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Wounded episode 24


Kingsley handed me the bottled water and a handkerchief he just bought.
“Thanks” I sniffed as I took both items from him.
I dried my running nose and eyes, before gulping down half of the water from the bottle.
Kingsley sighed and stroked his templates.

“you’ve been crying for hours now” Kingsley exaggerated.
It’s not even up to fifty minute
“I know” I sniffed.
Sitting on a huge rock behind block four , the building was doing a great job with its huge shade, protecting us from the sun.
Kingsley and I had come here after the encounter with him walking up on Mr Vincent and I in his office and I just couldn’t withstand the embarrassment and guilt that submerged me at that moment.
As Kingsley and I walked out of the office, I cried seeing Kingsley’s face. He sure saw what was happening in there. There’s no thinking, he saw it.
His expression made me want to pass out.
And when I didn’t stop crying, he told me to wait here and left to buy the water and the hanky.

“So..?” Kingsley began. “Are you going to tell me what happened in there or what?.
I sighed. “You saw what happened didn’t you?” my voice was low and my head was hurting. I was so tired, I haven’t eaten since yesterday and I’m not getting any sleeps too.
“You mean, that lecturer pinning you to wall, kissing you and trying to get his stupid hands up your legs.” Kingsley stated bitterly. You could tell he was angry.
I sighed. And a tear dropped.

“So you did see everything”
“Yes I did. How do you explain that?”
I was looking at my feet the whole time and when I looked up at Kingsley, he looked really angry.
“I was being s£xual assaulted, that’s how you explain it.” I gave a bitter laugh.
“Well hell yeah, and you need to report it to the school board. And how and when did all this begin? Is this the reason you broke up with Sammy?” Kingsley’s voice was loud.
“Well yes… Partially” I sighed.
“So… So when did all this start? He was s£xual assaulting you and you didn’t let anyone know.” Kingsley scoffed.
“It was just this one time, I swear” I stated preventing myself from crying.
“This one time? Why you? He wouldn’t just approach him.” Kingsley blurted and I looked up at him.
“What are you trying to say? That I gave myself to him at first?” I raised my brows.
“Well you could put it that way!” Kingsley replied, not caring how mad I feel and look at that statement.
I stood up.
“I used to have s£x with men in exchange for money, and Mr. Vincent happened to be one of my client.”
I spurred all that out.? In one go?
How it’s so easy to tell.

I turned to Kingsley and found his jaw on the floor.
The reactions.
I sighed “classic huh”.
“I.. I.. Y.. You…
Kingsley was completely speechless.
“Now seeing me here, he’s trying to take advantage of me because we’ve once shared a bed.” to be honest, coming out to kinglsey was a lot easier than I thought.
I looked at Kingsley’s face, it was the most shocked face I have ever seen.
“Shocked.?” I asked.
He just blinked rapidly.
“See this Is the reason I broke up with Samuel, what if he finds out about my past and then Mr. Vincent, you seem shocked enough, how would he feel, how would he look at me? It’s scary… Mr. Vincent also wanted to drag him down because we’re in a relationship” I sighed. “This is all just too much!”.
Kingsley’s quietness was causing me rage.
“Say something at least, are you so shocked? Now you understand why I can’t be In a relationship with him. If you’re so shocked then how is his reaction going to be” just thinking about it I felt my eyes getting w€t.
“It’s… Its okay” Kingsley finally said. “You don’t have to cry Samuel will understand” Kingsley stated.
“You’re not him you can never know” I cried.
“But just stop crying!” Kingsley added.
“Let’s just leave.” I stated, ignoring the forthcoming headache I was feeling. “I need to rest” I was so tired.
As I took a step forward I find myself falling to the ground and everything went blank.
I opened my eyes to the unfamiliar room and the smell of strong pills and antiseptics.
I turned to my side and slowly opened my eyes, the first thing i saw was a white curtain.
I turned to my other side and I saw Kingsley and Samuel.

“You’re awake” Samuel’s voice was low.
I slowly sat up and turned to the boys, the last thing I remembered was talking to Kingsley.
“What am I doing here?” I asked looking around.
“You fainted” Kingsley replied.
I did.

“And this is a clinic close to campus and like a block away from our hostel” Kingsley added.
“The nurse said you passed out due to stress and anxiety, and also hunger.” Samuel stated, his tone, worried and angry at the same time.
“Have you starving yourself?” Samuel asked.
“I just… Haven’t been so hungry lately.” I replied not looking at him.
“You haven’t been so hungry, are you trying to get yourself killed? Stress? Anxiety? What is going on Bridget?” Samuel asked with a sigh.
“Nothing…” I replied.
Kingsley gave me a look before clearing his throat and holding up a white paper bag. “There are pills in here, the nurse said you should take them after you get to eat” Kingsley stated and I nodded.
“And you’re also free to go home” Kingsley added.

