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Wounded episode 26


We both heard a knock on the door and Kingsley who was walking out of his room at that moment was the one who went to answer the door.
“What are you doing here?” Kingsley’s voice stated at the door and I already guessed who it was immediately.
“Be less rude” I heard Cynthia’s voice and she walked into the room shoving Kingsley aside.

Seeing Samuel and I she paused. She breathed out softly and turned to Kingsley who was behind her.
“Here” she said shoving the plastic bag in her hands to him.
“What is this?” Kingsley asked, giving a suspicious look as he took the bag from her.
“Your clothes!” Cynthia replied.
“i told you it’s okay, you can keep it” Kingsley shrugged.
“as if” Cynthia scoffed.

“Anyways bye Sammy” Cynthia stated and walked out of the house.
“Great, how I’m invisible.” I smiled and Samuel laughed. “Sorry” he stated.
“It’s okay, I made her hate me, it’s fine” I shrugged with a smile.
Kingsley sighed and dropped the plastic bag on one of the couch and turned to us.
“Anyways, I was just texting some of my guys and they told me about a party coming up tomorrow night, you guys up for it?” Kingsley grinned.
“Another one of those parties? Please!” Samuel scoffed.
“Oh nobody cares if you come Sammy, you are not a party pooper, don’t strain yourself okay” Kingsley clicked his tongue.
Samuel looked offended and he turned to me. “Don’t listen to him” I shook my head at him.
“Oh of course he’ll listen to me, he’s not deaf” Kingsley smirked. “What about you Bri… You coming?” Kingsley asked.
“Bridget is too sick to go anywhere don’t ask her that” Samuel snarled.
“He quiet lover boy, you’re not Bridget” Kingsley rolled his eyes and then sitting on the couch.
“So Bri… What do you say?” he smiled at me and Samuel shot him a glare.
I Turned to Samuel. “I’m not sick Sam… Thanks to you and I can’t just keep staying gloomy like this, I love parties” I confessed with a smile.
“But you’re not strong enough” Samuel stated lowly.
“I’m as strong as ever, and staying put in one place won’t do me any good, and come on, it’s a party, we get to live once Samuel. I’m going and you’re definitely coming too” I stated and Samuel sighed.
“Okay then” he grumbled.

Kingsley gave a weird laugh saying “Note to self, if Samuel doesn’t agree on anything you ask him, make Bridget bait or use Bridget in order to make him agree”.
“Can you shut up” I rolled my eyes.
“What? It’s not like I’m wrong about it!” Kingsley smiled.
“Anyways, I better go now since you two look like you’re about to bite me” kingsley stood up and left the living room in light speed.
After dinner I ended up in Samuel’s room and bed again and wrapped myself in his blanket. It was so comforting and for some reason I didn’t even want to ever go back to my own hostel.
Samuel walked into his room with a phone… My phone in his hand and he handed it to me.
“It’s been ringing since forever, silently.” he said.
I took the phone from him and looked down at it.
“Tochi” I sighed.
I called her back wondering why she was calling and she picked up at the first ring.
“finally Bridget!” she announced into the phone.
“Yeah?” I stated lowly.
“Where have you been I’ve been trying to call you, it’s nighttime and I haven’t seen you since like forever” she ranted on the phone.
Oh she cares.
“Am at Samuel’s” I stated and I could feel her pause.
“I thought you guys broke up” she stated.
“We did.” I replied.
“Oh okay, anyways I heard you passed out and to be honest fear gripped me when I couldn’t reach you, but you’re fine and that’s okay” she stated and I felt her smile.
“Anyways, thanks for caring… And calling” it was awkward saying that, I didn’t know why, and I cut the call.
I breathed out heavily and fell back on the door.

“Exams are coming up” Samuel said after realising the room was too quiet.
“Yeah” I replied.
“I can already feel the tension” Samuel added.
“Well I’m not feeling anything!” I smiled.
“Maybe that’s because you’ve felt too many things for too long.” Samuel said and I gave him a look from the corner of my eyes.
“No offense” he said immediately.
“Offense taken” I rolled my eyes and he laughed.
“That’s why we need to ditch the party and get ready to start studying” Samuel said.
He’s definitely not a party person.
“No” I shook my head and rolled over now lying on my stomach.
“Since the exams are coming up, this is definitely why we need to attend the party, get all cranky and crazy before the tension the exam will bring kill us all, parties relieves tension a bit you know, even stress or some sad thoughts” I stated making a point to Samuel.
“Well…I get what you mean but I don’t see how parties relieves tension or stress or anything nope” Samuel blurted out shaking his head.
“Okay well, for instance you’re going through some rough moments in your life, when you’re alone the memory, the thoughts of what’s making your life rough suddenly picks up their pace and to your mental screen when you’re alone, it weighs you down and leave you more depress, but then when you go to a party, the music for instance takes over your head, your body on the inside and outside goes with the beat of the music, your heart in synchronisation with the rhythm, that only will shove the thoughts, and then the best part is the drinks… I can’t believe I’m explaining this to you Samuel, I thought you’re smarter than this.” I simpered.

