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Wounded episode 15


I placed a soft knock on Samuel’s door and the door opened immediately.
Has he been waiting for me?
Seeing Samuel I gave a small smile and stepped in and he closed the door.
I took off my sandals and the tiled cold floor made me flinch.
The day has gotten dark but the night was still young.
I sighed and sat on one of the couch.
“Is there something wrong?” Samuel asked walking up to me.
“I thought you said you have to run an errand.”
“Well… Tochi went out and is now stuck on traffic, and she locked the door and I left the key inside and…
I gave a lazy explanation and Samuel smiled understanding the situation.
“Don’t worry you can stay here until she gets back” Samuel said and I flashed him a smile. “thank you” I stated.
“It’s nothing” he replied.
I looked around. “So where’s kingsley?” I asked.
“I don’t know, he went out with his friends, he’s not back yet” Samuel replied.
“Ohh…” I nodded.
I sighed and rested my back on the soft couch.
From the corners of my eyes, I saw Samuel standing and staring at me.
I turned to him.
“What?” I asked.
“I… I don’t want to leave you here all alone, I’m actually studying inside my room and I was going to continue but you’ll be alone.” Samuel expound.
“I’m bored anyways, I’ll study with you” I said standing up…
“ow… Okay” he looked sideways.
As we left the living room, he turned off the lights.
We walked into a short and narrow hallway with just two doors, he opened the door on the left and walked in.
“Wow” I exclaimed silently when I walked into his room.
Wealthy…. Check.
Everything in Samuel’s room was looking super expensive, you’ll just know it, it was spacious, the walls were white, it just had a bed, a desk and a not so big wadrobe at the ending of the wall, the white and bright florescent lights Made it even more magnificent.
Samuel closed the door behind us and I turned to him.
Sorry, I don’t have any chairs here you can sit on the bed.” he said and I glanced at the chair in front of his study desk.
“I’m actually using that to study right now” he gave a nervous smile.
“It’s okay” I shrugged and got on the soft bed.
Samuel sat down on his chair and turned to his books.
I laid on his bed facing the ceiling and the fan that I was actually looking at that made me space out.
We were both so quiet with only just the sound of the ceiling fan and I breathed out a heavy sigh and shut my eyes.
Suddenly the sound of a door being shut was heard and Samuel turned.
“Kingsley’s home” he announced.
I opened my eyes.
For some reason. I was glad he was home. He’s kind of a whole vibe, not that I’m actually saying Samuel’s boring. I actually like that he is.
A knock came across Samuel’s room door and he slowly turned to the door. He glanced at me and gave a tired sigh before standing up.
He unbolted the door and opened it halfway,… Wait so Kingsley wound not see me.. Wow. I laughed to myself.

“So… I just came home for a while but I’ll be heading back if i Recieve a call…. Wait..” Kingsley paused and opened the door even wider. He saw me and I gave a small wave while lying on the bed.
“What?” Kingsley yelled and looked back and forth at Samuel and I.
Samuel sighed and shut the door
“Wait what is going on here?” Kingsley asked with a smirk.
“What do you think?” I asked sitting up.
Samuel sighed and walked over to his desk and sitting down on the chair.
“No… No what I’m thinking can never happen..!” kingsley shook his head.
“of course it can’t now please leave.” Samuel stated putting on his glasses.
“Why are you suddenly chasing me out” kingsley scoffed.
“Because you’re a nuisance” Samuel spat and had the face of regret immediately he said that.
“Wow” Kingsley stated. “I see, well this is not the first time you’ll be insulting me. You’re finally getting back at me. After all those days of calling you names, I see you’re finally fighting back…”
“Okay, I apologize for calling you a nuisance, but can you leave, I need here to be quiet, I’m actually studying as you can see” Samuel explained.
“You always study…!” Kingsley scoffed.
“And it will be great if you try it sometime too” Samuel added.
“i do study, but I don’t drown myself” Kingsley stated.
“I don’t drown myself too, If that’s what you’re trying to say” Samuel muttered.
“Are you sure?” Kingsley gave him a weird look.
“Just leave” Samuel sighed.
“Just leave him alone Kingsley” I added and Kingsley narrowed his eyes at me.
“I see, what’s happening here! You guys want me to leave so you can do your…. Stuff” he cleared his throat.
Samuel looked flustered and embarrased immediately he said

