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Wounded episode 20





Kingsley walked into Samuel’s room again. For the hundredth time…
“I gave Cynthia my clothes, you’re welcome!” Kingsley rolled his eyes.
“If you just came in to say that, you just wasted ten seconds of your life right now” I teased and Kingsley shot me a glare.

“Well I’ll go check on her” Samuel stated standing up.
“What? why?” I quickly asked.
“Why? She’s my friend Bridget!” Samuel replied.
“Why? Are you jealous?” Kingsley chipped in.
“I’m not jealous! Why would I be, I just don’t like Cynthia around me” I shrugged.
“Then just let Samuel go meet her” Kingsley stated and I scoffed.
“I’m going with him anyways” I stood up.
“You are so stubborn” Kingsley groaned.
“And you’re just finding out?” I smiled making Samuel laugh.

Cynthia was sitting quietly on the couch, her head leaned towards her phone in her hand.
“Cynthia” Samuel called and she turned to us.
Cynthia glanced at me and turned to Samuel.
Sorry for the inconvenience I caused Sammy! I’ll leave immediately it stops raining” Cynthia voice was low and I arched my brows.
“No it’s okay, you can stay as much as you want!” Samuel offered nicely.
“Thanks.” Cynthia smiled making Samuel nod.
Cynthia turned to me. “And I was wondering who owned that bag, it looked familiar, had no idea you’d be here.” Cynthia said to me.
“Well I got drenched in the rain… Too” I scoffed.
“Oh okay, wow looks like we’re both in the same kind of situation here.” Cynthia gave a weird smile.

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I ignored her and turned to Samuel. “I’ll be in your room” I stated before walking away.
I got back into Samuel’s room and laid on his bed. Cynthia’s just looking for a way to get into my neck.
I covered myself with his blanket and snuggled my head under the soft pillow and the sound of the rain became closed and suddenly I start to find myself drifting to sleep.


Immediately Bridget left for my room Cynthia lets out a scoff.
“I don’t like her.” she muttered.
Well it’s official, they hate each other.
“You don’t but we do” Kingsley chipped in and Cynthia rolled her eyes at him.
“Look Bridget’s a nice person.” I stated.
“Nice my ass, more like crazy, have you seen her yell?” Cynthia huffed.
Yell… No… Not really!.
“Maybe you got on her bad side!” I said with a smile, but my smile made her even more angry.
“She doesn’t even have a good side to begin with.!” Cynthia stood up.
“And you don’t even have any good side or bad side, you’re just weird” kinglsey laughed.
I glanced at him.
“Kingsley please stop” I sighed…
I don’t want anyone fighting.

I sighed. “Look Cynthia, I don’t get why you hate Bridget so much, what did she ever do to you, I get Bridget’s point of view, she said the reason she doesn’t like you is because you told me to stay away from her, she doesn’t like you because your first impression of her was calling her dangerous. I totally understand that, I don’t know why you called her that, but I don’t mind hearing from your point of view, why do you hate her so much, what did she ever do? ” I shrugged.
“Sammy that actually makes sense, yes tell us Cynthia, what did she ever do to you.?” Kingsley added.

“She did nothing, I just feel this bad vibe around her!” Cynthia stated angrily.
“Bad vibe…? More like scared vibe!” Kingsley scoffed.
“What do you mean scared vibe. I’m not afraid of her.!” Cynthia brows came down to her eyes.
“I’m not saying you’re afraid of her, I’m saying you’re scared of her taking sammy away from you, but it’s too late now, she already got Sammy!” Kingsley smirked.

“Taking me away from her, why would Bridget take me away, I’m not going anywhere!” I stated blankly.
Kingsley sighed and shook his head. “You don’t get my point, the take me away means. Cynthia and Bridget have feelings for you you but Bridget got you first”.
“Shut up, I don’t have any feelings for Samuel” Cynthia suddenly defended.
“Ooh, that strong denial means you certainly do”.
Bridget has said this before, and I don’t think Cynthia has feelings for me. No.
“Kingsley just drop it, she doesn’t” I sighed at Kingsley.
“Exactly, you’re just so annoying Kingsley” Cynthia groaned.
“of course Cynthia is my best friend and she knows I have feelings for Bridget, she doesnt have any feelings for me, so please can we stop talking about this!!”

“Oh you poor naive thing! You know nothing! Anyways I’ll be in my room, and Cynthia you can burn those clothes since it came from a nuisance, you’re welcome” Kingsley grinned and walked back into his room.

I sighed in relief as I heard his door slam.
Cynthia bit her bottom lip.
“It’s okay Cyn… He’s gone now. Sorry for that!” I apologized.
“It’s okay, Kingsley has always been on my throat!” Cynthia sighed sitting down. “The rain looks like it will stop soon, so I’ll be leaving any time soon, you can spend your quality time with your… Girlfriend!”
I nodded and paused.
“But you don’t actually have free feelings for me… Do you?” I slowly asked.
Cynthia’s raised her head up at me and her eyes glared at me wickedly. Wow.
“Don’t get ahead of yourself” she said.
“So you’re actually buying what Kingsley said?” she scoffed.
“No… I’m just asking!” I said trying to clear up the air.
“Asking such rude question. And no I don’t have feelings for you” Cynthia rolled her eyes.

