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Wrong romance episode 16 & 18


Wrong Romance ?
….. Episode 16&17….

That day we both went to sleep with empty stomach due to what happened.

The next morning I prepared bread and tea with fried eggs for breakfast.

I was really hungry that I rushed the food, while nick ate not much. At least something is in his stomach.

He still continued with his mood since yesterday. I was already tired of all that is going on why will this happen at this time.

Why does the devil like to interfere in someone’s happiness, if only I could stop all this and bring back nicks shop so we can be happy again I said Inside me.

Later that day I decided to go check on my apartment and maybe return by evening so as to be with nick, in order for him not to do anything crazy.

I got to my apartment and fell tirelessly on my bed. Just then my phone rang it was Nancy.

?me : hello

?nancy: babe how far

?me: hmmm fine oo.

?:I heard what happened, am so sorry how is nick?

?me:he’s fine oo. Hmm

?nancy:are you at home

?me: yeah

?nancy:alright perp and I will join you soon.

Phone hangs……

I gave out a big sigh and relaxed I was so tired.

Few minutes later perp and nancy arrived, they sat close to me on my bed.

Babe like seriously how did it happened nancy said.

I don’t even know my sister, we just returned from Benin and met the whole store burnt to ashes, only God knows how come.

Whether its someone handwork or natural only God knows I said.

Eeyaaah kpele perp said.

“Ah poor nick going through all this, what a pity nancy said.

what about your visit to Benin, how was it? Perp asked.

Fine oh, but I can’t talk about that now at all, I tired and I came home to have some rest before going back to nicks house.

I had sleepless night yesterday because of this recent incidence, so please I want to rest because I know you like gist too much I said and lay back on my bed.

? Two weeks later?

I was in the kitchen about to prepare rice and beans for Nick.

I opened the rice bag and to my greatest surprise there was nothing in it.

I went to meet nick in the sitting room.

“Honey I said, there is no more rice in this house and I wanted to prepare rice and beans.

“Nick looked at me in a sad face and said. That was what I was trying to point out. There is nothing in my account but 50 thousand naira how long will that last, I pumped all my money in buying new expensive product which many of my customers asked for, and I know it will yeild great profit.

But I lost it, all I have is this house and the 20k nothing else. I have nothing to show, I have to start from grass nick said.

Why would you done such a thing, aleast you should have not used all the money into buying of all the stuff.

That’s how I always run my business, this is not my first time, I run big business which requires alot nick said.

I was dumbfounded and confused, does this means we are going to suffer, does this means will have to start again all this where going on fire inside me as I walked slowly into the kitchen.

God please intervain, please see us through, help us lord i said. I later prepared beans which nick only ate because I hate beans.

Through out that day I wasnt myself, how can this be happening now. The wrong thing at the wrong time.

I was lost in thought all day, life would be hard now, and I can’t leave nick alone he is now my fiance.

And am just a student who doesn’t even work, let alone having money. I thought I have found a place to rest my head not knowing it won’t last forever.

?Episode 17 ?

Nancy and perp visited me and I told them all that was going on.

Hmm babe you are going to suffer oo,Nancy said and you can’t leave him OK now that there is a ring on your finger.

Me suffer I reject, God will find a way for us, I can’t suffer oo God forbid.

You won’t suffer jare, perp said no matter what be what him, he has tried for you, so be with him on this hard times, nothing last forever.

Hmm but suffering can, nancy said.

Later that day I prepared pounded yam and okro soup and dish it in a cooler and went off for nicks house.

I got to his house and nick was not at home, I called him and he told me he was on his way that I should wait for him.

I sat outside and waited for him.
Few minutes he arrived and he was not with his car.

Honey what happened to your car, did it disappoint you somewhere.

My car nick said I’ve sold it to raise money, that its where Coming from.

What is the use of it anyway since my legs are not paining me he said.

But honey why did you do that, you are not supposed to sell it I said.

Hmmm now that life has arrested me, I don’t have anything now so should I kill myself of huger because of car no na, just understand please let’s go inside he said opening the door.

Why would he sell his car, its like Nancy is right oo, suffering is knocking, but I can’t open for suffering to come in.

God please we need your help now please.we went inside and I served him the food.

?Wrong Romance ?
……. Episode 18….

