Winds of Fate

Winds Of Fate – Episode 4

Nosakhare sat in his large office. He had been running Goldenberg Insurance Company since he completed his youth service. He inherited the firm from his late mother. It used to be a small company, but, over the years, it had grown into an international establishment reckoned with worldwide. One after the other, his children joined him in running the company immediately they completed their service year. He had placed them in charge of different departments, within the sphere of their capacity. Osayuki had been outstanding. It didn’t matter where he placed her, she always excelled. Her intelligence and knack for business had encouraged him to put her in charge of everything. She was like his second in command. His sons had shown their disapproval, but, he had no choice. No one could handle the reins of the firm like she did.

It had been four weeks since she was attacked. She seemed to be getting better, but, she couldn’t resume work in her frame of mind. He had decided to share her duties amongst all his children. He believed with time, one of them might be able to fill in her position until she gained full recovery and was ready to return to work. He hoped that by the time he retired at eighty, she would take over the company as the CEO. He heard a knock and looked towards the door. His wife, sons and youngest daughter walked in. The women sat on the seats opposite the table while the men stood behind them.

“I feel that one of you should take over your sister’s position, until she returns to work.”

Osaretin smiled from ear to ear. He had been waiting for his father to make that decision for weeks. He believed that he was capable of handling the position as the second in command. His elder brother nodded in agreement with their father. As the first son, he was supposed to be charge, not his sister. Her situation had created an opportunity for him to show his father that he was capable of running the company. He noticed that his younger sister was nodding her head. Osabohen was glad that her father had come to terms with what happened to their sister. She believed that she was capable of taking over from her.

“But, the second in command position cannot be taken lightly. There is a lot at stake. This made me to decide that it is best if your sister’s

position is shared amongst the three of you.”

His first son frowned. Osarodion didn’t like the idea of sharing titles and powers with his siblings. As the first child, it was his right. His younger

brother’s smile faded. Osaretin had thought that their father would choose him. Their sister folded her arms across her bosom. Osabohen didn’t mind sharing powers with her brothers. Overtime, her father would see that she was his best option.

“Thank you for coming. You can all return to your offices,” Nosakhare leaned against the leather seat.

His children walked out of the large room one after the other. He met his wife’s pleased gaze. He smiled back at her.


Efe woke up in the middle of the night. There was a faint sound in the background. It sounded like someone was sobbing.


The thought of her in distress made him to jump out of bed and dash out of the room. He knocked on her door and opened it. He walked in and saw her seated on the bed crying. The room was illuminated by the bedside lamp. He approached her and sat at the side of the bed.

“Are you okay?”


Her anger didn’t come as a surprise to him. Her constant nightmares were enough to drive anyone nuts.

“Do I look okay to you?” she glared back at him.

He swallowed hærd, his eyes darted sideways. If lashing out at him would make her feel better, he was ready to be her punching bag.

“Will I ever be okay?” her tears-stained eyes focused on his sad ones.

He felt sorry for her. He wished he could take away all her pains.

“I keep seeing their faces… I keep dreaming about what happened… I feel like I am going crazy… sometimes, I think… suicide might be the

best option.”

He shook his head, “No! No…” he drew closer, “Don’t ever think about doing that,” his firm voice got through to her.

“But, it is better than…”


“I feel useless, rotten, wasted, wrecked…” she placed both hands on her head.

“Hey… don’t say that.”

“I am tired,” tears began to flow again.

He pulled her into his arms and rocked her liked a baby, “Ssssh… it is okay. It is going to be all right.”

“Where was God when I needed Him most?”

“He was right there with you.”

“Watching?” her voice raised a pitch.

“Yes, watching and making sure that you didn’t die in the moment of your affliction.”

Her w-t eyes brightened, “He saved me from death.”

“Yes he did.”

“Why didn’t he stop them?”

“There are some things we might never fully understand in this lifetime.”


“I don’t know Osayuki.”

The sound of her name on his l-ips had a soothing effect on her fried nerves. She leaned into him, taking comfort in the warmth of his arms.

“I want you to know that God will never leave you or forsake you.”


“He feels your pains…”


“He knows exactly what you are going through.”

“O-kay…” she sounded drowsy.

Is she sleeping?

He pulled away and found out that her eyes were closed. He placed her on the bed gently and tried to get up. She stirred and opened her


“Don’t go… stay with me,” the fear in her voice tug at his heart.

“Okay,” he sat back on the bed.

She closed her eyes and coiled into a ball. He sighed heavily. He would do anything to make her bad dreams to disappear forever. It had been

eight weeks since he had been taking care of her. Her family seemed satisfied with his service. His probation period was definitely over. At thirty-five, he hoped to work and make good money as a nurse and a psychiatrist. Someday, somehow, he would set up his own clinic and psychiatric centre.

God it is all in your hands now.

He looked down at her. It seemed she had fallen asleep again. He got up and sneaked out of the room.


