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Wounded episode 25


“But I used to be a call girl”. I reminded him.
His easiness was scary.
“Listen to yourself Bri… You used to”.
I was completely speechless as I stared at Samuel in front of me.
He was cool with everything going on.
Samuel sat up. “You used to be, but not anymore, I mean no one is perfect, you had your reasons clearly. But you shouldn’t have ended our relationship, honestly I was so scared, and I missed you everyday, I didn’t know how hard it must have been for you keeping something like this from me for so long. And then Mr. Vincent,” Samuel wore a sad eye as he mentioned his name.
I was still feeling a bit tensed surprised by his reaction.

“I’m sorry” I quietly apologized, this is so embarrassing.
“You don’t have to be sorry…” Samuel stated.
I looked up at him. Why is he so nice???
“of course I should be, you got in a relationship with me not knowing what kind of person I am, or what I used to do and keeping it a secret from you is what I’m sorry for, I didn’t mean to break us up, I really like you Sam… But I was just so afraid and ashamed of what you might think of me!” I breathed out a sigh as my eyes started to get w€t again.
Looks like I broke my tears cage today.
“It’s okay… You don’t have to cry” Samuel said scooting closer to me and holding my shoulder.
“You had to go through so much, how hard it must have been for you, you went through all that stress just to tell me this.!” Samuel voice made me shiver.
I sniffed. “To be honest.” I started “it’d be better if you get a little angry, I hate the way you’re being nice… It’s scary! I just told you something irk about my past and you’re the one apologizing. It’s scary Sam” I sniffed.

Samuel paused. “Well I don’t know, I am angry, I know I do feel a little bit of anger in me because of what you told me, but then the anger’s not for you, or anybody else.”
“What?” I sniffed.
“I don’t know, I just can’t bring myself to get angry at you…” Samuel gave a grin. “Of course you’ve had your rough past and a part of it might be catching up with you now like you’ve said like Mr Vincent, but that doesn’t mean anything, I was happy, you see I never taught I’d ever like someone or get someone to like me, but when you came into my life I never believed it, I was happy I had you, I was so happy, and then I thought I might break when you broke up with me, I thought something was wrong with me, but then you said it was you and I couldn’t understand what was wrong with you, I did want to understand but you kept pushing me away and I was scared, I made up my mind I couldn’t possibly stay a day without seeing you, my point is, just be there, smile at me, hold me, call me by my name and just stay with me, that’s all I ask for, hiding your past doesn’t make things easier and let’s just focus on the present, not even the future but the present!”
I flew around Samuel’s body and gave him a tight hug immediately he said all that and he held my body with his firm hands.
“You got skinny over the past few days, I can’t believe you kept all that to yourself and caused so much stress to yourself, over a past that no one cares about” Samuel stated and let out a light chuckle.
“Now just stop crying” Samuel pat my back. “You’ve cried so much, you’re just going to get yourself worn out”.
“Why are you so nice?” I mumbled.
“I am?” he retort the question.
I disengaged the hug and wiped my tears.
I do feel worn out.
“So that means… We’re back together right?” I asked feeling a bit relieved.
“Yes and no more secrets! Please.” Samuel added and I nodded.
I’ll tell him about Mr. Vincent later

I fell back on the bed and breathed out a sigh.
“Can I stay here for the day?” I asked. I wasn’t entirely worn out but I didn’t feel like going back to my hostel, everything between Samuel and I are okay and I couldn’t be more glad.
“You can stay as long as you like” Samuel let’s out a smile.
“Thanks” I smiled back.
I turned to my side and breathed a sigh, I closed my eyes.
“I’m going for another rest” I said and Samuel stood up.
“No problem.”
I closed my eyes and heard as the door went shut.
I Walked out of my room and breathed out a sigh of relief.
Finally I can breathe again, the past few days Bridget and I weren’t together, it felt like something was holding on to my lungs, now I can finally breathe again.
She’s keeping so much to herself, so who cares if she ‘was’ a call girl. She can be any type of girl she wants, but as long as she’s with me, then everything’s fine. Wow it’s a shock to me how I’ve come to like someone so much. It’s a feeling that’s explainable and unexplainable at the same time, the feeling is blissful, imaging having that kind of blissful feeling seeing one person everyday and suddenly the person wants to shove you away from their life, then that’s no far from death.
As I walked into the living room, Kingsley opened the door and walked in.
“Finally just ended the last class for the day” he sighed throwing his bag on the couch.
“Good for you, I didn’t even attend any class today” I said.
“Why? Is Bridget still here?” He asked.
“Yes” I nodded. She intended on staying”.
“Wow, she must be getting sick of her hostel by now, that’s why she intended on staying here, she went through a lot” Kingsley sighed taking off his shoes.
“Went through a lot?” I repeated. “How do you know she’s been going through a lot?” I asked him.
“Oh, she finally told you what’s been bothering her?” Kingsley threw the question.
“Wait? You knew?” we were both throwing questions.

