The Billionaire's Enchantments

The Billionaire’s Enchantments episode 27 – 30

( His Unsophisticated Girlie… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Noah faced Birdie after he closed the door and sighed out loudly before shaking his head,he ignored her and started walking to the dinning,Birdie ran after him and blocked him from going further by standing in his front.

“What” Noah asked.

“You want to say something” Birdie muttered almost inaudibly.

“Right I want to say something, are you that dumb?” Noah asked and she looked up.

“W…..why?” She asked.

“She wanted to slap you and you closed your eyes expecting the slap on your face? Gosh I thought you talk to other people the way you speak to me, what am I? Your playmate? If I didn’t show up, you mean she would have slapped you? Now if I say you’re a…….” Birdie placed her palm on Noah’s lips.

“Don’t say it” She mumbled,staring at him innocently.

Noah pushed her hand off.

“Next time if she try to bully you, speak up. She have no right, she’s just my secretary,okay?”

Birdie nodded and touched her tummy.

“I’m hungry,can we eat now?” She asked and Noah scoffed.

They both sat down facing each other, Birdie checked the time after they dished out the food.

“Ahh” She gasped.

“What” Noah groaned.

“It’s….past ten already” she said,showing him her phone screen.

“Why is your phone so broken?” Noah asked and Birdie immediately dropped it.

“It’s…. ” Noah took the phone on the table and checked it.

“Whoa…’re sure going to be a good understanding girlfriend to your future boyfriend,you can definitely date a poor guy without any complain” Noah said, nodding his head.

“I never said I was going to date a poor guy” Birdie snapped.

“Oh,I guess you’re planning to date someone rich” Noah said,dropping her phone back.

“Yes,I want my husband to be rich” Birdie said and Noah choke on his food as he laughed out,he took the glass of water and sipped from it before he continue laughing.

“What’s funny?” Birdie asked.

“Husband?” Noah asked.

“Of course” Birdie replied,chewing her food.

“You should be thinking of how to get a boyfriend now….you don’t even Have a boyfriend,you’re dreaming of Husband? Gosh she’s funny” Noah shook his head.

“I’m just saying what I want” Birdie muttered.

“Alright” Noah said and continue eating

“What type of girl do you like?” Birdie asked.

“A lady” Noah replied and Birdie glared at him.

“Alright,a girl. Stop giving me that eyes” Noah said and Birdie rolled her eyes.

“Tell me the kind of girl you want” She said.

“A girl who can spend money” Noah grinned.

“What? Just that?” Birdie asked.

“Of course not,it’s just part of it. I’m insanely rich if you don’t know,but I have no one who is willing to spend it,aside the one I give to the orphanage homes sometimes. So if I have a girlfriend,I’m going to give her one of my credit cards,and I’m gonna tell her to do anything she want with it,so I definitely need a lady who love money alot” Noah grinned and Birdie scoffed.

“I don’t believe you” She muttered and Noah chuckled.

“But i’m serious,other things I want….uhm…..i don’t really care if she’s pretty or not,but because I am Chris Noah,the public will really expect high of my girlfriend. A lady who’s outspoken, bold, someone who will love me for who I am,not because of my look or my money,and someone I can show my emotions in front of her, someone who gives me a shoulder to lean on.” Noah said.

“I wonder if you were describing someone you have in mind already,is there someone like that you know?” Birdie asked.

“No” Noah shook his head.

“So that’s all?”

“No….and finally…. Someone really cute,with cute cheeks and lips,I love kissing a lot. And someone with big Boobs,I love them also” Noah smiled and Birdie dropped her spoon .

“You should have kept that to yourself!” She half yelled.

“Why? You asked me,why can’t I tell you?” Noah asked.

“Big boobs and cute lips,why are you telling me all these?” Birdie asked.

“Hey,why are you angry? Because you don’t have big ones? I wasn’t describing you in the first……”

“Goodnight” Birdie stood up.

Noah immediately stood up also and grabbed her hand.

“Fine I won’t say a word again” He said and Birdie sighed.

“I’m done eating,let me just go. It’s late already” Birdie said and Noah bite his lips.

“Fine” He released her hand.

“I will take you home….”

“No,your guards should do that. Rest well” Birdie faked a smile and grabbed her bag,she walked out.

“Whoa….I guess she’s mad at me. But she was the one who asked me,why are girls so difficult? Geez” Noah rough his hair and looked at the table.

