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Wounded episode 10


[] I walked to the supermarket outside school and bought myself some snacks and soft drink, I was still boiling cause the cold Coke tasted so hot in my mouth.
Ugh just thinking of Cynthia annoys me so much..

“Huh… Bridget?” I heard my name and turned to see Kingsley just walking out of the supermarket.
“Oh Kingsley” I called.
“Didn’t really think I’d be running into you outside campus” he stated.
I breathed out a sigh. I was still boiling… “Well it’s normal and pretty expected” I shrugged.
“You seem…
I seem?
Kingsley tilt his head at me.
“I seem what?” I turned to him.
“I don’t know how to say this… You look… Stressed? And angry!”
“It’s obvious isn’t it!” I scoffed.
“You are?… Why? What made you so stressed or angry?” Kingsley asked.
I didn’t want to say anything but I didn’t know when my mouth went of on its own.
“Well guess what? Samuel’s stupid best friend Cynthia, told Samuel to stay away from me that I’m dangerous! And I found out about it from Samuel, and now I feel mad because I just had a very loud argument with Cynthia”.
“Wait! She actually said that, she was really serious about that?” Kingsley stated.
I turned to him. “Did you know about this before?” I asked.
“Well on Saturday, she actually came to Sammy and I room and she started ranting nonsense on how Sammy should stay away from you!” Kingsley explained.
I gasped.
She is so shameless.
“like it was so annoying, I tried giving her an earful but she tried to shun me but I said what I had to say, I mean Sammy isn’t a kid.” Kingsley shook his head.
“Exactly”. I pointed out.
“He’s been an Introvert all his life, it’s all in his head, being, nice quiet and respectful, but it’s too much, he needs to tell Cynthia to actually get lost, just like I did!”.
How is Kingsley thinking like me.!!
“I mean she’s just so annoying” I added.
“Annoying as hell!” Kingsley added.
“with her short legs” I scoffed.
“And tiny voice” Kingsley scorned and we both laughed.
Okay now, nothing’s better than finding a partner who hates the same ‘thing’ as you.

“I don’t know when Sammy will grow out of his shell, I’m not mad at him for being this way, it takes time to grow out of a shell, Sammy is actually the nicest person I’ve ever met in my life and honestly I don’t want him to change, but with Cynthia around him, that shell needs a hammer to crash it to pieces, for now my only wish is to see Sammy roaring his deep voice on Cynthia so they’ll put her squeaky legs in place” Kingsley stated and I burst out laughing.
How unique, I’ve forgotten I was mad earlier. Well good thing I met kinglsey.
“How about we quit talking about Cynthia, I feel better now and I’m afraid speaking about her any longer will trigger my anger spot again” I stated and Kingsley smiled.
Kinglsey gave me a look.
“I heard you and Sammy were together Friday night, hope nothing happened.” Kingsley said… I know he was joking cause he had a mocking smile.
“Like anything could happen!” I rolled my eyes. “Samuel is too innocent he can barely hold my hand rather than doing anything eerie or whatever you’re thinking!” I stated and Kingsley laughed.
And how is his laugh the most heart pleasing thing I’ve seen all day. It’s contagious too. I found myself smiling. Or is it his dimples.
“I’m not sure he’s innocent, he just respected your feminine privacy..” Kingsley shrugged.
“Well you wouldn’t believe this” I smiled. “So we were both talking about flirting and stuff and I asked him why he didn’t flirt with any girl and at the party and one thing led to the other and I tried to flirt with him but he flaked at that moment and went home”. I explained and Kingsley almost lost his stamina laughing so hard.
“What? He missed… He missed such an opportunity, a pretty girl flirting with him in a room alone…”
I eyed Kingsley. “A guy like you would call that an opportunity but a guy like Samuel would call that a death threat”.
Kingsley smiled. “He’s really different!”
“I know right, anyways I’ll see you tomorrow, you and Samuel are roommates right? Our group team will be coming over to study our project there.” I stated.
“Well okay, then no problem” Kingsley shrugged.
“Okay then, bye.” I stated and walked away from him and the supermarket.
I got back to my hostel and when I walked into my room, Cynthia has already left. Good.
And I found out tochi was preparing some food. How wonderful.
After eating, I got ready for my second class and left early.
As I walked inside the empty class, I spotted Samuel at the front seat and I smiled.
I walked silently so he wouldn’t hear my footstep, I crept up to him slowly and as I wanted to let out a roar and scare him.
He turned and saw me, adjusting his glassed above his nose.
“I knew it was you!” he smiled.
“Did you hear me coming, I didn’t make any sound.” I laughed sitting down beside him.
“I perceived your scent!” he stated.
“Really? I’m not wearing any perfume.” I said trying to sniff my shirt.
“No, it’s like the smell of lotus and strawberry! Or peaches I think” Samuel stated.
“Wow, look at you having a very strong sense of smell, I think it’s my bathing soap, it kind of has lotus added to the fragrance.” I stated.
“Well it’s nice.” Samuel stated.
“Thank you…” I said taking out my books. From the coners of my eyes, I noticed Samuel’s eyes on me.
I turned and he looked away.
I shook my head. “I caught you” I stated.
“Caught me?” he asked.
“Looking at me, and then turning away when I saw you, you shouldn’t, it makes thing really weird.!” I tell him.
“Yes, when you’re looking at someone and then they suddenly see you looking at them, don’t look away and just keep Staring, looking away will make you look really stupid. And when the person you’re looking at doesn’t look away, suppress them with your look and then you can finally look away” and Samuel nodded and looked away.
I glanced at Samuel and caught him smiling.
What’s suddenly so funny.
He’s so cute.
Class started and ended so late, but then the next lesson teacher sent a student to tell the class we’ll not be having any lessons. And that leaves us with a lot of time before the finally class for the day.
As we walked out of the class Samuel asked.
“Do you want to have lunch with me? That is if you’re hungry!”
“I’m always hungry” I stated.

