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Witches lust episode 5



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Written ✍ #Sadiq_Ace_Infinity


Though I didn’t feed on humans like the way other witches do, I despise them.. But coming to this school made me despise them even more…. Humans are so… miserable.. and vicious no wonder Rose doesn’t feel any remorse for them..
The one I despised the most was the one with my necklace Riley… For some reason I don’t know why I developed Hatred for him cause the guy seems like a nice guy but I just felt like I hated him… The more he held on to my necklace the more I hated him..

That morning at school when I saw him approaching towards me, I thought he was going to try and toast me like all the other miserable guys I’ve turned down.. But I was mistaken all he wanted to do was say hello bur despite that I gave me a mean stare to back off..
I was expecting him to try and be stubborn, to make efforts in making me talk to him but he backed down quietly and went to his seat…

As I watched him go back and seat down.. K saw his face and he wasn’t pleased by the way I treated him but I didn’t want him to know about my secret..
While we were at the class another problem case came at me… His name was Isaac.. Seeing how he carried himself and his ego, I knew this kind of guy will be too easy to break and humiliate if you want to hurt these type of guys, you have to deflate their ego and crush so hard, they won’t get back up and that’s what I did, if there’s anything that breaks a guy’s confidence, its by totally ignoring him as If he wasn’t there, never pay attention or look at him, just ignore him completely…

Poor Isaac after so many attempts, He tried hid trump card which was money… Let’s see we witches aren’t obsessed about money as the humans.. Why? because we don’t need money to move around.. We don’t need money to eat.. We don’t need money to buy stuff, we don’t need money to win anyone over.. Money is worthless to us.. We have magic and with that anything is possible…

Seeing Isaac drop that useless piece of paper on my desk made me laugh within… To break him totally, I stood up and went back to another seat.. Simple and easy…
Everyone in the room was surprised of course, to them money is everything but not me… No way..
Isaac left in shame and disgrace and it serves him right… As I was reading, I overheard Riley and his friends discussing about the issue, so I decided to eavesdrop on them…
For those of you who know, we witches have a keen sense of hearing and that gives us the ability to hear people’s thoughts.. I heard what they were talking about and found out it wasn’t much of a thing, so I concentrated on my book..

After lecture, I went to the cafeteria to eat.. I had already gotten used to the crowd so I decided to seat in the cafeteria… As I was eating, I sensed the necklace presence here.. That Riley guy must be hear.. Why is he always carrying it all around? The only reason why I let him hang on to it is because I don’t like killing humans if not… He would have been 6 foot in the grave right now…

While I was having a peaceful moment eating, Another problem case came and stood close to me, This one was new and I haven’t heard of him, He sounded so confident thinking he could get me to talk but he is wasting his time because I won’t…

He tried his best to talk to me but I refused to give him the attention he needed, seeing he wasn’t going anywhere, He started to pour insults at me… At first I didn’t mind but he kept saying words that hurt me.. He was right about one thing though… I was lonely… Of course I have family and friends but who wouldn’t get tired of seeing the same people over and over again for 200 years…
I felt angry, I felt hurt… I wanted to hurt this guy so bad, I wanted to use my magic and crush him but doing that now, would expose my identity… I sat there listening to that bastard insulting me while his friends laughed..
Just before I could lose myself and blast this guy to oblivion, Riley came to my rescue… I was surprised to be honest… Why would he stand up for me after how i treated him in class…. Why would he save me?
Riley stood for me, humiliating the bastard with words, he completely made the guy look like a fool..
Everyone in the room backed up what Riley said.. The guy seeing his groove was been scattered, he tried another means and that was Violence but Riley was backed up by his friends.. The guy turned around asking his guys to back off, but he was planning something else… I heard his thoughts and saw what he planning to do, as soon as Riley turned around, the Guy decided to use the chance and hurt Riley but before he could attack I casted a spell on him….

