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Wrong romance episode 12 & 15


Wrong Romance?
….Episode 12….
Sandra If you think am doing this to get in between your legs, then you are getting me wrong.

I promisw not to have s£x with you till our wedding night, am doing this because I don’t want anything to come in between us nick said.

What about my parents, they don’t even know you, how can I explain to them.

We will go visist them together, just please, accept me, please.

I was really confused, I stared at him for a while, and finally accepted.He place the ring on my middle finger, hugged and kisses me.

Thank you so much darling, nick said, but the wedding is not now oo, maybe when I finish my school I said.

No problem, since you are now my wife to be now, so when are we visiting your parents, nick said.

Maybe next week, but first I have to call and inform them first oo, because my dad is a very, strict man, he will make sure I finish my school before getting married.
No problem nick said, lets just celebrate, as my wife to be.

That day I got home and and called nancy and perp to com over to my place.

Few hours the both arrived together, they sat down and I broke the news to them.

Sandra, you are engaged so quickly, don’t you think you are too young to get married, when you havenot yet finished school perp said.

Am not getting married now nancy, he already promise to wait till I finished my school, and besides, we will b going to see my parents next week I said.

Sandra don’t mind perp, as for me am happy for you oo, as for all nick is a nice guy, but make sure he doesn’t see your panties oo, or else you will be regarded to be foolish

Ahh nancy am I that cheap, no s£x before marriage ooo, thats only if my dad agree for me to marry him.

The next morning, I called my mom to inform her about I and nick
My mom is a tailor, who sew differnt types of clothes for young girls and women, while my dad is a retired government worker.

I know my mom must be at home by now so I decided to call her, instead of my dad.

Me:hello mama good morning

Mom:ebere my daughterhow are you?
(Ebere was my native name)

Me:am fine oo, how is everybody

Mom;ah we are all fine ooo

Me: mama, where is papa

Mom: he’s here

Me:please gove him tge phone

(Hands over the phone to the father)….

Dad:my daughter how are you?

Me: am fine papa, good morning sir

Dad:good morning how was your exams

Me:fine oh

Dad:hope you read well oo

Me:yes na

Dad: thats good

Me: hmm papa, have found someone oo

Dad: what do you mean by someone?

Me: hmmm papa, some one asked for my hand in marriage.

Dad:marriage kwa, is that the school I sent you, I want you to be a medical nurse, not jumping into unnecessary marriage

Me: I know papa, but I love him, just as he loves me too, he promise to wait till I finish my school, before marriage he even wants too see you

Dad:wants to see me?

Me:yes papa, we will be coming home by next week

Dad:ebere are you sure its not all these gra gra boys oo

Me:ahh No papa na, hes a nice person, when you see him you will know..

Dad: OK if its your choice, but you know no one gets pregnant before marriage in my house

Me:I know ppapa, trust me I won’t fail you,

Dad:OK oo

Me: thanks dad , bye

Phone hangs…

I was really happy, my dad has agreed, I cant wait to tell nick about it.

I said and rushed out of my room to nicks house….

Episode 13 loading….

?Wrong Romance?
….Episode 13&14….

I got to nicks house and knocked on the door.

He opened and gave me a soft kiss and hug as usual.

A sweet aroma was coming from the kitchen.

“What are you cooking” I asked sharply.

Am preparing jellof rice, nick answered.

This early morning, why not take something light like bread and tea, I said.

“Hmmm” that won’t hold me till afternoon, I’ll be going to my store today for some investigations, and I don’t know when I will return but taking tea and bread is out of my list today, nick said.

Mr glutton,see if we get married, don’t expect me to be doing this all morning oo, If you can’t take bread and tea, each morning then you rest, I said.

“Hmmm” till then now, if we get married eh, I won’t take tea as breakfast again, only strong food, nick said.

I laughed and said, strong food ni, are you strong.

“Ah don’t try me ooh, nick said. Now that you are here please come help me finish with the food please, so I can go have my bath.

“OK no problem.I went to the kitchen, while he went to his room to have his bath.

” I brought out one large onion, and sliced it so I can add it to the food at is still on fire.

Few minutes later food was ready, and by now nick was already waitinh for me at the dinning.

