Witches Lust season 4

Witches lust season 4 episode 75

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Author :- Sadiq Infinity (Capri Leo)

Chapter 75 :- Dimensional mystery 1


Time in the dimension of the moving landscape was different from that of the land of the living (earth). Unlike most dimensions, time here is super slow but one can never tell because of the dark clouds that always covered the skies. A year in this dimension equals an hour in the human world but the interesting thing is nothing changes when one is stuck in this dimension ; that is to say time doesn’t affect anything that is in this dimension. Despite the fact that nothing gets affected by time, that doesn’t mean that change doesn’t take place. For instance, with the exception of dry season this dimension has all the natural seasons humans experience on earth and in this dimension the seasons last for a very long time. Another mysterious change was the moving landscape that changes the dimension’s landmark location making it very difficult to locate or track anyone or anything else.
Despite all these strange phenomenon, it’s pretty clear that staying in this dimension would be extremely difficult and life threatening but that wasn’t the case for Riley and Christen who had managed to survive through all this.
At first, living in this dimension was hard for the couple especially for Riley wasn’t used to living without the modern necessities of life. Since there was no technology or internet, Riley was forced to adapt and learn to live like those in the stone age in order to survive but thanks to his wife Christen, things weren’t so bad .

As the days turned into weeks and months, Riley and Christen eventually settled into their temporary home training themselves to be stronger. Unlike her husband, Christen’s training was more easier cause not only was she in the very place that suited her magic but the peaceful tranquility of this dimension allowed her to focus completely. As for Riley, he worked hard train his mind and body to overcome any challenges or threat that he might face with in the future. Not only did he work on his fighting skills, Riley also worked on his teleportation ability. He trained hard and sometimes sparred with Christen to push his limits to see how far he could go in a real fight. Despite getting beat down by Christen many times , Riley soon made progress and eventually mastered the most difficult teleportation which was *Master teleportation*.

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However, training wasn’t the only thing that Riley and Christen engaged themselves in. The couple also took the advantage of their free time to enjoy each other’s company more by making love frequently. With nobody else around to interfere in their affairs, Riley and Christen went all out to fulfill their naughty desires to their heart’s content enjoying every moment of it like it was their last, even their honeymoon moments could never be compared to the jungle love the couple engaged in and enjoyed.
Riley and Christen may have enjoyed their time together like never before but things weren’t always Sunshine and rainbows. There were times when things were difficult for the both of them to the point that not only was their will tested but also their bond and faith as a couple. One of the very first reason for this difficulty was shelter. Shelter was very hard to find thanks to the landscape that constantly changes unexpectedly. Even with Christen’s magic, maintaining shelter was impossible cause once the land moves, everything falls apart. Another difficulty was the long seasons that was hard to endure and with the impossibility of shelter maintenance, Riley and Christen were forced the endure and cope. Another challenge faced by the couple was their lack of teamwork towards leaving the dimension.
Ever since Riley and Christen were marooned on this dimension 90yrs ago (90days), they’ve failed to find the pond which was their ticket of getting out of this place. At first, the couple didn’t make a scene but after so many failures, they each began to show their frustrations towards each other.

So presently during a terrible blizzard, Riley and Christen holed themselves up in a mountain and sat in front of a fire warming themselves up while eating a roasted rabbit. Riley who had noticed the awkward silence of his beloved wife reached out and asked what was bothering her but the answer he got wasn’t pleasing at all.

Riley ➑ Honey, what’s wrong? You look tense.

Christen ➑ Why not? It’s your fault that we’re stuck in the place.

Riley ➑ Excuse me? How is this my fault?


Riley ➑ I can’t believe you’re still upset about that night. Come on Christen, what’s gotten into you? It’s not like you’re the only one stuck here in this dimension.

Christen ➑ (hiss)

Riley ➑ Did you just hiss at me?

Christen ➑ So? What are you going to do about it?

Riley ➑ You know, I’m starting to get sick and tired of you treating me like some helpless individual. As a man, it’s up to me to deal with difficulties. What I do is up to me not you.

Christen ➑ You selfish ingrate! How can you say that? Your responsibility is to your family only and nothing else.

Riley ➑ I know but you don’t care about responsibility, you just want to keep me wrapped around you like some pet. Life is all about taking risks Christen not running away from them.

Christen ➑ Risks?? What risks? Your foolish acts of heroism isn’t risk. It’s suicide. You have no obligation towards that.

Riley ➑ I do. You very well know what happens when a threat arises and starts causing havoc. Tell me Christen, what would do to protect the ones you love? What would you do to prevent harm from getting to them.

Christen ➑ Anything but that’s doesn’t mean that you should…

Riley ➑ Christen, I’m a man and as the head of the house, it’s my responsibility to protect my family. As long as there’s a danger that threatens the lives of the people especially the ones I care about, I’ll stop at nothing to put it down. I can’t look the other way and pretend it’s not my business cause sooner or later, that threat will find it’s way to us. The best way to prevent a wild fire from going around is to put it out when there’s still smoke.

Christen ➑ It doesn’t have to be you to put out the fire. There’s no need for you. I just want us to stay with each other forever.