Throughout that day at my apartment I wasn’t myself, why would nick sell his car. This means all I gone. I have suffered alot with my parents too much, now I will still gonna continue.

God please I need your help and intervention, please lord help me and my fiance.

All this where going on in my mind when I heard a knock on the door. Who is it? I asked.

Its me a faint voice said from outside, I already knew it was nancy, come in I replied.

The door opened and nancy rushed in happily. Babe, babe am so happy right now, nancy said with her teeth wide open.

“Ah babe wassup did mike propose I asked with concern.

“Propose? Propose ke, metcheew… Propose fire nancy said.

“Ah then what’s all this excitement all about I asked.

“Hmmm babe my boo just got me a car, although its not a new one, but am expecting something much better next time nancy said.

“Wow babe you are lucky oo, do you think is easy to buy okada let alone a car.
Mike is really trying for you oh.

Mike ke, which mike, I got this from Desmond, he’s one of my boyfriends in case you don’t know. Nancy said.

“Haha nancy, dating two guys at a time, including that good for nothing Desmond, what if mike finds out.

He will never find out, nancy said. See that Desmond you are calling good for nothing bought that car from your fiance. toriperi stories
Am sorry to say this o, so you won’t say I didn’t tell you when am cruising it around town. Nancy said.

Wait nancy you mean, Desmond bought nicks car and gave it to you? I asked.

Yes na, see that’s just one of my collection, babe this life ma sense if you dull na you fail. Nancy said.

I was shut of words, my finance’s car now belongs to my best friend. This is a pure embarrassment, why would nick sell his car to desmond, why not someone else.

Babe see, nancy continued, in this life you need to depend on more than one thing. If nick have gotten more than one business he won’t feel anything when donstar for burnt.

What are you trying to say? I asked.

What am trying to say is you have to get another man without letting nick or anyone else find out, just like me, you don’t have to depend on only nick, you can get another and enjoy life while you can’t still be with nick. Nancy said

Nancy can you just hear yourself talk? How do you expect me to follow someone else when am engaged, nick will certainly find out.

“hmmm miss engagement, wait till he sells his house and come and join you in this one room before you’ll realize what you are into. Nancy said.

See am not saying you should quit him, you can still be with him, but you need more freshing up, you need enjoy life as you are young, not suffering while you are young is it when you are old and no teeth that you will enjoy?.

See you have Gabriel a man who loves you, he doesn’t find interest in me at all but you only. Just accept him enjoy his money then zoom off to nick for your wedding that’s all.

I was just silent I was d–n confused, is Nancy telling the right thing or wrong, I don’t even know which path to follow.

See babe, nancy continued, in this life you need money, that’s why David o said that “love is sweet o, but when money enter love is sweeter”.

You still gat opp opportunity, if you like take it and if you like leave it. I’ve given you my advice but as for now I want to go cruise that car around town.
What about we go together its gonna be fun and don’t panic I will settle the bills. Nancy said.

Never mind am fine,maybe some other time I replied.

Cmon I know you too well, If its because its your fiance car don’t just worry yourself. Nancy said.

I some other time I yelled not today at all I need to just rest my head.

Hmmm ok if you say so, lemme go ask perp, and we bring you takeaway, see ya.
She said and locked the door.

Bam confused right now, its like nancy have a point, but nick will find out and stop our marriage. Look at nancy now have a car and I have none only this iPhone nothing else. Its like i’ll try my luck and also help nick too.

The next day I was off too the salon to make my hair without asking for a dimeb from nick.

I don’t want him to start thinking of what happened again so I have to use my money.

I made packing gel, because it wasn’t expensive. And hopped out of the salon waiting for bike to go home.

Because I won’t visit nick today, the transport fee are really eating me up And staying at his house will put more expenses on him.

I was the waiting for okada by the road side with my stomach boiling bcos of hunger when a black Benz stopped in front o me I alredy know its Gabriel.

Wassup my angel how are you he asked

Am fine I said facing another direction to avoid eye to eye contact.

Well am sorry about your boyfriend loss, pray God provide for him.

Amen I replied.

Ok you look hungry what about we go have launch at my restaurant.

Just then my mind flashed back to what nancy said yesterday, should go with him,what if nick find out I was so lost in thought


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