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Wounded episode 9


*Bridget’s pov*
Saturday went from me sleeping to waking up and falling alseep again. And during nighttime I decided to study again. And then I fell alseep.
Sunday came and flashed before my eyes and before I knew it, it was Monday again. Why do weekends go by so fast and then weekdays feels like it last for almost like a decade.
I sighed.
How I’ve always hate Mondays. And how classic that my class started by 8am in the morning.
I got ready for class that morning and stop by a supermarket to get a soft drink and some snacks, so I won’t pass out in class.
I got to class early, and as usual and expected, I saw no one but Samuel sitting in front of the class.

“Samuel!” I called and my voice echoed through the whole class and he turned.
“Bridget” he called back and I went to sit beside him.
“Good morning” he said adjusting the glasses in front of his eyes.
“Good morning” I replied.
“You seem kind of gloomy, is something wrong?” I asked.
“No, nothing is wrong?” he shook his head.
“Okay then” I shrugged.

He sighed. “I got into a fight with my best friend.”
Oh I guess he can’t lie.
“Oh, who? Kingsley?” I asked.
“Cynthia!” he replied.
Oh, they’re best friends… Splendid.
“And what made you guys fight?” I slowly asked.
“So on Saturday she found out that, I visited your place Friday night and confronted me about it saying I shouldn’t that… I should stay away from you.” Samuel stated.
“Stay away from me? What? Am I a serial killer or what?” I scoffed.
“Don’t get on her wrong or bad side, she thinks you’re dangerous, and said I should stay away from you and when yesterday when I told her I can’t, she said never to talk to her again.” Samuel sighed depressingly.
“Then don’t!” I yelled.
“Is she crazy or what? It’s not like I’ve met her before in this life or maybe she’s talking about our past life, but I haven’t done anything dangerous to her, or does she want me to? What is wrong with her and I don’t see why you should be sad about this. If she say you shouldn’t talk to her then don’t. How will she try to control who you hang out with, you’re not a child and she stop acting childish too, when I see her I’m going to show her what dangerous feels like.” I ranted and Samuel quickly turned to me.
“Please don’t… Don’t get on her bad side, you wouldn’t like to see Cynthia mad.” he pleaded.
“Have you seen me mad?” I scoffed.
“Just please, I don’t want the two of you to fight too” Samuel sighed.
I gaze at him for a moment, “fine” I breathed out. “I’ll respect your wishes… But she better and doesn’t cross any line with me” I shrugged and he nodded.
I have never seen someone as calm as Samuel. Never, oh god i think I’m going to go crazy.
Class started and ended like passing clouds.
I was packing my book and ready to leave when Samuel said.
“You said we should all meet up after class!” Samuel stated.
“Meet what? Who?” I was confused.
“Our group members for the project, you said we should all meet up after class and talk about our project today” Samuel reminded me.
“Oh yes, I forgot”. I breathed out. I turned my head to the door and coincidentally, I saw Paul trying to sneak out of class while glancing at us. He saw my eyes and I gave him a look. I told him to come here using gestures by pulling my fingers in and out of my palm. He sighed and came to us. Aisha seeing us together came to us, how is she so loyal… Or she’s just doing this to please Samuel.
We spent exactly thirty minutes on our talk about our project and by tomorrow we’ll get down to business.
“So you know we can’t be meeting up after class in class like this, so where exactly can we stay and work on our project after class?” Paul asked.
Everyone remained quiet for a while until Samuel spoke up.
“We could always hang around in my place my roommate won’t mind and it’s big and wide enough for ten people too”
“Really? We can all meet at your place?” Aisha sounded excited.
“Good. I’ll be leaving first” Paul said and left before anyone could speak.
“He didn’t even let me mention where my hostel is, or give him direction” Samuel shook his head.
“You can always give me direction” Aisha said and I gave her a look.
“Or instead of giving us directions, you can just take us all there tomorrow.” I stated and Samuel nodded.
The three of us dismissed and I walked back to my hostel.
I got inside my room and paused when I heard a familiar voice aside from Tochi’s voice.
They both liked they just ended class. Tochi greeted me with a sweet good morning and I replied but never got any from Cynthia.
I guess she’s not talking to me too.

I took off my sandals and placed my bag on my bed. Grabbed my braided hair into a ponytail and placed it in a bun.
“Tochi, what’s on the menu today?” I asked.
“Oh I haven’t prepare anything, I’m just returning from class, but I’ll make one soon.” Tochi said.
Looks like I’ll have one those snacks again.
“Okay then” I shrugged.