“I’m alone again” He mumbled and sat down to finish his food but he lost his appetite.

He stood up and went upstairs.



“Seriously? Cute lips and big boobs? Is he trying to show off or something? Someone who can spend money?” Birdie scoffed as she walked to the bus stop.

She have been repeating these same questions since last night,she couldn’t even sleep.

“Congratulations to him tho, he will definitely find one” She scoffed again.

Someone suddenly held her hair.

“Ahh!” She turned back to see Adam.

“What!” She shouted.

“Are you walking to your restaurant? You’ve passed the bus stop already” Adam said and Birdie looked up.

“Anaconda….” She fold her fists angrily.

“Did someone make you mad?” Adam asked as they started walking back to the bus stop.

“Yes,I was so mad that I couldn’t even sleep” Birdie said.

“Oh wow,you must really be angry” Adam muttered.

“But I will be fine” Birdie said and Adam nodded.

As soon as they got to the stop,the bus appeared and they entered.



“Can you please show more of the bag you’re carrying?” Adam said to the model.

“Sure” She smiled at him and continue posing for the cameraman.

The other models were also getting ready in the room.

Noah Came in and everyone immediately bowed,

“Hi Noah” A female model came out of the dressing room and walked straight to him.

“Juliet,I thought you couldn’t make it because of your busy schedule” Noah said with a smile as they hugged each other,Vivian rolled her eyes.

“I can’t ignore money you know” Juliet whispered and Noah chuckled.

“You look cute” Noah said,checking her out. Vivian’s eyes widened,did he just said she’s cute?

“Thank you. I got my package last week. Aren’t you spoiling the models too much?” Juliet asked.

“I don’t think so” Noah shook her head.

“Gosh,I look so hot in the magazine,I got countless calls” Juliet said and Noah smiled.

“You were really a perfect match for it Juliet” Noah said.

“Thank you,I just finished up here,I have a lot of things to do” Juliet said and immediately her guards followed her. She’s one of the most popular models in the highest rank,she’s super expensive.

Noah stood on the same position,looking at the activities going on. The camera flashes sounding every second from different angles all over the models.

“Can you maintain such savage look one more time? Right yes….your hands down please,alright….now give a smile….yes….”

“Sir” Vivian called Noah’s attention and he turned.

“Here are the list of the years top celebrities,for our ambassador contract……..”

“We need just two this year,recommend the best and show me before sending an invitation….Both gender” Noah muttered and went out of the studio.

Vivian sighed and ran after him.

“Sir……” She called and Noah stopped again,he faced her.

“I already told you to cancel all my schedules today Vivian,I’m not in the mood to attend any meeting or interview” Noah said.

“Can you please give me a date? I will send it to them right away,I keep getting their calls” Vivian said.

“Pick any other date from this week,I will be available” Noah said.

“Oh…..okay” Vivian said.

“And also…..stop coming to my house unannounced” Noah muttered and walked away.

Vivian looked up and swallowed,she bite her lips and scoffed.

“Seriously” She muttered and went to her office,she sat down in front of the desktop and started everything Noah instructed.

“Gosh,I have lots to do” She sighed.


Noah was resting his head on the chair he was sitting on when suddenly he heard someone at the door.

“Come in” he muttered and the door opened.

“Boss” One of his guards entered.

“What’s up?” Noah asked.

“There’s a girl downstairs,she said she have to meet you or she won’t leave” The guard said.

“A girl?” Noah asked.

“She said her name is Arya”

Noah rolled his eyes and rest back without saying a word.

“Boss….what should we do?” The guard asked.

“Let her stay there,she will leave when she get tired” Noah muttered coldly and closed his eyes.

The guard bowed and left the office.



The door to Waylon’s office opened and his PA entered.

“Sir,you have a delivery from the restaurant……”

“Let her in” Waylon immediately said and the PA went out,a minute later the door opened again and Birdie entered.

“Hey cute one” Waylon smiled and waved.

“Hi” Birdie also smiled and walked over to him

Waylon left his table and went to sit down somewhere else,he tapped the table at the center.

“You can put the food here” He said.

“Oh” Birdie immediately did.

“Enjoy your meal”She said and turned to go.

“Hey” Waylon immediately grabbed her hand and she turned back,he pulled her to sit down

“I ordered because I want to eat with you” He said

“Huh?” Her eyes widened.

“That’s right,you haven’t had lunch right?” Waylon asked and Birdie shook her head.