The Ehaekpen’s family sat at the dining, enjoying a delicious meal of pounded yam and egusi soup with assorted bush meat, smoked cat fish and grilled pepper chicken. Silence descended on the room when she walked in, clad in a black and red short evening gown with matching red low heeled gladiator sandals. She had on a shoulder length braids curled at the tips; the attachment was a selective shade of brown. She greeted her parents and siblings, took a seat at the dining and began to dish her food. Her parents exchanged glances. It had been three months since the incident. They were pleased that she looked well and had decided to eat with them.

“How is the company?” she directed her gaze to her siblings, one after the other, “I heard that my duties have been divided amongst you all,” she sipped at her drink.

Osarodion glanced at his father then back at his sister. If they think he would give up his current position as the second in command of the company, although he was sharing the title with his siblings, they had something else coming. He was the first child; he was where he was supposed to be in the first place.

Osaretin stopped eating. He pushed the plate away and caught a glimpse of his parents. They were excited that their favourite child was back on her feet. If she thought she could return to work and take over the reins of the company, she better think again. He wasn’t relinquishing his present position to anyone.

Osabohen dropped her fork and knife on the plate and stared at her elder sister, “You look well…”

“Thank you,” Osayuki smiled at her.

“But, do you think your mind is sane enough to handle the company’s business?” Osabohen searched her face.

Her smile faded. She swallowed the food in her mouth and took a long drink.

“Sabby, that is no way to speak to your elder sister,” her mother rebuked her.

Nosakhare shook his head. At times, his youngest daughter vomited a lot of rubbish.

“Let her be mum. She speaks the truth,” Osarodion held his mother’s shocked gaze.

“I concur,” Osaretin added.

Osabohen smiled. She was pleased that her brothers supported her.

Nosakhare and his wife exchanged glances. Were their children ganging up against their sister? Weren’t they happy that she was recovering?

Osayuki pushed her plate away. She could sense the heat at the table. There were times she wondered if they wanted her to be bedridden for the rest of the year. Heavens forbid!

“Well, well, well, so what I heard is true,” she stared at them.

Her younger sister eyed her. What had she heard? She glanced at her brothers.

Osaretin didn’t care anymore. He was ready to fight for what was rightfully his.

Osarodion was tired of the favouritism in the family. He was ready for war.

“I heard that you all convert my position in the company, you have also seized my car and converted my apartment into a guest house.”

“Your car and the apartment are part of the benefits of your job title…” Osabohen rattled off.

“Shut up!” her shrill tone cut off her younger sister’s defense.

“Don’t tell her to shut up. She is right. You are in no state to run the company. We have taken over,” Osaretin slammed his fist on the table.

“True, your things have been moved back to your father’s house. He can buy you a new car and rent another place for you,” Osarodion added.

She pushed the chair backwards and got up, “You have no right… none of you… no right at all,” Osayuki stared at them stonily.

“Enough!” Nosakhare thundered.

She looked at her father, “You allowed them to do this.”

“It is not like that,” the hurt in her eyes saddened.

She shook her head and marched out.

“Osayuki…” her mother called after her, but, she didn’t respond. Etinosa turned to look at the rest of her children. What had gotten into them


Osaretin started to eat. He liked the way things had turned out.

Osabohen smiled and hummed to herself. The favourite child should go back to her shell. She wasn’t wanted in their midst. Her tenure was


Osarodion met his father’s angry stare. He looked away and sipped at his drink. He believed that if he allowed his father to have his way, he would make his younger sister the CEO of the company when he retired. It was time to stop that from happening.


Osayuki found her father’s car keys in his bedroom. She took it and headed out. She found her father’s black Hummer jeep parked in the usual place, got in and drove into the dark quiet street. It was past eight. An hour drive would do her some good. She had one of her new phones with her. She would be able to reach Efe if need be. She should have called him earlier, but, she had a feeling that he might convince her not to leave the house. Her vision became blurry. She wiped her w-t eyes with the back of her hand. She was angry at every single member of her family.

Moments later, she realized that she was on the road leading to Eko Hotel and Suites. She became alarmed when she remembered that the beach was also close by. She had been attacked on the beach by someone she hærdly knew and two hoodlums. The darkness of the night intensified her realm of thoughts. Her heart raced wildly. She found a s₱0t at the parking lot outside Kuramo beach and parked the car. She got out and paid one of the boys hanging around to watch it.

Her erratic thoughts pushed her towards Bar beach. She removed her red gladiator sandals and climbed over the huge rocks. The sand felt cool beneath her feet. Her heart thundered against her chest. She began to feel a nagging headache. She walked around, looking for the bamboo hut that was covered with blankets.

What am I doing here? Why did I come here? I shouldn’t have left the house.

She sighted the hut at a distance and froze. She fell on her knees and throw up. She took in long in-take of breath and exhaled, it had a

calming effect on her nerves. She dialed Efe’s number on her phone and waited for it to ring.


The sound of his voice eased her chaotic thoughts, “Efe… come and get me.”

“Osayuki, where are you?”

“I am at Bar beach.”

“What in the world!”

“Come and get me.”

“When did you leave the house? I thought you were having dinner with your family.”


