Without Bridges

Without Bridges episode 8

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Without Bridges

Episode 8
My lips were still locked in Dave’s, while he slowly glided over them. I didn’t want him to stop neither did I intend stopping him.

I have never felt like this before, i had tingles where I never had them before. I’ve always thought I was made of rock, Dave scratched that notion off with just a kiss.

His hands now made way down to my waist as he held me gently while i touched his biceps. I’ve been staring at it all evening.

It’s real, I almost said out loud if my mouth were not kiss sealed.

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It broke my heart, but I had to break off the kiss . There he was just staring at me with that infectious smile on his face. I bowed my head in shame, if only the earth could swallow me up.

“It finally makes sense” he said, “what?” I asked, “Your constant withdrawal and crankiness. Your conclusion that all men are scvm” he paused pulling me closer with his hands resting on my waist.

“He’s not just a scvm, he’s the worst of it. You have every right to be angry”

“And you don’t think I’m filthy?” I asked quietly pouting like a kid. “I never have and I never will. Aisha you’re most amazing woman I’ve ever met, even when you’re being annoying I loved you.

Nothing would stop the way I feel about you” he confessed.

I became overwhelmed with emotion and then I resumed crying.

I never thought there would be someone out there who would ignore the fact that I had been raped once.

I never saw myself accepting any man but it all changed that night. I just stood in awe of a man that literally took my breath away and my speech too cause I didn’t say a word afterwards.

Not until I replied”good night” to him after he had dropped me home.

I walked into the house trying as much as possible to avoid meeting Hope. I didn’t want him asking questions that I won’t be able to answer. The door made a rusty sound. I closed my eyes in anxiety, keeping my fingers crossed but I wasn’t in luck.

Hope wasn’t alone, he was with Aunt Zainab, they were watching an American series, “Suits” it was Hope’s favorite series. I hated it; I did my best to avoid movies with court cases cause they pretty much reminded me of the past.

“Welcome back Mom” Hope announced grinning at me suspiciously as though I had some stain on my face. I felt as though I’ve been caught.

“Why are you staring at me that way?” I asked then turned to Aunt Zainab”

“Good evening Ma, I thought you must have left”

” Well my dear, I wanted to get all the gist by myself” she tapped the chair signifying that I join her and I did sitting in between her and my son.

“How was it?” She asked and I cleared my throat. “It was…it..” I stammered. “Why are you nervous?” Hope asked, “I’m not nervous, I’m just…” I paused feeling a bit embarrassed.

“It was better than I thought it would be” I finally gave a response. All of the sudden the whole house became very hot. I sweating even with the ceiling fan on.

“What happened to your lipstick?” Hope asked, his eyes burrowing into my skin as if trying to read my mind. I was panicking.

“They had dinner” Aunt Zainab came to my rescue, “maybe….” She trailed off looking at me. “Except it wasn’t the food” Hope added laughing and I closed my eyes wishing for the earth to open up and just swallow me up.

“It wasn’t just…” I stammered, “We ..we kissed” I confessed.

“Thank God!” Aunt Zainab exclaimed. “Its not as if we’re dating” I chipped in, “He didn’t even mention whether we’re dating or not, I don’t know what to think. At least he’s supposed to say, hey Aisha, we’re now an item.” I poured out angrily and Hope laughed at me.

“When last did you date mom? Things don’t happen that way again. Welcome to the 21st century mom, you’re both dating”


alarm rang by 5:30, l felt reluctant to stand as I couldn’t bear going to work to face Dave. I grumbled to myself then built up strength to do my usual morning routine.

Immediately I got into my the building I saw Grace the receptionist making a call. “Good morning Grace” I said to her and she smiled using her hands to cover the earpiece of the phone.

“Good morning Ma” she replied looking at a task book. “Mr. David requested you meet him in office. He said it’s very important”

“Which of the Mr. David?” I asked stupidly, I could see her face go “which other Mr. David would be calling you again?”

“Thanks for the info, I’ll go now” I replied walking up the stairs down to Dave’s office. I was nervous, I didn’t understand why I was.

I knocked slightly then heard him mumble sometlhing like “come in” and I did. He stood up from his swivel chair the moment he saw me walk in.

“Good morning Sir” i said to him and he laughed. I didn’t know why he did. “For the millionth time Aisha, just call me David; Morning baby” he replied pulling me close to himself. “What?” He asked, “You’re acting strange” he added.

“How strange?” I asked, “As though you woke up with an amnesia”

“I’m fine. I just don’t know how to react to what happened yesterday” I confessed.

Then I went ahead to ask him if we were dating or not. “What do you think?” He asked bringing his lips closer to mine.

“Oh wait.. were you waiting for a proposal?” He asked chuckling, and I playfully tapped him on the arm.

“Your hands are painful” he complained still chuckling. “Apologies to you, I should have known.

You’re the most ancient person I’ve ever met” he joked and I laughed.

It wasn’t my first time hearing someone say that. My thoughts and ideologies are usually primitive. “But I love you that way” he bit his lip looking right into my eyes.


hasn’t been up to a day and I miss it already” he added probably referring to the lips. I want sure, all I wanted was for him to take my lips and do whatever he pleased with it.

As if reading my mind, he slid his mouth opened over mine. He kissed me and I positively responded to it. I dreamt all night of just having to taste him, I felt fulfilled. I hated the way I felt that moment. I didn’t know how to describe it.

I knew I had to talk to my best friend, Kasie about it, but I had doubt as a result of the nature of her job. Being an upcoming actress really steal her away from friends and family.

“Would you Aisha Nurudeen take an unworthy soul like me to be a boyfriend and perhaps the father of your three other children?” He threw in and I chuckled, seconds later, I was blushing like a little kid. I nodded in agreement. “Boyfriend first….”

Wrapping his hands around me, his lips covered mine again and and I opened for him welcoming his tongue.

Just then, I had memories of Mr.Titus face and my cry for help. “Stop!” I cried out and then pushed Dave away, leaving his office.


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