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Wounded episode 17


I closed my eyes wanting to fall alseep again but a familiar voice startled me.
“Well, what am I looking at right now?”.
I opened my eyes and sat up immediately to see Kingsley standing by the door.
And it was morning already.
What? already?
Kingsley scoffed. “This is one pure sight.”
I sat up.

I glanced at him and then at Samuel who was still fast asleep.
I turned to Kingsley. “Pretend you saw nothing and I’ll force myself to sleep again.” I sighed.
“Saw nothing, this is everything…
Kingsley yelled…
I groaned grabbed my bag and came down from the bed.

I pulled Kingsley by his hand and dragged him out of the room.
“Samuel is still asleep, so keep your mouth shut.” I blurted out. “And thanks to you we had to break of our cuddle”.
I grabbed my phone to check the time, only to see multiple missed calls from Tochi. I sighed.
“Tell Samuel, I was thankful for last night, I’ll be leaving now” I said to Kingsley walking towards the lining room.
“Thankful for last night? What happened between you two?” Kingsley asked.
I paused and eyed Kingsley from head to toe.

“Why are you so curious?”.
“Because it’s Samuel were talking about here. It’s like you’re cracking his innocent shell” Kingsley laughed.
He founded what his said as a joke but my head misinterpreted.
I’m cracking his innocent shell. That is what I’m doing to Samuel, which means I’ll only be a bad influence to him if we end up being a thing.
It’s a good thing, I told him to just stay friends. Even if it’s going to be hard for me. I least I can try, it’s better to avoid the hammer that shatters the glass than to be the hammer.

“Well then Kingsley, a lot of things happened last night… Things, you could barely ever imagine.” I lied with a smile and Kingsley’s eyes widen.
“Tell me you’re lying” he scoffed.
“I wish I could” I shrugged, opened the door and walked out.
“Bridget tell me you’re lying!!” I heard Kingsley yelled from inside and I giggled.

I got back to my hostel and after a small knock on my room door, the door opened.
“Bridget…” Tochi breathed out.
“Good morning” I replied and walked in.
“I’ve been trying your number but you weren’t picking up” she stated.
“I know, sorry, guess it was on silent” I breathed out.
“And I’m really sorry…
” It’s okay… Tochi, I’m at fault here, I forgot the key, it’s okay” I breathed out and she nodded with a smile.
“I’m going to get back to sleep now” Tochi announced and got back on her bed, I sighed heavily and the image of Samuel and I flashed before my eyes and it left a heavy feeling in my chest.

I opened my eyes to see Bridget has left, I could still smell her though, last night was… Surprisingly astounding and amazing.
I sat up and flinched when I saw Kingsley sitting on my study chair.
“What are you doing in my room, so early in the morning?” I asked standing up.
“This is just eight o’clock so this isn’t early… The real question is… Why was Bridget leaving your room 7:15am and she told me to tell you thank you for last night, I didn’t know you invite girls over and let them sleep over. That is new” Kingsley smirked.
He always looks for ways to actually get me mad.
“I don’t just invite anyone over.” I replied.
“Oh wait, so Bridget isn’t just anyone.” kingsley smiled.
I looked at him.

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“Don’t get me wrong Sammy, I know that you like Bridget, it’s too obvious to not notice.” kingsley stood up.
“Okay… Its obvious… So… What are you trying to say?” I shrugged.
“I’m trying to ask… You like Bridget, but then the real question is does she like you?” Kingsley gave a frivolous smile.
“What do you mean?” I gave him a look.
“I don’t know, you just don’t seem like her type.” Kingsley smiled.
“And what do you think her type is?”
“I think a bad boy kind of guy, the one who isn’t sluggish and one who isn’t too nice. You should see her complain about how you treat Cynthia.” Kingsley is trying so hard to get on my nervous.
I smiled. “Then how come Friday night, she told me she has feelings for me just like I do”.

Kingsley’s expression went blank.
“You’re joking…” he said.
“I’m not, have I ever lied to you?” I shrugged.
Kingsley narrowed his eyes at me and suddenly a smile crept up his face. “So wait, does this mean, Bridget’s your girlfriend and last night you guys just did it for the first time…!”
My head snapped at him immediately.. “Did it? Did what?”.
“The way your head turned at me, I know you clearly understand what I mean… So quit asking!”.

“I–I.. No… Bridget’s not my girlfriend and no we haven’t done anything, please no… Bridget isn’t like that, and so am I” I defended immediately.
“Really? But wait! You both have feelings for each other and are not dating yet?” Kingsley arched one of his brows.
“It’s… It’s intricated, she just wants us to stay friends.” I slowly blurted out.
“Wait..? What? And what did you say… Did you agree with that?” kingsley leaned forward.
“Of course, I’m respecting her wishes.” I replied.

“You’re not her boyfriend yet and you’re being loyal, if I were Bridget I would make you my boyfriend and use you for the rest of my life.” Kingsley stated and I glared at him before walking out and sighed when his laughter filled the whole house.
I’m respecting her wishes, I don’t know her reasons why she wants us to stay as friends, but I do respect that. But still I want to know what her reason is. But then again, I’m fine if she doesn’t want to telle her reason…
But staying friends… I like her so much.
Can I keep up with that?.

