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Wounded episode 22


Samuel left my room after promising him I’ll be in class tomorrow by all means.
At least his comfort was helpful. And during nighttime he texted me.
*How are you?* was what he asked.
*I’m fine* I replied as always.
*Of course you are : )* he sent back. *so what are you up to now?* he sent immediately.
*Trying to sleep* I texted.

We continued our chat until I fell asleep.
The next day, I got ready for class when it was the time and thankfully Mr. Vincent won’t be any of the lecturers in charge of today’s lesson.
I got to smile a little bit, and my mid afternoon, Kingsley, Samuel and I found ourselves at the popular canteen.
After eating we both walked back into campus and as the three of us walked together. I noticed a girl was standing and staring at me, I told the boys to hold on and I walked up to the girl.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked.
“huh? No!” she shook her head.
“You were staring at me and that was really awkward” I tell her.
Sorry, I just didn’t want to be mistaken, are you Bridget Clements?” the girl asked.
“Yes that Is me, is there a problem.?” I asked.
“No, just that I’ve been looking for you for the past two hours now, our new substitute teacher Mr. Vincent said to pass this note to you, that he’s having some problems with your name or stuff” she replied.
I took the note from her.
“Meet me in my office, your reports are being mixed up”
So he recognized me.

“Thanks I’ll see to it” I smiled at the girl.
“Okay then, thanks for walking up to me and making everything easier” The girl said before walking away.
I walked back up to Samuel and Kingsley.
“What’s wrong?” Samuel asked.
I hand the note to him.

“Who?” he looked at me after reading it.
“Mr Vincent.” I replied.
“Is that one of your lecturer, if your reports are being mixed then he should fix it, I don’t get it” Kingsley shrugged.
“Maybe he needs me to spell out my name correctly or something, you know how teachers are, I have to go see him and correct whatever the issue is?” I shrugged.
“Okay, can I come with you?” Samuel asked.
“He’s calling for just me, I’ll meet you during our last class, see you both later” I threw a smile walking towards the other direction.
Damn you Mr. Vincent.!!

Of course his office would be Mr. Tony’s previous office.
As I got to the office, I breathed in a heavy sigh before knocking on the door.
“Come in” His closed voice from the inside made me cringe.
I opened the door and walked in. I closed the door and turned to the desk and the person sitting behind it in front of me.

“What do you want?” I snapped immediately we made eye contact.
“Now is that anyway to talk to your professor? Have a sit please.” he grinned.
I sighed and sat on the chair in front of his desk.
Staring at him, it gave me chills but I was as calm as I could be.
“So… Your name is Clements Bridget and not actually the miss igraine I know of, wow!” He chuckled.
“I came here because my whatever reports are mixed up” I snarled.
“And you really think that’s what I called you here for?” he smirked.
“You better not start anything funny!” I stated angrily.
“Just so you know, I’m a grown man, I have a family of my own and not even my wife talks to me like this way, and I hate being threatened and this isn’t your first time threatening me… Remember when you told me you were going to call my wife if I didn’t pay you complete, yes that was a threat, and I did get angry about it even if I obliged like a true gentleman” Mr. Vincent smiled and stood up from his chair.
“So what do you want with me now?” I rolled my eyes.
“Remember what I said the morning after our… Small meeting?” Mr. Vincent asked.
“No and I don’t care to remember!” I snapped.
He laughed. “once a fiesty girl and a fiesty girl you shall be, anyways let me help you out” he smiled and walked up to me standing behind me.
“I said I was too drunk to remember the pleasure we had last night, and that’s why I couldn’t pay complete, and mind you, after that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about you!” Mr. Vincent said and slowly his hand rested on my shoulder.
I was boiling.
I shut my eyes and opened it again. I predicted this much.
“Get your hands off me you filthy animal” I said through gritted teeth.
He laughed. “Don’t you dare call me filthy animal, I prefer going in between beautiful young legs like yours, rather than my wife’s old and ugly legs, and you, I’m a thousand percent sure I’m not the only man you’ve slept with, so that makes two filthy animals in this room” he stated and slowly his hand glide against my chest.
I nudged him and he laughed.
“I love fiesty girls like you, you remind me of my last daughter, she’s as fiesty as you, and she’s just seven”.
“How shameless”. I spat.
Mr Vincent glared at me.
“Me? Shameless? You should be too, Samuel Aro, he’s a fine student, an intelligent one to begin with, with my first day here I’ve already heard a lot about him from the lecturers and students, and I’ll be damned, he’s your boyfriend, a boy like that, dating a girl like you, I don’t know you that much, but I am ninety nine point nine percent sure he doesn’t know what kind of job you do, aren’t you ashamed?” Mr. Vincent smiled.
I stood up.
“You should be ashamed of yourself Vincent, speaking about your wife and kids in front of me and how you’re indirectly saying you want to sleep with me again?” my voice was calm and bitter.
“I’m not trying to be indirect. I do want to have s*x with you again.” he snickered.
“You disgust me!” I glared at him.
“But we’ve already done it before… Stop acting like it will be a new thing for you?” his grin was annoying, I couldn’t say anything, but if looks could kill, he would have been dead from mine.
“Come on Bridget… What do you say? Just one more time, let’s share a bed together, I’ll pay…” Mr Vincent smiled walking close to me.
My eyes gathered tears… I was so ashamed.
His hand reached for my waist and my hand being faster than light gave him a slap across his face.
He stood back, his hand on his face and watched me in awe.