We both went to the famous canteen behind the school and got a table at the back of the canteen.
We ordered our food and ate in silence.
Samuel suddenly break the silence.
“What’s your favorite food?” he asked.
I looked up. “Okay, as a good example of a food monger or also known as glutton, I have no favorite food.” I shook my head.
“What’s yours?” I asked.
“I think… Tea. And… Bread?” he looked unsure.
“What? Like your usual milo tea and bread?” my eyes widen.
He nodded.
“Is that even food?” I laughed.
“It’s my favorite.” he smiled. How can he be less surprising.
So we both talked less and ate our foods.
Samuel escorted me back to my hostel, even though I told him not to and I thanked him anyways.
Time was faster than ever and before we knew it, our final class started for the day and ended immediately.
This time I made sure I yelled a big and bright ‘No’ to Samuel so he wouldn’t escort me this time. He laughed when I shoved him from my direction and he waved me goodbye with the happiest smile I have ever seen.
That night Mabel called me.

“How are you doing?” Mabel asked.
“Better, finally adapting!” I stated.
“Good for us.” she stated.
“Us?” I repeated.
“This Friday! I want you to go meet a new client, he’s rich but a little strong headed and but I know you’ll be able to handle, he’s willing to pay more than expected too” mabel’s voice was low.
I hesitated for a while. “Sure Friday right?” what do i have to lose.
“Yes Friday, make sure to get ready. Wax, get your protections ready okay! The location is close to your school, I’ll send you the address” Mabel stated and I nodded.
“Okay” I said and cut the call before she could say another thing.
I closed my eyes and slowly I fell asleep.
The next day, I had enough bed time because class was starting by 1pm. I made another transfer Into tochi’s account. When she’s back from class she’ll see it and understand.
I brushed and took my bath by ten a.m and got ready for class by twelve.
Thinking of Samuel, I head to class early. Its just so funny when he’s early in class with his glasses and his books in front of him. The view is just overwhelming.
I got to class and as surely expected, he was in class already.
A smile crept up on his face when I greeted a good afternoon.
“Good afternoon” I replied.
He seemed to be in a cheerful mood.
We both said nothing, it was weird cause we were both saying nothing, but then again his presence was saying something.
Class started and while the lecturer was teaching, she asked a question.
I knew the answer, but then again Samuel did and he muttered it lowly to himself.