“I’m not as smart as everyone thinks” Samuel smiled.
“Admitting defeat, now that is one smart thing to do”. I smiled back.

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We both stared at each other without saying anything and I stretched my hand forward to him. He looked at my hand and watched me snitch his hand.
“Come sit on the bed” I tell him.
He didn’t hesitate, or gave a questionable or shy face and just did as I say.
As he sat down, I slowly got up and hugged him from behind, resting my head on his shoulder, and my hands tightening around his solid waist.
“You seem Clingy today” Samuel blurted.
“Since I’ve met you, I’ve always been clingy” my response kind of took him by surprise and I felt as his heart pace up.
I smiled.
“Did you get flustered by that?” I asked teasingly.
“What are you talking about, I did not” he tried to lie.
I laughed. “My head is clearly resting on your back, I can hear your heart Sam… It sped up after I said that”
“Since when did you become a psychologist?” Samuel scoffed.
“Since I met you!” I replied.
I laughed out loud when I felt his body tense.
Of course he can never change. That’s the fun part about being with Samuel is when he gets flustered, it contagious and does the same to you, you flustering him up is actually making you flustered, that he’s flustered. It’s cute

Oh, how I missed this, it’s been ages since I’ve hold him like this.
This is everything.!

“Samuel…” I called. “I love you…” I stated.
Realising its the first time I’m saying that, I smiled.
But it hit Samuel differently cause he froze and his heart paced up again.
“And there your heart beat goes again.” I laughed placing my hand on his chest to feel as his heart almost slammed out of his rib cage.
Samuel grabbed my hand and turned around immediately, his eyes reading hurt took me by surprise.

“w-what’s wrong?” I asked.

He furrowed his brows immediately I said that.
“What is it?” I asked cupping his cheeks.
“I was supposed to say it first” he replied, his voice low and his eyes, not on me but on the pillow.

I paused and blinked rapidly. “say what first?” I asked.
“What you just said.” Samuel said looking a little destruct.
“Wait…” I laughed realising what he meant.
I hugged him.
“Sam. It doesn’t matter who says I love you first, we can tell how we both feel for each other even without saying, it I know how you feel towards me.” I smiled snuggling up around his neck.
“But still…”
“It still doesn’t matter!” I interrupted.
We both remained quiet until he finally breathed out. “I love you.”

My heart sped up, but I kept my cool.
“I know” I smiled.

The next morning I left Samuel’s residence and went back to my hostel and when I got to my room I wanted to pass out seeing how gloomy everything looked, unlike Samuel’s room where it’s bright full of life.
After having a shot friendly conversation with Tochi, I got on my bed and took another nap.
The day went by so quickly, and that’s how Saturdays are, they take so long to arrive and while finally arriving, they go by so fast!.
It was evening, the sun had already set and while having dinner with Tochi, a knock came in at the front door.
Tochi got the door and the familiar voices made me sigh.
Cynthia and two other boys walked in.
I recognized the boys but I don’t know how I recognized them.
“HI… Bridget!” one of them flashed his teeth at me.
“Hi” I gave a questionable look. How does he know my name.

“Uhm.. Bri… This is my friend Emmanuel and Austin, you’ve met them before, the first day you got here I think” Tochi and I suddenly recall seeing them.
I nodded and glanced at Cynthia who was acting like she doesn’t know me. Well it’s not like I know her too.

“You’re going to slow is us down, I can’t believe you haven’t gotten ready yet!” Cynthia’s voice said.
“I’m sorry” Tochi apologized. “I’ll go get dressed now”
Tochi grabbed her empty plate and then a dress she suddenly pulled out of her bag and head to the bathroom.
Her friends waited patiently for her on her bed, and the Austin guy tried to start a conversation with me, but ended it when I acted lackadaisical.
Minutes later Tochi got ready, and left with her friends leaving me to enjoy the whole room to myself, I don’t know where they’re all going but I hope they don’t come back so soon.
It was almost fifty minutes after Tochi and her friends left when a knock came in at the door.

Who could it be? I groaned angrily as I got down from my bed and to the door.
I opened the door and Kingsley barged in like his father owned the building.
Samuel stood by the door and he let’s out a smile seeing me and a hi.
I looked at him, up and down

I Turned to looked at Kingsley and then turned back to Samuel.
“Why are both dressed so good, are you guys going anywhere?” I asked.
“The party! Did you forget?” Samuel asked.
“A party? Well yeah.? Since when did we talk about any party?” I asked still trying to remember.
“Since yesterday amnesia!” Kingsley said behind me and I turned to glare at him.
Samuel walked in and closed the door behind him.

“He sighed, remember your preach yesterday about parties and tensions and exams?” Samuel stated and my eyes widen.
“Oh yeah” I recalled laughing. “I’m so forgetful.”
“I can’t believe you forced me and forget about it” Samuel shook his head.
“Well get ready cause we’re leaving now” Kingsley stated.

T. B. C
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