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Wounded episode 27


Dressed in a metallic frabic which was a multicoloured crop top and a matching mini short I walked into my room to see Samuel and Kingsley sitting patiently on my bed.
Noticing my presence they both turned to me.
“Always striking with the beauty” Kingsley scoffed.
I shrugged and watched as Samuel’s eyes stare at my body adhesively.
I raised my eyebrows at him and he just smiled and look away.
I sat on the edge of my bed and slipped my feet inside my three Inches boots and stood up, my height being three inches taller but still nowhere near the boys.

“Okay, I’m all ready…” I said slowly, throwing my phone into my purse and hanging the purse over my shoulder.
“Okay then let’s hit the road.” Kingsley stated.
“Hit the road? It’s not like the party venue is far from here” Samuel stated.
“Kingsley takes things too seriously!” I shook my head making Kingsley roll his eyes.

We all walked out of my room and I closed the door behind us and locked it, throwing the keys in my purse.
As the three of us walked to the party, with Kingsley in front of Samuel and I. I linked my arm with Samuel’s arm and he smiled down at my me.
“You didn’t give me a compliment” I said to him.
He looked down at me. “A compliment?” Samuel’s eyes widen. “For what?”.
“You know, the kinds the boyfriends gives to the girlfriend when she wears something pretty, even though it’s not sometimes pretty” I shrugged and Samuel laughed…
“Well then, to be honest, I don’t think you need a compliment, cause you’re already being complimented by nature itself” Samuel stated and I held my laugh while Kingsley paused and turned back to look at us.
“You both, are the most cringest couple I have ever met! If you don’t stop with your stupid lovers talk, I’m going to puke” Kingsley stated and I laughed.
“Get out of here.” I smiled.
We got to the party and the ear blasting music could be heard from outside the house and I could feel my body getting energetic.
“I’m feeling sick already!” Samuel shook his head.
“Aw, stop being a big baby! This is going to be one of the most memorable party ever, cause it’s probably the last, since the exam storm will take over, so enjoy it while you still can.” kinglsey said, winked at us and walked away excitedly before we could breathe out.
I glanced at Samuel and he looked like he should just pass out.
I nudged him and beckoned him to start walking.
We both walk into the house and the ear blasting music made me smile. The happy noises from the people dancing, flirting and some playing a game of chugging alcohol made the whole scene perfect for a university final semester last party.
A girl suddenly walked up to us, her chest loaded, making her dress reveal more than cleavage. Samuel’s eyed darted to her chest in surprise but he looked away immediately. Well I don’t blame him, it’s like the most visible thing on her body. It’s intimidating… For me, people like me. It’s not like I have so much going on up here.
“Samuel.” she called, she looked drunk.
Samuel looked at her.
“Oh you’re here” she added placing her hand on Samuel’s chest.
I stepped in front of Samuel and gave her a dirty look.
“And you are?” she rolled her eyes at me.
“None of your business, now get away from my boyfriend.” I hissed.
“Wait… You’re the bridget every freshman’s talking about, your not even that pretty, just the same as all of us.” she smirked.
“yes now goodbye.” I stated.
“Rubbish” she snarled and walked away. Some girls be rude as ever.
I turned to Samuel.
“Do you know her?” I asked.
“I don’t” Samuel shook his head.
What a popular nerd.

