Why I Can’t Love

Why I Can’t Love – Final Episode

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Francis became more confused because his life was at stake. Without that sacrifice, he will lose his properties and also suffer a deadly disease. He was rich but had no peace. My question is, is it good to be poor and have peace or be rich without peace? “Asem s3b3! Francis then came to me and said he wanted to travel to Ghana that very day. He promised of making his attendants take good care of me.

I told him I will go with him but he refused. He knew I will never return. Honestly I wouldn’t have returned with him after going through all these torture. He said he may come back with my mother. Anyway, that was planned so didn’t object to it. He left me with some huge sums of money and away he left.

His purpose of going to Ghana was to get my mother for the sacrifice. He came to Ghana for the first time to get me to complete his initial rituals. He has succeeded to some extent and now he needed my mother to get a 100% success. I knew my mother would fall for his tricks because my mother loves money.

Money they say is the root of all evil. I won’t be surprised some humans will choose money over heaven. Francis already had a green card so didn’t have to go through any heckles before travelling. He left for Ghana. It now came to my mind to think of what I did. “Oh why did I agree to be part of the occult group? I should have allowed them to kill me. Oh my God. Meaning I must now do according to their will. Oh no!” I said to myself. My heart began to beat very fast. The reason why they removed my womb was that, that was what differentiate we women from men. So with them removing my womb, I became almost a man. There would be nothing like pregnancy.

The eve of the day Francis left for Ghana, the doctor who did the operation came to the house. When one of the attendants came to inform me that the doctor wanted to see me, I almost asked the attendant to tell him to leave because I was not ready for any of their games. But eventually I asked him to come in. “My queen mother it is you I greet. ” he bent down and said that. I never responded to his occult greetings. “Doctor how could you be so wicked? You watched your fellow human being in the face and killed her baby and doubled up removing her womb. How could you? ” I asked. He was only looking into my face when I was talking. After I finished, he said “Madam Esther my queen, it is not what you think. I have a good news for you. ” how can a killer have a good news for me. But wait, where from that queen thing? I am not your queen and I will never be your queen. What is it that you want to say? ” I said with some sort of anger in my heart. “The womb you saw at the camp the other time was not your womb. I placed someone who died due to PPH’s womb into the flask. I never removed your womb. I am a human as you said and i also have feelings for my fellow. When you were brought to the hospital that day, you gave birth upon arrival but because your husband was there and saw it, I had no other option than to give the baby to him to complete his requirements by our master. He needed the womb in addition but because we needed to do that at the theatre, we made him to go out. I asked one of my nurses to bring the womb of a woman who died after giving birth and went through severe bleeding and had to die. That was the womb we placed in,side the flask. The master did not accept the sacrifice the other time because the genetics of the womb was not the same as your urine that was presented earlier. ” he said.

“Oh my God! This world is very dark. So that was what Francis married me for. Not anything but to enrich himself. He told me you needed my urine to test if I was fit for this environment. So doctor why must he do this to me? “I asked. ” madam sorry but I just felt like letting you know the truth. ” as soon as he had finished talking, he started coughing. The cough became more severe and what I could see was that he had started vomiting blood. I called one of the attendants to come and drive him to his hospital.

On their way, the doctor died . As a commandment of the occult, a member shall not reveal the secret of another member. The punishment for doing that is instant death. The doctor knew this but came to report this to me. His death became a topical issue in the wh0le of Atlanta Georgia, US.

Francis arrived in Ghana and straight to my parents house. He didn’t even call them to pre-inform them that he was coming. He only went there to their surprise. As usual, he informed them that the wedding couldn’t come off due to some one or two reasons. He also told them that my baby died after delivery at the hospital and due to that, I was very weak so needed my mother to come and stay with me till I become strong. On one side, my parents felt bad to hear that I went through that but on the other side, it was a joy for my mother because she going to travel to America.

Francis told them that he needed to be at work the following day so they had to leave at dawn. To be honest, my parents would never miss an evening church service. In the evening, they went to church and this time around, as the prayer was on going, the head pastor point it direct to my mother that she was about to welcome her death. He said, if she obeys what the Lord will direct her to do to avoid that untimely death, it shall be well with her. In my mother’s mind, the pastor was planning to stop him from travelling.

They prayed for her and before they closed, the pastor told her to come and wait on the Lord at the church alone the following day. It was there that she told the church that she was supposed to travel the following dawn so that might not be very possible. She added that her daughter was very sick in America and needed to be with her the following day and besides, the plane ticket was ready.

The pastor only said she should obey the directions of the Lord. My mother was very troubled. “What will it benefit a man when he acquires all the things on this earth and loses his soul? ” My mother turned deaf ear to the voice of the Lord and at dawn, he left with Francis. I called her line several times but I couldn’t get her. The same with my dad’s line. How I wished I could tell them how dangerous Francis was.

In the morning, my father called me to inform me that my mother would be with me in no time. I became worried and narrated all that I went through with Francis. My father almost went into coma after hearing what I said. He quickly called the pastor and informed him about what I said. Without wasting time, the pastor org-nized some elders of the church to come to the chapel so that they pray for my family especially for my mother who had disobeyed the voice of the Lord. They prayed very extensively for my family.