Riley ➑ There’s no forever Christen cause we will all die eventually and speaking of being together, how long will it last if we stay and watch as the world burns?

Christen ➑ I like you husband but this side of you disgusts me. I hate it. If you want to throw your life away fine but know that I will be the last thing you ever see. Get out of my sight, I need some space.



Life in this strange and mystical dimension has been very thorough for both Christen and I ever since we were marooned here to train. As each day passed, we were forced to deal with the tough challenges and mysteries of the dimension which not only tested our will but it also tested our bond as couples. Honestly, I must admit that we had some good times but it didn’t last long cause the pressure of this dimension was starting to get to us especially Christen.

Having this kind of argument with Christen isn’t something new and despite how heated our argument was, we always work things out. The best thing about marriage is that the more time you spend with your soul mate, the more you get to know them better. After my quarrel with Christen, I complied to her request and left the mountain heading outside. Luckily for me, the blizzard had ceased at that moment and cold wind had died down but still the atmosphere was very cold. As soon as I got outside, I decided to engage myself in something to distract my thoughts away from Christen for the time being. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to try skiing β›· on the snow but since I had no equipment, I decided to give up on the idea.

The winter may be deadly but it is sure a beautiful sight to behold and never in my life did I thought I would live to experience it. After walking in the snow for like minutes, I decided to return back to Christen and patch things up with her but before I could get to her, something unexpected happened. Suddenly, I felt the ground tremble tremendously as if it was going collapse. I realized instantly what was going to happen but what surprised me was what came next. Normally when the landscape in this dimension is about to shift, the change occurs in a steadily manner but this time around it was different.

Back when my mom was alive, she used to tell Lionel and I stories about the apocalypse that will occur in the end of the world. Every detail she narrated was similar to what was occurring right in front of my eyes, the ground shook violently uprooting itself from the ground like a tidal wave, the trees and mountains collapsed instantly not mention the strong and powerful wind that destroyed anything on it’s path. Witnessing all of these doomsday occurrences wasn’t as bad as being in the center of it all and if I were still a human being I would have been long dead. Fortunately for me, I was no longer human but still that doesn’t guarantee my chances of getting out of here alive but my life wasn’t my concern at the moment, it was Christen that I was more worried about.

Considering what was going on before me, I knew my only exit out of this chaotic situation was teleportation which I used without hesitation. Seconds later, I reached to the mountain where I left Christen but to my surprise nothing was there except an enormous hole big enough to swallow half of Ibadan city. I dropped on my knees fearing that Christen might have been killed but then I realized that she was too stubborn to die and if anything else she’s a witch. Her chances of survival were greater than mine, so I concluded that she might be alive.
Although I still have hope about seeing Christen again, finding her would be very difficult. Ever since Christen and I came to this dimension, we haven’t had the chance to explore it very much, we were stuck in one place which we believed it was the safest and not for once have we ever been apart until now. Despite feeling distraught about Christen’s mysterious absence, I filled myself with hope and decided to go look for her wherever she might be. It doesn’t matter how long it takes cause as long as she’s still alive, I’ll never stop until I find her.
After making my decision, I took off and went to find Christen. Walking was definitely a bad idea so I began to teleport to higher grounds in order to get a perfect view. For a while, I kept teleporting from one location to another searching for my wife and the chaos going on in the dimension was worse than ever. For a moment, I believed that I was safe from harm but desperate attempt to find Christen distracted me from realizing that there was also danger from above. Suddenly as I arrived at one location to take a clear view of the ground below me, an unexpected lightening bolt struck the place I was standing on knocking off my feet. Luckily for me, the lightening missed me by a few meters but the impact knocked me out hard that my body went numb and within a matter of seconds, I was out cold.

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That Riley! He really burns me up with his macho nonsense. His selfless act of heroism is what I hate about him. Why does he have to be the one to carry the cross? He has a much bigger responsibility to handle other than worrying about others.
As much as I’m angry with Riley right now, I blame myself for stirring up such unnecessary tension between us. Honestly, I wanted to blame him for us being here and I wanted to spoil his mood by making him feel guilty but I guess I was being too selfish. After all, I’m not the only one stuck on this dimension.

After Riley left, I regretted my actions and wanted to follow him and apologize but my pride wouldn’t let me. I didn’t want to admit that I was wrong but then as the guilt of my actions weighed in my heart, I decided to wait for his return and apologize. For a while, I sat in alone in the mountain anticipating Riley’s return but there was no sign of him. In that moment, I decided to go out and find him but before that could happen, something unexpected occurred.