“Come on” I said and grabbed him by his hand and pulling him to the room where the drink were kept, I mean I saw people going in and coming out of the room with drinks.
So I assumed it was where the drinks were stored.
We walked into the quiet room to see it wasn’t where drinks were stored, it was just an empty room with a pool table and a water dispenser at the other side of the room.
“Wrong room, come on, let’s check the other rooms” I said about to leave, but Samuel pulled me back.
“It’s more quiet here, let’s stay here please, just for a few minutes” his pleading eyes made me give in and I sighed.
“Fine.” I shrugged and walked back to him.
“You’re such an introvert” I mumbled as I rested my lower back on the pool table.
I was tired of standing and wanted to sit, but the pool table was higher than ever. I pressed my hands on the brim of the table and tried to lift my self up and sit on the edge but I couldn’t.
Samuel saw my struggle and walked in front of me. He slowly placed his firm hands around my waist and lift me up, I sat on the table and laughed, my hands on his shoulder.
“Now this is embarrassing, it just insulted the short side I don’t have” I said.
Weird, It felt like I was lifting a toy.” Samuel said and I shot him a playful glare.
We both stared at each other quietly and I smiled. “remember when you couldn’t look me in the eyes?” I laughing and he sighed recalling it.
“Don’t remind me” he shook his head. “But not anymore though.” he added and walked closer to me.
“Really?” I smiled…
“Yep” he replied and slowly came in to kiss me.
I reciprocated and my heart pace up, immediately, my body starts to ignite and it felt like dynamites were exploding inside my body.
As the kiss went on, we were both losing our breaths and sinking in our gasps. Samuel walked in between my keys and My hands tightened around his neck and my legs pulled him in and locked behind his back.
Samuel’s hand moved around my body and suddenly his hand touched one of my b00b.
He suddenly walked out of the kiss in shock.
“I’m so sorry” he suddenly said. “I’m very sorry” he apologized again.
I tilt my head at him rolling my eyes.
“What are you apologizing for?” I sighed. He just broke off a perfectly good kiss like that.
I sighed again.
“I accidentally… I accidentally… I didn’t mean to.” He rushed his words, stuttering at the same time.
“Seriously?” I scoffed. “It’s not like there’s so much going up there, that you touched.” I barked.
I’m almost… Almost flat chested. Well I’m not technically flat, but at The same time I’m not close to the ‘b’ in busty.
“still… I didn’t mean to” Samuel still looked guilty.
“Sam… It’s fine… It’s perfectly fine!” I breathed out shutting my eyes and then opening it again.
“Fun fact, I don’t care if you decide to grab ‘them’ anytime soon” I raised my brows at him and watched his expression and he looked like he’ll be bursting or puking any time soon.
“Just get over here.” I said and pulled him by his collar, pinning my lips onto his.
Samuel and I remained quiet and watched as we both stare at the water dispenser in front of our eyes, we were both out of breaths, just for a kiss and I craved for something to drink.
I jumped down from the pool table and turned to Samuel.
“I’ll be getting some drink.” I stated.
“Alcoholic or non?” Samuel asked cautiously.
“Anyone that slips into my hands first” I winked.
Samuel sighed.
“Just wait here, I’ll be back soon” I stated.
“Okay cone back soon” Samuel stated and I nodded.
I walked out of the room and suddenly the far sounding music become loud and it excited my body as I asked a girl where the drinks were kept.
She showed me the room by pointing and I found myself in there grabbing two bottles of soft drink. I couldn’t take any alcoholic beverage, Samuel is being sensitive about what he takes and I should respect that.
I was almost out of the door with the two plastic bottles in my hand when someone walked in front of me..
“What Do you want?” I asked.
“What do I want?” she scoffed. I didn’t know if it was the lightening in the room or her eyes were red at that moment, she tightened her hand around the bottle she held and scrunched her nose.
“I want you to get your filthy lips away from Samuel.” she replied.
“You’re still not over him? And I thought you weren’t talking to me, what’s with the sudden change.?” I scoffed over the music.
“You just ruin lives, how you came in between Samuel and I and ruined our relationship” Cynthia yelled.
“look you guys were just best friends or close friends, I didn’t ruin anything, I didn’t steal him to make him my best friend, he’s my boyfriend because we both like each other, and you can still be friends with him, you said yourself that you didn’t have any feelings for him, so what’s with the bicker?” I rolled my eyes.
“Well I do have feelings for him.!” she yelled, tears brewing in her eyes.
“Well it’s too late for that now let’s stop with all this bickering it’s childish” I seethe.
“It’s never too late to try anything and if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t have met Samuel!” she yelled.
I sighed and stood straight.
“Well you have a point there. But I met him, I’m grateful, and thank you! If that’s what you need to hear.” I stated.
“You don’t get it!” she yelled spilling out tears from her eyes.
“I don’t get what?? You like Samuel but he’s my boyfriend and I met him because of you and that makes you really mad seeing how you’ve left an opportunity slip by, is that what I don’t get? Cynthia even if you had an opportunity, it would never work out cause he doesn’t feel the same way” I stated as a matter of fact.
“It might have worked out you don’t know, you just came and ruined everything” she snarled.
I paused. “Are you drunk?” I asked.
She definitely is.
“I’m not” she furrowed her brows
“you are”
“Shut up” she yelled.
“Well no need, cause I’m leaving, excuse me” I said walking past her “Samuel’s probably waiting for me” I mumbled.
As I took three step forward I saw Samuel walking out of the room who both where before and I smiled.
How is he so impatient. He saw me from where he stood and gave a smile as he walked up to me.
As I started to walk up to him, I felt something slam against my head making me go deaf for a second.
I saw Samuel pause in shock and I froze too when I felt a sharp pain on my head. The music stopped playing and everyone’s eyes were on me.
I felt something liquid dropping from my head and when it touched my hand, I found out it was just water, and then something red stained my skin…
Is that blood.?
I felt everything go blank in a second and a thudding sound.

T. B. C.
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