“s£xual assaulting me?” I scoffed as a tear dropped from my eyes.
“because we once shared a bed?” I added.

“And slapping a lecture across the face? You know I can make you fail this semester with just a click of my finger, I can make you and your stupid good for nothing boyfriend go down the drain with just a click of my finger.” Mr. Vincent yelled.

Well I can yell too… I didn’t care if his office was sound proof or not.

“Yes, I used to be a prostitute, I will yell for all I care, I used to be one, used to, but that doesn’t mean I’ll go down on that path and sleep with a disgusting animal like you again, you can make me fail this semester for all I care, but don’t even try and bring Samuel into this, and trust me you will go down before you even think of coming up, Mark my words.” I yelled and walked out of his office.
I dried my tears as I walked out of the building in haste.
My eyes was heavy from all the tears and my legs were walking faster than my brain could carry.
I found myself going towards Samuel’s hostel instead of mine.

A prostitute…
As I walked with my head bowed, tears flowed from my eyes, as I dried it the more it kept coming.
A prostitute… A hooker… A call girl… That’s what I am… Even trying to run away from it, part of it still haunts me. And I’ll only just put Samuel in trouble for it.
I’m not good enough.
I’ll never be good enough.
The knock I gave on Samuel’s door was lighter than I had expected it to be, and just when I thought about knocking again, the door opener and kingsley came into view.
“Oh Bridget, it’s you” he stated and opened the door wider for me to come in.
He closed the door and looked at my face.
“Are you okay?” he asked. “your face is all red and puffy” he slowly descripted.
One advantage of being fair skinned huh, it’s obvious when you cry a lot

“Where’s Sam” I asked… And immediately, he came walking out of his room.
“Bridget” he smiled seeing me.
“Whoa… What’s wrong?” he added.
“Nothing” I shook my head.
I suddenly couldn’t do what I came here for seeing his face.
I stood still and watch Samuel ask me numerous questions but none of them were actually entering into my dumb head.
And after a lot of contemplations in my mind. I finally let out of the words.
“Let’s break up Samuel!” I breathed out.
“Whoa… I’ll… I’ll leave you two alone.” Kingsley stated and walked away.

“Wh… What do you mean let’s break up.” Samuel stuttered, his expression a lot worse than I imagined.
“Please…” I added as a tear dropped from my eyes.

Even if he does know about my past, it doesn’t really change what I used to be. It will just keep haunting me. And now I’m just feel so… Irritated, this irk feeling I have for myself.

“No… Is it me.? Did… Did I do something bad? If I did anything wrong, tell me, please and I’ll fix it!” Samuel stated walking closer to me and holding my hand.
“It’s not because of you” I shook my head. “You did nothing wrong! It’s me… I’m not good enough for you”.
Multiple tears dropped from my eyes. I’m just saying crap.
“No, you don’t have to be enough for me Bridget. Please! You don’t have to be perfect, be at your worst I don’t care. But not the break up please.” Samuel stated his eyes getting glossy.
I looked at him.
He’s so… Beautiful!

I pulled my hand from his grip.
“please… I’m begging you” I added. I was getting tired, crying all day can actually drain all your energy.
“No… I’m not going to allow it, please if there’s anything wrong we’ll correct please.”
He’s not going to allow it.
Then I’m just going to say things to make him allow it.

I began. “The truth is… I don’t really love you, I just said I do, you’re really annoying and you make me feel irritated every single time.”
I cried.
“You don’t have to lie Bridget, I don’t know what’s suddenly going on but please…”
I glanced up and saw a tear drop from his eyes.
“Just leave me alone!” I yelled.
“please Samuel…” I added. “If you leave me alone, then everything will be okay, you’re the reason I’m carrying all this burden, the reason I’m depressed, for the past few days you’ve asked me ‘How are you’ and I always say I’m fine but I know you know that I’m not fine, I know you can see how I always lie, you’re the reason why I’m not fine. I’m going through such pains because of you… So please… Please… Let’s just end this!” I yelled, my tears running like stream waters.
“What… Samuel muttered looking shocked.
“Thank you for everything, but we’re better off, being alone.” I stated. Dried my tears and walked out of the house.
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