Jinns and spirits arent the one creatures that have the ability to control people’s bodies… Like the *Obanjes* they’re spirits who take over people’s bodies especially new borns causing grief for people around them.. Of course they don’t last long…
As I casted a spell on the bastard taking control of his bodies, I used my magic, grabbing hold of his internals organs, pressing and squeezing the life out of them, I used my gaze to grab the bastards heart inflicting pain within him…
He shouted rolling hard on the fall crying out for help, I wanted to end the bastard right there and then bursting his heart to pieces but I realized my moral code of not hurting humans, I released the spell and went out of the cafeteria….
As I walked out, I became afraid.. Because of my anger, I almost killed a guy, despise the fact he was a bully, I fell sorry for him…. I just hope I haven’t done any damage…
As I walking away, I sensed someone was following me and he was gaining up to me and to my surprise it was Riley.
He followed me and returned my book which I had forgotten while I left the cafeteria…
As he handed over the book, I looked at him wondering why he was so nice to be after I was being cold towards him.. In that moment.. Or rather for the first time in the 200 years of my life, I’ve never felt an attraction towards anyone except now.. I collected my book and thanked him.. smiling.. After that I walked away.. Even though I was far away from him, I could hear him shout with joy..

Through out that day.. I felt an excitement in my heart, even when I went home, I had a smile on my face..
Everyone back home was surprised about my expression. Being happy for no reason in the witch world is an offense except if you’re happy when you’ve done some mischief…
As I entered the house, I saw my friend, Esther.. Esther is my best friend since we were little, we were like sisters, Esther is not a witch, she’s a water spirit… Let me put it in a regular naija language.. “#Mammy_water or #mermaid

In case you all don’t know mermaids are real and as their myth and legends go, they’re really beautiful creatures but don’t let that fool you, they’re very mean cannibals, They feed on human like the way humans feed on goats and chickens.
They use their beauty to lure their prey especially Men,… Men can’t resist their charms no matter what… But their charms don’t work on women.. But that doesn’t mean they don’t eat the women as well.
Word of advice for you all reading this, if you see a mermaid, run for your life.. If not..

I was surprised to see her cause we haven’t met for like 80 years or so.. As soon as I came in, we hugged each other warmly..


Esther ➑ Christy, see as you grow o..

Christen ➑ You too, it’s been a while, how’s Calabar?

Esther ➑ Girl, Calabar is still the same.. Always getting to feed on juicy plumb men.. I just ate a man who was having sΒ£x with his fiancee, they proposed before having sΒ£x with her. Here’s his wallet (shows wallet)

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Christen ➑ Ah… Esther why now? What about the woman..

Esther ➑ Oh I saved her for later, she’s at the bottom of the Calabar habour.. She’s dead.

Christen ➑ Esther, you never change..

Esther ➑ So how about you? I heard you’ve started going to the university..

Christen ➑ Yes… Its a bore, trust me.

Esther ➑ A bore huh, then why are you smiling?

Christen ➑ (blushes) Nothing

Esther ➑ Don’t fool me.. I’ve known you for 150 years so stop lying to me..

Christen ➑ Okay, I’ll tell you.


I told Esther everything that happened from the time I lost my necklace till the present..
Esther listened with rapt attention looking at me blankly..


Esther ➑ Christen, you’re in love with a human.

Christen ➑ No! I’m not..

Esther ➑ Yes, you are, I’ve also romanced humans as well and I know the feeling.

Christen ➑ So where are they now?

Esther ➑ I ate them.. They had this stupid notion of mermaids granting wishes.. Those greedy bastards.

Christen ➑ But falling in love with a human, is it possible to you know…

Mermaid ➑ No it’s not… In fact it’s unthinkable.. It can never work..

Christen ➑ And why wouldn’t it work?

Esther ➑ because of your age differences, humans don’t last long as we do and it has never been done before…

Christen ➑ So what do you suggest I do?

Esther ➑ Simple, either forget about the guy or have a nice relationship with him for a while and then…

Christen ➑ And then what?

