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Wrong romance episode 22 – 24


Wrong Romance ?
….. Episode 22….

I finally got home that day at midnight.
Thanks to Gabriel who dropped me at home, although he insisted I spend the night in his house which I refuse.

I was so tired and my stomach was really disturbing me, because of what I drank.

I managed to sleep that night.

The next morning was on the 1st of July. And guess what it was my birthday.
I woke up early morning and upload it on social media.

Gabriel didn’t even call me to wish me happy birthday although I told him at the club yesterday.
I was confused and feeling guilty of myself. If it was nick he would have done alot for me today.

Time was going and I didn’t see Gabriel or his call, I was really sad I kept checking phone to see if there was a message from Gabe but none.

I rolled about my bed thinking of how today is going to end without any birthday gifts like before.

Just then my phone rang it was Gabriel, I looked at the time and it was half past 1pmalready.

I picked the call in a angry manner

Me: hello

Gabriel:hey babe happy birthday sorry I’ve called I was kinda busy


Gabriel:well am outside your apartment come out.

Me:Hmmm why?

Gabriel :just comeout and see.

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Phone hangs.

I wore my slippers and went out to meet Gabriel. Only God knows why he said I should come out.

I got outside and met Gabriel and Desmond with two cars parked outside. One was Gabriel’s Benz and the other was a new Lexus jeep.

Happy birthday baby Gabe said as he came close to me and kissed me on the cheek.

Why did you ask me to come outside I asked.

Well you see that baby over there he said pointing at the new Lexus. Its yours darling.

Wait are you kidding or what I asked.

He smiled and said, am not kidding. he gave me the car key.

I was speechless, am now a car owner I shouted as I ran close to the car and observed it. It was d–n cool.

I opened the car and sat inside this is wonderful I said. I ran to Gabriel and gave him the biggest hug and kissed him.

Well babe this is just the beginning. Go inside and dress up let’s go to my place Gabriel said.

I rushed inside and dressed up and went to meet them outside.

Although I don’t know how f drive but it will be from time to time for me to learn.

I entered Gabe car while Desmond drove my new Lexus along with us.

We got to gabriel car and my mouth opened wide.

Gabriele house was a mansion, I don’t know how to describe it. It was painted white and was a storey building.

I got down from the car and looked around wondering if we where in the right house or not.

At car park was three extra cars which he barely use.

We walked into his sitting room and I met a big surprise.

Nancy and some of Gabriel friends including their girlfriends where there and a big cake was set at the table.

Is this a surprise party or what. Happy birthday they all yelled. Nancy walked up to me and wishpered into my ears. Now you see the sweetest life you where rejecting.

I was speechless this is life paradise. I’ve finally found the right place for me.

What are you waiting for come cut the cake darling Gabe said as I walked towards the car and place my hand on the knife.

Now after the spelling of love you cut the cake Gabe said. L. O. V. E they spelt love and I cut the cake while they all applaude.

They started playing music and everyone where dancing with their girlfriend.

This time I drank that alcohol without fear or shame. I was already getting use to it…

I drank alot and later danced with Gabriel that day.

I was really enjoying the life I choose. I guess I have finally made the right decision for mysewith gabriel Lifw with is like heaven on earth.

?Wrong Romance ?
….. Episode 23…….

Through out that day I really had fun like never before.

I decided to pass the night in Gabriel’s house that day.

Am night after having my bath and about going to sleep. Gabriel called me to the dinning and decided we have a little drink before going to bed.

But babe I’ve already taken alot today, I don’t want more I said.

It’s just a little, I don’t wanna get bored drinking alone. Pretty please Gabe said.

I joined him in the dinning table and we both drank together and i went to sleep before him that night.

The next morning I woke up really late. I was so tired and felt alot of pain all over my body. I thought it was as a result of yesterday.

I looked around and Gabriel was not in the room, I tried to stand up and felt a huge pain in between my legs.

My hand touched a soft light material at the side of the bed I picked it up and oh gosh it was my pant which I wore before I slept.

I managed and used all my strength to stand up and found out I was [email protected] I removed the blanket which was still until me and found out I was defiled.

The white bedsheets was stained with blood. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The only pride I have has been taken away.

I screamed at the top of my voice and Gabriel rushed in. What happened he said in a shocked manner.

I Couldn’t utter a word and tears began to roll down my cheeks.

Are you crying because of that have said. Am sorry I didn’t know you are a virgin, am sorry he said as he walked close to me and held me to himself.

Tears continued to rolled down my cheeks more and more, my virginity is finally gone over night after years of keeping it.

Look, don’t be so hard on yourself honey I was the one who put a sleeping drug in your drink last night. Go clean yourself up Gabe said.

He helped me up to my feet and I walked tirelessly to the bathroom for a clean up after that mess.

After the bath, I wore my dress still feeling the pain so much, and I still went to bed, Gabe has already changed the bedsheet.

Gabriel returned to the room and few minutes later with a big tray. He placed the tray on my lap and sat close to me rubbing my back.

. It was a hot tea fried egg, bread and others.
I managed to eat a little from it and went back to lie down. I was just thinking of how Gabe could have s*x with me secretly.

Later that day I overheard Gabe telling someone on phone not to come now that he is busy. Only God knows who it was.

