Bad Girl Love

Bad Girl Love episode 69 – 70

🎀BÀD GÎRL LOVE🎀 (His•Beautiful•Baddie…)


By: Naomi Cindy B.

“Die… Celine…die…

“I’m….I’m sorry… Richie….I just…I love you and…

Celine was still stuttering when Richie removed the knife from her stomach, and he’d have stabbed her for the third time but Ruby stepped into the middle.

“You can’t become a murderer!!! I won’t let that happen” she held his hands, but the moment he shook her off, she landed on the ground heavily, and Richie went back to Celine who’s leaning weakly on the island, sweating so much and holding her bleeding tummy.

“How dare you mess with my memory of her! What did you do to my girlfriend? Start talking now or I’ll really kill you” he muttered.

His eyes are still tearily red. He’s not in his right senses for sure cos of the way he’s glaring differently.

“The driver…the driver that testified is not…not the real driver” she stammered.

“What do you mean?” His eyes widened.

“She’s… she’s currently locked up…in the cell…at the… station” she said with her remaining energy before slumping on the ground unconsciously.

The knife fell from Richie, and he ran out of the kitchen.

Ruby crawled to Celine and began shaking her, hoping she’d wake up.

“You can’t die on Richie! Celine!!!”

No answer, so she called an ambulance, and it arrived within a flicker of minutes.

Celine was taken into the EU immediately, and Ruby paced restlessly around the hallway, waiting for good news.

She got her phone and dialled her mum who picked immediately.

“What’s up with the sudden call?” Jillian’s voice spoke

“Mum…I think… Richie has gone crazy, the injection side effects…he stabbed Celine” Ruby said fearfully.

“What the hell! You’re kidding right?”

“This is not some joke mum Celine is currently in the emergency unit fighting for her life and I’m not sure she’d survive it cos he stabbed her twice!” Ruby snapped.

“What actually happened?” Jillian asked.

“He found out about the injection. I think he saw something he shouldn’t have seen and his memories of Lovelyn came back! He left the mansion” Ruby replied.

“Screwed! Plans screwed! How did it happen!” Jillian shouted.

“It’s not my fault mum so don’t shout at me!” Ruby shouted back, then the doctors came out of the EU.

Ruby hung up and rushed to them.

“How’s it?” She asked impatiently.

“It’s a short apple knife, so luckily it didn’t reach much vital areas, but she’d be on transfusion till tommorow morning though. Her condition is delicate but she’d be fine, put your mind at rest”

“Gawd, now I can breath” Ruby muttered, squatting beside the wall.

Her phone buzzed, and she checked to see a message from Yuri.

• Mabel is an illegitimate child. She doesn’t belong to chairman Lee!

“What the f**k!” Ruby spranged up with wide eyes.



Lady Genevieve rushed in hastily in the company of two guards.

She didn’t even wait to finish the meeting she went for in Pyeongyang, she had to rush over immediately she heard it for the fear of getting bursted.

“How’s Mabel doing?” She asked impatiently when she got to one of the doctors waiting at the hallway.

She hasn’t gotten any reply when chairman Lee came out of the ward and walked to her.

“Now you tell me the truth, who’s her father!” He shouted, and her eyes widened.

“No… chairman it’s…

“I remember telling you to tell me the truth a second ago” chairman Lee replied.

“What are you..

“Tell me the truth woman!!!!” Chairman yelled, and she swallowed.

“Else, I’m seizing your shares in the company and I’m divorcing you right here and now without you getting a dime in my properties! I’ll strip you of your cars and freeze all of your accounts! I’ll cut all your connections and…

“I’m the father” a voice said from behind, and they turned to see Kim Won walking in.

“What!” Chairman Lee gasped.

“Heard my daughter is sick, I’m here to donate the blood” Kim Won said confidently, and chairman Lee began shaking as he turned back to Genevieve who was also shaking.

“You had an affair with Kim Won?” He muttered in shock.

“We have to hurry up before time slips away, she needs the blood and we’re not getting the supply till tommorow morning” a doctor said.

They’re surrounded by doctors and nurses in the hallway who’re looking shocked by the revelations.

“I just said I’m gonna give her the blood, I’m her father” Kim Won said.

“She’s not your daughter, Won” Genevieve said and started crying.

“What are you talking about?” Kim Won faced her.

“I…I…made an exchange when she was born. I made made an exchange with Janet’s kid. Mabel belongs to Janet” Genevieve said.

“What!” Chairman Lee gasped.

“Wait…It’s not who I’m thinking, right?” Kim Won said.

“Janet Jeong, she has your daughter” Genevieve replied, and Kim Won staggered.

“… Lyn?” He stammered.

“I had no choice, I had to do it” Genevieve said in tears.

“We’re losing time, Lady Genevieve” the doctor said again.

“Mabel’s father is in jail. Jeong Mingi’s blood is what she needs. Mabel is a Jeong, not a Lee, and Lovelyn is a Kim, not a Jeong” Genevieve further explained.