“I am on my way. Try and relax and breathe, okay, deep breaths.”

“Deep breaths…” she repeated and inhaled. She sat on the sand and hoped that he would come soon. She wasn’t sure she would be able to walk back to the car. She checked the time on her phone; it was nine o’clock on the dot.


Efe found the Ehaekpen family in the dining room, arguing.

“I am sorry to disturb you sir…” he approached Nosakhare.

“It’s okay,” he motioned for him to come.

He bent down and whispered into the sixty year old man’s ear. His dark eyes w¡dened in shock. He got up immediately and picked up his phone.

Efe took a step back.

“Honey what is it?” Etinosa worried look captured his alarmed face.

His eyes darted at her, then across the table. He pointed an accusing finger at his children.

“Your sister has put herself at risk because of all of you.”

Etinosa got to her feet. She glanced at Efe, then back at her husband. She hoped Osayuki had not come to any harm.

“I will be right back,” he gave his wife a peck on the cheek and hurried out of the room with the male nurse.

She turned to her children, “If anything happens to your sister, I am holding each one of you responsible,” she eyed them and walked out of

the room.

Osabohen hissed. She wished she could leave. She would rather be home browsing or watching Telemundo.

Osarodion sat back on his seat. He hoped his sister wasn’t in any kind of danger. She had gone through enough.

Osaretin crossed his arms and stared at his empty plate. He was still boiling within. He didn’t care what happened to his sister. He was tired of his parents’ constant attention towards her.


Nosakhare and his daughter’s nurse arrived at the beach. He dialed her number and got a description of where she was. After about ten minutes, they found her seated on the sand crying. Efe lifted her and swept her up in his arms. He carried her back to his car while her father searched for his Hummer jeep. He found it and paid off the boys that were watching it. Efe called Doctor Bia and intimated him of her present condition. The doctor suggested that they should bring her to the hospital immediately.

Osayuki heard people arguing and fighting at a distance. She looked out of the window and watched them. Efe noticed the expressions on her face. At first, it was a curious look, then recognition, but, it was replaced by fear, pain then anguish. He followed her gaze and saw two men fighting. Suddenly, she started to scre-m. He jumped out of the front seat and joined her at the back seat of the car. She held her head with one hand and pointed at the men with the other. Her father hurried to her side.

“What is happening?”

Efe pointed at the hoodlums that were fighting. He followed his direction. “I think she recognized them.”

Nosakhare nodded and dialed the number of the detective in charge of his daughter’s case.

Efe tried to calm her but to no avail. He wished he had brought along a tranquilizer.

“Breathe… take long deep breaths.”

She nodded and shut her eyes. Her breathing came fast and hærd. She had just seen the men that attacked her. Her mind was going crazy.

Fourty-five minutes later, two uniformed men arrived. Nosakhare approached them and pointed at the hoodlums. They were still arguing and other riffraff gathered around them. The policemen separated the men and dragged them towards Efe’s car.

“Do you know these men?” her father pointed at the hoodlums being held by the policemen. She looked at them. One of them had a deep scar

across his face and the other had a disfigured ear. She nodded quickly.

“Daddy… they raped me. I asked them for help, but, they raped me,” she began to weep. He pulled her close and hugged her. He felt his blood

boiling with fury. If not for the presence of the policemen, he would have taken laws into his own hands.

“It is okay darling. They are going to pay for what they did to you,” Nosakhare signaled to Efe and got out of the car. The male nurse drew

her close and comforted her.

Nosakhare called the detective again and intimated him on what had happened. He gave one of the policemen his phone and watched him

communicate with the detective. The officer returned the phone and dragged one of the hoodlums to their vehicle. His colleague dragged the other along.

Efe and his boss set off for Saint Nicholas hospital.

Doctor Bia attended to her that night and discharged her after he had confirmed that she was in a good frame of mind.

Nosakhare was surprised to meet his children in the sitting room when he got home at about eleven. He thought they had gone home. They circled around him, hungry for news.

Etinosa followed Efe to Osayuki’s room and helped him to settle her in for the night.

“Just thank God for your sister’s life. The two hoodlums that raped her that night have been caught.”

“Wow! Praise the Lord!” Osarodion was relieved at the news.

“I am going to see the detective tomorrow morning. Those men are going to pay for the misery they caused my daughter,” Nosakhare said with determination.

“I will come with you dad,” Osarodion volunteered.

“Okay, okay,” he settled on a chair. He was tired, but relieved at how the night had turned out.

“I am going to check up on her,” Osabohen left the room.

Osaretin was still angry at how the family dinner had ended. He wondered if Mrs. Grace had turned in for the night. He thought of going to

look for something to chew in the kitchen. He would have to spend the night in his parents’ place. He couldn’t go home, it was already late.

Etinosa  sat beside her daughter. She had not said a word since she was brought home that night. Efe had narrated what happened. She was grateful to God that two out of the three men that molested her had been caught. She decided to sleep in her daughter’s room that night.

She wanted her to feel safe.

…to be continued

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