“Then,let’s eat together” Waylon smiled.

“But…. ”

“No but,you didn’t even congratulate me after my award,I was hurt” Waylon muttered.

“I’m sorry,I totally forgot,and I don’t have your contact…..”

“I will give you right away,so eat with me as a gift” Waylon said.

“Okay” Birdie smiled.

They both dig in and started eating.



👥 Goodnight boss

👥 Bye sir

The staffs greeted one after the other as Noah passed with Vivian.

“I’m meeting with someone,so take care of things till tomorrow,I’m not coming back” Noah said.

“I will do that sir” Vivian replied.

“You can go now,you don’t have to walk me to the car” He said and Vivian stopped following him.

The guards already opened the car door for him,he was about getting to the car when Arya appeared in front of him making him stop

“Uncle” she called in a pitiful voice,her eyes look so red and sad like someone who have been crying.

“Uncle?” Noah raised his brows.

“I don’t remember having someone who call me that” He said.


“Leave” Noah told her and Arya took her lips in.

“I got admission into a university but I can’t go” Arya rushed her words.

“I need your help” She looked at him with teary eyes.

“It’s actually too late now,it’s past the deadline of my school fees payment so I can’t go again this year,but still……..don’t ignore me anymore………help me” She pleased.

Noah was staring at her coldly with no emotions.

“Does your father know you’re here?” He asked.

“No” Arya shook her head and sniff.

“Your mom?” Noah asked

“Nobody is aware uncle……”

“Don’t call me that,I’m not your uncle” Noah muttered and Arya gulped.

“What am I supposed to help you with? Money?” Noah asked and Arya looked at him.

“Part of it” She muttered.

“What else?” Noah raised his brows.

“Can you just give me a chance to be your sister? To prove myself that I want to be your family…….”

“I don’t need families,if you need my help,come to the company and meet with my secretary,she will give you the appointment and time you will be able to meet me,not this way” Noah said and went into his car. The guards closed it and also entered.

Arya stared at the car until it left her sight.

Adam was watching from the entrance

“Why is she here?” He thought but he didn’t call her,she walked out of the company unable to control her tears.



Evelyn opened the door with a smile on her face.

“Welcome…..” She greeted but the smile on her face disappeared when she noticed Axel has a cold face on. She moved back and he entered,he closed the door loudly and faced her again.

“Someone was here last night” He said

“Huh.” Evelyn asked

“A lady was here last night and you lied to her that I was not home!!” Axel yelled at her and she bite her lips.

“When did that start? Why did you fúcking lied even tho I was home?! Why!” Axel yelled again and she swallowed.

“I’m…..sorry…..I just…..I’m sorry” She said.

“Are you crazy?” Axel asked in a calm tone.

“I guess you’ve found another job somewhere” he muttered and went upstairs.

Tears started falling down Evelyn’s eyes,last night one of Axel’s bitches came as usual,but she doesn’t even know what cake over her to lie and send her away.

She wiped her tears and left the living room.



Noah was already checking the time in the sitting room,

“Where is she?” He muttered.

The moment he heard the door bell,he stood up and walked to the door,he saw Birdie from the door cam video and he smiled before opening the door.

“Hey bug……”

“Here’s your order,thanks for patronizing our service,enjoy your meal” Birdie said and bowed after handing over to him.

“What’s wrong with you?” Noah asked in confusion.

“I’m here to deliver your food,what do you mean? Goodnight” Birdie muttered and turned to go.

Noah grabbed her hand and dragged her in.

“Eat with me……”

“I’m sorry I can’t,I already ate enough today” Birdie said bluntly.

Noah dropped the food on the table and faced her.

“What’s with the attitude?” He asked.

“I ate enough today,for real” Birdie said.

“Who did you ate with?” Noah asked.

“Waylon” Birdie replied


“Same reason why I’ve been eating with you,why are you asking?” Birdie asked.

“Must you do everything you do with me with him?” Noah asked.

“What am I doing with you?” Birdie asked and Noah scoffed.

“What exactly are you angry about?” He asked.

“I’m not angry” Birdie muttered.

“Then watch me eat if you can’t eat,I hate eating alone and…….”

“It’s late,I need to go home before my granny start getting worried” Birdie muttered.

Noah sighed and roughed his hair.

“Tell me why you’re mad at me,you’re obviously mad” He groaned.

“I’m not angry……..”