Chairman Lee released a dry crazy laughter immediately, and he started walking out of the hallway weakly, holding the wall for support as he took each step.

So in the end, his only child is the child he chased away with her mother. Mira.

He was forced to start crying in regrets, and Genevieve rushed to catch up with him.

She grabbed his hand, and he broke free to bless her face with a slap.

“Chairman!” She gasped, holding the cheek.

“Come to the court tommorow, we’re getting divorced” he said, walking out

“Chairman!!!” Genevieve screamed out, crying louder.

Kim Won on the other hand is still standing like a statue in the middle of the hallway, feeling like he has just been robbed.

Lovelyn…is his daughter?

It can’t be…

* Stuck With An Obsessed Girlfriend episode 74 – 76


“So this place is like a safehouse?” Lovelyn asked as she poured juice in two glasses for herself and Bernie who’s sitting on the sofa.

“It’s a safehouse precisely” he replied, and she smiled as she carried the cups to him.

She gave him one and sat beside him, but he suddenly turned her face to himself and stared into her eyes.

“What?” She blinked.

“Your eyes look… different” he said.

“I’m wearing lens Bernie” she replied.

“My bad, i forgot” he said, and she shook her head.

Chloe brought the lens, suggesting it’s better than wearing glasses around, and it’s really better.

“I haven’t seen your phone” Bernie said, and her expression changed immediately.

She dropped the cup of juice and sighed, looking forlon.

“What’s it?” He asked.

“I…I threw it in river Han the night I broke up with him… Richie” she said, and he rested back.

“And he fainted because you broke up with him? I guess that’s why he was flown out”

“It was worth the faint…I mean…i always did that” she said with a sniff, and he sat upright.

“You always did what?”

“I pull him in, then the moment it gets hard, I push him away harshly. I’ve always been a coward, and I can’t even imagine the amount of harsh things I’ve said to him. I feel like… like I’m torturing his heart, and just… i didn’t do anything for our relationship. It’s always him trying to hold on to me. It’s always him begging me not to leave him, it’s always him doing everything for me and all I did was…hurt him repeatedly….I feel like…”

She stopped talking and sniffed again. She couldn’t fight back the little tear that ran down her eye.

“Like what?” Bernie asked, and she faced him.

“I feel like I don’t deserve him” she whispered, and he leaned in to wipe the small trace of tears on her face.

“You promised not to cry today” he whispered, and she sniffed.

Everest came in, and they both stood at once

“What’s the latest news?” Bernie asked.

“How’s your tummy?” Everest asked first.

“As you can see, I’m better” Bernie replied.

“Well there are two latest news. First one is you’re now a disowned son” Everest said.

“What!” Lovelyn gasped.

“Was expecting that, so what’s the second?” Bernie asked.

“Bernie!” Lovelyn said loudly.

“He has never acted like a father” he replied, and Lovelyn blinked.

“Second news is about Lovelyn. Have you ever thought of not being the real daughter of your mother?” Everest said.

“What are you talking about?” Lovelyn asked, and the girls came in immediately, but not alone, they’re with Janet who’s still crying.

“Mum” Lovelyn started walking to her immediately.

“I’m not…your mother” Janet said flatly, and Lovelyn’s eyes widened as she stopped in front of her.

“What are you…. saying”



The whole cult members were already in the room when Genevieve arrived, and she quickly went on her knees in front of Jillian.

“Boss, I really wasn’t…I wasn’t planning for it to end this way but I had no choice. Mabel was dying and I had to say the truth to save her. I didn’t mean to” she begged, and Jillian stood.

“You ruined all of my plans, and now it’s news in all TV stations that Lovelyn is my husband’s daughter. And you think a stupid apology will cut it? Your husband is gonna divorce you for sure so where will your money plug be from? You haven’t stolen enough gold bars and now the road is blocked? You know the penalty for this” she said wickedly.

“Death!” Tsunami said, passing a gun to Jillian.

“No! No boss! No!!! I promise to right my wrongs so please allow me to…

The gunshot came, and the bullet rammed into her neck, straight into her oesophagus.

Genevieve stopped talking, falling down mightily in her pool of blood.

“Burn her body, Tsunami. Bring me the ashes, I need to show it to her daughter” Jillian muttered.

“Sure, boss” Tsunami stood.

“And get me the key to her gold safe, all of it belongs to the cult now” Jillian spoke again.



“How do you feel now that your stupid daughter is known by the whole Korea? Won” Jillian said, walking behind Won as he descended the stairs.

“You knew about her being my daughter, right? That was why you made extra efforts in making me hate her Jillian!” Won shouted.

“So now that you know she’s your daughter. You’re gonna take her in?” Jillian said.

“What if?” Won said, and she smiled.

“Sleek cosmetics and all of your riches belongs to I and my daughter Ruby. Even Richie doesn’t stand a chance cos I plan to eliminate him after using him enough” she said, and the main door opened. Richie came in.

“Welcome back son!” She smiled, going down to meet him.

“You’re gonna eliminate me after using me enough?” He said, and she sighed.

