Zoe – episode 2

ZOE. ( The missing Seal)
Episode 2.
Written by Amah

Zoe sat in her room quietly, thinking to herself.
She remembered the last conversation with Lord Amos and her father.

” She looks so fragile and trimmed, have she really attend a woman flow age…. Mukan are you sure she will be able to conceive for my son.

“Yes, Lord Amos…her mother can bring evidence to you my Lord. Her first attempt to womanh-od is secured properly in a pieces for a time like this. So we kept the evidence in case of any doubt. last year was when she was fully ripened. I wanted her to stay extra year so that her mother and servant nurse can coach her properly into womanh-od. She is very fertile and will produce both male and female for your son. You need not be afraid. My daughter is well cultured and monitored under my watch. None of my offspring is wayward. I have older sons too and I don’t want any of them to marry a maiden with a harlot spirit which is more reason I made sure my daughter turn out fine. I will kill any of my maiden child that ends up like the pagan pr-stitute. Is better a dead daughter than to have one with a disgrace. My Lord the price tag on her is worth it all and don’t worry you won’t never regret this…

Lord Amos has looked at her and nod in agreement to what her father said.

Her father later called her aside and said.

” You have to make your father in-law to have no doubt in you. Zoe, Make me proud and care for your husband. You know how important this family is, make sure you do not drag my name to the mud. Be productive and do everything that is required of you. You are now fully a woman so stop acting like a child. Do you understand me Zoe?

Yes father. I won’t disappoint you…

” Good, because if you do I will not spare you. May the God of heaven make you a blessing in the household of Lord Amos.

Zoe cleaned the tears pouring down from her eyes. She stood up and walk round the big empty chamber.

” Mother has said ” Zoe, change your husband for the better”
Hadar has said ” Kuwe is a good looking young man, he will change with time, don’t worry Zoe everything will be alright”…

Zoe blow her nose into a piece of cloth, she cleaned the tears ruining down her face.

” Is been one long week here and I wish I was never born. Father and mother decids my fate leaving me with no choice. Father discussed my fertility with Lord Amos as if I was invisible. Making my face to burn in shame… I want to go back home, I hate it here. I know father will skin me alive if I dare disappoint him.

Zoe suddenly heard her name, it was lady Samar, her mother in-law. That was shouting her name When she can aswell send a servant to fetch her.

Zoe cleaned her eyes before stepping out to meet lady Samar.

” My lady, you called me… here i am…

” You have been in,side that house since morning, my son did not marry you to be in his chamber all the time. The household servants will be harvesting the wheat today and I want you to go with them to the field let me see how hærdworking you are. I Just hope my son did not marry a lazy maiden who will sleep and eat all day. Take a threshing basket and follow them to the fields I will be coming later to check how much wheat you have harvested.

Lady Samar turned and left.
A servant girl handed a threshing basket to Zoe which she placed securely on her head and followed them as they matched to the wheat field.

She was giving a field portion to glare.
 Zoe went into working at the wheat field

In her father’s house, despite there were household servants who does most of the work she has never fail to work along side with them.
Hadar was the person that thought her how to plant and harvest right before little balls like br-ast start forming on her chest.

Her father have a large farm land and after the men clear and burn the over grown weeds the women will resume the planting Season.

Hadar thought her almost everything she knew and it has become helpful to her in this present time.

” My lady you harvest so well, I watch as you carefully separate the weed from the wheat. Who must have thought you This…I believe is your mother..

Zoe turned and looked at the young servant girl who maybe a few years older than her or they maybe in the same age.

” No, is my nanny. Mother was always busy and never had time to teach me much, she assigned me to my nanny who thought me most of what I know. Her name is Hadar, she is a great friend…

The girl smiled, and bent beside her and they begin to work side by side.

” You must have missed home, and also Hadar… your friend.

” Yes, I do. I really miss home. sometimes I wish I can run back home but I know father will beat me up and will still bundle me back here. I really do not have a choice.

 The servant girl moved closer to Zoe, she began to talk in a whisper to avoid others hearing them

” Your father must be a very difficult man to have agreed to the marriage contract between you and Lord Kuwe. I know is not in my place to say this because I’m Only a servant but Lord Kuwe is hærdened and very difficult to please. Everyone knows of his arrogance. His mother, lady Samar agrees to everything he does. Is only his father, master Amos that chastised his behaviour. Although most mistress in this district and far beyond will be happy to marry him for his money and good looks but that’s all he got to offer. Whenever he goes to the arena and lose a game to those rich merchants he will get into fight with them and will beat anyone that he meets whenever he returns. He makes them his scape goat. I mean most servants have had several share of beating from his numerous defeat at the arena. Lord Kuwe is a very difficult man and I hope you will change him as is generally believed. May your God show you favour and change Lord Kuwe through you, my lady don’t be afraid because master Amos is not in support of his son’s behaviour, he will listen to you whenever yo…

The servant girl was still talking when lady Samar showed up to the wheat field.

She saw Zoe working along side a servant girl who kept talking.

They were working and talking so close like in a whisper.
Lady Samar angrily shout at the servant girl who turned and knelt in shock immediately she saw her mistress.

“Alia, what is it you are talking in a whisper to her. May the gods strike you dead if you lie to me… answer me before I send you to the abyss…

Alia stammered in fear, she was on her knees with her head bent.