I smiled. “Good”.
She looked up at me again. “What do you mean good?” she asked.
“I mean… You don’t have feelings for me and that’s a relief” I replied.
“So me having feelings for you is a pain, is that what you’re trying to say?” she narrowed her eyes at me.
“No.! You’re Clearly misunderstanding the whole situation here Cynthia, you’re not a pain and–
She suddenly interrupted me. “But you just breathed out a happy sigh saying you’re relieved cause I don’t have feelings for you which means you’ll be drowning yourself if I do have feelings for you right?”.
She looked seriously mad right now… I shouldn’t mess up my words.
I breathed in and out slowly before saying.
“if you have feelings for me, it’s not a bad thing, you’re not a pain, but what I wanted to go for and make you listen is, now, if you have feelings for me, it’s just going to be a waste of time because I really like Bridget and I don’t think I can ever stop liking her, and that’s just it, I’m not saying you’re a pain or anything, you misinterpreted it” I stated.

She sighed and stood up.
“Fine I understand. Anyways, my roommate just texted me. I should be leaving now.”
“Alright then, see you in campus” I replied.
“Yeah, sure” she stated and walked out of our house slamming the door.

I walked back into my room to see Bridget fast asleep, my pillow on her face. I removed the pillow from her face and she let’s out a sleepy sigh.
I smiled as I watched her face features mesmerize me every single time, no matter how many times I look at her.
She’s too good for me.
Coming to school here, I never really thought of having a girlfriend or liking any girl.

I was just so focused on studying and then graduating the university , and then work with my mum after graduating. Having a girl friend never really crossed my mind.
I was always used to my nanny teasing me saying, my girlfriend is here whenever Cynthia would come over to my house. And I was like, we’re best friends, we can’t actually date and I’ve always had it in mind that a girl would never like me and beside Cynthia I always thought that I’ll never be able to interact with other girls. But then I came here and Cynthia made me talk to her friends and I did assignments for them and I think beside their assignments, we talked about nothing else. And then that day Cynthia called and and told me about how a newbie needs to know where the science block is. And that’s when I first saw Bridget.
Of course she was pretty, I had thought, and despite interacting with a lot of girls we never had a better conversation but then again Bridget always make sure there’s a conversation going on. And I never really showed it but I liked it when she scolds me for being too nice. It was a first timer. And I liked it when she does it.

And then came the day she confessed to me. With my foolish brain, I was having feelings for her but didn’t know it.
But well now everything is in the past now. We’re together and we’re happy… At least… But I think she’s going through some things, she said she had a fight with her guardian. I hope they confront each other real soon. It must have been a big fight, seeing how Bridget’s smile left her eyes. I want to see her smile again. Smile with her eyes.

She suddenly muffled something in her sleep and I smiled.
It’s the second time she’ll be staying here for the week and I didn’t know having your girlfriend over gives an overwhelming feeling,
should she just live here?
I see I’m going crazy, I’ve never felt this way before.
One thing I like about Bridget is, the way she do things, she’s not hesitant. She do whatever and says whatever, whenever. And she’s so straightforward and frank.
Makes me like her the more.
I don’t think I can let anything come between us. I finally found someone I like so much.


My eyes fluttered open and I stretched my hands and legs far wide, feeling the warmth that flowed through my body. The sound of the rain had stopped and I just feel so great. The sleep I just had was everything. And Samuel’s bed is just perfect when it comes to sleeping.
Should I just steal his sofa.?
I sat up and got down from the bed and immediately the door opened.

“You’re awake” Samuel smiled.
“Yeah” I stated standing up. “What’s the… Time?” I asked glancing at the window and the gloomy sky.
“I don’t know but I think it’ll be 6pm” Samuel replied.

“What? I slept so much!” I laughed.
“You sure did” Samuel smiled in return.
“And I’m kind of hungry too” I said walking up to him.
“Well look no further, I just prepared dinner.” Samuel smiled. He’s nice, he’s sweet, he’s calm, and he cooks.!! Nope. He’s not going anywhere in the next fifty years.
I ate dinner with Kingsley and Samuel, good thing Cynthia left already. As I grabbed my dried books and bag ready to leave Samuel quickly spoke up.
“You know you could stay over if you want!”.

“Should I?” I smiled.
“Yes you should” Samuel nodded.
“Well I can’t, we have class tomorrow and I can’t possibly meet up. Going over to my hostel changing my clothes and this. It’s all going to be hard, maybe next time. I’ll see you in class tomorrow, or we’ll just talk on the phone tonight” I kissed his cheeks.
“my frigging eyes!” Kingsley yelled walking into the living room.
I rolled my eyes at him.
“Then should I walk you home?” Samuel asked.
“NO! And also I’m going to return your clothes tomorrow!” I saof walking to the door.
“You can keep it, if you want!” Samuel smiled.
“No, I look like a lost child in these, your clothes are clearly swallowing me.” I explained with hand gestured and Samuel laughed.
“Okay then, I’ll call you tonight, thank you for coming over” Samuel stated.
I should be the one thanking him for staying over. Well that’s Samuel for you.
“Anyways good night” I stated and with one last smile, I walked out of the boys apartment.

I got home and explained to Tochi about her umbrella and she told me not to worry about it, she talked about dinner but I told her I already ate some at Samuel’s. But then later in the night, I found myself eating.
Samuel and I talked on the phone as promised, it wasn’t a long chat and I fell asleep immediately after the call.

The next day, as I got to class early, I met Samuel… And the smile he held was just… Heart warming. We got ready for class and as the class got filled, the lecturer walled in.
Strange he wasn’t our usual Mr. Tony but a new lecturer who already got student murmuring about him being Mr. Tony substitute.
As he got closer and to the front of the class with a smug on his face, he started to become familiar.
He’s.. My last client before coming to school here!
T. B. C

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