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Wounded episode 13


“Samuel”. I called and his eyes looked up and met mine but he removed his eyes immediately.
“What.?” I laughed. “what is wrong with you. Do I have something in my eyes.?” I asked.
“It’s not that” he seemed nervous.
“Then what is it?” I scoot closer to him and he became tense.
“Am I making you uncomfortable, should I leave?” I was seriously confused. He’s never tense around me unless I try to make some flirty moves he might call “eerie”. But I’m not even doing anything and he’s getting all tense up.
He breathed out and turned to me. “You’re not making me uncomfortable, I don’t… I don’t know… What is wrong with me.”
“Exactly, neither do I. but first you need to relax” I shook my head and grabbed my purse…

“Hey Sammy?” we both heard a voice call his name and looked up at the Same time to see a girl wearing some heavy makeup looking like a goal for plastic surgery.
“Blessing…” Samuel threw her a smile.
“I never thought I’d see you in parties like this” the girl smiled.
“Well here I am” Samuel shrugged.
“Okay then, it’s so nice to see you again” the girl said offering her hand for a shake and Samuel shook it and watched her walk away.

I scoffed. Making Samuel turn to me.
“Is it just me? You clearly shook that girl’s hand without getting all tense or awkward, but…
I paused and took in a deep breath.
“But what?” he asked and I touched his hand and he looked like he was trying his best not to get tensed up.

“You’re one weird boy, but you get weird every single day” I said narrowing my eyes at him.
Kingsley walked in the room and walked up to us with a red looking bottle, two wine glass and a bottled water.
“Bri… I got this for us” he said dropping the wine bottle on the table in front of us.
“And Sammy, I didn’t want to look like a bad friend so I got you this bottled water, since no one actually came with kiddies treat” Kingsley and Samuel glared at him.
“Fifth time glaring at me for the day, awesome and people say they haven’t seen the angry side of you, well I have, I gave you water and recieved the angry eyes in return.. Amazing” Kingsley scoffed sitting beside me, which was making me sit inbetween the boys.
I looked at Samuel. He did look angry. I smiled.
His eyes dart to me and slowly his angry eyes soften.
“The living room is totally on fire, the dancing there are just so… Tempting” Kingsley said grabbing the whine bottle and popping it open.
With two wine glass on the table Kingsley poured the drink into the cups, the dark red liquid looking really appealing and mouth watering…
I grabbed the cup and took a sip of the wine. It was super sweet and has this kind of purple Berry taste.
“Is this alcoholic?” I asked Kingsley and he nodded.
I should watch how I drink it then.
I turned to Samuel and pushed the cup to him.
“Here, have a drink.” I said.
“Don’t waste your time on him Bridget…” Kingsley suddenly chimed in.
“Oh be quiet!” I cut him off.
“Here” I beckoned my head at the glass cup and Samuel slowly took it from me.
He slowly took a sip and from his lit eyes, you could tell he was overwhelmed by the sweet taste. From sips he gulped the whole thing and I laughed.
“And I thought you didn’t want to drink before.” I smiled pouring more wine into the cup.
“It didn’t have weird taste like the one I drank last time” Samuel stated.
I took more than a sip before handing the cup to Samuel.
He paused as he took the glass from me.
“What?” I asked.
He looked at me. “We’re sharing cups, are you okay with that?”.
I smiled.
“Sammy… Don’t be weird” Kingsley laughed.
“I’m okay with that!” I beamed.
Samuel slowly took the cup closer to his mouth and starts to drink.
Kingsley nudged me lightly and placed his index finger over his lips… He wants me to be quiet
“Sammy, I heard sharing a cup with a girl means you’re indirectly kissing her”.
Samuel froze and Kingsley and I held in our laughter.
“I didn’t… I didn’t know…” Samuel stuttered.
“Well now you know, so that means you’re indirectly kissing me. Oh my God” I added dramatically and watched as Samuel drowned in shyness.
Kingsley burst out laughing… He stood up and dropped his glass…
“I’ll be back” he stated.
“Yeah sure” I stated as he walked away.

