World's Apart

World’s Apart episode 7 – 8

💔Worlds Apart💔

💋Unknown identity💋

Episode 7


Mom mom I scre-med immediately I entered the house.

Baby why are you just coming back now it’s already 8pm my mom said.

Mom I visited Danny I said reluctantly.

Ok dear you go take your bath, dinner is already set she said.

Mom am not hungry right now, is there something you are hiding from me, something very important I said anxiously.

What’s wrong baby dad said coming out of his room .

It’s nothing dad, I would just go take my bath now am really tired I said and left for my room.


I smiled as I remembered how Jayden defended me in school today, that guy is just so sweet, I was already in my pyjamas when I heard a knock on the door.

Who’s there I asked a little bit scared since no one do ask of me.

Open this door baby girl the person said, Jayden I scre-med as I ran to the door and there he was looking all handsome.

Hi pretty he said and winked at me and I blushed .

Oh she’s blushing he said in a dramatic way and I covered my face shyly.

Come on my toes are hurting he said .

Oh sorry my manners I said as I led him in.

So what are you doing tonight he asked cutely.

Nothing and am really bored I said truthfully.

Don’t you have a mobile phone he asked.

No I wish I had one, I said dreaming lying .

Ok hate this he said and handed me a box.

What’s this I asked curiously.

Just open it and stop asking questions he said and I smiled, I quickly tore the box open and lo and behold it was a phone, the latest phone to be percise .

Oh my gosh you got me this I scre-med exictedly .

Anything for you princess he said smiling.

Oh my God I scre-med and hugged him, and before I knew it I k-ssed him.

He didn’t hesitate, he k-ssed me back, I wrapped my hands around his neck, he trailed wet k-sses down my body, I didn’t know when a Mian escaped my mouth.

Next morning

The stupid noise from the alarm woke me up, I stretched my body lazily, I felt so weak .

I smiled as I remembered the hot make out with Jayden and i, thank God I stopped him before anything more could happen, I could see the lust in his eyes like he could eat me up, I really don’t wanna do anything I would regret.

I stood up from bed and quickly went to take my bath I can’t afford to be late for school.

Moments later

I stopped a cab and luckily he stopped, I smiled at my luck, this is the first time am entering a cab apart from Hayden car.

Where to pretty he said smiling.

Glamous high school I said,and hop in he said and I entered.

He pulled at my school moment later, thanks I said as I handed him the cash and walked in .

I could feel the student stare at me as I entered , they where mumuring amongst themselves, I could now hear them scre-med, what’s f-cking wrong with them, just shouting foolishly.

Hey pretty someone said and wrapped his hands around me, I felt my heart beating so fast, like it could explode anytime soon.

I turned to face him and lo and behold it was Jayden friend, my eyes widen in total horror.

What’s wrong baby he said pecking my lips.

It seems you are mistaking me for someone else I said shaking.

What the f-ck her said and pushed me away angrily.

You this wh-re, you let me k-ss those disgusting lips of yours, I wonder how in the name of God you look like mabel, you would pay for this he said and walked away angrily.

I smiled out rear at what he said, I felt so hurt, well this isn’t the first time am hearing all this but hearing it from him he shattered my heart .

Mrs James.

I cleaned out the tears pouring from my eyes as I Remembered my past, how could I have been so stupid, what was I even thinking when I made that decision.

My phone rang, I quickly picked it up it was an unknown number, who the f-ck is calling me now I thought angrily,hello baby longest time the person said.

Who are you, I don’t know you how did you get my number I asked.

You forgotten me so soon huh the personal said.

Derrick I said and gasped that voice I don’t ever wanna hear anymore, Derick please what do you want from me, I gave you everything you wanted, you promise never to frustrate me again, why are you doing this I said sadly.

Oh you want your husband to know right he said and I gasped,I knew he was always of no good.

No pleas don’t tell him anything, I would do whatever you want I said fearfully, James can’t know he would be so heartbroken.

Ok fine meet me at our usual joint and don’t try anything funny he said and cut the call.

Oh God what have I gotten myself into, I need to clear out this mess or am in for trouble.

So what’s mrs James dirty past.

💔Worlds Apart💔

💋Unknown identity💋

Episode 8


I held my head in frustration as I entered my personal office,how could I have been so stupid to think she’s mabel, well she looks just like her and she’s also hot.

What’s up bro Jayden said entering my office.

Am fine I said as I ruffle my hair.

What’s wrong he asked sitting down in one of my chairs.

Well I mistakenly k-ssed your friend I said disgustingly.

What he scre-med standing up from his chair.

Chill it’s just a mistake and it won’t happen again I said.

Better he said smiling.

Don’t tell me you are falling for her already I said irritatively.

No buddy she’s just my friend he said grining stupidity.

You look stupid I said and we both burst into laughter.


I walked down the hallway to school, it seems everyone was already in class.

Mabel you are late to class our English teacher said.

And what’s your f-cking business with that, if you don’t love your job keep ranting and Don’t mind your business I said rudely.

Am really sorry ma she said and faced the board .

I sat with my two best friends, Alvira and Elsa.

Mabel that was harsh Elsa said as I sat beside her.

Well I don’t care I said angrily.

Try to control your anger Alvira said making me sign .

That’s enough guys I said angrily, suddenly my eyes fell on her she was giggling beside jayden I felt my anger rose.

Why don’t you deal with her Alvira said and I smiled it’s gonna be real fun.

Break time


I smiled to myself in particular, Jayden has been making me laugh telling me how pretty I was .

Mara let’s go for lunch Jayden said breaking me out of my thought.

But am not hungry I said.

I would k-ss you right now if you don’t stand up he said making me gasp .

Ok fine let’s go I said standing up, just then danny and Mabel walked passed with a smirk on their face.

I walked into the cafeteria with jayden, he bought food for the two of us already, I wonder how, I saw Mabel and Danny giving me a disgusting look but I cared less, because my knight I shining armour was here beside me.

Mara I have to go now Jayden said standing up.

Ok fine I said feeling sad.

Take care he said and k-ssed my cheeks and left.

I stared at the food I was eating, I felt something wasn’t right.

Look whom.we have here Danny said seating opposite me .

Please don’t harm me I said pleadingly.

You bastard and the next I felt on my face was a dirty slap, can’t you see your class isn’t even here she said looking at me disgusting and the fact that you look like me make me wanna puke she said angrily.

Please let me go I said crying.

Guys beat her up till she pass out Danny ordered some guys as he and Mabel left .

The next thing I felt was kicks and blows and slap coming from every angle.

Please stop I said crying bitterly, but they didn’t stop instead they started throwing food in my food in my body till I passed out.

Mrs James

I took one of the cars and dashed out of the house even though the weather was bad.

I rode till I got to our normal joint, it was an old house in the outskirts of the town.

I pushed the door open and my eyes fell on Derrick he was still cute as always and the house was still arranged and neat.

Look whom we have here he said smiling.

Derrick lol am not here for any stupid games, where is he I asked looking around.

What do you mean by that, you think am stupid and you thought I was gonna bring him that’s so senseless of you he Said.

You Bastard how dare you, haven’t you punished me enough, you too two precious things away from my life, you are a monster I scre-med at him angrily.

Yes I would be a monster because you choose him over me, you are a bitch he said angrily.

What do you want from me I asked crying.

Well all I want is you he said coming towards me .

Who are they talking about.

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