating Dave gave me. I realized that within the week that I was on the sickbed, Dave had made it very impossible for me to escape. I couldn’t even leave the cottage, talk less of escaping. Just at the right side of the wood is a new caravan. Dave paid to have in wheeled there as the security house. Unlike before, security light had been installed and the perimeters of the cottage, cleared of trees and made so wide that even a rodent would be s₱0tted under the flood light.

The caravan had two armed guys living in it- on Dave’s payroll- my money. Laser alarms installed and effective. I couldn’t leave the cottage without triggering the alarm which in turn switched on the flood light. To get a batter picture, just imagine the cottage as a doghouse, placed in the middle of a football field, surrounded by flood lights within the perimeters. A car has exactly three minutes to escape from the open field into the woods after triggering the alarm. This made it an impossible task for me to run. The order was, ‘shoot her dead if she dare!’

For six months, I was a slave to Dave and his s€×ual cruelty. Every Sunday and Thursday, he brings in fresh groceries and sleeps over. And under compulsion, he would drug me and had s€× with me as many times as I could lost count. By the time I woke up the next day, he would have left. I always woke up with an ache between my legs, Unclad and with a deadly hangover. All I ever did was sleep, watch TV and eat. I couldn’t open the door of the cottage without triggering the alarm.

Dave kept the money in a safe in,side the room. He was sure I couldn’t open or steal it. Not for once did I ever set my eyes on the security guards, but I am aware that they are battle ready if I tried to leave. Dave paid them well- ironically, with my f***in money. He would send me out of the room whenever he wanted to take some money from the safe, so that I don’t get a glimpse of the combination. He would laugh at my face. I once begged him to keep the wh0le money and let me go, but I ended up with a black eye and a broken tooth.

But one day, after I had picked up my pieces up from the floor that Dave left me before leaving, I thought about an escape plan. I told myself it shouldn’t be abrupt, it may take weeks, but I must plan this. Dave came on Thursday and left on Friday. I had till Sunday to do something. The next day, I located the electrical switch and switched it off. Around 8 pm, there was a sound of a car pulling over and a knock on my door. I already left the door opened- I knew the security details would show up when they see the house in total darkness.

‘Come in.’ I said.

He came in with a torch in his hand and a gun in the other. He beamed the torch everywhere, asking where I was until he located me in the room. I faced the window, turned my back against the main entrance- I was Unclad to the butt! No man ever resisted my natural features. He was dumb-folded and started to stammer. I turned slowly, under the beam of his torch and faced with every details I got. Except for the bruises and cuts, I was flawless.

‘I’m sorry.’ He said after starring for a while and switched off the torch.

‘I was in the bathroom when you came knocking.’ I said. ‘Don’t worry, switch it on.’

‘Wha… what… What?’ He stammered. ‘The electricity?’

‘No, your touch.’ I said softly. ‘It’s so dark in here.’

‘Are you sure about that?’ He asked and switched it back on.

Unknown to him, I was already close to him. He staggered back and told me I cannot do that. He asked me if I knew where the switch is, I said I do. But, I took him to where the safe is.

‘This is not a switch Ma’am.’ He said.

Still Unclad, I put my hand on his cheek and k-ssed him lightly, pressing my b-obs hærd against him. He was shaking and helpless. ‘No,’ I whispered, ‘this is a safe that contains more than twenty million dollars to be spilt in halves, each for just you and me.’

‘What? Twenty what?’

‘You heard me. But, that is if you wanted it.’ I moved away from him and walked to the bed.

He was clearly enjoying the view as he followed me with the touch. His walking talkie came alive and his colleague asked what was taking him so long.

‘Hey James, what’s taking you so long in there?’

‘I’m on it, Mike.’ He lied and looked at me.

I nodded slowly at him. I knew he’s already caught the flu- my flu.

‘You said…’

‘You heard me. Would you like me to talk to your colleague? It appeared you are not interested and too scared to…’

‘Don’t say that!’ He shouted. ‘Nothing scares me.’ He came close and whispered, ‘How do you know that its twenty million dollars or more in there.’

‘Because it’s my money! Dave, or whatever who hired you said his name is, kidnapped me with my cash and locked me up in here! He doesn’t want me to escape. Does it look like I am free in here?’

‘He said his name is Bryan.’

‘His name is Dave. And he is a detective. He locked me here because he doesn’t want me to …’

‘Spare me the details, okay?’ He was frank.

I nodded.

‘It would take some time for me to plan this. But, let’s say I did plan this, are you sure there is money in there?’

‘I am sure. It is my money.’

‘Right now, I don’t care who owns the money, I just wanted ten f****ng million dollars.’ He came hærd.

I loved it. ‘That’s the spirit and that’s the deal.’ I smiled.

Then he came up with a plan. I must switch the light off every day unless when Dave is around. Because whenever Dave is around, his colleague is always off duty. Though, James said that it was an unofficial agreement that has been going on for months between himself and Mike, the two security details. Mike would sneak out every evening before Dave showed up and come back the next morning after Dave was gone. Whatever Mike was up to, James didn’t want to know. He’s more concerned about the two hundred dollars he gets everyday he does that.

‘When that happens every night, I would always come in here to help you switch it back on and we could tell Mike that the switch is faulty.’

‘Sounds like a nice plan.’ I replied. ‘But do you need to come here almost every day to open the safe? If Dave found out that there is a dent on that safe, we are all dead. I assure you that much.’

James scoffed. ‘I am not coming here to open the safe Ma’am. You should understand why I have to be here.’ He shrugged. ‘You are a beautiful lady.’

‘So,’ I bit my lower l-ips and walked away, ‘You just want to come here and have s€× with me?’

‘For a while, yes. I must be here every time the light goes off, until I was able to convince Mike that Dave wants us to bring in an electrician to repair the switch. And when I am here, I just can’t sit down and count the ceilings.’ He grinned.

‘I see.’ I pulled the bed cover and covered my shame. It appeared I have just succeeded in putting myself in another s€×ual fix. ‘So, what happened if Mike disagreed?’

‘He won’t. I just had to take it slowly.’

His walkie talkie came alive again.

‘I am already done, Mike. A minute.’

He looked at me and nodded towards the doorway. I understood him and took him to where the switch was. He switched it on. He looked at me lustfully and I looked away, in shame.

‘See you tomorrow.’ He said and started walking towards the door.

‘James.’ I called him as he made to open. ‘How long is this going to take?’

‘Just make sure you switch off the light and I would show up every evening. Fifteen minutes tops, we should be done.’

‘I’m not talking about the s€×, James.’ I tried to conceal my anger. ‘I mean, till you convinced Mike.’

‘Like I said, I am going to have to take my time. I can’t rush this.’ He whispered and pretended he was telling the truth. ‘But be rest assured, whenever the guy comes, your trouble is over. He will open the safe within minutes.’

I nodded and he opened the door and slammed it shut. I was about to burst into tears when he opened the door again, ‘Don’t forget,’ he whispered, ‘the switch, every night.’

I nodded and bit my lower l-ips to fight back the tears. It seems it seemed it would never end- the s€×ual slavery. I watched him entered his car and drove off. I broke down in tears!

…To be continued

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