Why I Can’t Love

Why I Can’t Love – Episode 11

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I was weak so I was told I will be on admission for some days. Francis left and asked one of his attendants to come and take care of me. At night, he went for the flask from his master and was ready for the sacrifice which will make him become the ‘Supremo’ of their kingdom. Now the consequences of they rejecting the content in the flask will mean he loses all that he acquired with the power of the occult.

He submitted the baby and according to the leader, it was not complete. He said their main master said he could only accept the content in the flask if only he brings me to their chapel. Getting to that position means a lot to them because he will the commander in chief of the occult society in the wh0le of Atlanta so they were very critical about it. I was still at the hospital mourning my unseen baby. I couldn’t just imagine how all those things could be happening in my life.

How I wished my mother had listened to the pastor when he was talking about Francis. Sometimes we do think we know it all. Were do make up our minds even before saying we will wait upon the lord direction. My other made us go to the church that day because she wanted God to direct what we should do but she had already made-up her mind so there so there was no way she could hear the lord’s voice. We should try and go to God with a pure heart and mindset. We make money decide what is right for us and relegate the voice of God. Francis became worried because he didn’t know how to get me to their camp. They stored the flask and my womb in another container that was specially made for that business.

The following morning, Francis came to the hospital somewhat worried. I thought he was worried because of the demise of our baby. I called him close to myself and asked him to give it all to God. I also felt guilty for the loss because I thought I could have done better to save our child. As usual, he also did something like consoling me. He said be couldn’t sleep the previous night because he cried the wh0le night. After staying with me for about 30mins, the doctor came into the ward to check on me so that the nurses could also give me my medications. As soon as he saw the doctor come to the room, he approached him. “Doctor how is the condition of my wife now? ” the doctor said I was responding to treatment. Francis asked “So when will you be discharging her to come home? ” the doctor said maybe in two days. Francis was not happy with that idea. But the fact remained that I was weak and can’t do anything to help myself. “Doctoh, I have a very good place in my house. I think you can discharge her now so that we go home. I will pay for your fuel should you come and check on her in the house. I just don’t like the idea of my wife sleeping here again for another two nights. ” Francis requested. ” Sweetheart two days will soon be up and I will come home so don’t worry. I am fine here and besides that too am not complaining.” I said. The doctor did what he was supposed to do and afterwards asked Francis to follow him to his office. Am sure Francis was able to convince him to release me because he really needed me to be at their camp for their meeting that night. Would you imagine that all the members of that occult were prominent people at the Atlanta city of Georgia, USA? The doctor issued command to his nurse to discharge me so that i continue the treatment at home.

The reason why Francis was also eager to let them release me was that he had only one day left and if they didn’t see me there, the process will be cancelled and the consequences too will follow. In fact I couldn’t move so he needed to wheel me to the car. They added the wheel chair to me.

Eventually we got to the house. His attendants actually took care of me that day. I was home but Francis was still not happy. I called my mother in the evening after I regained some small energy. The first question she would ask me was whether we sent some money down to them . Because anytime we send money I do call to inform her. I told her I was not feeling well. She asked whether my time was due to give birth. That was when I started crying on the phone. I told her yes, but I lost the baby. “Oh my daughter how did that happen? ” she asked. I told her my version of how it happened. To every issue, there are two sides. Yours and theirs. My mother felt very bad to hear that from me. She said I should tell Francis to buy her a plane ticket so that she could come and give me motherly care. I told her I will be fine but she was thinking I didn’t want her to come so she said I should give the phone to Francis so that she could talk to him by herself. I called Francis and gave the phone to him. They spoke for about 10mins.

After the call, Francis told me my mother wants to come to Atlanta. So I asked him what his response was to that effect. He said he has no issue about it so she can come. I was happy to hear him say that. In fact that gave me some relieve. I asked him when she would come and he said in two weeks time because the procedures she has to go through are quite complex. Around 11pm that night, Francis said the doctor called him some few minutes ago and requested for my presence at the hospital that night. He said it was very urgent. I didn’t understand the wh0le situation so I became confused. It was time for their meeting and that was the strategy he adopted to get me to their camp. He dressed me up by himself and away we were gone.

Our house to the hospital shouldn’t take more the 10mins drive but Francis was still driving after 20mins. I asked him if we didn’t bypass the hospital but he said we were going to the doctor’s private hospital. All I could see was that we were at a very big building. He packed and asked me to remain in the car and that he would join me later. Before he got down, he gave me a white handkerchief and said it is a gift. That handkerchief was to sedate me to sleep if I should use it on my face. He left the car and went into the big building. You know new things are always attractive.