“So you heard”

“You adopted me only because of my brain, isn’t it?” He said hurtfully.

“I only wanted to save you” she replied.

“I wanted to study medical but you said no. I didn’t argue, I studied business just to take over your company which I’m not even interested in. You controlled everything I’ve ever done till now, but I didn’t expect you to take it as far as hurt the girl I love, and what? She’s a Kim? She belongs to this family? I’m running mad with different thoughts and my head is still a mess!” You wiped off my memories of her and she landed in jail the moment I was flown out unconscious. Do you even know the side effects of the injection? I could have run mad and I even stabbed someone! I almost killed! What did I ever do to you? I’m just 19 and you already ruined every part of my life” he said in tears.

Jillian remained mute, just staring at the poor boy which she feels no pity for.

Won on the other hand is still standing speechlessly by the stairs.

“I drop the surname Kim, I’ll just be Richie and I drop being the president too. I’m not a member of this family anymore. I’ll work and pay back every penny you spent on me” he said and brought out his wallet containing his debit cards. He dropped it on the ground

“My cars are in the driveway, goodbye” he said and started leaving.

“Richie!!!” Won shouted, but he kept going.

“Are you really sure you’re ready to experience poorness? It’s not easy out there” Jillian said.

“It’s better than staying here with you all” he muttered and left completely.

Won started crying immediately, and Jillian grabbed the glass cup on the table, throwing it at the wall.

“My plans are getting ruined”


Richie was crying as he walked beside the road, but his cries came silently.

Only his red eyes gave him out that he’s crying.

He has nowhere to go, but it’s suffocating to stay there after everything they did to him. They’ve been using him and all the love they’ve been showing is fake. He’s just a tool to boost their wealth.

They ruined his life and the life of his girlfriend,. They took everything away from him and he’s back to the first square.

Thinking about how Lovelyn was locked up broke his heart so much that he stopped walking to cry more.

He’s helpless now, and he doesn’t even know her whereabouts.

Even if he does, will she want to see him? He wasn’t there when she needed him the most and it’s like… He’s just useless to himself and to her.

A car stopped beside him, and Everest honked from inside.

He looked sidewards, and Everest came down immediately he saw his teary face.


“Heard your brother took her out, where are they?” He asked straight.

“I dunno. Bernie and I never got along so…” Everest replied, and Richie started walking away from him immediately.

“Richie” he called, but he didn’t turn.

Everest sighed as he watched him leave.

“I’m sorry Richie” Everest muttered.

Richie rode a taxi to Mira’s place since it’s his last hope.

Luckily, he met her just arriving in the house too, and her eyes widened.

“Richie you’re back! Wait…in a taxi? What’s…

“Can you help me pay? I don’t have cash on me” he interrupted, and her eyes widened as she picked her purse and payed.

“Do you know Lovie’s whereabouts?” He asked.

“No. Bernie didn’t carry anyone along. Not even Vista and Savage” she replied, and he staggered.

“Richie!” She quickly held him, and he wiped his tears.

“Can you lend me some money?” He asked, and she opened her purse, giving him one of her cards.

“3199” she said.

“Thanks, I’ll pay you back” he replied, walking away.

“I’m so sorry… Richie” Mira fought back her tears as she watched him walk away.



The market is not as crowdy as usual, maybe because the air is chilly like it’s gonna rain.

People are starting to leave, but Lovelyn and Bernie stood beside the bridge rails, looking at the river together.

Bernie is wearing a face cap to hide his face though.

“Why did you suggest we come here?” He suddenly asked.

“It felt peaceful when I came with Richie. I need a little sprinkle of peace in everything that’s going on in my life right now. I just can’t believe the story I just heard from Janet. It’s not true, right?” She faced him slowly.

“It’s everywhere in Korea, no one is lying” Bernie replied.

“My life is such a mess. Will I feel better if Richie is right beside me right now?” Lovelyn smiled sadly

Bernie hasn’t replied when the rain started falling in drops.

“We should leave” he said.

“No. I wanna stay in the rain” she replied, and he sighed as the rain became heavy.

His lids suddenly lifted when he saw someone coming in the opposite direction, and he squinted when he saw it’s Richie.

Richie stopped the moment he saw them, though Lovelyn’s back is on her, so it’s him and Bernie looking at each other.

“Will you get mad at me if i do something to relieve your pains now?” Bernie suddenly said, and Lovelyn looked at him.

“A kiss in the rain works…I think. You don’t have to kiss me back though, just let me do it” he said looked at Richie again before leaning into her.

He placed his lips on hers, and Richie’s mouth opened as he watched, the rain drenching him so bad.

Bernie’s eyes didn’t shut, he was looking at Richie as he kissed her, and when he saw him still standing, he hugged Lovelyn to himself, pressing his lips harder on hers.

Richie immediately turned around, walking down the market.

He’s crying, but the rain hid his tears . His heart is bleeding, but maybe it’s fated to end like this.

What’s meant to be is meant to be, and what’s not meant to be can never be meant to be.


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