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Wounded episode 28 part 1


(part 1)

Standing alone by the pool table, I glanced down at my wrist watch several times waiting for Bridget.
She has gone to get us drinks and it’s been ages now.
I sighed and walked away from the table and out of the room grabbing Bridget’s purse.
The ear blasting music made me cringe as I made it through the crowd searching for Bridget.
I paused when I saw her coming out of an open room and I breathed out a sigh of relief. I started to walk up to her when she raised her head up to look at me and then smiled.
She started to walk to me and I did the same time…
As I walked towards her, I spotted Cynthia behind her staring and Bridget with a bottle in her hand and just as Bridget was planning to take her next step, Cynthia crashed the bottle on Bridget’s head.
I froze, as fear gripped my body. What just happened.
The music stopped playing after a loud gasp and everyone turned to Bridget.
Staring at Bridget as she glance down at her arm and quickly fell to the ground.
I found myself moving again and i yelled her name as I made it to where she was on the floor.
She was bleeding from her head, with some broken bottle pieces still on her head and on her hair… I wanted to panic, but I was just keeping my cool.
I looked up at Cynthia and she was shaking and looking down at Bridget with her pupil dilated. Her hands vibrated as she looked scared staring at bridget on the floor.
“Are you crazy??” I yelled. “Look at what you’ve done!” I said not even being able to look at Bridget.
A guy suddenly walked up to us and place a cloth over Bridget’s head.
“There’s no time for that, let’s take her to a hospital quick, I’ve gotten my car ready.” the guy said and I turned to him to see he was the party host and the owner of the house we are currently in.
“Yes sure.” I nodded.

I carried Bridget In my arms and after giving Cynthia one last glance, I walked out of the room and followed the guy out of the house and to his eyes. All eyes watched us and same people we were outside started to rush in wanting to know what happened but stopped halfway after seeing blood drop out of my girlfriend’s head. I couldn’t even look down at Bridget, her state made me shiver.

“What in the world happened?” I heard Kingsley voice behind me as I carefully placed Bridget inside the car.
“Oh my God Bridget…” I heard a familiar voice, I glanced at my right hand side to see Bridget’s roommate panicking at the sight of Bridget.
“What the hell happened!” Kingsley demanded.
“So is anyone coming with her? The party host guy asked as he looked at the three of us and glanced at Bridget in the car.
“Aren’t you going to get in? She’s your girlfriend isn’t she?” The guy added.
I would have gotten in, but seeing Bridget like that was scary, I couldn’t believe myself.
“Fine, I’m going to take her to the hospital myself, I don’t want anyone under my roof” the guy stated angrily entering his car and slamming the door.
“I’ll come with you” Tochi quickly said and got in, I gave her a thank you look and in full speed the guy drove away.

“What in the world happened in there.?” Kingsley asked after I took in three breaths watching the car Bridget was in go in full speed. I couldn’t bring myself to look or stay with her at that condition, I might have collapsed too.
“Cynthia.” I breathed out replying to Kingsley’s question.
“Cynthia?. She did that to Bridget?” Kingsley added.

I walked back into the partying house and made it through the crowd, the music was back on but people weren’t dancing anymore.
I walked around the whole house looking for Cynthia, I needed to understand why she did something so crazy.
After searching and searching with Kingsley behind me. I found cynyhia at the back of the house vomitting on the backyard lawn, her friend standing beside her and helping her with some water.
Cynthia slowly stood up and when she turned to around, her eyes met mine.
She flinched a bit before looking away.
She tried to walk away but I stepped in front of her.
She looked away not being able to say anything.

“Can she go? She’s trying her best to stay sober.” her friend chimed in.
I glared at her. I was boiling, there was this rage in me.
“Cynthia.” I called and my voice was surprisingly calm.
She looked up at me and tears brewed up in her eyes.

I tried my best to stay calm “Now if you tell me why you’re suddenly crying, then maybe I’ll let what’s in my mind slip by” I stated and she shook her head Negatively.
“I’m sorry” she murmured.
“So you know what you did.” I scoffed.
I breathed out angrily. “Thanks to you! Bridget’s in the hospital, her head gushing out blood like a burst pipeline, what did she ever do to you? She complains about you not liking her but then I find myself defending you! When I didn’t know the real you, how could you Cynthia, what did she ever do to you!” I was practically yelling.

“I was drunk okay!!” she yelled back.

“Drunk!! Drunk?? Did you just say that? That is literally the lowest excuse you could have ever come up with. So don’t you dare use that as an excuse!” I yelled running my hands through my face.

She said nothing and just sobbed.
“Even a drunkard will know when to stop and now I don’t understand why you should be crying because I’m the one who’s supposed to be in tears and not you! Why Bridget? Why? What did she ever do to you?” I asked.

“Answer me!” I yelled when she said nothing and she flinched.

“Sammy just calm down.” Kingsley stated beside me…
“No! I just want to know what her problem is.” I seethe.
“You’ve been on Bridget’s tail since the first day and I just let it slide when you told me to stay away from her saying she’s dangerous, but what you don’t know is that it’s actually dangerous for me if I stay away from her cause then I won’t breathe properly, but what you just proved tonight, what you just proved to everyone is that you’re the dangerous one and that we should all stay away from you!” I stated and she sniffed.

“I’m sorry okay!” she finally said.

“sorry? Sorry? Sorry can’t fix the damage you’ve caused, you should have used your brain before acting” I yelled.
“Sammy… Please stop, you’re not like this” Cynthia said with a sniff.
“I’m not like this? Oh because I’m suddenly yelling and being angry, I’m not like this? What if this is the real me and I’m just putting on a facade for everyone, Bridget has no one beside her but me and you expect me to be calm when something like this happens to her, something awful coming from someone I used to call a best friend! She has gone through so much for the past few days and when she finally recovered you came in with your claws.” I was really boiling. I squeezed Bridget’s purse in my hand as I glared at Cynthia.
She couldn’t and wouldn’t say anything else. So I just took a breath and said the last words I had for her at that moment, I was controlling myself from bursting.

“Well then Cynthia, this better be the last time anything like this happens. Stay… Away… From… Bridget! If you try anything funny next time, you’ll regret the day you ever set foot into my life.” I stated and walked away from her.
#bridget’s pov.
I woke up to the sound of little murmurs.
I opened my eyes and the white ceiling was the first thing I saw.
I felt the centre of my head hurt, but just a little bit, I turned to my side to see Kingsley and Tochi.
They both looked at me and paused.
“What happened?” I asked.
“You don’t remember?” Tochi gasped.
“Wait don’t tell me you suddenly have amnesia.?” Kingsley gave me a look and I rolled my eyes.
“Well if you do have amnesia, let me help you out, I’m your boyfriend Michael and this is your twin sister Tiffany.” Kingsley added and I rolled my eyes again.
I paused recalling what happened and I sighed.
It’s a good thing I’m alive.
“So Cynthia went nuts on you huh? Sorry.” Tochi said, her voice was low.
“Don’t apologize it’s okay!” I smiled at her.
“Where’s Samuel?” I asked.
“we came here a few minutes ago and I don’t know where he ran off to” Kingsley shrugged.
I nodded. “The doctor said you’ll be fine though, and prescribed this for you” Tochi expound showing me the pills in front of the bed.
Ugh. I hate pills.

“Thanks to Cynthia I’ll have to suck down those scary looking medicines down my throat” I sighed.
The door opened and Samuel walked in. He breathed out a sigh and walked up to the hospital bed to give me a hug.
T. B. C

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