I wanted to go out to buy some snacks and as I grabbed my money I stayed quiet for a while and Turned to the girls.
“Tochi” i called and she looked up.
“Do I look intimidating?” I asked.
“No you don’t, you don’t look intimidating at all, you look super friendly and approachable” Tochi replied.
“Wow, that was unexpected, I really thought I was unapproachable, I thought I looked dangerous” I stated. And the word made Cynthia glance at me really quickly from her brows.
Tochi laughed “Dangerous? Why would you say that?”
“I don’t know because someone actually said, I was dangerous and told another person to stay away from me.!” I shrugged.
“What? Really?” Tochi eyes was wide open.
“And who is that?” she asked.
“I don’t know” I shrugged. “but I think you should ask Cynthia.”
Samuel said not to go into her, but I’m not actually going to listen to him. He might be a good boy, but I know I’m not.
Cynthia flinched by the call of her name and she looked up at me.
“Why would Cynthia know?” Tochi asked slowly glancing back and Cynthia and I.
“I don’t know maybe because she’s the one who told Samuel to stay away from me?” I stated and Tochi Turned to her.
“Cynthia!” Tochi called but Cynthia just glared at me.
“And I don’t understand, did you have a nightmare about me killing your parents to call me dangerous?” I asked.
“Do not mention my parents in this” Cynthia said.
“just shut up” I rolled my eyes. “How can you just meet me for the first time and your first impression of me was dangerous, or were just trying to make Samuel not talk to Anyone, cause according to the rumour I heard from a particular person, girls don’t really talk to Samuel cause you’re actually pocketing him like he’s one candy. Are you stupid?” my breathing has become haste and I was getting mad.
I needed to calm down, cause last time I checked I got mad like this and spent a night in prison on my birthday. I had to go that same night because I lied about my age. And the stupid policemen bought it after Mabel gave them some cash.
“You’re the stupid one.” Cynthia said standing up.
I never thought I’d be fighting about a boy on my second week in school.
I can’t let others see me differently. I won’t spoil my reputation but I can still give her a taste of her own medicine.
“Shut up and listen carefully Cynthia, Samuel isn’t a child, you can’t tell him who to follow, he knows what he’s doing, or do you like him?, if you do tell him and don’t make things stupid, cause that’s the only reason you’re making him stay away from girls. And that is also juvenile of you, you’re not a child too, so why are you hiding your feelings!” I yelled.
“You don’t know anything so keep quiet”
“It’s obvious… So obvious it’s making me sick! You’re not a child..! Stay away from Bridget, that’s how you would have sounded like, that is so stupid to begin with! There are so many things Samuel wants to say to you, say to every goddamned person in this school, but he’s just keeping himself from saying it cause he’s afraid they’ll feel sad and he doesn’t want to feel guilty, he’s setting his priorities straight as a loyal person doesn’t mean he’s a puppet! Do you even want to know what he wants to say to you? You’re taking advantage of his personality and yet you call yourself a friend…oh excuse me, best friend!” I rolled my eyes.
“Don’t try to act and sound like you know Sammy so much just because you’ve hang around him only for a few days.” Cynthia folded her hands.
“And you being around him for decades knows nothing about it, you’re drowning in yourself and not even caring about reading him to know how he actually feels, and I’ll just keep saying you’re stupid Cynthia, because you are!” I yelled.
Tochi looked scared as she watched us yell at each other.
“Just shut up” Cynthia yelled.
“How come every time you tell me to shut up, I keep talking back, shouldn’t you shut up instead, and I never even shut up when my aunt told me to do so, I did sneak out when she told me not to and did Recieve a lot of beatings to death from her and still never listened, who do you think you are, look, I don’t listen to people unless I really want to, and you telling Samuel to stay away from me, congratulations you just us besties, cause I’ll make sure he never stays away from me and I’ll slowly watch you crumble and drown in your own words with regret!” I was seriously in rage.
Cynthia lips quivered as she glared at me.
Is she about to cry?
I haven’t even started yet.
I hate weak people.
“Go ahead and cry, I don’t care, don’t talk to me for a hundred years, I still don’t care, just make sure you apologize to Samuel, because according to my view, he doesn’t need people like you around him, people like you around, will just end up using him and turning him into something us, so I think the danger comes from you, you’re dangerous so I think you should stay away from Samuel.” I stated and walked passed and walked out of the room slamming the door angrily.
Yelling so much made me so hungry.
Ugh. Stupid Cynthia.
I walked to the supermarket outside school and bought myself some snacks and soft drink, I was still boiling cause the cold Coke tasted so hot in my mouth.
Ugh just thinking of Cynthia annoys me so much..

“Huh… Bridget?” I heard my name and turned to see Kingsley just walking out of the supermarket.
“Oh Kingsley” I called.
T. B. C

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