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Rosetta episode 3

Rosetta episode 3 It was a Tuesday afternoon, Rosetta was supposed to make hay for the horses but there was no sunshine. The day was so cloudy and gloomy But she knew her auntie wouldn’t understand so she prayed that it should just…

Rosetta episode 2

Rosetta episode 2 Rosetta was looking fresh and all packed and ready to go. She took her bags and moved outside. Dylan came up and hugged her “in the next two years, it’s gonna be my turn” she said and they laughed “won’t you…

Rosetta episode 1

Rosetta episode 1 Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac (Hossy Short Story Series) In a small Mexican village, the daughter of a farmer is seen struggling with her hair as she plants some corn 🌽 on the farm. Her hair is long, dark…