Zoe quickly flew to her defence.

” My lady, please pardon her. It was all my fault. I requested for her help with a stubborn wheat intertwined together with weed, I couldn’t separate it so I ask for her service. And she was only telling me what to do in case I get another bad one. my lady, she was teaching me how glaring the field is done here. Is quiet different from what I was thought back home.

And with Zoe’s explanation lady Samar let Alia to go

She came to stand close to Zoe as she went back harvesting the wheat.

“Harvesting the wheat is almost the same everywhere, I wonder what you were being thought in your father’s house. But Well, you are getting it right. My son needs a strong and hærdworking woman not a maiden that will want somebody to babysit her. Tomorrow you will have to start milking the goat. Since Alia has already started teaching you how harvesting of wheat is done over here, you can ask her to guide you on how to Milk the goats too. I don’t need useless, untrained, lazy maidens around my household. Is greatly required of you to change Kuwe’s untamed anger and you have to take that responsiblity very serious. Do you understand me?

” Yes my lady.

Zoe resounded obediently.

Few days later Kuwe was at the arena again and when he returns home he was boiling angrily

Zoe was the next person who he passed all his defeated anger to.
He grabbed her and made her his punching bag.
He pushed her off the bed and out of the chamber.
Zoe’s eyes was swollen the following morning from crying

Kuwe left again to the arena and was ready to win his yesterday lost game from the merchants.
But he end up losing again.
He got home and Zoe wasn’t spared.
He beat her with so much anger and all the frustration he got from the arena.

Zoe’s face and body was swollen.
The following morning, Lord Amos called Kuwe.

” Why are you acting like a mad man Kuwe, why in God’s name did you beat your wife?

Lord Amos asked his son angrily.

” Father, she is my wife and I can chose to do anything with her. She is the reason I keep loosing my game at the arena. Father she is a bad luck to me.

Kuwe’s mother began to defend her son.

” Kuwe is right my Lord, a woman suppose to bring goodluck to her husband. A woman suppose to make sure her husband do not get angry. That maiden is filled with bad luck…

“Samar, you are not helping Kuwe with this your attitude towards his ill behaviour. He has been loosing to the merchants even before he got married to Zoe. Kuwe shouldn’t be going to play games all the time at the arena. Wasting money when he should be building a family. He should get his wife with a child. Kuwe be focus and produce heir for your lineage instead of going to loose at the arena. I know Zoe is your wife and you can do whatever with her but don’t lay a finger on her again because she is still under my care. Take your anger to the bulls or lion dens, fight it out there but do not make your wife or anyone in this house hold your punching bag. Do you understand….

Kuwe ignored his father and walked out.

His mother went out to meet him outside

” My son, I know you are angry but you don’t have to be… I don’t know why your father will chose a strange maiden side over his own son.

“Mother, how can he even support that naive stupid girl he picked for me as wife, he thought the weak thing will change a full grown man like me. Father want to teach me how to run my life as if I have ever mingled with his own life. He could as well come and teach me how to lay with her in bed. Since he want to teach me how to run my affairs he should also start teaching that stupid girl to give me goodluck at the arena or I will kill her with my two bare hands.

Lady Samar consoled her aggrieved son before he stormed out of the house.

Zoe was milking the goat with Alia when lady Samar came to meet her.

” You have to start praying to any god you know… to change your evil luck to good. It appears you don’t even know who you got married to. He will beat and disfigured you and there is nothing you or your father’s entire household can do about it. Take sacrifice to any good of this land, Bianca the goddess of fertility and favour, Yuri the god of love and peace, Mae the god of prosperity and success. Any of this gods should be able to favour you if you cry and buy a worthy sacrificial bird or lamb which is sold at the temple gate and sacrifice to them. Take a worthy gifts to them and cry for their blessings. especially Bianca, the goddess of fertility and favour. Do whatever you can to make Kuwe happy or you will be digging your own grave.”

She walked away, leaving Zoe standing.

Alia came to meet her.

” My lady do not listen to her. Lord Amos worsh¡p Only one God, who is believed to be in heaven. All the other gods she mentioned are foreign gods and Lord Amos do not tolerate such but lady Samar still serve all this gods without Lord Amos approval. Don’t be like her. Kuwe maybe very wicked but his father will always be at your favour. He will not let any harm come to you. Whenever Kuwe comes back angry Just stay away from him. Hide anywhere you can so that he won’t see you and lay a finger on you again….”

Zoe gave a heavy sigh of relief, she place a hand on Alia shoulder.

” Thank you Alia, You could have chosen to leave me to my fate like everyone else did but instead you are always ready to help me. I appreciate your kindness…

Alia smile and took Zoe’s hands into hers

“You are also kind my lady, I listen to you defend me at the wheat field when lady Samar appeared unexpectedly. You could also have chosen to ignore and leave me to suffer any punishment she throws at me but you didn’t, you lie to defend me. Thank you too and I pray the good God of this land bless you and save you from the hand of Kuwe.

They went back milking the goats.

Alia was keeping her entertained with different tales and Zoe was enjoying it all.

Her worries and fear was forgotten at that instant as she listened to Alia’s beautiful tales while milking the goats.

To be continued

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