That is a hallmark of a good church. A church that can intercede for its members. In the afternoon, a news came that there was an emergency landing by the Atlanta Airline 50C4 at one of the neighbouring countries of the United States specifically Canada which is to the north of USA. According to the news,there was a poor weather condition so the plane needed to stop at Canada. I knew my mother would be part of those on board. I called my father to inform him about the news. But we thanked God that it wasn’t a crash. The deadline for Francis to bring my mother was that very night and that was why God decided to delay them. God works in ways that we humans won’t understand.

To my mother and Francis, it was a bad omen but to the prayer force mounted back in Ghana, it was a deliverance. A follow up news came that, the plane would leave the following day so people expecting their relatives and business partners should take note. Francis lost his hope upon hearing that announcement. It was just like missing the rapture. Francis was contemplating if his sacrifice would be accepted the following day. He called me on phone and informed me about what was happening on the way. He called his friend the doctor only to be told that the doctor had died. That even increased his anxiety level. Eventually, the following day came and together with my mother they arrived home. Come and see the joy in the house that day. My mother was so happy to be in Atlanta. She came to console me and also informed me about how the pastor nearly stopped her from coming. She said the pastor saw doom for her but she prayed and God asked her to travel because her daughter was also important.

Anyway, we only thanked God and continued with our usual chat. I told her how I missed Ghana but because Francis was around, I couldn’t tell her what I went through. Getting close to the evening around 3:30pm, we heard a very loud explosion from the secret room. The room Francis do refer to as “power room” we rushed out only to see the building on fire . Not to tell lies, the fire service system was very fast over there.

Before we could even think of calling them, they were already in the house trying to put the fire off. They did all they could but the fire burnt everything. His luck was that, the fire burnt everything beyond recognition like they would have arrested him for dealing in drugs. At this moment, Francis began to see the reality of what was about to happen to him. One thing for sure is that the devil will never give you anything for free. He gives with the left and takes with the right. Around 11pm, myself and my mother were awake just chatting specifically about the fire outbreak. Francis came into the room with three glasses of wine. He gave one to my mother, one to me and one for himself. Little did I know that the volume 10 I gave to the security men the other time was not finished. Francis added some to our drink.

It is said that, “the knife you used to kill your friend will be used to kill you too.” We fell asleep and quickly he ordered his security men to carry us into his car. He took us to the camp and blindfolded us. My mother was the main target so she was tied and placed on their alter. They did all their chanting and incantations. By the time they were ready to pierce my mother for them to drain her blood for the ritual, I came into consciousness. The concentration of volume 10 in my mother’s drink was higher than mine so she didn’t know what was happening. In fact we humans are nothing.

My mother was just there as if she was already dead. The only difference between she and a dead person was that she was breathing. Hmmm God is good. Francis was called forward to come and cut the head of my mother. That was when I shouted Jesus!!!!! Francis fell to the ground and went into coma…soski! The master of occult stood up and said the external powers were not ready to accept the sacrifice because the time elapsed.

He then turned to me and said I should take my mother away. He warned that I should be careful not to reveal anything that happened there to anyone if not I will die instantly. He said the doctor died because he exposed the them to me. In addition to that, he said said Francis was not dead only that he went into coma. He said I should rather take care of him because he will be challenged with a chronic disease.

During my nice times with Francis, he taught me how to drive so I drove my mother who had no idea of what was going on home. My mother woke up to see herself in her bed but very weak. He asked of Francis and I told her he was admitted at the hospital. She was surprised and asked what was wrong with her. I told her the thing just happened to him suddenly so they needed to rush him to the hospital.

We went to visit him at the hospital. In fact I cried upon seeing him. We were told he has suffered a shock which has led him to getting stoke. So all in all Francis had stroke. In two days I went to bank to cash out some money from his account to buy something’s to take care of him only to be told that his account was empty. I challenged the cashier that it was not true bit eventually it turned up to be true.

Francis was discharged to come home so that he could continue treatment home. Talking was even a problem for him. It takes him about two minutes to pronounce a word which was even not clear. He asked me to forgive him. I said before I forgive him, he should confess everything that he did to me and my mother. That was when my mother got to know that she was very lucky.

Francis narrated everything to us and in the same way that the doctor died,Francis did same and that was because he revealed the secret of the occult camp. The members of the occult group came around to perform their funeral rites for his body. They also gave us some huge sum of dollars to fly the corps back to Ghana for the final funeral rites. I knew they would say I killed him because I wanted to acquire his wealth so I recorded his confession. I played it to his father and because his knew what his sin was into, never said anything. He arranged did the funeral and Francis was buried. Before we left America, my mother and I sold his house including all his cars to our credit. At least I could use that money to begin another life. After the funeral, his father donated one of Francis’s houses to me and one car to me. He said it was to compensate all that I lose. I became somehow rich but I promised myself not to get engaged to any other man on this earth again because I could say I went through hell with regards to men. Richmond used me as a s€× maniac, William James was good but left me just in the middle of the road. His soul rest in peace. And now it’s Francis. The wicked and devilish lover. I don’t know if to say his soul rest in peace or in pieces.

In life, yes we need money but money shouldn’t be our topmost priority. Let us avoid doing our own will and make room for God to decide for us. Marriage is a wh0le institution on it’s own so it needs patience and prayer to enter. We don’t enter into a marriage just because of the persons wealth. Parents should also carefully an-lyse the person their Ward is going out with and not just the wealth or academic status of the person. It is better to be an average earner and have peace than to be rich through unapproved ways and have no peace.

Do you think I should go into another relationsh¡p?? For me I don’t think I can.

Thank you for following me.

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The End

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