The next day the pains where finally going away than before, I secretly took his phone to check who he was talking to yesterday and it was not a Nigeria number.

It was saved with Michelle, I wanted to go through his photos.
What are you doing a voice said from behind as I quickly looked back in shock it was Gabe.

What are you doing with my phone Gabriel asked.
Who is Michelle I fired back.

Michelle, Michelle is my junior sister and why all this silly questions.

Nothing just wanted to find out i said.

OK but next time let me know I you want to use my phone Gabriel said and collected the phone from me.

?A month later?
I couldn’t find my period, weeks and weeks added and I still couldn’t find my period.

That was to confirm that I was carrying Gabriel’s child. Ever since he defiled me he has being treating me nice than ever.

But I don’t know if he would be happy with what is going on.

I waited for him at the sitting room, because he was upstairs dressing up to go out.

He finally came out, babe please wait we need to talk I said.

About what, am in a hurry and it is about 2pm already.

Uhmmm babe i, I, I (I stammered)

You are what tell me Gabe said.

I’m pregnant I said and faced down.

What do you mean, hope am not responsible Gabe said.

My eyes widened, but babe you are the one who took my virginity now.

Just then the door opened and a you white lady walked in. She is not a Nigeria lady at all. She was carrying a little beautiful lady.

Honey am home the lady said as Gabe went and hugged her and kissed her.

What’s going on here, I asked?

Well Sandra meet Michelle my wife

Honey who is she? The whit woman asked.

?Wrong Romance ?
…… Episode 24…..

Your wife? I thought you said Michelle was your junior sister.

Honey who is she the white woman asked.

Well sweetheart meet my house maid Sandra. She is a very good girl and she cooks and clean the house before you return.

I was shocked. Mrs white woman please he is lieing to you, he’s my boyfriend and am carrying his child.

The white woman stared at Gabe and asked again honey is that true.

Of course not, how do you expect me to cheat on you with that kind of person when I have a s£xy classic woman as my wife. She is the one that is lying Gabe said.

Now you black ass b—h the white woman said referring to me. Am an american woman and I presume you’ve heard about it.

You lied to me about my husband and am not gonna take that, so I you don’t leave this house this minutes I’ll make sure am gonna kick you ass out.

I was shocked and tears began to roll down my cheeks. Am telling you the truth ma am pregnant for him I said in tears and am his girlfriend wait let me call an evidence.

I picked up my phone and dialed nancys number. It rang several times and she didn’t pick up. Why will this girl throw away her phone when I need her the most.

B—h you know what you hat two options right here, you go upstairs and pack your things and leave or am gonna throw you out myself the white woman said.

I have no option most especially now that there is no evidence. I can’t stay most especially now that I’ve being threatened by this white woman.

I went upstairs and packed my things, I got to the sitting room and still meet them kissing and romancing.

You know, you can go with the car, but remember am done with you Gabe said.

Now darling let’s go inside am not gonna stay here all day. She said and they both left.

My life has being ruined. No where to go except my apartment, nobody to call. Life is really a b—h.

I walked to the car and kept my things in the boot, at least I’ve already learnt how to drive.

I got to my apartment and went inside. I sat on the floor crying heavily. What have I done to myself, and I havent heard from nick.

what a shame, I can’t even dream of going back to him. What a disgrace life have put me in.

my phone rang and it was Nancy.
Me: hello

Nancy:hey babe I saw your missed call.

Me: why didn’t you pock when I needed you the most.

Nancy: sorry I was in the bathroom when you called. Why is your voice like this.

Me: Nancy the worst have happened to me. I never knew Gabriel has a wife.

Nancy: and so is that why you are crying.

Me: Nancy am pregnant for him. He slept with me on my birthday night.

Nancy: why did you do that. I didn’t tell you to let him have s*x with you o.

Me:he was the one who put sleeping pills in my drink that day.

Nancy: well all left for you on how to go around with the child. Its better you abort it now or you become a mother with no husband.

Me: but…..

Nancy; have said my own.

Phone hangs…

God am finished. My life is now like a dirty rag.
I left the house that day went to a beer parlor and drank my self to stupor. Just to get rid of all this pain.

The next day I went to the boutique to get some clothes with the money Gabriel transferred into my account the day the disvirgined me.

I go the boutique and did some shopping I was about going make payment when I saw nick. I quickly hid myself at the corner of some clothes so he won’t see me.

He was looking more fresh, handsome and fat more than before. He went to talk the sales girl and later left.

I watched him as he entered a white Ferrari, and zoomed off.

Wait oh is that is car, am not sure I said inside me and went to meet the sale’s girl for my payment.

After my payment, hmm excuse me don’t be angry i said to the sales girl. Do you know that man who came here few minutes ago.

You mean the one with the Ferrari she asked.

Yes, yes I replied.

That’s my boss, his name is Nicholas. She said.

Wait your what?

My boss, he’s the one who employed me here and pays me every month.

Are you serious. When did he build this place.

Build what, he bought it and redesigned it from what I heard. Anything?

No not at all, just wanted to confirm thank you, I said and walked away.

Blood of Jesus. Sandra you are such a fool, a big one at that, how could I have left nick and my parents won’t even listen to me, God am I triple trouble.

Next Epi loading…….
Love ❤️ y’all

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