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Wrong romance episode 8 & 9


💘Wrong Romance💘
……Episode 8……
That day I was so angry, and did not pay attention to the lecturer, his lessons where entering one ear and coming out of the other, all my mind was about gabriel, why did he send those stuff.

Few hours later, classes where over, I walked out of the class with perp and nancy, perp do you know that gabriel sent me some stuff and others, who is this gabriel of a guy you both are always talking about, perp asked, Nevermind nancy said, did you collect it, yes I thought it was from nic not knowing it was him.

So what did he send,nancy asked, so comestics but I havent checked everything, he even wrote a love letter, which I tore into pieces after reading, I dont understand this guy at all.Hmmm sandra be careful with him oo, justne careful, nancy said.By now we got outside, bid each other good bye and departed.

I got home and without wasting time went to check the bag properly, I empted the bag on my bed, it was my body cream, perfume, flowers, bathing soap, necklace, bangles, earrings, and other stuff, I wonder how he managed to know my body cream, what will I do with all this stuff, I cant use them.what if he initiated them, I cant oo, I returned the things back to the bag and threw it at the corner close to my waste basket.

I layed down on my bed, when my phone rang it was nick, I quickky picked the call with smile on my face.

Me: hello baby

Nick: hey babe wassup

Me: am fine and you

Nick: same,am back home.

Me: really, why didnt you tell me you were coming

Nick:not to disturb you, can you come to my place I have a something for you

Me: really, I cant wait, am on my way now

Nick:am waiting.
Phone hangs……

I took my crossed bag, phone and wore my slippers, leaving for nicks house.
I boarded a taxi and few minutes I was already at nick’s place.
I knocked gently on the door and waited for it to be opened, nick opened the door and I jumped on him, I held him tight because I have missed him, we kissed each other an he offered me a seat.

Baby have missed you so much nick said, me too, so how its your dad I asked, he’s doing well he just sustained few injuries, that all…oh thank God its not serious, I said.
So how is school,nick asked, school is fine I said, except from one guy that is disturbing me, I said, nick’s face changed immediately I said that statement.Who is he nic asked, his name is gabriel, I meet him at the club and ever since then he has beinh disturbing me, he even sent me some gift this morning and I mistakenly accepted.

You accepted nick yelled, I thought it was you who Sent it am sorry, its OK nick said, you give me his details later let me warn him, no problem I will, so what was is it you wanted to give me I asked, ohh am coming nic said, he went inside and came back with a big fancy bag, this is for you, he said and gave me the bag.

I collected it, and what I brought out first was a silver design high heeled shoe, wow I said, the next was a golden necklace, a area gold at that, I was really happy, what I brought out last made me shut of words a brand new iphone 8+ I was overhelmed with joyed, I hugrd him and gave him a kiss.

Hope you like it, just manage it, we havent receive the latest iphones from the company, so use this for the now, I will get you another one when its available, nick said, you have done enough honey, I love you, I said, love you more nick replief and we kissed each other

…..Episode 9……

When I got home that da I was damn happy, so the iphone they are all talking about, I have finally have one, I looked at the phone several times and smiled, if not for nick I won’t have gotten this one free of charge, no requirements like other boys who demand for s£x, thank God ooo I said.

There is nothing that will seperate me from nick, what a sweet guy, NEPA should do and bring their light let me charge this phone.I dropped the phone at the corner of my bed, and brought out the shoe and necklace, I wore the shoe and the necklace and start walking up and down in my room, like who is getting ready for a parade, my love for nick is irreplaceable I won’t stop loving him.

Later that day, by 3:pm nick called me to get ready, that we will be taking me out.I was really happy, upon all he bought for me, he still want to take me out.
I went to shower and few minutes later I was ready, I wore a white fancy shirt, and a short jean, and fancy high sandal, since I wasn’t going to a party or club I decided to wear something simple.

By now I havent charged my new phone because NEPA havent brought their light, I took my other phone(Tecno spark 4) and my crossed bag and waited for nick outside.

Few minutes later, nick arrived I hopped in and we zoomed off. So where are we going I asked, to the nearest resturant, nick said, alright if you say so I replied.

Few minutes later, we arrived at classic town resturant, it wasnt even like a resturant, it has a hotel, bar an resturant together but different building, I don’t even know this place.we came down from the car and nick walked up to me, is this a hotel or resturant I asked, both of them nick replied, havent you being here before nick asked, nope I replied, well classic town is the latest in lago and also known by few because it was opened few weeks ago, so thats why you might not have heard of it nick said.

I stood ans admired the building for a while, shall we go now nick said, oh right I replied and held his hands as we walked in.
We were about entering the resturant when I saw gabriel coming out of the hotel building, with two men following him like his body gaurds, including that big head that gave me those things earlier today.

Honney wait, I said and pulled nick backward, what Is it nick asked, thats the guy I told you about that is disturbing me I said pointing at gabriel, you mean that guy nick said still pointing at gabriel yes I replied, alright let me go have a gentleman talk with him nick said and left , walking to gabriel direction while I followed him and held his hands.

He guy nick said, while gabriel who was about entering his car came down, how may I help you gabriel said, well and nick and this is the love of my life Sandra, nick said pointing at me, she told me you have being disturbing her for some time while wasnt around, so I came to warn you as a gentle as I am to stay away from her, there are lot of girls in this whole wide world so you can get youself one and leave her alone.

After nic finished talking, gabriel laughed and clapped his hands, well I like you gabriel said, I like you courage and boldness, but let me tell you she might be the love of your life, I don’t care but do you have what it takes to care for her gabriel said, of course he does even more than you I cut in…
More than me, gabriel said, well tell how, is it that toy car he has over there(pointing at nicks car) or his donstar plaza whatever he calls it, do you even realise who you are talking to, look around I own this hotel and restaurant, am the owner of classic town, can he do this gabriel laughed, or can he even affored this my car, sandr he is a no life, I can get you times two of all he have done for you.

Hey gabriel nick said, you can mock me I don’t care, but I know I don’t flirt after women just like you, I know that statement killed gabriels spirit, but he didn’t show it, instead he wishpered to one of his men, who went inside his car and came out with a brief case, he opened it and it was filled with money, a thousand naira note.

Well nick or what ever you calk yourself, I don’t have time to talk with people like you, he brought two bundle of money from the brief case and threw it up which fell back like rain upon us, covering me and nick, this is worst than an embarrasment I said inside me.

Gabriel, I said, you might be wealthy or even the riches man on earth, but since I ave nick by myside am 100% satisfied, thanks for the embarrasment, but this money I said picking up a thousand nair note from the floor is nothig but papers, I tore it into two pieces, money can build a house and even buy a house but it can buy love or build love, nick is mine forever I said and drew nicks hand who I know must be feeling pain inside him due to the embarrasment, honey lets go .

You might be couragous now, but I will do what ever it takes to have you, you are mine sandra nick yelled….

Things are turning upside down right🤔

But sandra seems to love nick more..💁

Will gabriel get his wish?

Continue reading💜

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