Until he finally answered. “Well she told me today. Before she passed out, she didn’t want you to know, she was worried of how you’d react, she was really scared, she thought if she told you her secret, you’d want to dump her or some stuff like That because she used to be a call girl, so she decided to end and dump you before you could do it to her!”. Kingsley explained.
I would never
I sighed. “And she went through all that just for nothing…”
“Exactly and with Mr. Vincent on her neck she’ll probably pass out again.” Kingsley stated
“Mr. Vincent on her neck?” I repeated.
Kingsley looked at me, eyes widen.
“She… Didn’t tell you… About Mr. Vincent.” he slowly said.
“Well I know he used to be one of those… One of her…. Wait is there anything else that I don’t know.?” I asked.
“Uh… Nothing! I think I’ve said enough for now, I’ll go to my room now” kingsley grinned.

“Kingsley” i called and he sighed, annoyed.
“Okay, Bridget didn’t want you to know but Mr. Vincent has been threatening her to like… You know… And said he was going to like fail you both if she fails to comply, and that’s one of the reason she had to end your relationship with her, she said she didn’t want you to suffer because of her and also yesterday while looking for you after you class… I caught him… I..
“You caught him what?” I chimed in.
“Secually harassing her.” Kingsley completed and my heart fell into my stomach.
“What? Just because he used to be one of her… Stupid… Worker or whatever doesn’t mean he has to try nonsense with her.” I was finally angry.
“Exactly, Bridget was really scared and helpless when I saw her, even though she was trying to look not so frail, she was as fragile as ever, she’s been keeping it to herself and enduring so much, now I feel bad for her” kinsgely sighed.
“Why didn’t she tell me” I mumbled to myself.
“uh.. She likes you too much, she didn’t want your disturbing ass worrying over her business like that” Kingsley stated.
I sighed.
“Anyways is anything on the stove?I’m damn hungry” Kingsley grunted.
“There’s nothing, since Bridget is staying over, I’ll prepare something soon.” I replied.
“Okay then. I’ll be in my room” Kingsley said and walked away.

I walked to my room and seeing Bridget sleeping I let out a small smile but then my smile faded, how she has been a victim of s£xual harassment.
Seeing her skinny body on my bed made me want to never let go of her, I wanted to protect in a way the word protection is an understatement, to be with her and never see her cry again. And how Mr. Vincent is so going to get what’s coming for him.

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…Bridget’s pov…
I opened my eyes and it took me thirty seconds to realise I was in Samuel’s room, after gawking at the place for another thirty seconds, I got off the bed.
The sun has gone down but the day was still a little bright, but it will be dark soon.
I walked out of Samuel’s room and to the living room.
The sweet smell of chicken stew stopped my feet from moving any further and I suddenly realised I haven’t eaten a proper meal since yesterday.
I walked towards the boys on the couch who were busy with their meal and Kingsley was the first one to see me.
“You’re awake” he said making Samuel turn to me.
Samuel quickly stood up.

“Gentle, she can stand all by herself” Kingsley said to Samuel rolling his eyes.
“Are you hungry?” Samuel rushed his question walking up to me.
After perceiving a smell like that. How could I not be hungry.
“Yeah” I nodded.

“Make sure to stay over every once in a whole Bri… Samuel never prepare delicacies like this”. Kingsley said recieving a glance from Samuel.

Treating me like I’m going to break, Samuel served me the food he prepared and I slowly ate it, uncomfortable from the stares he was giving me.
“I’m not dying you know.” I said after a moment of silence.
“Huh?” Samuel was confused.
“You keep treating me like I’m going to break anytime soon, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but frankly, it’s weird.” I stated and threw a smile.
“Oh… I Just… Sorry if its making you uncomfortable” Samuel said and I shook my head Negatively. “It’s okay”.
We both heard a knock on the door and Kingsley who was walking out of his room at that moment was the one we went to answer the door.
T. B. C

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