I served him his food,and also served mine.

We ate together at his dinning, and after he has finished eating I told him that my dad has finally accepted for us to come see him.

He was really happy, so was i, he gave
me a tight hug and kissed me like never before.

Baby am so glad that you are finally going to be my wife, by next week monday we will go and see your parents nick said.

“Hmmmm me too, but when will tou introduce me to your own parents, I asked.

He laughed for a while and said, my parents already know you, In case you don’t know.
I showed them, your picture the last time I went to Enugu.And don’t worry after we visit yours the we go visit mine l, nick said.

Next week Monday finally came, and I slept in nicks house on sunday, so we can be on time, because from lagos to benin is a long journey.

I was the one who woke nick up from his sleep.

We did got ready on time and by 8pm we where ready to go.

We used nicks car, so ad to prevent all the stresd, of entering one bus to and another, and waiting for the bus to get filled up.

Our journey from lagos to benin, was a tight one, there was too much traffic(hold up).

It was a miracle we where able to break through.

We got to benin by 2pm and went to saint saviour street, where our house is located.

We got to our houseand met my mom and kid sister outside.

My mom was sewing outside as usual,
I know she didn’t went to her shop today because of our visit.

Are you sure your parents won’t decline our marriage nick asked.

I don’t know, but the first thing my dad look at Is your attitude. To be a man is not a day job abi, I laughed and got down from nicks car which was packed outside our compound.

It was my little sister who first ran to me and hugged me, shouting sister, sister as usual.

Ade baby(my little sisters name was Ade) see you are now a big girl ooo.

By now nick was already shy, he greeted my mom respectfully and stoo d at the the door side of his car.

Mama good after noon I greeted my mom and and hugged her tight, because I have really missed her.

Ebere my daughter, see how big you have become, my said, as I huggedher one more time.

(My mom is and igbo woman, while my dad is a benin man).

….Episode 14….

Just then my dad came out.

“Ah ah, who am I seeing, my dad said.
As I greeted him and hugged him.

Good afternoon sir, nick greeted.

Afternoon my son, how are you my dad said giving him a hand shake.

Am fine sir, nick replied.

” hmmm papa this is the guy I told you about I said.

Nick was really shy, if not we are in front of my parents, I would have laughed at him so much.

Oh my son, how are you, my dad said.

Am fine sir, nick replied.

What is your name, my dad asked staring at nick from head to toe.

My name is nicholas okafor sir, nick said.

I know my dad was looking at his dressing, to know if he is irresponsible or not.
Nick was only wearing a complete blue native and sandal.

I was the one who asked him to wear it, because of my dad.

OK, nicholas okafor, you are welcome, feel comfortable OK.

Thank you sir nick said an we both walked inside, with ade carrying our bags.

We got to my room my room, where I do sleep bwfore I went to lagos and dropped our bags.

We went to have our shower an changed our clothes.

Few minutes food was served and we both went to the sitting room to have our food.

A plate of pounded yam and egusi soup.

Nick was still shy while eating, because my dad was there, I was just lookimg a him with corny eyes.

Later my dad went out leaving the both of us.

So you can shame for Africa, you think to get married is easy I said.

“Hmmmm if only you are in my shoes you will understand.
Wait till you visit my parents, that’s when you will know nick said.

” later that day at night. My dad parents called the both of us to the sitting room.

I sat close to nick, while my parents sat down facing us.

I know the kind of shame that is with nick that minute.

“Nicholas my dad called, you are the one who wants to marry my daughter, right

” yes sir nick said.

“Alright, how old are you,he questioned.

” Am 25 sir, nick replied.

“Alright, what do you do for a living my dad asked.

” I own a big store where I sell phones, and all kinds of electronics.

“Oh oh I see my dad replied.Do you still leave with your parents?

” No, I have my own apartment and and o leave alone, nick replied.

“Where are your parents

” they live in enugu sir

“Where are you from?my dad asked

” lbadan, my dad is from ibadan while my mom is from delta, but my dad built his house in enugu when he was transferred there.

” My son hope you don’t do rituals or scam .

“Ah papa, why now I interrupted.
Not at all sir, I have a legit business and it brings food to my table nick said.