“Is it because of what I said last night?” Noah asked and Birdie looked at him,she rolled her eyes and looked away again.

“I see….that’s why” Noah mumbled and bite his lips.

“I see no reason why you’re angry bug,I was only answering your question,so why is this my fault? Fine I take back what I said,are we good now?” Noah asked.

“I’m going home” Birdie said.

Noah grabbed her hand and pulled her closer.

“Sleep beside me tonight” He said and Birdie’s eyes widened.

“What…..what…..but…’s not raining” She stuttered.

“I don’t need the rain at this moment,I just want to have a peaceful night” Noah said,staring at her lips.

Birdie said nothing.

“You don’t have to be mad about what I said last night,your lips are pretty” Noah said and Birdie’s heartbeat increased.

“Sleep beside me” Noah said and she looked up,their eyes locked.

“Please” Noah pleaded and she swallowed.

Did he just said please??!!

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“I can’t…..I’m sorry” Birdie rejected calmly.

Noah released her hand and nods slightly.

“I’m glad you declined,I guess I was crazy when I asked. Goodnight” He muttered and left her in the living room.

Birdie bite her lips and sighed out.

‘If you keep chasing after him,he might use and dump you later’ That’s Hailey’s voice in her head.

Birdie turned and walked out of the house.

Noah came back after some minutes,he stood there staring at the food he ordered on the table . He dialed a number on his phone and almost immediately a guard entered.

“Boss” He bowed.

“You can have this one together with the one you ate” Noah muttered.

“Oh,thank you boss!”

“Lock the door when you’re out” Noah said and went upstairs.


Getting home,Birdie met her granny in the living room still waiting for her.

“I’m home” Birdie announced and hugged her shortly before going in.

“Did something happened?” Winona wondered and sighed.

Birdie got inside her room and met Hailey sitting.

“Hey,you’re early today” Hailey smiled and stood up

“Did something happened?” Birdie asked.

“Of course not,why are you asking?” Hailey asked.

“I just wondered what you are doing in my room waiting for me,do you miss me that much?” Birdie asked and Hailey chuckled.

“I waited last night also,but I had to leave because I was gonna wake up early this morning. Here” Hailey handed her a drink.

“I wanted us to drink together but I need to go right now,slept tight” Hailey stroke her hair before going out.

“Gosh” Birdie immediately uncapped the bottle and gulped down half of the soda.

“Refreshing” She groaned and fell on the bed. Her mind went to Noah and she took her lips in.

“Just sleep well tonight Birdie,don’t think about anything” She said to herself and closed her eyes.

“Great,I need to wash up first” She got up and went into the bathroom.



Evelyn entered Axel’s bedroom with a tray of his dinner,she was expecting to come downstairs but seems like he was still too mad to even eat.

Axel just came into the bedroom after a wash,he was in his pajamas but the shirt was unbuttoned,almost swaying Evelyn’s heart away but she controlled it and looked away.

“Sir your…….”

“Take it away,I’m not hungry” Axel said coldly and left the bedroom.

Evelyn didn’t move,Axel came in and still met her there.

“What are you doing? I said I’m not hungry,stop making me talk too much” Axel said.

“I’m sorry,I won’t repeat what I did again…..”

“Leave” Axel said and climbed on the bed,he grabbed his laptop and began to operate it,He looked up again and saw Evelyn still standing with the food tray. He sighed out and dropped his laptop from his laps.

“What the fúck are you still doing here?” Axel asked.

“I’m just worried… shouldn’t skip dinner because of me” Evelyn muttered,looking down.

“Who said it’s because of you?” Axel asked and she looked at him.

“Then please eat,I don’t want to waste food” Evelyn said in a pleading voice.

“Drop it” Axel muttered and Evelyn immediately went to drop it on the table,she opened everything and looked at Axel who was also looking at her,their eyes met and Axel rolled his eyes before getting up. He walked to the table and sat down.

“Stay here until I’m done so you can pack the plates,I hate the smell of food in my room” Axel said.

“Yes sir” Evelyn smiled.

Axel scoffed and started eating.

He only ate a little before he asked Evelyn to pack,she immediately did and left the room.

“Gosh,why the heck did I get her?” Axel rough his hair and rest his back on the chair.



Arya sighed out loudly as she took one tiny bite from the bread she was eating,her legs swinging here and there under the bench she was sitting. Anytime she think about her encounter with Noah this evening,she would let out a sad sigh.

“I deserve it” She muttered,taking another bite from the bread.