Esther ➑ Kill him now..

Christen ➑ Esther!!! You’re too mean..

As we were talking.. My sister Rose came walking in, laughing cynically as always! There’s not a day goes by , she doesn’t come back home without a laugh.. Sometimes I wonder Is she’s gone crazy.


Rose ➑ Hello everyone… Esther it’s been a while..

Esther ➑ Hey Aunty rose, long time..

Rose ➑ Yes you…. Christen..

Christen ➑ Yes?

Rose ➑ Why are you smiling!?


Hearing my sister ask that made my heart jump.. If I told her about what happened and about Riley.. She would find him and drain the poor guy and his entire family.. So I decided to tell her about what i did to that Bastard in school… We witches cant lie to one another cause we can read each other’s thoughts but it doesn’t always work that way.. Lower witches can’t read or see the thoughts of witches who are powerful than them.. Even if we cast our magic on them, it won’t work.


Christen ➑ Uhm.. I took control of a guy’s body and made him feel terrible. Believe me. It felt good…


Rose looked at me for a while then she smiled and rushed at me giving me a tight hug… I was surprised by her reaction…Did she believe my story?


Rose ➑ Oh my little sister, you don’t know how happy I am… Finally you’re realizing your potential… Oh everyone will be so happy about this…

Christen ➑ Thanks sister..


After that Rose went back to her room, Esther laughed quietly as she saw the look of relief on my face.. Soon I joined her laughing about the whole scenario.
Just then I felt the presence of my necklace and from the vibe, I was getting it wasn’t good.. I quickly left the house and teleported to where the vibe was coming from..
As I reached there, I saw Riley being strangled by tree branches, in front of him was a Xrypst.

In the witch world, Witches and Wizards are classified into two.. Enchantres and Xrypst, Enchantres are the dominant and the most powerful witches, they’re so powerful that they don’t speak or weave signs to cast a spell, they used their stare to cast magic. While the Xrypst are the exact opposite, they’re lowly witches and don’t have any power except when they feed on a humans life force.. They’re not as much as the Enchantres… And I am among the Enchantres..
Seeing that Xrypst strangled Riley made me boil with rage…

Christen ➑ Hey, drop him… NOW!

Witch ➑ An enchantres!? Why can’t you leave us lowly witches alone even when we try to feed, this human is mine…

Christen ➑ I said drop him.. And leave..


The witch seeing I was alone and young decided to attack me but she made a wrong move, she directed her branches at me hoping to impale me but she forgot something.. She was in my zone..
I countered her spell and directed the branches at her.. The branches skewered her body like suya, she shouted out in pain trying to break free. I made the branches surround her like a snake and after she was completely covered.. I made the branches squeeze her till she was smashed inside.. I opened the earth below and dropped her body inside… Her blood will add nourishment to the trees anywhere..

After that, I went to where Riley was and to my surprise, Esther was all over him and she opened her jaw wide with her teeth baring out fangs, she was about to eat him, I quickly blasted a bolt of lightning at her direction startling her.


Esther ➑ Are you crazy!?

Christen ➑ What are you doing?

Esther ➑ Eating him of course, he tastes so delicious..

Christen ➑ He’s the guy I was telling you about..

Esther ➑ Wait oh… This guy is Riley, how did you know he was here?

Christen ➑ He has my necklace so it allows me to know where he is..

Esther ➑ NAWAOH!! I’ll say.. He looks cute..

Christen ➑ Stop it, let me take him to his house..

Esther ➑ I’ll be waiting for you here..

I went close to Riley and placed my hands on him, within seconds we teleported into his room, Luckily no body was around but considering how late he was, his Parents might be worried and it was be awkward to see their son here..
So I casted a spell on the house making everyone think he was here all along, after that I disappeared out of his room and out of sight….


Enchantres and Xrypst are not real just my own creation… But mammy waters are real OK abeg, make you run if and when you see one. 😁😁

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