The movement of the landscape in this dimension was nothing new to me but then again something about it was different time. As the earth began to shake violently as if it was going to tear itself apart, I teleported myself to the mountain top to see what was happening. If there’s a word that I would use to describe what was happening before me, then it’s *doomsday*. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before, the chaos unfolding before my very eyes might be something the humans would refer to as the end of the world. Nothing like this has ever happen since Riley and I came to the dimension, I thought the long seasons were worse but it turns out we haven’t seen anything. As I stood watching at what was happening, I realized that Riley wasn’t here with me. In that moment, I panicked and instantly flew into the air to search for him but before I could get far, a powerful wind which mysteriously appeared knocked me hard. I was flung across the air like a stone from a catapult, I tried to slow myself down but before that could happen, I slammed my back and head into a nearby tree. I felt the impact of the collision and fell on the soft snow where I passed out a few seconds later but before I could close my eyes, something large dropped out of the air and descended upon me.
To be honest, I thought that I was dead believing that I was crushed by something big but that wasn’t the case. Eventually, I woke up finally and found myself in a strange place. Here I was in an ancient temple and on a soft bed not to mention myself dressed in a soft white silky gown that barely covers my luscious body. My hair was properly washed and brushed, my skin was glowing and my wrists and ankles were wrapped with golden bracelets. For a moment, I thought I was dreaming but I soon realized I wasn’t after I got out of the bed and went to the balcony and saw the view before me.
Here before my very eyes, there was long but narrow mountain path and by each side, there were large stone statues that looked exactly like the ones in the history museum back in Ibadan but unlike those statues, these ones had hands and legs not to mention that they looked alive. In that moment, I teleported myself from the balcony straight to the ground and walked passed the statues to see where exactly I was but before I could get far, one of the statues rose up and blocked my path. As I stared and observed the statue from a close range, I realized it was 13feet tall and very intimidating. Before I could take another step, the statue reached out and tried to grab me but before that could happen, I struck the stoney monstrosity with a powerful lightening blast reducing it to dust. After that assault, another statue rose again and tried to grab me but before I could make any move, the bracelets on my wrists and ankles tightened hard on my skin negating my powers but it didn’t stop there. Apart from negating my powers, the bracelets inflicted me with immense pain all over my body that I was forced to scream. Whilst I was succumbing to my agonizing torment, I heard a cruel laughter behind me and as I turned around, I noticed it was a man.
It wasn’t just any man, this man was big in size and covered in amulets from his neck, arm and wrists. Apart from the amulets, the man also had this native ancient attire that was been used at the early days and growth of the yoruba kingdom. As for looks and appearance, the man skin was as black as coal, his cheeks was filled with tribal marks which made him really ugly. Despite of all this, what really caught my attention about the man was the necklace around his necklace which not only had a strong essence of dark magic but it was also an ancient magical craftsmanship that had died a long time ago. As the man stood right next to me, he smiled and stared at me lustfully grabbing hold of his lower region tugging it gently. I didn’t need to read his mind to know what he was thinking.

Christen ➑ Who are you?

Abegubrin ➑ Abegunrin, the greatest kakanfo to ever live and the protege of Ogún.

Christen ➑ Whoever you are, you’re going to regret this.

Abegubrin ➑ (laughs) It’s been so long since I saw a woman not to mention of a beautiful witch. My master will be pleased when I offer him to you on a golden platter as his wife.

Christen ➑ Over my dead body. Release me at once.

Abegubrin ➑ (laughs) You’re a feisty one but don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for me to break you and once I’m done, you’ll serve my master faithfully until the end of time.

Christen ➑ Go to hell. I’d rather die.

Abegubrin ➑ SILENCE.

In that moment, Abegunrin touched the necklace around his neck making the bracelets to cause me more pain. The brute enjoyed every moment my torment as he watched me screaming with pain. If only my magic hadn’t been blocked, I would have shown this pig this dark side of life. After torturing me for some minutes, Abegunrin ordered one of the statues to bring me back into the temple. I wish I could teleport myself out of this man’s reach but the bracelets had also made me impossible for me to do that, whoever made this bracelets must have imbued them with powerful magic. Without magic to break myself free, I just hope I find some other way to escape and I certainly hope that Riley is alive.

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πŸŽƒ Omni-Pov πŸŽƒ

Separated and alone on the one of the higher grounds of this dimension, Riley remains unconscious thanks to the impact of the lightening blast that had struck him hard. For a while, things weren’t looking so good for Riley considering the fact that the landscape was still in it’s chaotic state and place that he was laying unconscious began to collapse gently. Before things could get worse for Riley, a mysterious stranger covered in a long cloak comes to his rescue and teleports them both to safety.
Moments later after receiving treatment, Riley wakes up and finds himself in a small bamboo hut right next to a burning fire. Confused by what was going on, Riley sits up and observes the hut for a while. Thinking that it was his wife that brought him into this hut, Riley gets on his feet and exits the hut hoping to see Christen but as soon as he gets outside, he sees a different face instead.
Sitting on a mat just a few steps from hut is a stunning woman with gem bracelets around her neck, wrists and ankles. On top of the woman’s head is a crown made up of different kinds of beautiful leaves and as for her attire, the lady wears a dark blue silky strapless robe with a golden embroidery on it’s front. Stunned by the woman’s physique and elegance, Riley stared at her lustfully for a while before conversing with her.

Riley ➑ Excuse me, where am I and who are you?

Ayoka ➑ Ayoka, daughter of Oshun wife of Sango.

Riley ➑ WHAT??

To be Continued

Next episode ➑ Dimensional mystery 2 :- the last Orishas.

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