“But why the fúck is this so hard?!” She asked aggressively,chewing angrily.

“Here” A hand holding a milk bottle came in her face and she looked up instantly.

“Adam!” She called,smiling brightly before collecting the milk.

“Thank you” She said and sipped.

“You shouldn’t eat bread like that” Adam muttered,sitting next to her.

“I know…..but I don’t have enough money” Arya muttered and suddenly grabbed his shirt.

“Where do you work?” She asked.

“Why are you asking?” Adam raised his brows.

“I’m looking for a job…..”

“Job? You think you can get a job? You’re not even seventeen yet,you’re just sixteen. Who would give a sixteen years old girl a job?” Adam scoffed and Arya sighed.

“I can just fake my age to eighteen…..”

“Stop it,you don’t even look eighteen” Adam said.

“So what am I supposed to do now? I’m alone in my world,I feel like I don’t have parents again,my mom doesn’t even care if I eat or not…….what am I supposed to do?” Arya asked,tears falling down her eyes.

Adam sighed and slowly wiped her tears.

“Don’t cry” He said and Arya drank from the milk.

“You can tell me anytime you’re hungry,I will buy you food” Adam said and Arya looked at him.

“Why are you nice to me?” She asked.

“I feel like I should have a sister,i’m lonely in my house anyway” Adam said and Arya chuckled.

“Really? How old are you? So I can see if you can be my brother”

“Nineteen,I’m three years older than you,so…..”

“When did you clock nineteen?” Arya asked.

“Three months ago…..”

“I will be seventeen next month,so it’s not three years,it’s two years” Arya cut in and Adam scoffed.

“I heard sixteen years old girls are absolutely rude,now I see that there’s no lie in it” He said and Arya laughed.

“I’m not really rude,I’m just saying the truth” She pouted.

“Same way you always stain your lips with food” Adam muttered and used his thumb to clean her lips.

“Whoa,you’re really acting like a brother already” Arya teased and Adam pushed her head.

“Don’t be annoying” He said and she laughed.

“Thanks for the milk” Arya said and he nodded.

“Gosh,the moon is becoming so bright,It’s winter but I feel hot inside of me” Arya said and Adam smiled.

“Do you want to bath inside ice to feel cold?” He asked.

“That’s wickedness” Arya faced him.

Adam checked the time.

“Get up,I’m walking you home. It’s late already” He said and Arya stood up.

“Ouch” she whimpered and held her leg before sitting down again.

“Are you okay?” Adam asked with concerned.

“Yes I’m fine,it’s nothing” Arya said and tried standing again.

“Ahh!” She sat down back

Adam immediately bent in front of her,he removed her left leg sneaker…her ankle was so red and swollen.

“What the fúck happened!” Adam shouted.


“Don’t tell me you walked all the way from home to NH today” He said and Arya bashed her lashes.

“How… did you….”

“I work there dummy” Adam snapped and Arya bite her lips.

“Geez,you better don’t leave the house tomorrow…..”

“No,I have to make an appointment with uncle’s Secretary” Arya said and Adam looked at her.

“Uncle? Who?”

“Chris Noah………he’s my uncle” Arya mumbled and Adam got up.

“For real? So why was he acting that way……”

“Leave that to me,you can’t understand” Arya immediately said and Adam sighed.

“Fine,if you say so” He said and bent again,turning his back to her.

“Get on before I change my mind”

Arya smiled and immediately got on his back.

“Do you even eat at all? I can’t feel anything” Adam muttered when he started walking.

“I’m sorry you can’t feel anything” Arya mumbled,resting on his back.

Adam smiled and said nothing.



“We got a contract proposal” Vivian told Noah as they both approached his office.

“From??” Noah asked.

“SBY……it’s a company in New York” Vivian replied.

“Let me have a look” Noah muttered and Vivian immediately handed over her ipad to him,Noah went through it and returned it back to her.

“Fashion line…beauty standard….why the proposal?” Noah asked.

“I think they need a collaboration,Christmas is coming,and Chris Noah is sure a big name,they would surely benefit from us” Vivian said with a smile.

“But according to my research,the company is a big one,so this contract definitely worth billions,we shouldn’t miss. They have great influence also,not just In New York but around the world,if we collab with them to make something,crazy money in our company’s account,it’s a rare opportunity” Vivian said.

“Let me see the proposal first” Noah said.

“I will get it from my office” Vivian said and walked away.