“no one is going to kill you if you say it out loud you know” I rolled my eyes.
I shook my head raised my hand and the lecturer smiled at me and I released the answer, she smiled and nodded her head.
I turned to Samuel. “That was just a tutorial, next time try it yourself, and look… Wow I’m still alive, I didn’t die” I dramatically added and Samuel smiled.
“You’re funny” he muttered to himself.
I shook my head and gave my attention back to the lecturer.
Class was over and Samuel and I both stood outside the class and I trying Paul and Aisha’s phone number.
“Aisha’s phone is ringing but she’s not picking, and Paul’s number is saying not available!” I sighed.
“I knew they’d ditch us! I’m not going to fail this project” I stated angrily calling aisha again.
“You I said we’d all meet at my hostel, what if they’re there already” Samuel stated.
“Don’t be naive. They’re not, I expected this ditching from Paul but not from Aisha!” I sighed.
Aisha finally picked the girl and she begged saying she’ll have to cancel meeting up today, that something urgent came up.

I sighed.
“I guess it’s just me and you Samuel, if I see Paul anywhere, I’ll give him an earful, I think he gave me a fake number.”
“Well we can both discuss about the project today and fill the others out tomorrow.” Samuel stated.
“Well then, lead the way to your hostel.” I said and he nodded.
The hostel Samuel was staying was opposite my direction, but it was close to campus as well.
I got to the hostel and just by the look of the building you’ll think only elite student live there.
I got into his room, well he and Kingsley shares it, and it seems like an hotel. I mean my room and tochi’s room looks and feels expensive, but when you walk into Samuel’s room, you’ll have to nod your head and read the word ‘financial stability’ out loud.

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“So I’m friends with a rich boy” I smiled walking into the, I think loving room, and placing my books on the centre table.
Samuel laughed.
Samuel dropped his bag on the couch and walked to the mini fridge beside the door and brought out a sprite drink.
He walked up to me and handed the drink to me.
I slowly took it from him. “Having sprite on an empty stomach, serves as an appetizer for me, so you’re clearly putting me in trouble” I say dropping the drink on the table.
“I’m… Sorry” he stated.
“It’s okay!” I shrugged it off.
The door suddenly opened and kingsley walked in.

“Wow!” he paused seeing us.
“This is fast!” he added.
“What’s so fast?” Samuel asked.
Kingsley smiled and walked up to us.
“Seeing another girl being invited to our room, a girl that isn’t Cynthia!” Kingsley stated and I rolled my eyes.
“Try to ignore him every once in a while” Samuel said to me and I smiled.
“Ignore who? Come on, Bridget and I are friends. Just so you don’t know.”. Kingsley said and sat beside me placing his hand around my shoulder.
“Am I wrong?” Kingsley grinned at me. His face centimetres away from mine.
“Hey stop that!” Samuel suddenly chimed in.
“Take your hands off my shoulder.” I turned to Kingsley.
“Yes ma’am” he stated and pulled his hand to himself.
I looked at Samuel and the looks he was giving Kingsley wasn’t nice at all.
Wait! Is he getting worked up because Kingsley placed his hand on my shoulder.
This is nice. I laughed to myself.
Samuel and I started talking on our project, but Kingsley’s presence and loud way of eating potato chips was really disturbing.
“So let me get this straight!” Kingsley interrupted us for the fifth time.
“What now?” I asked.
“So you’re telling me, everyone in your group ditched today’s work leaving the two of you alone.? To work on the project?” he asked.
“Yes” Samuel nodded.
“That seems fishy, cause to me it seems like you both came here on your own without telling anybody, but to flirt!” Kingsley narrowed his eyes at us and I groaned.
“Can you allow us to work in peace.” I sighed.
“What? Am I being annoying? Or Am I not giving you too enough room to flirt!” Kingsley smirked.
“Please shut up” Samuel said looking like he’s about to throw up.
“No! I won’t.” Kingsley smiled. “You don’t know me, but I like being in everyone’s business”.
This is seriously going to be a long day.
T. B. C

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