( Bridget’s Pov)
The weekend which always seem fast, was as slow this time as ever and finally it was Monday.
I got ready for class that morning and as I grabbed my bag and opened the door I bumped into Samuel who was about to knock.
We made eye contact.
“What.. What are you doing here?” I asked.
“Uh… I was here… I don’t.. Know to be honest” he laughed.
“It’s okay” I smiled. “You came here to escort me to class, that’s sweet” I nodded.

We both head to class that morning and I don’t know, the atmosphere just felt different around us.
Is it because of what happened Friday night.
We got to class and the lecture started right away.
Class ended and our group met at the empty classroom to round up our project cause it’s due Wednesday.
We spent just twenty minutes and it was surprisingly good, how we all worked together and it was done.

“See more than one head works better, now don’t you agree Paul?” I said as everyone rounded up.
“You three heads could have rounded it up anyways” He scoffed and I shook my head.
“Well it was fair play and it was nice” Aisha chipped in and I nodded. “And can I leave early, I have something to attend to before the next class.” Aisha added.
“Of course, we’re already done.” I smiled.
She gave me a smile and walked out of the class.
Paul grabbed his bag and walked out of the class too, leaving Samuel and I.
“Just like always, letting us be the last to leave.” I smiled shoving my books in my bag.

“And we were also fast today, spending just twenty minutes.” Samuel added and I nodded. “Yeah, that’s what happens when you have an astounding group leader.” I playfully boasted.
Samuel smiled “Yes… You are really outstanding.”
I paused and we both made a brief eye contact and I smiled and looked away.
This is awkward in a weird and good way.
Samuel seemed troubled again trying to place his laptop into his tight bag.
“You definitely need to change this bag” I said walking closer to him and taking the bag and the laptop from him.
“Well I had two and the other one was bigger and Kingsley begged me for it, so I had to give it to him” Samuel smiled.
I zipped the bag with force and looked up at him.
“There, and learn to say no…. Especially to Kingsley, he’s a psycho” I said and he laughed.
“But still he’s a friend.” Samuel shrugged with a smile.
The smile.
It was absolutely contagious.
I gave him his bag and he took it from me.

We both stood without saying anything and I didn’t know when I blurted out..
“Can we kiss?”
Realization hit me when I know I just asked something stupid but I didn’t show the expression that I was embarrassed about it.
“.. Oh okay… If that is want you want…” Samuel stated his eyes never leaving mine.
Oh of course, we both like each other.
Samuel leaned down and gave a small smile when our lips almost came into contact.

“Don’t smile.” I said.
“Sorry” he apologized.
It’s okay, I wanted to say but our lips were already striking out.
We did this Friday night but then again it felt like a whole new thing. What Is this effect.?
My hand slid around Samuel’s neck, we were busy with our lips but Samuel was still kind of holding back, so slowly I had to let go of his neck and place his hand around my waist slowly.
I placed my hand back on his neck and his hand tightened around my waist. I smiled on the inside.
I started hearing noises but I didn’t really try to put that into consideration.
Samuel and I were lost… Like I said the first time, this chromatic figures, unexplainable hue figured flashed before my eyes as Samuel and I went on and on. But suddenly Samuel stopped.
I opened my eyes as to why he stopped and looked up to see him staring at the door.

I turned to the door too, to see Cynthia and four other unknown girl staring at us like she just saw a ghost.
I smiled
“HI…?” Samuel stated awkwardly.
“Sammy?” one of the girl scoffed with a smile. “I had no idea you were going out with Bridget.”

Who is she and how did she know my name. I know Samuel is popular but I’m not.
“We’re not going out” Samuel replied.
“But you were just kissing bri..
“Maybe he got forced.” Cynthia chimed in. “you heard him correctly, they’re not going out and how can they just kiss without being a thing which means he got forced!” Cynthia said glaring at me.
“Yes, that kind of explains it Sammy isn’t that kind of g-
“Actually… I interrupted the stupid girl who was speaking.
Cynthia’s trying to make me look foolish huh.

I stepped forward. “Samuel and I are actually going out, I wanted him to keep it a secret and that’s why he said that, to cover us up, but since we’re already caught by you and your clique, I guess we shouldn’t keep this a secret anymore.”
“I always knew you guys were going out” one of the girls said behind Cynthia .
“You don’t have to lie” Cynthia smiled.
“She’s not lying” Samuel gave a surprising throwback.
I glanced at him and flashed him a smile.
“Anyways, since you’re all going to leave, Samuel and I are done here so… Enjoy the empty classroom” I said and walked out of the class, giving Cynthia one last glare.

I walked outside the school building and turned behind me to see Samuel walking up to me.
“Ugh. I hate Cynthia so much” I grunted out angrily.
Samuel said nothing and just stare at me.
“What?” I narrowed my eyes at him.
“I’m confused.” he said.
“What you just said in there… Does that mean… We’re actually going out.?” he asked.

Cynthia made me do this.
I sighed. “Well they all think we are. So it’s not actually a bad idea, if we give it… a go” I breathed out and a smile crept up Samuel’s face.
“You’re serious?” his smile grew wide.
“I am” I nodded.
Well what do I have to lose, I’m ready to face any consequences.
I grabbed my phone and as Samuel and I walked together I opened my SMS and sent just four words to Mabel.
“I want to quit”

T. B. C

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