Why I Can’t Love

Why I Can’t Love – Episode 10

Eventually, I became pregnant. With the presence of the pregnancy, Francis became very happy because his dreams were gradually becoming a reality. In the house, there was this particular room that he never allows anyone to enter. I have been thinking of what exactly was in that room that made him to be so strict on it like that . I decided to open the room to see for myself what is in there.

All moves towards getting in there were all failing due to the heavy security men he employed just to monitor that room. I came up with another idea, but this time around a very dangerous one. I planned of adding volume 10 which I found in his first aid kit to the food that would be served to the security men in the house. Every part of the house was connected with CCT camera’s except the bedroom of which I had no idea of . I joined the cook of the house when she was cooking for them. I told her that I just felt like helping her to cook because I missed cooking which happens to be hobby.

Besides Francis was just rearing me as if I was his pet. I was not given the opportunity to do anything in the house not even cooking. All I could do was to bath, sleep, eat, go out and have fun. That was my daily life. According to him, he was rich so there was no need for me to work and partly too because I was pregnant. As the cooking was ongoing, I intentionally asked the cook to get me my phone from the bedroom.

Immediately she left the room, I dropped the medicine into the food and stared it to mix very well. By the time she came, I was done. My husband was actually not around that day so it was just a well calculated steps I was taking. I knew where he does keep the key to that particular room so I was only observing the security men to fall asleep so that I could take action. Lo and behold, it happened.

Within 30 mins after eating, the wh0le place was quiet. I quickly got the key and broke into the room. What a shock? What am I seeing. At a point I felt like running away for my life. The room was arranged in such a way that, only the owner knows what exactly goes on there. ” is this man a killer? ” I asked myself. I could see Human skeleton’s and other bones which I couldn’t identify were arranged on a table in the room. They were all dry bones. I got shocked when I first saw them. I also saw different candles but because of my colour blindness, I couldn’t identify the colours.

There was also a statue and some drawings on the wall. The only colours I can see well are red, blue and green. I see the rest as multi colours. After viewing what I wanted to see, I quickly locked the door and in same way as I entered, I came out. I went into my room very frightened. There was tremors all over me. I was even thinking I will suffer miscarriage because in fact I went through a great shock. “What are those skeletons for? Who exactly is my husband? Is he even a real human being? ” these were some of the questions begging for answers as I returned to my room.

I was pregnant so there was no way I could say I will ran away. The security men were still in their dream lands when my husband got back. “Oh no! These fools are still sleeping. ” I said to to myself when Francis was at the gate expecting them to open the main gate for him. I went to called the cleaner to open the door for him and then I quickly ran back and pretended to be asleep when he entered the room. “Honey are you home? I have been missing you the wh0le day at work and because of that I’ve got you a surprise. ” he said as he was about to enter into the bedroom. I pretended not to hear what he was saying. I was just seeing him as a beast who have just turned himself into a human.

He actually came back with some cake for me. He came and gave me a peg on my forehead and asked me to wake up for he was around. He asked me why it was the cleaner who came to open the gate for him and not the security men. I asked him how was he expecting me to answer such a question . I told him i was asleep since afternoon so I can’t answer the question. In order to change the topic for discussion, I asked him what the doctor said about my health especially with regards to my stay in the country. He said the doctor was yet to tell him the outcome of the test.

Together with him, we went to take our bath. He was the one who actually did the bathing for me and that was a normal thing for him to do. After bathing, he gave me the cake which we all eat with some fruit juice. After eating, he went into a room and came out with a changed face. That was the room he fixed a monitor where he plays back the activities that went on in his absence. And his interest area was just to be sure no one entered his “power house “. “Esther! how dare you? What was your business in the room you sneaked yourself into? Don’t you know pregnant women are not supposed to enter into that room? And Haven’t I warned you? ” He asked with a very angry voice.

I was so surprised and more shocked as he was asking me those questions. Because I never saw him going there neither did I saw anyone reporting anything to him so how did he know? “Honey what are you talking about? ” I asked. “Don’t try to play smart here lady because am more smart than you. Follow me. ” he made me follow him to the room where the monitor was. He played the video for me to watch. I was just dump folded with a very high degree of fear. All I said was ” am sorry. I didn’t know what was there that was why I went there to see.” “Now that you know, let me tell you what that meant. ” he held my hands and asked me to follow him back to the bedroom.

At the bedroom he said “am a drug dealer but I don’t take it myself. Those things you saw there are the raw materials used for making the drug. All my wealth comes from that business. Don’t think I kill people, but I do buy those bones from other people. You must remain silent on whatever you saw in that room if not you won’t have peace with me .” He said all that with a very low voice.

My luck was that he never said anything about how I bypassed the security men. I pleaded with him and told him I will do as he said. In the morning of the following day, he called the security men and told them they have just lost their one month salary because they allowed someone to enter into the room he employed them to watch over.

Days went into weeks and weeks into months. The pregnancy was now matured for delivery. I must be quick to add that no single month passed without Francis sending money to my parents. I do communicate to them through the phone but I never mentioned the type of work Francis does to them .

Before given birth, I really enjoyed life with Francis. Outing and many more. I even forgot I had a challenge with my sight. There was no way William even flashed into my mind because I had all that I needed.

The doctor he do take me to for antenatal care was a member of his occult group. To be honest, I never attended even a single church service before since I came Atlanta. Francis was just too busy for us to go to church . Soon it was time and I was in labour. I was sent to the same hospital to give birth.

As soon as I got to the hospital, the baby started coming out. I became unconscious. All I could remember was that I gave birth upon arrival at the hospital. They injected me so slept off after the baby came out. In my sleep, I started dreaming and in the dream, I saw people operating on me in a theatre but I just couldn’t tell what was wrong with me. I woke up only to realize that people were around me and there was actual operation performed on me and I was also in a theatre. So this wasn’t a dream.

They actually delivered me and added up removing my womb. They did all that when I was put to sleep. I woke up and all the doctor could say was that he was sorry my baby died due to oxygen deprivation. “But doctor how? I gave birth immediately I got to the hospital so what do you mean by what you just said? And why am I in the theater? I asked. He only said he was sorry for my loss and left the theatre. I was moved to the ward so that Francis could get the opportunity to come and see.

But prior to they moving me to the Ward, the live baby and my womb was handed over to Francis in a flask. Because that was a normal practice for them in that particular hospital, no one questioned him. He went to leave the flask with their master of occult with the intention to go for it when it is time for their meeting. He came back to see me at the female ward. He pretended he had no idea of what went on. “Esther my love how is our baby? Is it a he or a she? ” he asked. “The doctor said we have lost the baby. You can go and ask them. ” I replied. ” what!! What are you saying?” He asked and rushed our of the ward.

I couldn’t withhold crying. He came back and also started shedding crocodile tears. I was weak so I was told I will be on admission for some days. Francis left and asked one of his attendant’s to come and take care of me.

At night, he went for the flask from his master and was ready for the sacrifice which will make him become the Supremo of their kingdom. Now the consequences of they rejecting the content of the flask will mean he will loose all he acquired with the power of the occult.

He submitted the baby and according to their leader, it was not complete. He said their main master said he could only accept the content of the flask if only he brings me to their chapel.

Will that work? And how did I managed the situation? What happened next? Follow me to the next episode. The battle has just began. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

To be continued

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