OK my dad said, I’ve observed you and have see you are a nice person, well you can go on with your plans, your parents are aware of the both of you

Yes sir, nick said with a smile on his face.

Alright, you can go to bed now.

OK good night sir, nic said aand we went inside together.

Next episode loading….

?Wrong Romance ?
…. Episode 15….

The next morning we were about to leave for Lagos.

My parents have finally agreed to ur relationship, its like I won’t even finish my school before getting married o.

I will just marry him and still continue my school, because I don’t trust those Lagos girls, let them not snatch him from me.

We got ready and very early and was good to go.

My parents prayed for us, as we went to nicks car.

Nick dipped his hand into his pocket and gave ade(my little sister) one thousand naira note.

Here this is for you, use it to buy something for yourself, nick said.

Uncle thank you, God bless you ade said and bid us good bye.

We entered the car bid my parents good bye and left.

We got to Lagos, and nick decided to stop at his store to check it everything was in order.

We got to donstar and met the shock of our lives.

Nick’s store has being burnt to ashes.
There was nothing left behind, but charcoal and ash.

Some other stores close to his store also got burnt. It was a really sorrowful day in Lagos.

I was confused and my eyes where heavy how did it happen, I asked ahmed one of nick workers.

Aunty I don’t know it was overnight we met it like this, this morning and tried calling oga before he came.

Nick hands was on his head, and all of a sudden he fainted.

I and some Of his workers carried him into his car, while ahmed drove us to the nearest hospital.

We got to the hospital and nick was carried into the ward, while me and ahmed where asked to stay outside.

Now my eyes where already swollen, and tears where rushing out like spring water.

What is all this problem, nick store got burnt and nick is at the hospital, God please save my fiance he’s the only one I have I said inside me.

Few minutes later the doctor came out while me and ahmed ran to him.

“Doctor how is he? I asked

“Well he is fine, nothing happened to him. It was too much pressure, He just have to relax for sometime, he’s on drip the doctor said.

“Ha thank God, I said and gave out a sigh of relieve. Can I see him

Yes sure the doctor said

I rushed into the ward so was ahmed, and met nick lying down and sobbing.

I sat close to him at the edge of his bed, and saw tears in his eyes.
That was my first time of seeing nicks tears.

Honey its ok, God is on control I said wiping the tears in my eyes with the back of my hand.

Nick Didnt reply me, I knew what must be in his mind, how was he going to cope with no where to get money, that must be what he is thinking I said inside me.

Later that day he was discharged.
Ahmed was the one who still drove us home because nick couldn’t drive.

We arrived at nicks house and he didn’t say anything and went inside.

I gave ahmed some money for transport and he left. While I went to meet nick inside.

I tried all I could to console him but all fell on deaf ears.

Later on some of his friends came, I knew it was because of the incidence.

They came inside and sat close to nick while I went to take another seat.
They where four in number, mike was among but I don’t really know the rest that much.

Guy pleas you have to stop crying now, crying won’t solve anything one of his friends said.

Where will I start from nick finally spoke out in tears.
All is gone, nothing is left and I just used alot of money I have to buy most things in there before I traveled, not knowing it was going to be a waste nick said.

I was touched by those words that tears where already gathering in my eyes.

I left them together with nick in the sitting room and went to prepare something in the kitchen.

I calledy parents and informed them about what happened.

They where also In pain and felt pity for nick.

They asked me to give him the phone but I couldn’t, he wont even collect the phone, but only cried.

By evening, when everyone who came to console home left.

I prepared sphagetti and served it at the dinning.

Honey please come and eat your food I said to nick who was in the sitting room.

I have no appetite he said.

“Honey please even I’d it is small, you haven’t eaten anything since morning don’t go and kill yourself biko.

“Will eating bring back all that I’ve lost nick said.

“Will starving yourself now bring back anything I said, just take a little or don’t you like sphagetti? I asked.

“Baby rest yourself I can’t eat now, today is the worst day of my life and I wished I could reverse all this back to normal, nick said and went to his room.

“Honey come back and eat oo, I don’t like all this, you haven’t eaten since morning and you don’t want to eat
Ohooooh I groaned I frustration

I stared at the food for a while and covered it with a flat plate and went to meet nick inside.

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