I turned to Samuel.
He quickly empty the glass and dropped it on the table in front of us.
“I’m bored already” I sighed.
“I am too” Samuel said…
A boy walked into the lobby and his eyes wandered from my legs and then straight up to my face.
I glared at him but he still threw on a flirty smile.
I suddenly linked my arm with Samuel’s arm, so he would understand I’m not here alone.
Still holding Samuel, he didn’t look convinced and still wanted to approach me.
“Let’s get out of here” I sighed and stood up.
Samuel stood up too. “Are you that bored, what if Kingsley comes back and doesn’t find us here”
“We’ll find him ourself” I said grabbing my purse and seeing us leaving the room the boy walked away.
Samuel and I walked into the crowded living room with partying maniacs.
The girls weren’t taking easy with their dance steps and the guys were just being… Guys around the girls.
I turned to Samuel and his blank expression made me snicker a little bit.
I touched him and he turned to me.
“Want to dance?” I asked.
“No thank you” he shook his head and moved back a little.
“I expected that answer” I laughed. Not that I’m a good dancer myself.
“This is suffocating, I need to step out” Samuel said over the music and I watched him walked out the door.
I sighed…
How does he live.
Seeing I was by myself, I walked outside too and the party was still going on outside too, the music could be heard and some people still hung around the premises dancing or talking. I bumped into someone and looked up to see it was Kingsley.
“Perfect” He said.
“I was looking for you and Sammy everywhere” he sighed..
“Samuel said he was feeling suffocated and he came out… And there he is” I sighed seeing him sit by himself in a fancy looking iron bench at the side of the building.
“He’s really not a party guy huh?” Kingsley sighed.
“We shouldn’t have forced him to come.” I stated.
“We? We didn’t force him, he agreed to come on his own will” Kingsley blurted…
He’s right.
“I don’t know what changed his mind though..!” I shrugged.
“tell me you’re lying, you. You obviously changed his mind. He suddenly walked up to me the next day after declining coming to the party the previous day and he was like, Kingsley I changed my mind I’m going to the party, and then I asked him why he changed his mind all of a sudden and his answer was ‘everyone else is going Bridget’s going too, so why wouldn’t I go too’, now that was suspicious… Samuel clearly has a crush on you” Kingsley stated.
I smiled and glanced at his direction.
“No wonder he was acting all weird” I smirked.
“Weird? Weird how?” kingsley asked.
“He wouldn’t make eye contacts and he gets tense when I touch him… Now that clearly explains it all” I shook my head.
“In just two weeks and he’s already swayed by miss Bridget, what did you do to this boy” Kingsley added sardonically.
“I was just living and breathing!” I continued.
“Anyways, can you help me grab a bottled water, I’ll be with Samuel, you can meet us there” I stated.
“Don’t let him catch up in his own flames” kingsley scoffed and I rolled my eyes at him.
I walked up to Samuel and he turned hearing my footstep.
“You look like you could need your bed right now” I smiled sitting beside him.
He smiled. “I don’t really enjoy parties”
“Yea, it’s clearly obvious” I said.
“I’m sorry, I had to ruin the night for you with my boring lifestyle, you look really stunning and I just wasted your time here” Samuel sputtered, he was clearly mad at himself.
“was that a compliment I heard… Well thank you then” I stated and he smiled.
“You think I look stunning… Its really nice hearing compliments from you every once in a while.” I looked at him.
He turned to me. “It’s… Nothing…” He was holding my gaze this time . “You really do look pretty tonight” Samuel blurted and my heart melt at his honesty.
“Thank you” I smiled and he quickly looked away.
“Please stop looking away” I laughed.
“Huh?” he turned to me.
“Just look at me and try not to look away for five minutes, I noticed you don’t want to look me in the eye”. I stated.
He sighed. “I’m weird right?”
“Well… Kind of” I shrugged..
“Sorry” he apologized
“don’t apologize, it’s okay to be weird” I tapped his shoulder and he tensed under my touch.
“Samuel” I called and squeezed his shoulder.
“Don’t be tensed, I’m not a serial killer” I laughed.
“I’m not scared of you” he smiled.
“Then why do you freeze under my touch? Do I have ice under my palm?”.
I want to hear it from him… Does he really like me?
He suddenly seem nervous “I don’t know, I think it’s just a new habit, I developed around you”.
“Getting nervous can never be a habit… You’re smart enough to know that” I breathed out…
“Samuel…” I called and he glanced at me. A very quickly glance.
I adjusted my hand on his shoulder and placed my chin on my hand which was on his shoulder and I saw him gulp.
“You can talk to me. Just tell me, why you’re so nervous around me” I stated and he breathed out slowly and I felt his nerve calm a bit.
“I don’t know either” he replied.
I removed my head from his shoulder.
“Do you like me Samuel?” I asked and his head suddenly snapped at me.
“I… I don’t… K… I do.. I..
He was saying cracked words.
I raised my brows at him. My phone buzzed and it was a message from from my stupid network.
I checked the time to see, I have to get home unless I won’t wake up in time for class tomorrow. That’s why I love attending parties that takes place during the weekend.

I looked up at Samuel to see him staring at me with a blank expression.
“So?” I raised my brows at him.
“I don’t know” he sighed.
He doesn’t know if he likes me or not… Well then.

“If that’s the case” I smiled. “I do like you Samuel, like… a lot, you’re really sweet, nice and I found myself growing on you every single day I’m not going to lie.”
Samuel still looked expressionless as I said all this.

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I continued anyways “So just know you’re really likeable and yes a lot of girls do like you too, and I’ve been in an encounter with them so many times, if you think you’re weird, I love your weird, if you think you’re an introvert who doesn’t fit in, I love you being yourself and don’t change for anyone. I don’t know if you like me back but if you, in anyways, find out that you like me too or you’re starting to fall for me then… Stop.!” I smiled and his eyes widen a bit.

“Do not like me Samuel, do not fall for me.! Don’t get me wrong, I really like you but please do not reciprocate the feelings”
I scoot closer to him a bit and kissed his cheeks.

He didn’t seem fazed by that and I was glad. “And thank you for coming to the party because of me. Thank you very much, but I’ll just like if we just stay as friends, if you find your heart moving towards me, shut it and face it to another direction, if you can’t, keep it a secret, I can’t keep mine a secret which is why I’m going to shut the stupid heart out” I laughed but somehow Samuel wasn’t finding this funny.
“Anyways, I have to go” I smiled and stood up. “Tell kinglsey I’m sorry for not waiting, good night Samuel.” I gave him one last smile before walking away.

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