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I slowly got down from the bed and stood up and everything started to spin around which made me sit back down.
“I don’t think I can go home” I sighed.
“Just come with us to our hostel and I’ll prepare something for you, you don’t have to walk all the way to your hostel, ours isn’t far from here” Samuel offered and I couldn’t say no.
I gave a slow nod and he nod back.
I had to lean on Samuel to walk properly, I was completely drained. It was like something was sucked out of me.
The boys were right, immediately we stepped out of the clinic the building came into sight and before I knew it, I was on Samuel’s couch in the living room stuffing my face in yam porridge.
I didn’t know, but I missed food so much.
Kingsley retired in his room preparing for his next class, but Samuel watched me ate and gulp down my medicine.
Kingsley left the house minutes after leaving me and Samuel, we both sat alone in the living room not saying anything, and I start to feel sleepy.
Slowly my eyes closed and I fell asleep.
I Watched Bridget go to sleep and I couldn’t but wish our break up never happened.
I love her so much.
And seeing her go through all these, it’s more worse than she actually breaking up with me.
The anxiety and stress, why would she be stressed? Why would she even starve herself. Her face is all puffy and gloomy, her smile has faded and sadness has taken over her eyes. It was like the lively, happy and bright Bridget I once knew had died. And the girl In front of me was someone else, she used to be so prevailing, but now she’s the opposite. I’ve never really found out her reasons do breaking up with me.
But that doesn’t matter now, she just have to be okay.
I stood up, grabbed her sleeping body in my arms and walked to my room, I opened the door and laid her on my bed.
Seeing her on my bed, I wished she would never leave.
The moments of not sitting with her in class was like torture, I tried to focus but I couldn’t and each time, I’ve found myself glancing back at her.
Bridget, you made me fall in love with you, you’re not going to leave me all alone right?
I stared down at her protuberant lips and I almost kissed it, but stopped. She wouldn’t like that, we’ve broken up.

I sat on my study desk and watched her sleep. I was ready to miss class because of her, I couldn’t care less.
– – Bridget’s pov – –

My eyes fluttered opened and the familiar ceiling fan in front of my face gave me a heart warming feeling.
Samuel’s room.
But I slept in the living room. Did he carry me in here.?

“You’re awake” I heard his voice and I quickly sat up.
I was feeling a lot better and more energetic, unlike few hours ago.
“Yeah, I’m awake” my voice was low and calm.
Samuel walked up to me and sat beside me on his bed.
“How are you feeling?” he asked, placing his hand on my forehead to briefly check my temperature.
That touch.
Was the warmest thing ever.
“Feeling better” I replied and he nodded.
We both stayed quiet, and to be honest, it was more than torture, sitting beside him, his scent engulfing my nose, his warmth confining me at once, he was irrisistible.
I wanted to hold him so bad and make him tell me that he loves me no matter what I do or did.
But then again, we’re not together anymore.
I broke us.
And I’m not happy about it, I never was, but I had no choice.

“Bridget…” Samuel Called.
I turned to him, and just by looking at the side of his face, I wanted to kiss him so bad.
“Yeah..?” I replied.
“But, I beg you with every ounce of my being, tell me… What is actually going on?” he turned to me and I stared at his eyes.
I missed him.
Slowly my head went closer to his and I quickly locked our lips together.
Samuel surprisingly reciprocated and it was electrifying.
My body started to boil in a magnifying way.
I’ve missed this, a kiss with Samuel was nothing but a whole different universe. I could see nothing but stars twinkling as my lips brushed over Samuel’s soft and gentle lips.

Samuel suddenly paused and gently pulled away.
“I’m confused” he sighed.
I looked away.
“One minute, we’re breaking up, the next minute we’re kissing, I don’t understand this at all” Samuel sighed.
Good thing he didn’t look mad.
“I’m sorry” I apologized. “I’m just being selfish, I’m so sorry” I sighed burying my face In palm.

“Why did you break up with Bridget?” Samuel asked.
I looked up at him and it was now or never.
I scoot away from him and sighed.
“Fine” I breathed out.
He raised a brow at me.
“I don’t care If you hate me or not but I broke up with you because I was scared.” I started.
“Scared? Scared of what?” Samuel asked.
“You” I replied.
“Why me?” he asked, his inquisitive face and body scooting closer to me.
“Was scared of the reaction I would get” I sighed.
I can’t do this.
“What reaction?” Samuel looked as confused as someone receiving an explanation for the colour Coquelicot.

“I used to sleep with men in exchange for money and yeah our lecturer Mr. Vincent was one of them, I was a dirty call girl.” I stated in one go, not believing myself.
I just went straight to the point, I didn’t even care for the worst that might come.
I looked at samuel and he just stared at me with a blank expression.
“Sam…?” I called. Scared.
He’s a quiet person, but his silence now is killing me.

“And was that the reason you broke up with me?” he asked blinking rapidly.
I nodded.
Well also because Mr. Vincent was threatening to fail us both because I was in a relationship with you, I wanted to say that too, but no, one problem at a time.
“That’s the reason you broke up with me?” Samuel asked again his eyes wide open.
“Y-yeah” I replied.

He breathed out a sigh and fall back on the bed.
“wait… You’re not mad?” I slowly asked.
“Mad? Why would I be. For a moment I was scared, I thought I had done something really bad or maybe you have like a rare disease or something… But that’s not it and that’s a relief” Samuel smiled.
A relief.
Okay this is not what I was expecting.
“But I used to be a call girl”. I reminded him.
His easiness was scary.
“Listen to yourself Bri… You used to”.
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