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Wrong romance episode 10 & 11


Wrong Romance?
…..Episode 10…..
You might be courageous now but I will do whatever it takes to have you, you are mine sandra gabriel yelled.By now people have already gone to pick the money, I dragged nick to his car, honey lets leave here, I said, from tge look on nicks face I know he wasn’t happy.

We went into his car and drove off.
On our way home there was total silence in the car, not untill nick broke it, honey am sorry for what happe down there, sorry for what I said, dontbe so hard on yourself am comfortable able with you as long you always be with me and not with someone else, I promise I won’t leave you sandr nick said, I love you nick, I love you too.

I got home that day still thinking of what happened, I can’t forget that embarrasment, everyone will be talking about that now, I was the reversing all that happened when NEPA brought light I jumped up and rushed to charged my new phone, I made sure it was charging and went to prepare something for myself.

The next day, after class, perp was the first person I bumped into, hey babe wassup perp said, am fine I replied, all of a sudden perp started laughing, what’s funny or am I n@ked I asked, not at all it was about yesterdat perp said, what happend to yesterday I asked, hmmm you think I didnt know all that happened I was there yesterday when Gabe showered you and nick with money.

I was shut of words, wait you mean you where at classic town yesterday, yeah perp said, so that was the gabriel you and nancy where talking about and as a matter of fact its already on social media, only God knows who snapped it, wait tell me its a lie I said, of course not, I brought out my new phone and quickly logged into face book and it was true, gabriel was the one who posted it and he also tagged me, I didnt know he was my friend on facebook.

Wait girl who owns that phone perp asked, none of your business I replied, hmm OK oo, well wassup with you and that guy, that was a big time disgrace, but it was all good sha, atleast I picked 5k from the money, you picked the money I yelled, what do you expect, throwing money at my front and you expect me not to pick while I was alone.

Are you stupid I said, what if it turms out to be blood money, and so f—–g what, but the money touched you na, you even picked one and tore it into two, why didnt it kill you first, and you are talking as if you don’t know that guy and his lineage, his parents are rich also, classic town is not only his hotel oo, see babe if I where you I will go after gabriel oo, I swear, most especially now that he is into you, imagine standing as the gurlfriend of a milloniare, chaii see, opportunity comes but once, move into greener pasture my sister enjoy your life when you are young ooo.

I was just staring at perp who was busy preaching, look at this one what do you know, look at your mouth like parrot, cho cho cho every minutes, what do you know, see let me tell you money is not everything I said, says who it must be in olden days not now, my sister money is everything oo, my sister am jus advicing you
Keep you advice biko(cuts in) why didn’t you leave your own boyfriend hmmm, just stay out of my relationship please if you want gabriel you can have him he is not mine, why won’t you mind your business tafia… I said and left

Why is everybody into this gabriel of a guy, I don’t want him, am I the only girl in this world, he should go for someone else. I got home that day and met Gabe standing at the door of my apartment, I was shocked, I stood away from him to avoid trouble.

What are you doing here, nothing just waiting for you Gabe said, now you’ve found me what do you want, he smiled and said, I can see you are nervous but don’t be I mean no harm, why is it hard for you to believe, am the you for you, not nick I love you soon much sandra, I cant even concentrate because of you, and I hope you must have seen the post on facebook.

Why did you do that, and how did you become my friend on facebook, gabriel how many times will I tell you, I already have my boyfriend, just stay away from me please, how will you feel if you where under nick’s shoe
Sandra its like you don’t know how I feel I love you with all my heart Gabe said
Enough of all this(cuts in)leave now or I will shout rape, has it gotten to that, even more leave or else, OK I with go he said.

I watched him walk out of my apartment and entered his car and left, nonsemse why cant you just leave me alone for christ sake, I opened my room and went in

Is like things are changin?..
Am so sorry for the late post guys?

?Wrong Romance?
…..Episode 11……
A week later exam sets in, I was unable to visit nick, in order to avoid distraction, I read all night and barely sleep well, I don’t want to have carry overs at all, I really want to impress my parents and become a medical nurse.

Nick always call me to check on me, and won’t stop encouraging me to stick to my books.
Our exams lasted for almost two weeks, and when it was over I was really excited.
No more reading all night for the now, I was already missing nick.I jumped out of the class with nancy and perp, babe now that we are through withour exams are you travelling nancy asked me.

Travelling, hmmm maybe oo, I don’t know yet, but now maybe I will be spending my holiday in nicks house oo I said happily, hmmm nick house, don’t go and collect banana oo perp said, what do you mean by banana I asked perp, hmm be asking me as if you don’t know well as for me I will be travelling home ooo I cant stay in lagos oo wothout food stuff perp said.

Na you sabi, I will see you guys later, but right now I have to see my boo bye and have fun, I said as I rushed out of school, I boarded a taxi an few minutes I was already home.

I have really missed nick, I wanted to inform him that am coming to his house, but a surprise visit will be nice.
I took off the gown I was wearing before and wore a long jean trouser, a pink top and white slippers and as usual my crossed bag.
I entered another taxi to nicks house and luckily for me he was at home.I knocked on the door and he opened o jumped on him an gave him the biggest hug, I missed you so much baby I said as I still held him tigt, I missed you too, why didnt you tell me you where coming Nick asked.

I just wanted to surprise you I said, now that we are through with our exam, wow how was the exam he asked, hmm fine oo and so stressful I said sitting down, hope my girl read very well o.ah don’t you trust me again I said, why not I trust you na.

So what will I offer you, hmm anything cold I said, OK I will be right back.I brought out my phone and went online on facebook before nic returned.
He returned with a bottle of eva wine and and two glass cup, to celebrate the end of your exam, he opened the bottle of wine, filled both cups and handed one over to me.
Cheers, we kissed each other and sipped our drinks, sandra if I propose to you will you accept, hmm why won’t I accept, have a lovely man like you as my husband I will gladly accept.

Just then he dropped his glass of wine
And brought out a ring from his pocket and knelt down, Sandra from the day I set my eyes on you I knee you where the one for me, I cant help it if I loose you, you have shown me love like no one else, please don’t say No will you marry me

I was dumbfolded, nick I cant, am too young to get married, am too young to be a mother, am still a student, its just two month now that we have been dating.

I know ssandra,we can keep the wedding first all I want is to accept my request and always be mine so no one can take you away from me, people like gabriel, u don’t want to loose you, I can wait till you finish your school but just accept me please….

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Who is confuse here?

Is like nick don’t want to loose sandra

Well keep reading
Love y’all ?

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