Without Bridges

Without Bridges episode 9

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Without Bridges

Episode 9
Later in the day while I went out to get lunch at the cafeteria, I saw Dave walk up to me,he looked really worried. “Hey babe” he called out while I looked left and right the hall to make sure no one was close.

“Are you trying to put me in trouble? The last thing I want is rumours flying around the office that we’re dating. Can we just keep this between ourselves?”

“Hope congratulated me last night” he answered

. “I meant let’s keep it away from office eyes and ears”

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“Deal” he agreed.

“I’m sorry about what happened in the office” I apologised to my shock. It was rare to hear me apologise to him- I was getting soft all of the sudden.

“What happened?”he asked, “I didn’t want to push it, I thought I should let it lie a bit. Was it the kiss?”

“No. It’s nothing really”

“Aisha” he whined letting out a low groan. “Please let me into your life. I want to know everything”

“I saw him…. The man who..” I paused withholding my tears. “It’s going to be really hard you know? I don’t want to put you through this”

“I don’t want you to go through it alone either” he answered. “I’m willing to help you through this” He placed his hands above mine and then I shook it off before persons will begin to stare.

If Muhammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will as well go to Muhammed. That was the case of my only friend in the world; Chiakasiemobi, I called her Kasie for sorry.

Since she had proved distant, I had to stop by at her house to see if anyone was home.

She opened the door dressed in a blue jean short and a pink singlet.

She was sweating profusely. She looked disappointed when I opened the door.

“I guess you had someone else in mind” I paused, “I’ll come back later”

“No” she protested.

“Who are they compared to my bestie?”

“You sure looked disappointed”

“I was expecting a guy .. Not a boyfriend sha… . Just one of those guys you…” She trailed off opening the door wisely and I walked in the door I took a seat.

“Why are you sweating?”

“I was doing yoga while watching it on YouTube”

She was acting strangely, she had been acting that way for months now. “You didn’t go to work today, and you definitely didn’t go to work yesterday and you couldn’t even stop by at the house”

“Aiyii” she called out as she fondly calls me. “Yesterday was Hope’s birthday and you didn’t call him. Kasie, I don’t understand you any longer. What’s wrong with you?” I asked less concerned about what I initially came to do.

Kasie sat close to me, her hands clasped together as though trying to plead for forgiveness. ” Promise not to get mad at me” she begged and I agreed. I was now anxious than ever.

“I’ve been having a major crush on Hope” she stood up immediately stretching her hands in fear. I couldn’t believe my own ears. I clutched my fist trying to contain my anger.

“I’m sorry, I know I’m a terrible friend for betraying your trust, that’s why I’ve been away trying to get these dirty thought out”

“You’re supposed to be my friend”

“I know but it just happened! He was there when I was vulnerable and Gosh! You raised a good looking and a wise boy. I didn’t even know it was real until… ” She trailed off in tears.

“I care about our friendship and I place it above every other things that’s why I’ve been staying away from you, and having s£x that would make me forget”

“Kas … you know my fear for pedophiles”

“I swear to God that I’m not one! I won’t try to hurt your son or try anything stupid with him. It’s a crush that would pass soon” she assured me moving closer. Then she got on her knees.

“Don’t be silly Kas… Get up!”

She stood up, knowing me so well, she knew I came for something. “What about you, this one that you came compulsorily like this, what happened?”


and I kissed yesterday” before I could finish my sentence, Kasie screamed in joy. “That’s good news” “We’re dating” I added scratching my neck.

“So….what are you worried about?”

“I never liked Dave and now we’re dating and I’m all soft and acting nice”

“Because you thought you didn’t like him. All this shakara wey you dey always do” she teased laughing at me.

I told her about the weird feelings I got from kissing him since I was naive in that area. If she could shed some light on the matter.

She told me it was my body quavering at his touch, a feeling normal to all women. I loved the feeling and I wanted more.

I was one of the million people given birth to on the first of January. After the happy new year and birthday party, Dave invited me to a special treat at his house.

I accepted.

It was my third time visiting him. I had felt that comfortable with him. I trusted him with my life. I have grown deeper in love with him within the short period of time. I felt like I had to be the most luckiest woman on Earth to have him.

I laughed and complained over how raw the meat was. “Did you boil it all all? It’s not even properly salted. David, you’re an horrible cook”

“There’s one fundamental ingredient there, love .. ignore the fault and taste the love”

“So I should taste the love and die?” I asked now laughing uncontrollably.

“You could have just ordered for dinner instead of trying to kill me” I continued now coughing then I drank water to help control it.

“How do I make it up to you for this?” He asked and I thought deeply.

Suddenly I saw him kneel down… “Let me do this the conventional way, since you love old-school things” he paused for a sigh.


would you marry me?”


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