I rolled my eyes. “Think whatever you want but just leave”
Kingsley’s phone suddenly start to ring and he looked at Samuel and i.
“You both got lucky, anyways, I’ll be leaving now.” Kingsley announced.
“Where are you going to be this time of the day, it’s getting late you know.” Samuel stated.
“Don’t act like you care Sammy! And Bri… Goodnight” Kingsley flashed me a smile before walking out.
Samuel sighed and shook his head Negatively. He turned back to his books and I laid down back on his bed again.
I turned to Samuel and watched as he was focused on his books, I admired his masculine body, how Lucky of me that he was wearing a tank top, his biceps were no joke. He looked even more charming with his glasses on matching his masculine face and amazing chin, his prominent nose standing farm and having the best nose bridge ever.
Seriously I couldn’t take my eyes off him, I really do like this person in front of me. Well at least if we can’t be together looking at him like this is really satisfying for me though… I guess.
Samuel noticed my eyes on me and he looked down at me.
“W…What?” He asked.
I smiled “Nothing” just keep on studying.
“Oh.. Okay…” Samuel stated and turned back to his books.
Even if it wasn’t right for me. Even if to stare at him could be the only right thing for me… It was quite satisfying than it sounds…
Samuel slowly closed his Books and turned to me.
“I’m done.” he announced.
“Good for you” I smiled..
He took of his glasses and remained quiet, the air was really tense now cause he looked like he wanted to say something but he’s refraining himself from saying it and he looked like he wanted to look at me but for some reason he doesn’t want to meet my eyes.
“Samuel…” I called and his eyes dart to me.
“Don’t be afraid to gaze, stare or look at someone.” I smiled…
He smiled nervously. “I’m not afraid…” he rubbed his nape with his palm. “It’s just with you”.
And then there goes my heart again.
“I won’t bite” I tried to make a joke but he didn’t laugh.
He seemed uncomfortable in his study chair..
“You can sit on the bed, it’s your house you know.” I stated.
“No it’s okay” he shook his head.
“It’s not, I can see you’re trying to feel comfortable but you’re not and it’s a wooden chair, what do you expect!” I sat up and pulled his hand… “Come sit on the bed”.
He slowly got up and sat at the edge of the bed.
“Look Sam… Don’t be embarrassed, shy or afraid to say things, do things, or tell people how you feel. Cause they won’t take you seriously!” I expound scooting close to him and sitting beside him.
“I’m not shy or afraid to say or do things, I just gave myself a limitation, to what I say around people.”
“There shouldn’t be a limit to what you say around people, I understand you’re just being loyal, but in people’s eyes you’re just being naive and dumb” I stated and Samuel slowly smiled.
“I believe I didn’t crack a joke” I smiled too cause his smile was contagious.
“No… You didn’t, it just reminded of the first we both got to know each other and all you keep talking about is how I stop being so nice”.
“And look at where we are now? Part two of you saying and doing things you want so freely,” I added and his smiling stopped..
“People don’t change easily… The people that do change, it must have been a long process for them and some don’t change at all because of that long process… But it’s okay, cause I know I’m ending my limitation to things soon, I know I’m changing, cause it’s not like I like being called naive and gullible.” Samuel scoffed and I grinned. “That is what I’d like to hear and where have you been living all your life to turn out like this, did you used to live in a cage?” I asked.
Samuel shrugged. “it seemed more like a cage”.
“Really?” I gasped.
“Growing up without a father and a busy mother, you can guess the rest, I spent most of the day locked up in my room, monitored both by my private lesson teacher and nanny, I was forced to study every single day, and then I just get forty or fifty minutes of play time which was with Cynthia, she was the only person allowed to come see or play with me cause our moms were friends and they just assumed we should be friends too and as I grew older I was already used to being alone and I was kind of immune to studying I barely met up with Cynthia, I buried myself in books and followed the loyal etiquette taught by my nanny.” Samuel explained.
“So you didn’t go to school?” I asked…
“I did, a private school that has only five students in a class, it was an only boys school” Samuel stated and I giggled.
Pretty much everything I needed to hear. No wonder he’s like this, and I guess his mom must be the one making all these expenses too.
“So your mom must have cried when you came to college right?” I asked adding a bit of ornery.
“No! Ever since I turned seventeen, I think I was given enough freedom to do or go anywhere I want but they’ve already build up a shell around me, a shell I was used to and I just lived by the rules of the shell and didn’t really use my freedom or whatsoever, and when I started schooling here, my mom couldn’t careless”.
“It’s nice… Growing up that way, you must have lived in a fancy house and stuff. I grew up with my aunt it was one hell of a place to be and it’s not a nice story, but anyways I think I understand where you’re coming from. Don’t worry I won’t judge you too much next time” I said and gave him in a small tap.
“No” he shook his head. “I like that you’re judging me, it makes me want to change the more”
I paused and smiled.
“Tell me what else you like about me that I do.” I asked and a small smile crept up his face.
“Uhm…. Okay” he looked shy for a bit before he started speaking up.
“I like that you’re fearless about everything, and I like that you’re reprimanding.”
“Im reprimanding?” I gasped.
“I like that you are.” he smiled.
“Well okay then, keep going!” I beamed.
“I like when… When you call my name” he smiled.
My heart fluttered. “but I call your name like everyone else.”
He nodded. “Yes but everyone calls me Sammy and you’re the one who calls me Samuel or sometimes Sam and it just happens to have this effect on me… I don’t” he glanced at me.
Can he stop being honest! I don’t think I can take this anymore.
“Do you really like me that much?” I asked.
His head snapped at me immediately and our eyes locked.
“I..I do”.
I smiled. “on a scale of one to ten”.
“Twenty” he replied.
My chest tighten.
No I haven’t liked someone like this before. I’m going to cry.
I looked away.

“Twenty or a number beyond ten is zero you know” I smiled.
“Then ten!” he replied immediately.
I turned to him. “This is unfair, I really like you Samuel, and you’re just making things difficult for liking me back.”
“Then… How can… We make it less difficult?” Samuel slowly asked.
“There is no way” I shook my head.
“There is always a way to everything” Samuel replied.
Can he stop being so…. Cute right now.
“I really want to be in a relationship with you, but then thinking about… One day… You’re going to hate me.” I smiled…
A sad smile.
“Hate you? Why?”
“Well you’ll just get bored and tired of me” I shrugged.
“But what if I don’t! What if I don’t hate you, what If my feelings just remains the same” Samuel stated.
I bit my bottom lip.
At least someone likes me. This is definitely something to tear up for.
And this is definitely torture.
“Promise you won’t hate me?” I looked at him.
“It’s a swear” he replied and I sniffed.
“Samuel…” I sighed.
Still on the bed, I got on my knees and scoot closer to him and my head leaning down towards his. He understood the situation and tensed up when but surprisingly reciprocated when our lips came into contact.
T. B. C
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