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Wounded episode 19


“Your personality, your looks, you look super tough, but when it comes to illness I think your body is the most fragile” Samuel stated.
And I couldn’t agree more.

“Come sit on the bed” I said and Samuel hesitantly did so.
I scoot closer to his body and placed my head on his shoulder.
“You’re warm” I smiled.

“Well that’s a good thing right, I can be your fire if you’re cold” Samuel added and I chuckled.
“That was super cringey” I smiled
“But sweet” I added before he’d feel bad.

The sound of the rain was soothing and I silently prayed it would wash all my worries, about Mabel and stuff, my past, I want to move on and focus on Samuel… Focus on what actually makes me happy, going to school here, waking up and not seeing Mabel, not meeting older men and hear their croaky voice call me pretty, being able to talk to people my age. And falling in love. I thought I was living the best life, but no, this is the life. And I really hope nothing goes wrong.

“Bridget…” Samuel called.
“Hmm..” I mumbled my head still on his shoulder.
“You’ve been acting pretty weird lately, like not weird in a weird way, but you don’t look too good and you always have this sad and worried face and the day you got your fever, that day you gave a smile, but I could, that smile wasn’t genuine, it was forced, I knew it” Samuel expound.
Wow… Am i my being too obvious…?
“And how did you know my smile wasn’t genuine?” I asked.
“Because… Because one of the things I like about you is your smile and I can easily tell when you’re forcing it” Samuel replied sincerely.
Such honesty, always has it ways of making me feel like he deserves better than me.

“Well Samuel… To be honest, I’m not going through my best days, I’m struggling to get past these bad days, I’m not genuinely happy now, but I promise I’ll get past this” I sighed.
“Okay… If there’s anything I can do just let me know, if you’re going through a lot, I’m willing to share your burden with you!” Samuel stated and I raised my head from his shoulder and gave a loud sigh.
“No… You don’t have to share any burden with me.! It’s my problem I’ll fix it, I promise it will be over soon” .
I backed away from Samuel and wrapped the blanket around my body even more.
Samuel got close to me and I smiled at him.

“You just gave a fake smile.” Samuel stated with a frown.
How can he read me so easily. How am I becoming so poignant.
I hugged him.
“w€ther I faked a smile or not Sam, it’s okay, I’m going to be fine” I breathed into his clothes and god he smelled like mint and a familiar bubble gum scent.
“Are you sure? If you can’t share anything with me, you can at least tell me some things, I’ll listen, if an ear is all you need! I don’t mind.” Samuel”s word made me hug him even tighter.

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“I’ll tell you Sam… One day.. Just live and breathe now.” I sighed.
His voice was low. “I just want to help, in any way, I hate seeing you sad”.
I disengaged the hug. “Who said I was sad? I said I’m just going through some issues with my guardian, she’s not actually the best, we had a small fight and that is all, I promise, she just said some shocking things that I didn’t know she could say, we fight like most of the time and this one was… It was just worst, and we are just keeping our distance now, and what I’m mostly worried about is when we are ever going to be confront each other again. And that’s just it, I’m sorry for making you worry” I explained.
“It’s okay! I understand now.” Samuel smiled.

“How your smile is so contagious!” I tell him. “And Samuel, if you want to help me get past through This, I know you’re really willing to help, just stay beside me, talk to me, smile with me, like you’re doing now, I think that is everything that I need, if it’s too much to ask for I’m sorry but please just be that guy and it will be the best help ever, and maybe slowly my breaths will be able to smell flowers again” I stated.
“You don’t have to be sorry, I mean we’re going out after all, talking, smiling and staying beside you, isn’t actually helping, I bet I could be more than that” Samuel scoffed angrily in a juvenile way.

I laughed.
“You could be more?” I asked and he glanced at his desk and then at me.
“I… I.. Believe..I can” Samuel stuttered, I’ve been holding his gaze for seconds now, I guess my gaze do have a strong impact on him for making him stutter.
Looks like we’re both crazily swayed by each other.

I closed my eyes. “Then kiss me and tell me everything is going to be okay” I stated and he almost froze.
I laughed “I guess you’re still tense, it’s okay because it’s cute, but there’s no one here and it’s just the two of us, like you said, we are going out, aren’t we?” I smiled.
“Yeah, I’m sorry I tend to be a coward all the time, I know you must find it annoying. And that’s why people found it hard to believe when Kingsley told them we were dating” Samuel sighed
“Really? And why did they find it hard to believe?” I asked taking Samuel’s hand in mine.

“Because they’re like, you’re dating Bridget, she’s too tough for you, she’s way above your level, she’s too chic for you, she’s too hot for you, how did you manage to date a girl like her, did she date you out of pity? And when they say that, I just laugh all the time. Even though it hurts a little.” Samuel let’s out a nervous smile.
“Well they are crazy thinking I’m dating you out of pity, and I am not too chic for you, where am I stylish and elegant to begin with, to be honest I think you’re the one who’s way above my level, but Sam, we don’t need to care what others think of us, they are all just mouth breathers”

“I know that” Samuel nodded.
“So don’t get too stressed out about nonsense things” I added.
“I can’t be stressed out by that” he shrugged with a smile.
“But still, I want to change just a little bit” Samuel blurted out.
“Change? What change do you mean?” I gave a bewildered expression.
“Trying not to be tense, just like I did now” He replied.
“Well it’s okay to be tense.” I shrugged
“It’s not, I can see you hate it so much” Samuel sighed.

