November 29, 2021

Without Bridges episode 11


Without Bridges

Episode 11
My heart was literally bleeding, how could life be so unfair? Making me fall in love with my r*pist’s son.

I felt like my life was entangled in one telemundo soap opera; a bad dream I needed to wake from.

I almost went mad at the thought of it, though I didn’t let it show. I only glared at him; I’ve been dating my r*pist’s son.

“My .. . My name is….” I stuttered.

“Dad how many times do I have to tell you it’s Aisha” David interrupted, “You’re already making her nervous” he complained holding me closer.

“I apologise dear” Mr. Titus said afterwards. I saw an older lady walk in. She was on a low cut, she had grey hair. She was holding a tray along with a younger one.

“That’s my mom and my sister” David whispered.

Mrs. Coker’s eyes were fixed on me. It looked at me strangely and I wondered why.

“Good morning Mom” David greeted and I also did.

“She’s a beauty” the sister commented and I shut my eyes as my heart pounded faster. I didn’t know if I could bear the pain, this shock- I was in love with in love with Mr. Titus son.

Suddenly i remembered all David told me about his family and what he did as a kid.

I turned to David, and all I could see was the boy who lied against me.

I stepped back a bit shaking my head. “I can’t do this” I muttered to myself, “What?” David asked, “I’m sorry but I can’t” I replied running out.

“Baby!” David called out to me, “Aisha!” He called out again, coming after me. “Darling what’s going on?”


need some time alone to think”

“Is it your nerves? Let me drop you home”

“I’ll take a cab”

“Aisha I can’t let you do that” he argued and I ran past the car. “Aisha lets talk” he begged and I turned to him in tears. “I can’t”

“Why are you crying?” He asked, he looked really worried. “Please open the door” I said to the security and he did. I walked out of the gate and Dave followed me holding my hands.

“Let’s talk”

“Leave me alone David!” I yelled, “I can’t do this” I cried out then I stopped a cab.


“I can’t continue with this David, it’s over” I announced then entered into the cab. I glanced at David who stood still in shock; he said nothing. Afterwards, I saw him run after the cab. It was too late.

I rushed back home, screamed my head off the moment I walked in. My heart was burning, all the anger I’ve kept for years surfaced.


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fast?” Hope said and I walked past him. “Mom”

“I want to be alone” I requested then locked myself inside my room, so I could cry my eyes out.

Ten minutes later, I heard banging on the door. “Open up Aisha!” Aunty Zainab demanded and I grudgingly did. She came in faster than I expected. I knew Hope would call her but i didn’t think she’ll show up this quick.

“David called me” she began barging into the room.

“Oh” I said walking back in, it finally made sense.

“Are you crazy? Is something wrong up in your head? What has that poor guy done to deserve all this? How could you just tell him it’s over without any reason. Aisha I’m tired already. I’ve told you times without number to forget the past and move on. Forget it! But no o, now you’re breaking things up with him.

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What did he do?” Aunt Zainab ranted and I rolled my eyes.

“Can you at least ask me what happened? I love David and I couldn’t have broken up with him if it wasn’t necessary”

“What did he do?”

“It’s not what he did…yeah it’s what he did too. When I went to David’s house, guess who I saw?” I asked and Aunt Zainab squinted her eyes trying to figure out who.

“Mr. Titus Coker”


Zainab stepped back in shock. “No” she muttered.

“Yes… That boy who testified against me in court sixteen years ago was no one other than David!”

“Oh my God” Aunt Zainab sat on the bed. “How is it possible? Of all human being in existence, you met with…” She trailed covering her mouth with her palm.

“Just imagine how I feel now … I just want to go mad!” I screamed brushing my hands through my braids.

“Take it easy” Aunt Zainab begged holding my hands. “Take it easy?” I scoffed.

That was the last thing I needed that moment- taking things easy or hearing someone say it to me.

“He’s roaming free! He’s free and I’m here. He r*ped me Aunt Zainab”

“I know!”

“That animal r*ped me” “It’s been years Aisha and he gave you a wonderful son; think of him”

“I swore on my sweat that he would never know peace! You should have seen him aunty, so comfortable in his mansion.”

“Sometimes bad things don’t happen to bad people”

“Why did it have to happen to mom… She didn’t deserve to die, if anyone deserved death, it should have been Mr.Titus” I quetched as tears streamed down my cheeks.

“I wish I hadn’t fallen in love” I sounded off in regrets.

Hope walked in shortly, he wore a sad expression on his face. “Is that why you never wanted to talk about him”

He had been listening in on us.

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