I was having my own handkerchief but because I have a new one, I decided to use that to clean my face. As soon as I did, I started feeling dizzy . I was expecting Francis to come back so that I tell him I was not feeling well but he was also not coming. Eventually I fell asleep in the car. While I was asleep, they came to carry me, stripped me unclad and clothed me in a particular long red dress. They also blindfolded me. They took me in,side without my knowledge. They all went round me for several times till the drug in the handkerchief lost its sedative power. I became conscious but weak. They tied me to the bed I was placed on so I couldn’t wake up. Then their master came closer and said ” Madam, you are welcome to the home of the history makers.

Today your husband is supposed to be crowned the Supremo of this society and also double his wealth. He has met all the requirements except that we needed you to accept to be part of us and also through you we can get more females into the society. ” please what are you saying? Which society are you talking about and why have you covered my face and tied my hands? ” I asked. He said I needed to accept what he said first then they wil untie me.

That was when I realized that there was something more to what I was thinking. I said “no! I won’t accept anything if I don’t who these people are. ” Your child has already agreed to the offer so we are just waiting for ur response. ” he added. ‘Which child? Do you mean my baby that the doctor declared dead is here?” I asked. “Yes he is. But dead. “Jesus Christ!! What do you mean. Immediately I mentioned the name Jesus, I felt some chaos in the room. There was a very loud sound as if the blast of a bomb. It was the flask. It got bust from the container and my womb and the baby became exposed. The master asked me to shut up. I heard Francis speaking and he said, if I don’t want to go the easy way then they should take me through the hærd way.

“Francis, so you are among these people. What is going on here? ” I asked him but he remained quiet. The hærd way was that they will drain my blood from my system and use for their rituals. Francis came to untie what was used to cover my face. I was shocked to see myself in that place and in what I was wearing. They were all bare chested and only in boxer p-nts. “Francis is this what you do?

😟 And what have I done wrong to deserve all these?” I asked. At times we need to be praying for our relatives leaving outside. We shouldn’t just be interested in the money they will send to us. We need to be praying for their lives as well the work they do. Not knowing, after the call with my mother, she called her pastor and informed him about my story. The pastor upon hearing that from my mother, went into a moment of prayer for me. He prayed very extensively for me. After Francis removed what was used to cover my face, the master said he should pick a knife and thr-st me with it so that they use my blood. I knew I was finished. As soon as he raised the knife, I shouted and said I will do it. They all clapped their hands upon hearing me say I will do it.

The master asked if I was sure. I had other option than to yes I will. He then recited some incantations and called Francis forward. They removed the baby from the broken flask and gave to him to present to their main master. I was surprise to see that. He took the baby and dropped him into a container full of blood. After that they gave him my womb to cut into pieces and share to everyone present. “So Francis you removed my womb because of money? How do I give birth again? ” I asked. The master shouted at me to shut up. I turned my heard only to see the doctor too among the people. “Doctor you are also here. ” I said with more surprise, fear and pain as well as grief. From nowhere, there was a heavy thunder strike which shook the foundations of the building. Everybody fell to the ground but because I was tied, I was static. The things hanging in the room fell to the floor. Even some of them fell on me. Quickly one of them came to release me and said the ritual was over so we needed to ran out of the building.

Francis came to carry me with some sort of speed and we left the room. It was around 4:30am that they finished with the wh0le thing. I changed back into my dress and off we moved to the house. Not knowing, that thunder strike meant the sacrifice and as all the other things were rejected by the powers of the

society.yipee 👍 .. We came home and no one spoke a word to each other. We all went to bed. Around 2:00pm that day his master called and told Francis the sacrifice was rejected with no reason. Francis became disturbed. He asked for the way forward and he was told within 3 days he should bring someone from my family. Quickly Francis remembered the request of my mother. This time around they needed only the blood of the person.

According to his master, he felt the blood from the baby was not enough. Francis became more confused because his life was at stake. Without that sacrifice, he will lose his property and also suffer a deadly disease. He was rich but had no peace. My question is, is it good to be poor and have peace or to be rich without peace?”asem s3b3! Francis then came to me and said he wanted to travel to Ghana that very day so he will make sure the attendants take care of me. I told him I will go with him but he refused. He knew I will never return.

He was making arrangements to get my mother.Hmmm, this life . How did the wh0le thing end? Follow me to the next episode where you’ll know why I have finally decided not to love  again. ALL WAS VANITY.

To be continued

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