“No I don’t” I laughed. “I like that you’re tense, you’re not tense around other girls but just me, and that shows the effect I have on you, it’s actually sweet” I smiled.
“So that’s a good thing?” Samuel asked.
“Yes it is” I grinned. “So try to be as tense as you want, I won’t mind, all I know is that you’re not against me doing it”.
I got on my knees and placed my hand on his cheeks, I leaned down like I actually wanted to kiss him to see if he’d get tense again.

“How come…” I smiled. “You’re not tense”.
“It came as a surprise to me too” Samuel smiled back.
“Well… I wasn’t actually going to do it, I just wanted to know if you’d get tense, but If you insist” I smiled and leaned down even more to kiss him.
We both stopped when we heard the door slam.

“let me guess, the maniac is home” I stated.
“He’s not a maniac” Samuel laughed.
“How you get so angry in front of him and fight for him behind his back, you’re such a loyal friend.” I laughed and laid on the bed placing my legs on Samuel’s thighs.
“Kingsley’s not half bad, he just like saying annoying things!” Samuel shrugged.
Really stupid annoying things.
A knock came in on Samuel’s door and Samuel let’s out a “come in” knowing it was Kingsley.

The door opened and his smirk was the first thing we saw.
He started “Let me guess you got drenched by the rain and decided to come here since it’s the nearest, and guess what I got drenched too and I live here.”
“How do you possibly live with the meaningless things you say” I scoffed.
“Because they’re not meaningless to me. Anyways I just came to confirm if you’re really here cause I saw your Bag in the living room, anyways I’ll go shower.” Kingsley sighed and shut the door.
“He always wants to noticed.” I laughed.
“Yeah” Samuel agreed.

I breathed out a sigh… Making smauel turn to me.
“What?” I asked halfway melting because of his eyes.
“You tend to sigh so much” he smiled.
“You think? Sighing is like a quicker way to relieve tension or stress from yourself, it’s actually pretty helpful” I lectured.
“I know that, but that’s the point, people sigh when they’re going through stress… And that makes me even more worried.”
I shut my eyes and opened them back again.

He is just So…
“Samuel, I am not stressed.” I groaned.
“I know, I know, I’m just saying if you are, you can ask me for anything and I’ll help you right away” Samuel stated.
“That’s sweet” I laughed. “But what if you can’t help me”.
Samuel was taken aback by what I said and I regreted it instantly.
“What do you mean?” he gazed at me.
“I’m not saying I’m going through that kind of stress or problem or pressure but what if some people’s problems are unsolvable, like what if the people who thinks can actually help them can’t actually help them, what if their problems are too weird or too big for someone to help out!” I hollered and Samuel gave me a look.

“I’m just saying” I shrugged.
“Why do I suddenly feel you’re venting out about yourself.” Samuel stated.
Damn, he’s smarty.
“I’m not” I Lied.
“You are… Bridget I’ll keep saying it, if there’s anything wrong just tell me.” Samuel breathed out.
I huffed and sat up.

“I am fine…” I sighed “Please just believe me! I am”
Samuel gaze made me feel even more guilty.
“now stop looking at me like that, I really am fine” I said and hugged him.
I am not fine. And now I’m scared too.

We both heard a knock again and Turned to the door. Kingsley walked in and slowly closed the door.
“So… We have a bit of a situations here.” Kingsley stated.
“What situation ?” Samuel and I asked in unison.
“Well so… The rain has gotten pretty heavy and…
” And?” I leaned forward.
“Cynthia’s here!” Kingsley replied.
“Why is she here?” my eyebrows fell to my eyes.

“On her way back from class she got drenched by the rain and since our hostel was close to her class, she decided to come here and she’s in the living room.” Kingsley explained.
“What does she think this place is, is this some kind of hotel for drenched people? I mean she’s already drenched she could have just walked home w€t, why did she come here?” I ranted.
“Don’t get all disciplinarian on this, both of your situations are similar.” Kingsley stated.

“It’s not, Samuel invited me here, but she just came here like it was an hotel, and besides my boyfriend lives here. So I kind of have every right to be here, so shut up Kingsley” I said with the most scrunched face ever.
I glanced at Samuel who seemed to smile a little.

“Okay miss this is where Ny boyfriend lives. I’ll just tell Cynthia to take a shower and Samuel you can lend me your clothes for her to change into” Kingsley stated and I stood up
“Why Samuel’s clothes? What happened to yours?” I scoffed.
“He’s Samuel’s best friend not mine and we can’t leave her in w€t clothes she’ll catch a cold.” Kingsley scoffed back.
“They used to be best friend, and go give her your clothes, not Samuel’s cloth.” I stated angrily.
“You’re not even letting Sammy speak, Sammy come on man say something” Kingsley yelled.

“She’s the boss… And what happened to your clothes?” Samuel asked and I smiled.
“I see you two… You’re both the worst” Kingsley groaned and walked out of the room.

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