Noah entered his office and walked straight to the fridge,he opened it and took one of the strawberry milk before going to his seat,he opened and started drinking.

The door opened minutes later and Vivian came in,she dropped the proposals on the table.

“You just have to read things and sign where necessary,if you do that. I will prepare a meeting immediately,they are waiting for my call. But take your time” Vivian said and Noah looked at her.

“You’re sure hardworking” He muttered and Vivian smiled.

“You know me already” She said.

“You can go,I will tell you my decision later” Noah said.

Vivian glanced at him shortly and walked out of the office.

Noah took the papers and was about to start checking when his phone buzzed,he dropped the papers and took his phone.


The mail is from an unknown and hidden contact.

“Wow” Noah muttered and dropped his phone,he looked at the proposal again and put it in one side.

He dialed a number on the line phone.

“Yes boss??” A voice from the other side answered.

“I need you to help me check something,come to my office” Noah said and hung up right away.



“This is crazy,you just got the proposal and you’re getting threatened already? What the fuck is this?” Axel scoffed and dropped Noah’s phone.

“So what are you planning to do?” He asked.

“I’m not going to sign…….”

“Are you crazy? What do you mean by you’re not going to sign it?” Axel snapped.

“You know the money is not my problem…….”

“I know,but we must get the bastard behind this shít,gosh dude you live life too freely and carefully like you don’t have enemies” Axel said.

“Do I have enemies? I’ve been minding my business,I don’t think I have a fight with anyone……”

“Do you have to fight with people before they make you their enemies? Nevertheless,you’re signing that contract” Axel said and Noah sighed.

“I would really prefer a silent life Axel” He muttered.

“Fine,suit yourself” Axel said.

“I’m going to reject,just this once. So don’t worry about me” Noah said.

“I understand” Axel replied.

“How about your little one?” He asked with a grin.

“Which little one?” Noah scoffed and drank from his coffee

“You know who I’m talking about” Axel said and Noah sighed.

“It’s my first time in nine years seeing you show your soft side to a girl” Axel said.

Noah said nothing.

“You enjoy her company don’t you?” Axel asked.

“She’s interesting” Noah muttered and Axel smiled.
“Just interesting?”

“What else?” Noah scoffed and Axel chuckled.



Birdie is the only one left in the restaurant,she’s in charge of cleaning tonight so she has to wait behind.

She was cleaning the tables when she suddenly heard the door opening.

“We are closed for the…..” She turned and was surprised to see Noah.

“Anaconda” She called.

“Why are you still here?” Noah asked.


“You mean you serve,do the delivery and also clean. You don’t have a cleaner?” Noah asked.

“No” Birdie muttered.

“Oh wow,such a place to work” Noah said and lean on the wall.

“Go on,I’m going to wait and take you home” He said and Birdie smiled.

“Thank you” She said.

Noah sat down after a while,his eyes on her as he cleaned up. About fifteen minutes later she was done.

“All done” Birdie faced him with a smile and gently removed the apron she was wearing.

Noah’s eyes scrolled down her outfit, the skirt she was putting on was only her thighs length.

“Hey Bug” Noah adjusted on his seat


“Did you….did you really came all the way from your house….in this?” He asked,pointing at her skirt.

“Yes” Birdie said and Noah chuckled inwardly.

“What,it’s ugly?” Birdie asked

“No it’s just…….nice” Noah muttered.

Birdie walked closer to him to pick up her phone that was on the table.

“I’m ready,we should……”

Noah grabbed her hand and pulled her on his laps,Birdie’s eyes widened and she faced him.


“Were you planning to come over to my office tonight?” He asked.

“No” Birdie replied.

“So,why are you putting on this?” Noah asked and Birdie blinked her eyes thrice at once,their eyes still locked.

“I…..I..I just…decided to wear it” She stuttered,her heart was beating so fast as usual,it’s like a normal thing anytime she’s with him.

Noah stood up with Birdie in his arms,he dropped her on the table and pulled her hair to the back,Birdie swallowed without uttering a word.

Noah stared at her lips,Birdie was staring at his eyes. Suddenly Noah looked away.

“Let’s go” He mumbled trying to drop her down.

Birdie grabbed his tie at once and dragged him closer with it,Noah immediately placed his hands on the table to balance himself,he looked at Birdie with shocking eyes,their faces almost touching.

“Hey bug………”

Birdie held his face and pressed her lips on his own,shutting him up.


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